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Before discussing Commercial Office Space in Noida Expressway, but first decode what are commercial office spaces?

What is a commercial office space?

Commercial office space is a working space, usually a building, used by professionals of various backgrounds. These are centrally located with access to public transport and entirely managed by the space providers. Coworking spaces are commercial spaces that are rented and managed by the space providers for their clients to run their business. The shared offices are present in most of the cities in India, even in Expressways. One such expressway is the Noida Expressway connecting Noida, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and the suburbs of Delhi. Numerous companies have their offices in the ready to move in commercial office spaces in Noida expressway and several more are looking to set up their offices in the area.–Greater_Noida_Expressway(opens in a new tab)

Why do we have a commercial space near Noida Expressway?

Noida Expressway is known to be one of the biggest and most planned commercial areas in Noida. Delhi is sure the top choice of the big establishments but since the new and existing developments have covered the city up to the brim, the multinationals are going towards Noida and Greater Noida where there is something for every budget. Noida Expressway is not just commercialized but also affordable. This is one of the greatest reasons for the presence of the Let’s Connect India coworking space in Noida Expressway.

office space rising in Noida

Right now is the correct time to invest in or rent properties in the regions because, with further developments, the prices are expected to rise in future. The expressway is a six-lane highway estimated to get connected with the economic zone, international airport and aviation hub. It’s a well-designed and planned area with amazing connectivity making the region an excellent location for setting up a workspace.

What do we offer in our commercial office space in Noida Expressway?

Let’s Connect India coworking has been serving a list of clients across industries and have expertise in client satisfaction and retention. The workplace offers open desks, private cabins, meeting rooms, event space and virtual office so the client can choose the service that best suits their business. Apart from the basic offerings, here are the amenities our members enjoy:

  • High-speed internet for uninterrupted work
  • Ergonomic furniture for support and comfort
  • Beautiful interiors and colourful walls
  • Full-day water and electricity supply
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Telephone, printer and scanner
  • Parking space for the members
  • High-level security for the safety of the members
  • Regular sanitization and safety measures
  • A professional work environment that lets you be productive
  • Excellent support staff on their toes

We are known for our full-time support and customization services to help our members work the way they want.

How to find a commercial office space for rent in Noida Expressway?

Though there are many commercial offices in and around the area, not every office is meant for every business. Generally, the counting firms look for conservative workspaces, the advertisement agencies prefer artsy spaces, the legal companies want a closed and private setup for confidentiality and the financial services company might want a chic setup for their high-end clients. Choices may differ for different businesses. Thankfully, there is a kind of commercial setup that could have everyone under the same roof. The coworking spaces in Noida Expressway are saviours for they can accommodate all kinds of businesses in one place.

shared office spaces

There are private cabins for those who want privacy. There is open space for artists. You can have a dedicated space for your small team. In case a client requests a customized setup, it is possible as well! The layout and arrangement of the office are stylish enough to have a modern look and chic enough to give a posh vibe.

It’s a good idea to hire office space in Noida Expressway if your clients, investors, employees and other important people are from the connecting areas for their commute becomes easier if it has to happen frequently. A standalone floor may not be financially feasible for every business but a shared workspace can be. The managed office spaces are a wish come true for business owners for they take the duties of maintaining, managing and upkeeping the workplace every day. Look for coworking offices in and near Noida Expressway and you may choose the one that seems more relevant.

How can I book a commercial office for rent in Noida Expressway?

Booking an office space in Noida expressway is easy but finding and choosing one might be. While there are a lot of options one can consider, picking the right workspace is a big task. There are a lot of aspects to be kept in mind while choosing and booking an office space for your business. We discussed above all the offers and extra facilities that Let’s Connect India offers their clients in the same membership.

Let’s help you by highlighting a great choice for the commercial property that you can book. That’s Let’s Connect India! All our membership plans are inclusive of the amenities we provide which means there is no extra cost or hidden charges. Our agreement is simple and transparent and works in the favour of both the parties making us a reliable space provider. We understand that every business has its own requirement and so, we try to offer what you ask for.

There is flexibility in work timing, offerings and plans and if required, we customize too. Save your time and energy by searching no more and giving us a chance. Our beautiful and equipped office had everything your business can need. A professional meeting room, office supplies, front desk staff, IT experts, regular workspace events, recreational areas and a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to serve you and make your journey with us hassle-free. From a one-day pass to an annual plan, we have something for everyone. Wish to scale up or down? Not a problem! Trust us with your first or new commercial office space in Noida Expressway experience and we won’t let you down. Call us at +91 98111 97809 and our executives will get in touch with you for further discussion.

commercial office space for rent

How to find Ultimate Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida?

Ultimate Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida

Being ranked as the second most populated country in the world, India is a young country with a young population, and it has been undergoing a demographic transition over the recent years. In the year 2020, India had more than 65% of its population below the age of 35 years and had an overall median age of 28 years. This implies that India’s business sector is driven by its youth. Their ideas, values, and ability to adapt to this fast-changing world has been a hallmark feature to the business world. Not only do they contribute to their workplace but also pay attention to how their work environment affects their daily functioning. Working professionals and businesspeople have come to understand the shortcomings of rigid workspaces and that such places are considered inflexible for the Millennials.

