9 Essential Features of Let’s Connect Coworking Space

Coworking Office Space in Noida: A Gradual Rising Trend

The surge of start-ups and a new generation of workforce who prefer flexible work environment has stirred up the trend for coworking spaces in majority of cities across India. In a country with the second largest workforce in the world, this trend was felt more prominently in Tier-I cities than in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India. With coworking revolutionizing the work culture, the demand for shared office spaces in Noida has increased immensely. Beginning with start-ups and freelancers the trending culture has been now widely accepted by large corporations, multi-national companies, and even media houses.

Coworking Benefits often Outweigh the Cost

Yes, coworking is a cost-effective alternative to buying and/or leasing office space. With the rapid increasing prices of commercial office spaces in Noida, having a leased space in an urbanized area will be a highly expensive deal for a company of any size. The situation would seem worse for fresh start-ups which are yet to establish their business in new market and for the entrepreneurs who are yet to make a mark in the industry with their business ideas and products.

Coworking spaces too cost money, especially when it is in a prime business location that gives your business the necessary visibility. But the countless features and benefits that it offers will allow you to shift focus on your work rather on office setup and its administration, be more productive and grow your business faster. Unlike the leased traditional office space, it does not require a fixed initial amount in terms of heavy security deposit, advance or up-front payment of maintenance charges, as well as monthly rent, telephone and internet charges, utilities expense of water, electricity, and HVAC.

essential features of let's connect

9 Essential Features of Let’s Connect Coworking Space

Let’s Connect coworking space is among the prominent commercial office space for rent in Noida. This trending and thriving workspace is a communal place for the professionals with different expertise and vivid industry experience that gather around and share the office space. In comparison to the traditional office spaces, coworking spaces are more affordable and boosts productivity. Investing money in coworking office space in Noida reduces the initial cost spent on office buying/leasing which reduces the financial stress on entrepreneurs and start-up firms.

Whether you are a freelancer, fresh startup, SME or a larger enterprise, Let’s Connect India has got the most suitable membership plans for you. Suiting your business needs we offer flexible seating options, hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins and day passes. You can book any of the aforementioned services or choose the managed office spaces custom-built for large enterprises. If you are looking for the best coworking office space in Noida, here are some essential features of Let’s Connect Coworking.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Dedicated Workspace
  3. Affordability
  4. Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces
  5. Flexibility
  6. Amenities
  7. Safety
  8. Support
  9. Ambience 

Collaboration along with communication increases productivity, whether you are working in a small group or with a bigger team, coworking spaces assure better results to the firm by providing workspaces and better interactions with colleagues.


Choosing Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida over traditional workspaces has the advantage of getting a dedicated workstation with minimum interference which eventually increases productivity. Working in a coworking space motivates the employee to work more when their colleagues are working without limits which provide the company with more productivity and less stress to the worker.


Rather than attempting to acquire and maintain a commercial real estate space, which frequently necessitates long-term contracts and unaffordable fees, small teams and businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to optimize their space and watch it grow as they do. Furthermore, coworking spaces provide several choices for the short-term renting of bigger rooms, such as those required for training, meetings, client pitches, and events. Here at Let’s Connect, members have on-demand, affordable access to those specialty spaces rather than maintaining them full-time.


Members have access to the building’s meeting rooms and event facilities as well. They may hire these private rooms to have frequent meetings if they have local clients or team members who reside nearby. Meeting at a coffee shop or library is OK, but they do not have the necessary equipment or privacy. At Let’s Connect coworking space in Noida the members have LED presentation displays, conference and AV equipment, and other amenities. With all of the data at your fingertips, you can swiftly arrange and host in-person meetings.


Flexibility in workspaces reduces work stress. Let’s Connect coworking office space provides you with everything you need in a healthy workspace: light open-concept space, an excellent location, luxury facilities, and a dedicated support team. Some places may develop bespoke build-outs based on individual needs. Others provide dedicated, individual offices as well as a collaborative workspace, allowing your firm to operate in a variety of ways.


Let’s Connect coworking provides features often seen in premium office towers or on university campuses. Fitness studios, relaxation rooms, and other wellness amenities may be included. Members can enjoy onsite eating, coffee shops, or social areas that provide regular opportunities to meet with colleagues. Amenities also include entertainment and Wi-Fi zone that are shared with co-workers.

  1. SAFETY 

Safety is one of the other prior factors in choosing a workspace. Safety deals with internet safety, physical safety, the safety of the members, property protection, etc. Internet safety is the major issue faced by most MNCs these days. Internet safety is important due to data breaches and malware issues. Physical safety is another important factor. Installing video surveillance in your coworking space. It has the potential to prevent or, in the worst-case scenario, identify a member’s misbehaviour. Inappropriate behaviour might avoid intellectual property rights and endanger the physical safety of other members. Let’s Connect ensures proper safety for the coworking space members.


Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida includes support staff and essential services that you would ordinarily find exclusively in larger corporations. Administrative assistance, mail and package delivery, front desk reception, and office administration are some examples. Furthermore, coworking spaces with event facilities may offer event planning, catering, and a variety of additional services, as well as technical assistance to enable remote conferencing and presentation capabilities.


Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida ambience has the appearance and feel of a work environment that might generate distinct feelings toward a certain location and its users. Coworking spaces may apply a variety of tactics to attract potential workspace users and develop quick connection between them. To maximize preference output, spatial design aspects must be modified, and engagement tactics must be developed by space providers. The spatial comfortability elements are an important inclination for workspace users to collaborate.