Coworking Space in Noida

coworking space in noida

We are living in an era where everyone of us are either planning to start something or have already started something and looking to take it one step ahead. Whenever we plan to take it one step ahead, the first question that strikes in our mind is the need of office space that is quite costly especially  in metro cities like Noida, Delhi, Mumbai etc. A proper dedicated office can costs you in 6 figures in a month that is quite huge and not everyone is able to bear that. Nearly a decade back, to solve this problem, co-working space comes into existence where people belonging to different age groups, different professions provided with important amenities like Wi-Fi, Comfortable and secure work environment can sit together and work together. The idea is not only cost-effective but also providing you opportunities to interact with new minds that can be highly profitable for your business. Almost everyone reading this article must have a thought of going to co-working space once in their life but they might not aware of what factors that should check before selecting the coworking space in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon etc. Below we have mentioned few essential factors you should check in any co-working space.

coworking space in India

Location and Office Infrastructure: The very first thing to consider is a location and space of co-working office. Look for the office that locates in a city centre area or easily reachable area which is spacious enough to work comfortably. Most of the coworking spaces are known for its comfortable work environment that includes comfortable seats and tables, 24X7 Power Backup, Free WiFi etc.

24X7 Access: When you are working as a freelancer, then select the co-working that is open 24X7. It makes space more interesting. One can work even till late and in erratic hours. It is an excellent add-on for the business people and freelancers who normally work till late and do not believe in a nine to five working schedule. It is also intended to help and empower the quickly developing entrepreneurial environment.

Open Cafeteria and Food Options: Food is one of the primary need for human, and everyone needs to eat. So look for the availability of open cafeteria in co-working spaces where you can avail healthy and good food at reasonable prices. Finding a variety of dining options is an essential amenity for an office. One must want to know they can get something tasty over the lunch hour and that there are a few decent options for hosting happy hours. Few co-working spaces also offer you lunch pass on daily basis and unlimited coffee and tea. If you can increase your budget and afford that it will be best for you.

Networking and Events: Either you are working as a freelancer or a startup, you do need to network with like-minded people who can either be your prospective clients or prospective team members, You should check the number of events conducted by them and scope of opportunities you can get to network with people related to your business.  The more you attend the events the more you can network with them and that can make you learn new things and explore a lot of other opportunities that you might not think before. Co-working Space in Noida, Gurgaon and Bangalore are known for such events that they use to conduct on frequent basis.

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