Commercial real estate (CRE) has evolved tremendously owing to these shortcomings. The youth of India has embraced the commercial office spaces on rent that effectively cater to their working needs. Similar to major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, renting commercial office space in Noida has gained a lot of traction from the business ecosystem. The need for smart and aesthetic workspaces combined with employee-friendly amenities has been getting wide recognition.

With the growing importance of mental health and work fatigue, employers now have been extra careful with the choices they make in terms of the offices they want for the workforce. Growing competitive practices, enhancing workers’ productivity, skill-sets, creativity, and work-life balance has led to the adoption of these all-inclusive colourful and vibrant shared office spaces, which in return has had a positive effect on the people’s performance and productivity. Office space in Noida are technologically equipped, provide utmost comfort, and have aesthetic décor with modern design layout, leading to an inspiring work environment.

Noida as an Industrial Hub

Noida is one of the fastest-growing business cities in the country. Short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority in UP, Noida is also considered as a satellite city of Delhi and is part of the National Capital Region of India. It is classified as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which, coupled with its proximity to the national capital, proves itself as a great alternative for investment and various start-up ventures. Amplified support from the Noida civic body to fast-track approvals and permission for establishing businesses has given the required boost to the ecosystem.

The land is dominated by IT, software, and mobile apps development companies like Microsoft, ARM holding, Samsung, HCL, and Barclays. Noida also houses Paytm, a financial service company with multiple ventures creating commercial and brand value for the place. Noida has become a go-to destination for new-age entrepreneurs and start-ups as they look for convenient commercial offices spaces on rent for their employees.

Let us look at some of the major perks for having a Commercial Office in Noida.


The city has a very good transport system in place, keeping in mind the needs of national as well as international clients, salaried workers, and the general public. Efficient road connectivity to neighbouring cities through National Highways and Expressways, and within the city through metro rail network and road, and robust public transport aids professionals to reach the commercial office spaces without any difficulty. Traveling to any workspace becomes a hassle-free journey as both private and public means of commute are equally feasible.


Noida’s closeness to the national capital combined with its road connectivity helps international clients and big businessmen to visit the city. Providing an alternative to Delhi, Noida has emerged as a major business attracting area over the years. The location of some of the commercial spaces in the industrial belt of Noida and the availability of fully furnished office spaces has also lured MNCs to this region. Working from home or café can be hindering the progress of your business, professional settings, meeting rooms, brainstorming zones in commercial spaces help give a formal look to small businesses.


A commercial office space not only offers a place to work but also provides additional flexibility which is exclusive for the members of that space. Coworking space increases the chances of meeting like-minded people which is a great incentive for your business development. It offers the flexibility to work from different corners of the space which helps boost productivity for individuals who like moving while working. Working in such shared spaces can also help build a network that satisfies the social needs of individuals while at work.


Commercial spaces offer a wide variety of amenities that makes one want to work more in such spaces. Advanced infrastructure, front desk, fast internet, air conditioning systems, telephone connectivity, cafeterias, high level of security and surveillance, access to common area for networking, active solar energy controlling systems, water & electricity supply, attractive designs, fully furnished and many more services that enhances the workspace environment among individuals.


As commercial spaces offer co-working, individuals might be able to interact with people from other sectors which was not possible with regular offices spaces. These meetings can unfold into a strong network of like-minded people and create a community within the workplace. These communities can also get formed based on social commonalities among workers which allows job seekers from different backgrounds to find someone with whom they can connect. Flexible, diversified and creative office space has proved to be effective in recent times.

What makes Let’s Connect India the best commercial office space in Noida?

Let’s Connect India is a modern ecosystem built on the values of revolutionizing the workspaces for you. We strive to enhance your work life by changing the environment around you. We wish to offer top services in Noida by offering to make your ambiance more working friendly yet with a unique touch of creativity by building office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces & private offices with all the required amenities. Some notable features are:


Let’s Connect provides companies with fully furnished office spaces for rent in Noida, high internet services, customizations as and when required, personalized services; companies can move in without worrying about any hassles like overhead costs, furniture, business lounges, conference rooms, personal cabins, reception areas, and other amenities.


We have our commercial office space in Noida Expressway which is among the most promising business belt in the Delhi NCR region. Owing to the industrial development in this region and good connectivity to other regions via road and metro, Noida Expressway has become the most sought-after area where entrepreneurs would want to set up their offices. Positioned in a prime location, it is surrounded by numerous corporate buildings, large residential societies, food joints, and restaurants making it attractive for major corporations to consider expansion in this region.


Let’s Connect offers commercial office space for rent in Noida, which is the new age move-in office space with all-inclusive business facilities such as shared offices, open seats, private cabins, dedicated desks, private meeting rooms, and more. We are committed to giving you an immersive experience through collaborative and interactive work surroundings. Our coworking space in Noida offers exceptional virtual collaboration opportunities to the small businesses and entrepreneurs in NCR. Interaction with other interesting and amazing individuals only adds to the business advantage.


