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12 Benefits of Using Virtual Office to Grow Your Business

What do we understand by Virtual Office?

As the word suggests, ‘virtual’ means which is not physically available but is connected to the online world. Virtual office simply means the work environment with no fixed location. It is an office space service through which you can work literally from anywhere, and stay connected with clients and colleagues through emails, video-conferencing, etc. Moreover, you can work more flexibly at your comfort level instead of working the traditional workhours under pressure. While you work remotely, you can experience many benefits of virtual office in Noida.

In the latest Ericsson IndustryLab study by Dr. Michael Björn (Head of Research Agenda) has mentioned that the interest in communications technology has grown rapidly over the last six months. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the mindset of many companies and entrepreneurs. There is an ever increasing need for digital collaborations with colleagues and clients to be as interactive as the actual, in-person meetings.

The IndustryLab report further explores that the virtual offices may become reality by the year 2030 at the global level as there has been a 60% rise in online meetings and conferences due to the pandemic. People have been encouraged to indulge in remote work or earn while working from their homes, which has positively popularized the concept as a whole.

The growth of India’s information and communication technology (ICT) and its adoption by majority of businesses over the past few years has been tremendous. But there is far more potential to tap on, for instance, in connectivity through 5G, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For those who understand the necessity of simple tools that better support remote interaction, renting virtual office services can be very advantageous. The prime benefit is that it will give your business the brand visibility it requires.

12 Benefits of using Virtual Office to Grow your Business

Virtual offices are the easiest and the most affordable business workspace solutions in comparison to space rentals. Here are some of the virtual office advantages that will help you grow your business.

  1. Only Pay for What You Require 

Workspace solution providers for virtual office in Noida offer cost effective virtual office solutions for your business at flexible month-to-month rates, no lock-in contracts and no heavy security deposits. Packed with all the professional office-related services, these can be further customized to suit every business requirement. You can choose from a bouquet of offerings before finalizing your membership plan. With virtual office you get a business communication address, phone number, call handling, mail forwarding, and access to other office facilities and services such as conference rooms on-demand and co-working space.

Apart from the more established companies and the businesses looking to expand, virtual offices are also frequently used by home workers, freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, and SMEs. With the level of customizations to select from, that is, standard services or premium services, you can ensure that you are only paying for what your business requires.

  1. Obtain a Legitimate Business Address

A virtual office enables you to setup an office without paying for the physical space. A commercial business address in a sought-after location helps you establish a physical presence for your company and boost your professional image. Prime advantage of having a prestigious business address is that it adds credibility to your profession and helps build trust with potential clients. It will also keep your residential address private. You may use it on Visiting Cards, Letter heads, Website, Google listing, and emailers.

  1. Effortless Expansion and Relocation

A physical office relocation can be a nightmare for any business as it is an expensive investment. From upgrading spaces, purchasing new furniture, new setup, and relocation (actual movement) cost, can be stressful and also result in the loss of productivity. Virtual office spaces can maximize your business potential. Since the space is not a constraint with this service, you can avoid inflated lease agreements or expenses incurred during each step of the moving process. Virtual office in Noida is ideal if you wish to establish a presence in a new location, or have multiple offices across the city, or test the market before acquiring the additional cost of relocating to that area.

  1. No More Tense Commutes 

Did you know that 25% of workforce consider their commute to be one of the most stressful aspects of the job?

Recent trends demonstrate that most workers prefer to work from home, even if they get paid lower. Remote work or work-from-home model has minimized their commute time, lowered the expense of transportation, and most significantly, provided them with comfort and flexibility. The use of virtual office not only benefits employees, but companies as well. Where working virtually helps professionals enhance work productivity while pursuing their hobbies and interests alongside job, the companies too have experienced advantage of lower overheads and technology costs through use of virtual offices.

  1. Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

With a more flexible schedule facilitated by virtual offices, fitting in things like doctor’s visits or watching your children’s games becomes easier. If you find working from home too distracting — kids barging into your space, home tasks demanding your attention, etc. — you have the advantage of utilizing the occasional shared office space facility as included in the chosen membership. Virtual office in Noida by Let’s Connect offers complimentary access to flexi-seat every month for the linked virtual office membership well equipped with high-speed Internet for the members.

  1. Access a Global Talent Pool

Having a virtual office in Noida offers one other major benefit, that is, of having access to an immense talent pool in the coworking community. If you choose to operate occasionally out of the coworking space with virtual office or network with community of coworkers virtually, you can effectively engage a wider talent pool and benefit from a remote-hiring process, while saving time and costs. It is well known that 74% of workers would be prepared to quit a job to work remotely, thus by providing the opportunity to work from home with the aid of virtual offices, you are increasing the appeal of your firm and the position to prospects.

  1. Guaranteed Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Virtual office solutions are fantastic at increasing employee satisfaction. This is because they are offered the opportunity to work from home, saving money and time on commuting, resulting in greater independence and a better work-life balance. The employees also show an improvement in productivity since they can work in a comfortable setting where they are more focused because of fewer interruptions. Working from home boosts productivity and efficiency because happier people perform better. So, even if they only work a limited number of hours a day, their focus and productivity improve, benefiting both them and their firm in monetary terms.

  1. No Complex Contract, More Flexible Terms

Unlike traditional office spaces, most coworking spaces in Noida offer a highly flexible membership package of virtual office rented on a month-to-month basis for ultimate flexibility and affordability. Let’s Connect Virtual Office in Noida facilitates quick and easy on-boarding with easy to understand rent agreement, no heavy deposits, and no lock-in period. Being tied with long-term contracts or hefty lease agreements become a disadvantage when your company has expansion or attrition plan. Unlike virtual office flexibility, the traditional office spaces expect you to pay the rent or lease amount until the contract is completed, or pay the penalty stipulated in the initial agreement.

  1. No Hassle in Establishing an Office

Coworking space providers often provide several service packages and service combinations from where to select. With such a diverse range of membership options to pick from, you can ensure that you save money by only paying for what your company is looking for at a time. These may be simple to set up and dismantle as necessary. This option comes at no extra cost. Virtual offices in Noida are ideal for start-ups and freelancers since they provide them with independence and flexibility as well as an address for business contact.

  1. Less Materialistic

Virtual office provides affordable and flexible office space solution for businesses and individuals. You only need to have a laptop and internet connectivity to accomplish the task. You just need to establish an online presence rather than the land and furniture. The less you spend on materialism, the more you save.

  1. Family Time

Virtual offices solve the problem of spending time with family and friends. If your office is in another city, you have to shift to the city and be away from your family for hours or months and even for years too. With virtual office in Noida, you get the best opportunity to stay close to your family and work while being in the same location.

  1. Establish a Presence in a New Location

While some types of businesses can still flourish without being connected via the internet or having a website to showcase the products and services. By having a mere physical presence in the area and connections with others were important for the business to succeed. Over the recent years, particularly in the digital age, it has become difficult for business owners to stay connected with industry peers and ever-changing trends without having some type of online presence online.

The virtual office model bridges this gap between maintaining a local presence and establishing remote (virtual) presence in a new location. Virtual office in Noida helps you develop a local presence for your business through a physical address in new location, mail and courier services, and a local phone number, without incurring the running costs of a physical office – the lease, utility payments, repairs, business insurance, etc.

Concluding Statement

Above are some of the major benefits of “virtual offices”. These help us in building our presence both locally and globally while enhancing the brand’s visibility and the growth of our business among the masses. Virtual office is one of the best uses of technology in the present scenario that one can indulge in and take benefit of. If you wish to enhance your way of working and are looking out for coworking space, managed office space or virtual office, Let’s Connect has the best deals for you.