In light of the pandemic, we try to maintain the utmost safety and hygiene for everyone in the office space. We adhere to all COVID-19 related guidelines as prescribed by the WHO and encourage our coworkers and visitors to adhere to the safety protocols. We also make sure that we are committed to sustainable development goals by having eco-friendly resources while designing the office spaces in Noida.

If you decide to get a commercial office space for rent in Noida, Let’s Connect India is your one-stop solution with all the services and amenities under one roof. Visit us and book your dream office space – a place to work, rest and play!

Renting Commercial Office Space in Noida

Things to Consider Before Renting Commercial Office Space in Noida

While renting commercial office space in Noida, it is very important to consider the few factors to get the best deal. Indian businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and services sector, have been contributing to a steady rise in the country’s GDP over the last five years. Economic reforms and business-friendly regulations have given confidence to many business owners to explore and expand. With so much vigour in the business ecosystem, more start-ups are coming up exponentially.

Based on a recent article, India has seen the entry of 84 startups in the Unicorn Club in last decade, out of which just 42 startups where in the year 2021. From 2016 to 2021, there were 13,256 startups recognized namely HealthTech, Social Commerce, Crypto and ePharmacy domains. According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, Delhi has replaced Bengaluru as the Startup Capital of India.

Increasing brands in the country have also led to the rise in demand for office space. Noida being in the National Capital Region (NCR), is a lucrative destination for entrepreneurs and corporations for setting up their business. If you are starting on your entrepreneurial journey or looking to expand your business, a professional yet flexible office space for your employees is what you need.  Renting commercial office space in Noida is the best option for all the startups and entrepreneurs.

Points to Consider before Renting Commercial Office Space

Renting commercial office space keeps entrepreneurs away from the hassle of buying real estate property for their office space, paperwork, advance payments, and all sorts of taxes. But renting a commercial office can also be time consuming and for that, there are few things that you should know before you book your next dream office space in Noida.


Noida has eminent connectivity within and around the city. Road, metro rail, public and private transport mechanisms are robust and well connected to commercial office spaces. Individuals do not have to worry about waiting long hours to fetch means to commute to their workspaces as most of the commercial spaces are located in the industrial belt in the metropolitan area which is well connected with a different mode of transport.


Most of the businesses and commercial spaces are located near each other thus creating an industrial belt in Noida. The infrastructural growth in the region is on a tremendous scale and closeness to national capital gives an added advantage to companies in terms of clients and expanding their business.


Noida houses few major industries due to its growing importance in the business ecosystem. IT, BPO, Real Estate, Media, and Pharmaceuticals Industries are the leading ones in the region. Companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Paytm, Adobe, TCS, Accenture, Amazon, have their presence and more such companies are about to follow their lead. With existing businesses bringing so much value to the region, nobody would want to lose out on the opportunity for renting commercial office space in Noida.


Ever since Noida started gaining prominence for its commercial ecosystem and feasible developments towards growing businesses, Infrastructural projects are going on in full swing. Several projects are in progress while others have been getting fast-track clearances marking the fast pace of commercial growth in the region. From effective mode of transport, multi-purpose buildings, residential buildings, commercial office spaces to grocery shops, restaurants, theatres, Noida has got everything you need. Since most of these commercial office spaces on rent in Noida are in urban areas, facilities are readily available for businesses to utilize.


Office spaces are usually customizable and do not have a rigid structure which allows businesses to have a personalized touch for their workspace. Workplaces are spacious, neat, and fully furnished. Many times, service providers make false promises of having ready-to-move spaces with them while in reality, it is far away from the truth. But in Noida, the picture is a bit different. Most of the service providers assure the physical conditions on the ground are in line with what the companies require. Most of the hassle of designing and organizing the workplace is taken up by the office space providers and all the companies have to do is move in with their enterprise idea and workers to start working from the very next day.


Renting commercial office space in Noida  gives you more flexibility with the amenities you want to provide to your employees, which might not happen when you decide on the idea of setting up your business space all by yourself. Renting the space allows you to be more focused on your work, execution of ideas, and expanding the business instead of taking care of how to build a professional yet creative workplace for your employees. Commercial offices are built keeping in mind the interest of the individuals going to work in them and therefore offer a variety of amenities. Organized parking lots, security & surveillance, front desk, personalized cabins, professional setups, cafeterias, meeting halls, large networking spaces, food facilities, solar-equipped electricity facilities, high-speed internet services, furniture, etc.


Noida is growing rapidly and with time this business-friendly region is only going to reach new heights. Working through zooms or informal meets might give you business but is not a viable option to sustain eventually. Professional setups add credibility to your business and allow your clients to have faith in your idea while you are just starting. Noida gives you that opportunity to formally build your business and experiment with it.

Likewise, Let’s Connect India provides you with coworking office space on rent in Noida Sector 59. We strive to offer services that help you to have your dream business space. We believe in helping our clients in achieving their business objectives and goals. For that a good working environment for everyone which enhances one’s productivity, efficiency and effectiveness have become pertinent.

Let’s Connect India have people working from different background under its umbrella who respects and employs their experience to work and benefit our customers. We welcome all sorts of inputs when it comes to delivering what is required by companies in their workspaces. Coworking spaces have received wide recognition in our country in recent years, and we wish to provide its benefits to our working professionals.

We offer new-age modern workspaces in Noida such as office spaces, private offices, meetings room & event space with all the amenities. Collaboration, creativity, and flexibility have been the theme of our services. Our workspaces are affordable and one of the best coworking space in Noida. Another advantage is that these are within walking distance from the nearest metro stations, and other modes of transportation are readily available.

Along with that, amenities offered include an uninterrupted power supply, biometrics, CCTV cameras, parking areas, ready-to-use workstations, unlimited beverages, healthy workspaces, play/rest areas with much more. If you wish to experience the best coworking space for your business do visit Let’s Connect India for renting commercial office space in Noida Sector 59.

Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector 59

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector 59

There are some significant differences in how professionals of different generations approach their lives – values, attitudes and expectations – especially in the space of work. The generational change has not just changed the lifestyle but workstyle as well. The Millennials and Gen-Z today are redefining the work culture, for they have brought a revolution in the way everyone has been working. A regular office with rigid walls and boring cubicles is a thing of the past now. With the growth in technology, the evolution of trends and expectations of employees, the offices today have become smart and aesthetically pleasing.

It is believed that a workplace is proved to have an effect on an individual’s productivity, entrepreneurs are exploring and choosing offices that are equipped with amenities and look chic. Commercial office space for rent in Noida would not be how it used to be. The offices spaces on rent today have a nice layout, are fully furnished and have a professional meeting room apart from the regular work desks.

Today’s progressive era demands levelling up of the technologies as well as workspaces. Employers understand the importance of change in a competitive environment and therefore go for advanced solutions. They want to provide their team with an environment where they would love to work and have all the amenities that would support their daily operations. Over the past decade, companies have been paying a lot of attention to the well-being and work-life balance of the employees. As a result, the modern office spaces are inclusive of all advanced infrastructure and technologies like conference room, cafeteria, recreation area, sleeping pods, event spaces, etc that makes the premises a great place to be.

Noida, The Industrial Hub

Noida city has become an industrial hub and one of the first choices for entrepreneurs looking for office spaces. Being an integral hub of NCR and with proximity to Delhi Metro Railway, it has seen numerous commercial developments in the past few years. Many renowned builders have invested in real estate projects, that are ready for occupancy, and some are under construction in the area. At present, many corporate and IT companies are setting up their branches and headquarters in the city because of the expected commercial value and branding this location can bring to their business ventures. The state-of-the-art offices in Noida are equipped with all the necessary facilities that make a workplace ideal for both employers and employees. There are a lot of perks of having an office in Noida, some of which are:

  • Connectivity

Noida is known for its incredible connectivity with the neighbouring cities, particularly the Capital city New Delhi. The huge advantage of being well connected by roads and metro railway facility attracts investors and entrepreneurs, thereby making it the top choice for those looking for fully furnished office space for rent in Noida. Also, since the connectivity is great, it becomes easier for people to travel by both public and private means for their business and jobs.

  • Pricing

Noida has now emerged as a planned, integrated, modern industrial city. With many upcoming and on-going commercial projects, the investors have been greatly benefitted by getting the best price for their investment in properties. The developers are also provided land by the Noida Authority in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for construction purposes. In terms of pricing for all the commercial property in Noida, it has always been very competitive. An investor has many options in hand and a good negotiation can get them a really good price. The properties in Noida have a high return on investment, better resale value, affordable prices and a lot of growth potential. You will find many suitable options for a commercial office space for rent in Noida given the budget in hand.

  • The “Hub”

There is no argument that Noida is a business and industrial hub. Big investors and business owners have always shown a keen interest in the properties and get top priority while looking for commercial investment. With the presence and rise of SEZs, Ecotech Zone and other industry focused zones, the business is likely to go sky high. A company working from a coworking space in Noida Sector 59, for instance, would have a great commercial visibility and promising business hub around it.

  • Prime location

The employer has to make sure that their office is located in a premium location with access to public transport for comfortable travel. Employees are also happy working in a place where they can reach easily and more economically since it is going to be a daily thing. If the location has amazing connectivity and is in/around an industrial hub then nothing like it.

  • Return on Investment (RoI)

Given the present real estate rates, buying a property is not as easy as it was many years ago. The property today is not just an asset but an investment you expect a return out of. As discussed, the commercial investment in Noida is likely to be profitable since there will be a lot of buyers and one might get very lucky in the bargain.

Coworking Space in Noida Sector 59

Now, as we have a fair idea of how profitable the Noida city can be for the investors and business owners, let us also discuss how advantageous it could be for new businesses. No matter how good a startup or a small venture is doing, it has to have a proper workspace for various professional reasons. You cannot always call clients in the café or have zoom meetings. Having a formal and proper office adds credibility. Yes, it is not financially feasible for small setups to pay for the traditional office spaces and therefore coworking spaces are here to help.

Choosing a shared commercial office space for rent in Noida could solve all your problems because they are affordable, located in prime areas, are beautifully constructed and provide you with all the amenities that would help your business operations run smoothly every day. There are numerous coworking space providers in Noida that can help you with your dream office that you were always pushing due to lack of funds. Shared office space has a diverse set of people from different backgrounds, experiences and industries. The whole idea is to let anyone who wishes to have access to a good and organized workspace.

Today, not just freelancers and startups but established firms and multinational units are also working from shared office spaces. Builders are turning their conventional offices into coworking spaces for they empower the business ecosystem and support the doers. One such shared space provider is Let’s Connect Coworking space in Noida sector 59 serving clients since 2018. Already been a choice of varied clients across industries, here is why you should pick us as your next or first workplace destination if you are looking to work in Noida.

  1. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The office infrastructure plays an important role in the daily operations and has to be given a huge emphasis. Let’s Connect Coworking offers you the best-in-class infrastructure offering services like high-speed internet, parking area, water supply, electricity, telecom network so there are no hurdles in work. The layout of our office is in accordance with the modern standards and there are support facilities throughout the day.

  1. Our Location

Our coworking space in Noida sector 59 would prove to be a great choice for your office space requirements. Our business address is in close proximity to the metro rail network and is well connected via roads and highways so anyone can reach here conveniently. The office premises can be easily located on the main road that is not far from major commercial spots of the sector. There are many other companies around it, thus making this location pretty much a business hub. The time and effort burnt in traveling to a difficult location can have a huge impact on productivity and so we have carefully chosen our office location.

  1. Office Environment

The work environment of the physical office space is as important as the aesthetics and interiors. People love to work in a place that has a collaborative and cooperative environment, and where they can interact with others. When you step into our office, you will witness people having light chats, important discussions and daily jobs all at the same place. The faces of our coworkers are proof enough to show how happy they are with us.

  1. Safety Protocols

We have always made sure that nobody enters without an ID recognition and have CCTV cameras in place for the utmost security of our members. Post pandemic, we have been taking every little precaution for the safety of our clients in this sensitive time. Since people can’t stop working, they should be given an environment that takes care of them while they take care of their work. Regular sanitization, social distancing, masking, temperature screening and disinfecting is a part of life at our office now.

  1. Well-equipped and Elegant

Not just our commercial office space for rent in Noida is well equipped with pantry stuff, technology, printer/scanner, stationery and other things but we are also a very elegant place to work at. Our chic interiors are noteworthy, and the décor is smart & neat to go well with the choice of the Millennials who do not wish to work in boring spaces.

Let’s Connect Coworking in Noida Sector 59: Your Office Destination

If you are looking for a fully furnished office space for rent in Noida with a nice infrastructure, supportive work environment, modern facilities, membership plans and a happy community, Let’s Connect Coworking is the one-stop solution for all your needs. Our flexible plans are designed to suit different budgets and requirements. The coworking space has been home to many freelancers, startups, small businesses and even established units who count on us for the value for their money. The professional coworking support staff in our office are always on their toes to help you when you need, thereby making each day a good experience. Choose from a single desk, private cabin, meeting room or event space and get started with us.

Contact Let’s Connect Coworking today for various plans and offers or simply walk in to have a closer look at the property. The office space you always wanted is just a call away!

Professional Office Space for Rent

How to find Professional Office Space for Rent

How to find Professional Office Space for Rent?

Now is the era of the Millennial generation and Gen Z that work to build their own brand rather than working for others. You will find many new dot-coms going live, selling you products and services you never thought you would buy online. The new ventures and freelance services by professionals working from home start very well, but do they manage to be the same in the long run? Maybe not. Working from home is the first and best choice with those with cash crunch and newbies. As your business and team grows, you probably will need a proper workspace. A functional office is more than just a requirement. Talking of workplaces, coworking spaces are taking the world by storm. You will find shared office space in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and every major city in the country.

Coworking offices are preferred across industries, businesses and professionals. Of the many benefits they offer, the biggest one is the cost effectiveness. Conventional offices, though mainly being a thing of the past, are still chosen by many. Traditional spaces are just overly expensive and do not offer anything else than a property (bought or rented). Since the property prices are skyrocketing, a huge chunk of ventures stays a dream. Even if rented, these spaces have nothing to offer, not even maintenance. You just get a space to furnish, decorate and maintain. With a plethora of offices in the market and leasing options, you just need to make the right choice. Also, going by the trend and functional aspects, renting a coworking space is just the best thing.

Though picking a shared workspace is an amazing choice, there are certain points to be kept in mind while signing the agreement. Here is how we find office space on rent in Noida and other places.


Having the exact idea of what your company needs in the commercial space is the first step towards making a selection. The nearby amenities, the road/metro connectivity, number of employees, parking area, other businesses around, etc are to be kept in mind. There would be the following categories of properties to look for:

The newly constructed/ renovated– Since they are freshly constructed or renovated, they will have the modern touch (trend of the decade). These are the most desirable and would naturally charge the highest.

A bit older ones– Office spaces that are not so old but need a little touch up here and there to make them look up to date and vibe with the new generation can also be picked as there is a scope to renovate.

Typically older– Some properties are so old, even renovation won’t help. The only good thing about them is that they will be cheaper in comparison.

Go to the place, take a tour, study the property, assess the budget and then make a decision. Another major thing to decide from is that whether you should go for a traditional or coworking space. Ever since the pandemic, shared spaces are increasingly becoming the choice of businesses and professionals looking for flexi-space. There is uncertainty about working offline and in such a dynamic situation, flexible space is the best thing to go for. The conventional spaces bind the client into long lock-ins, thereby bagging a huge security deposit which is not the case in a coworking that lets you pay the fee monthly and don’t increase their prices.

Allowing easy upscaling and downscaling of workspace, simplifying rent fees, offering flexible membership and providing an amazing place to work, a shared office space in Noida is an answer to your prayers.


Get the rent estimate of the locations you are considering. Knowing the per-foot cost enables you to compare properties across locations. This way you can multiply how much area you would need per employee, so you have ample working space keeping the team size in mind. Since the pandemic required social distancing, you must add some extra space for the same. Also, don’t forget to plan the budget for utility bills, daily pantry expenses and occasional repairs/fixtures. If you go for a conventional space, all the costs would be borne by you, but choosing a coworking space in Noida can save you all that money and hassle.


You got to do some work and find out the listed and trusted brokers and properties. A simple Google search might not suffice, and you might have to go the extra mile. A trusted broker can help you narrow down your options basis your requirement (company size, budget & type of work). Considering a coworking space will be a great option since they save you the stress of curation, adjustment and maintenance. You can customize the space as per your team size whenever you want. If you know what you want and have a favoured location, search for shared space in that area.


Once you have shortlisted a few properties, it is time to go and check them physically one by one. Schedule a tour with the agent to know about the building’s history, check the construction quality, and other features. Make note of the general condition of the property and the surrounding area because that would make a lasting impact on your visitors. How well do the roads connect, what will be the electricity supply and neighbouring facilities, is it easy to locate are some questions to ponder on. A good, shared office space in Noida would tick all the boxes in your checklist compared to hiring a traditional property.


Handling a lease agreement can be tricky and better be done in the presence of a reliable broker. The costing, the leasing and negotiation is very important process for both the tenant and the landlord. Some leases transfer all the amount on the tenant while some divides. A shared office asks only for a monthly fee and in return, you just plug-in your desktop and start working. Every other bill and maintenance will be taken care of by the space provider.

Choose Let’s Connect India to find Professional Office Space

The global pandemic has made it the need of the hour to cut the costs wherever possible and focus only on productive areas. Coworking spaces have proven to be the right thing in this regard considering the attached advantages, for every kind of setup and scale of business, shared spaces are an excellent choice. Any business owner would love if they could focus mainly on the work and not the upkeep of the workspace.

If you’re someone who is looking for professional office space on rent in Noida, get in touch with Let’s Connect Coworking. We have years of experience in client handling and satisfaction. Having served hundreds of clients across industries, our clients get all the needed facilities under the same roof. Our offices have state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern interiors, fancy décor, organized premises and support staff that make it the perfect place to work at. Noida is one of the best business hubs in the country and having your office in this location opens door to a lot of business opportunities. Not just start-ups and new businesses, but also multinationals have their units set up there.

Whether you are a new venture searching for a commercial space or an established company looking to expand into new markets, we offer you multiple membership plans and simple agreements on flexible terms. You can get your workspace and plans customized to your demand. The fast changing and dynamic environment call for a dynamic work atmosphere and we promise you one!

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Which region in Noida is the best to invest in Office Space?

Office Space in Noida

Office spaces has become a secure choice for investors looking for high returns in Noida as it is quickly becoming the ideal commercial destination, making office spaces a secure choice for investors looking for high returns. The economy is expected to rise in the next years, increasing demand for office space. The shift in mood is encouraging capital inflows, with numerous international corporations planning to establish headquarters in Noida. Many businesses are expanding, and small businesses are also establishing offices here.

Are you looking to grow your business or relocate it to a more secure and productive location?

You must require a location that can provide all of the chances for your firm to expand in the future. It should be a location that can accommodate all of your needs. A corporate office, for example, must be placed in a well-established city such as Noida.

Similarly, a variety of variables might help you understand why your company needs a coworking space in Noida.

Why should you Invest in Office Space in Noida?

To create a status
When you rent or sell a top coworking office space in Noida, you may anticipate a good impact on your client’s mind when he or she comes to meet with you. Everyone’s thinking is influenced by an appealing place with innovative decor.

Get productive employees
In a well-established and prominent corporate space in Noida, there is a good possibility of hiring experienced and productive staff. Due to the vast distances involved, professionals avoid rural or outlying regions.

To provide favorable working conditions for workers
You can provide all necessary amenities for your staff in a nice and office space on rent Noida. For instance, a pleasant sitting area, a restaurant, and entertainment such as indoor games.

Advantages of Investing in Office Space in Noida

Investing in a commercial office space in Noida is a more time-consuming and deliberate procedure than investing in a residential location. Before making a final selection, there are several variables to consider. The following are some extra advantages of investing in an ideal office space in Noida for optimum returns:

Location is critical in increasing office rental returns and assuring capital appreciation. Properties in Noida’s core commercial areas provide predictable profits.

1.  Rental returns in Noida’s core commercial district are greater, with the added bonus of capital appreciation. It has been observed that commercial real estate yields are always higher than residential real estate rental yields. Noida is a hotspot for commercial investors, and the demand for office space has skyrocketed as a result of a number of international corporations establishing their headquarters here, as well as new businesses developing rapidly.

2.  Low Vacancy When investing in an office space, it is critical to ensure that the property does not sit unoccupied for an extended period of time. Noida stands out as the key commercial hub, with office spaces always in demand for leasing purposes, lowering the odds of the space remaining unoccupied for an extended period of time.

3. Connectivity of office space to other surrounding regions is another element that makes life easier for employees and employers who have to go to their place of work on a regular basis. Noida has an excellent transportation network, both by metro and by road, which makes getting to and from work simpler and less stressful.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Real Estate Location?

There are several factors to consider while deciding on the best site for your business endeavor. Some of these elements are:
  • • Establish a link between the viability of the place where economic activity is to begin and its demand/supply dynamics. This will need much research. Otherwise, one would wind up purchasing coworking office space in Noida that has a high vacancy rate.
  • • Ensure that the economy, population growth, employment market, and future infrastructure development of the market are all in good health.
Purchasing Office Space:

If an investor intends to invest in an office asset with the intention of generating income, he/she must examine the following factors:

  • • Cash flow break-up
  • • Expenses such as building upkeep, property taxes, and building insurance
  • • Lease duration, lock-in period, and expiration dates
  • • Long-term capital appreciation potential
  • • Possibility of renovation, refinancing, and repositioning

If you are looking to acquire Coworking office space in Noida or Office Space on rent in Noida, Noida is the place to be.

Our Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida is designed for people who want to work on their independence and have a love for their profession in order to live a balanced lifestyle. These spaces are adaptable, expandable, outfitted with cutting-edge IT technologies, and reasonably priced for individuals and expert teams to achieve peak job performance. With so many new enterprises and start-ups on the rise, it’s getting increasingly difficult to locate a suitable location for an office. That is why co-working spaces like Let’s Connect make room for everyone and invite them to share a pleasant working environment.


Where can I find the Ultimate Commercial Office Space in Noida?

Investing in Commercial Office Space in Noida

It was just a few years ago when all of us had only one idea of workspaces; the one with plain walls and cubicles so the employees can be together yet at a healthy distance to just mind their own job. There was no fun but pure work and a regular employee would just focus on completing their nine hours until the idea of coworking spaces came into being. This disruptive concept changed the way the businesses work and in fact, even individuals. With the introduction of shared spaces everyone could now have access to a professional workspace. 

Earlier, the concept of sharing a workplace was confined or mentally limited to just startups but then freelancers hopped in as well to get the feel of a professional environment with being able to enjoy all the services that can help them grow their business in a much better way with multiple timeless costs. Yes, coworking has been like a blessing to everyone who is tight on budgets but wishes to work in a regular office and mention the work address on their cards and websites. Earlier, it was only in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc but now the commercial office space in Noida, Gurugran, Pune, Surat etc have transformed the way people look at their career.

The office search usually begins with a location. Almost everyone we know either goes to an office or wishes to have an office of their own but the real estate prices would never come down to suit the pockets of a common man. Many dreams have been crashed in the process of collecting funds or exhausting the savings and so many great minds could never leave their boring and meaningless jobs even when they had amazing ideas with them just because of lack of money. 

When we say “commercial office space”, we don’t just share the space. We share the services, the amount, the thoughts, the cooperation and opportunities with each other like ideal coworkers. Actually, this is the best part of working in a furnished office space. You get to work alongside real talent. There are people from different walks of businesses and industries with diverse experience and brilliant stories. There are freelancers, startups, small businesses and even units of multinational corporations all working together yet independently. There are days when a startup launches a new product and they have to test the markets. In that case, they’ll never step outside; they don’t have to. There is always an in-house market that helps you collect feedback from various people and accordingly take further action.

As much as people were astounded by the presence of individual freelancers in a managed office, they get as amazed to see people from MNCs in such an economic place. The freelancers were always seen as people who would work from home and stay in their pajamas and comfort clothes all day. The multinationals are assumed to be companies that have so much money that they can buy the entire building of their own. Both assumptions and situations are practical and correct but with changing times, the choices have changed. Freelancers have started to go out in a real-time office where they don’t have to be distracted from the little chores at home and can have a place to call their clients for meetings. The MNCs can, instead of putting huge sums on the entire office, make their staff work from an already managed office because even big corporations love to save time and money. It’s only because of the rise in commercial office space in Noida, Gurugram, Koramangala, Nungambakkam, Andheri and other places where jobs are in a large number, the opportunities are not ending and hopes are not dying.

Here’s an interesting topic to watch for. Just as traditional offices, some people own and some people rent the furnished spaces. There are benefits on both sides of the people. Let’s take them one by one.

Benefits of Renting Coworking Space (from the client’s side):

1. First things first, money. Saving money is great especially when most people don’t have it enough. When dreams shouldn’t be blocked by the lack of funds, there exist shared spaces. They cost you only the membership fee that depends on the number of seats you take or for the number of hours to occupy their meeting room/event space. Pay for what you use. Simple!

2. Then comes the list of services one gets by paying the membership amount. Fully air- conditioned space, loaded cafeteria, washrooms, all-time electricity and water, housekeeping staff, support staff, printer, access to meeting rooms and even a chance to be a part of all the events.

3. Speaking of events, they are regularly conducted in shared office spaces designed to meet the interests and advantages of the coworkers so they can learn something new or get entertained by what they like.

4. We shall not miss the most important thing which is the opportunity to collaborate. The entire community of the place eventually becomes a family of like-minded people that prefer collaboration over competition. They share ideas, help each other, inspire & get inspired and even form business partners.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Office Space in Noida

With a brief of how much of an advantage is a managed office space to their members, now let us discuss the benefits of investing in commercial office space in Noida.

1. Developed city: Those who don’t know, Noida is counted amongst the hub of jobs and companies just like Gurugram. Many big and small companies are eyeing the amazing sector of Noida that are a home to other big and small companies and the presence of all these companies make Noida nothing but a great place to invest.

2. Metro connectivity: Everyone in Delhi/NCR knows that DMRC connects to not just Noida but to Greater Noida as well. This means that you can be sure that there are always higher chances that your investment would have a return on it. The problem happens when people can’t commute. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Noida.

3. The demand: With the rise in entrepreneurial spirit and millennial generation’s aspiration of achieving big, the rise in commercial office space in Noida won’t be surprising. People are actually ditching the traditional/conventional office spaces to save themselves the hassle of huge rents and managing the entire office on their own.

4. The population: With the increase in residential spaces and population of Noida, it’s great to invest in a shared office in the area. Everyone wants to work near their home and when Home is in the middle of a commercial hub, why not own a workspace there?

To sum it up, because of so many companies, numerous startups and countless freelancers in the region, the demand is expected to be higher and increasing and hence owning a coworking space in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is a good option from an investment point of view.

Now when we have discussed why investing in a commercial office space in Noida can be your path to riches, we also need to discuss how we can go ahead with this. Since this is the matter of property, you need to plan it all and wait for the right time to go with the strategy. The thing with property is that you must buy it when its value is depreciating and just sell it when the value appreciates.

Since you are thinking of constructing and possessing a place that would earn you money, you need to keep your investment level “smart”. Not high because there is no point and not low because quality has to be achieved. You can take loans or borrow money if you don’t have enough money but once you’re clear on which property would be great, just don’t let go of it.

There are a lot of options in Noida and Greater Noida where you can choose a property that connects well with roads and metro and are located in the suburban areas of the region. Don’t pick any property that is in the middle of nowhere. Oftentimes, the owners only don’t go to that place let alone the coworkers.

Always check about the developer’s background. Verify their track record and their last projects to be sure of giving your money in safe hands. If they have a record of successful project deliveries and good quality construction then go for it. Beware of the frauds and if possible, rely only on the referred ones from your best and trusted sources.

Check the locality and the vicinity. It’s good if the urban facilities are around the office space. This attracts the clients the most. Having other businesses in the same area lures more ventures in the same region because they like to connect and exchange opportunities.

It’s good news if the area is environment friendly. A lot of greenery and fresh air in the region is enjoyed by everyone and lures many members. Nobody minds working in a fresh environment when there is pollution everywhere.

Be sure of the basic requirements. Make sure that the housekeeping staff is available for the area, there is no problem in water and electricity supply, it has clearance from all government officials, the electricians and plumbers can be called and cabs/taxis are not a problem.

Avoid investing in soft and pre-launches. Most builders just take your money and never show up or declare bankruptcy. Invest only in properties that have been used by other people without any problem. Investing in completed projects always reduces the risk.

Also, don’t forget to be sure of the drainage because that could be a huge problem in rains and other times as well. Some areas just go flooded and unhygienic when it pours a little too much.

It’s just a bit of extra carefulness performed while investing that can save you big time and yield you the profits of your dreams. The commercial office space in Noida is possible only if you keep in mind the above points. Good luck!