Why large and Corporate firms are preferring Coworking Spaces in Noida for 2020?

Coworking a concept that has gradually become a global trend in the last few years as multiple professional works under the same roof. This shared office ideas have made huge progress in India in the last few years. New investments have come from various sections as Coworking is looking to further make inroads into the markets. In the early stage of their evolution, coworking has mainly associated with new start-ups, Millenials, along with small and medium enterprises. But studies are now showing a huge shift as the large and corporate firms are looking to proficiently use Coworking spaces all around the globe.  

India a developing country is among the top nations with a lot of opportunities and growth. Companies around the world are looking to exploit this gap to launch their product and services in this large market. Startups and freelancers were seen as the earlier target for the boom of coworking in India. But with time we are now seeing a major shift as large and corporate organizations have turned trends in their favor. 

Especially large and corporate firms understand the value of time. They often look for quick resolution rather than delaying the whole process. And Coworking spaces with their exclusive features make them the most suitable match as they look to settle in a comfortable environment. 

Coworking space

Coworking Space in Noida

Services, Affordability, and Continuity 

Coworking offices today have dedicated desk, cubicles, team rooms, conference rooms, and even offer customized layouts for all individual as well as business needs. Events, exhibitions, and special programs are even organized in these spaces. Most of these offices are open 24×7 and packed with the latest technologies such as print, scan, secure drawers, and other complementaries to help in daily activities. Many new-age entrepreneurs also choose to utilize them as a virtual office and transform their ideas into this real world. 

Modern Coworking offices are ready to use from the first day onwards. So you just need to agree with their establishment and procure the space for high performance from the team itself. This live environment works right in favor of corporates who wants things to start working as soon as possible. 

From an investment point of view, rather than buying the place and settling offices in a foreign environment, this can be a huge burden on finances. Whereas with the flexibility of coworking spaces they can take the space whenever and wherever the demand existed. Though in the early phase most of the coworking spaces targeted startups and freelancers to sustain their business. Now this corporate shift is helping them to reap huge benefits. They hire offices for months or years so helping builders to recover their investment. 

Dedicated Spaces

Most of the corporate organization simply don’t believe in remote work or freelancing way of doing things. They will often provide dedicated spaces in offices for their contracted employees to work in a private space and give them the right environment to perform with.

A common trend is to take the space for a limited time and as things move along, prolong this agreement to stay connected with space for the right use. So large businesses will often work with multiple remote professionals and dedicate them spaces at a coworking environment for a specified duration. And with large businesses, this trend continues to be the forefront for large corporates to shelve their investment in newer ventures. 

Coworking spaces are also packed with creative recreational spaces to allow professionals to refresh and re-energize them with their hectic work scheduling. Live cafeterias can help them boost their energy levels along with crunch their hunger. Many even introduced Game rooms to let users get enthusiasm back and motivated to work at more optimized levels. Also, the freedom of working at your own time and speed makes these coworking hubs the right choice for the younger generation. 

Change in the Market shift

We are also seeing a major shift in the realty sector. Building developers are developing spaces directly for coworking needs. So they can efficiently use the space for this shareable office concept. Even some hospitality investors such as Roseate Hotels and Resorts have transformed their new venture into the Roseate House located in the Delhi Aero City.

Oyo another major hospitality corporate took a big step by taking over Innov8 for around Rs220 crore in 2019. And the future looks more bright for coworking spaces as globalization is helping businesses to stay connected. 

This change has allowed transforming even the empty spaces in the commercial areas into luxury offices. And with corporate involvement, builders can fetch a huge amount of profits from the organizations. And with the Indian economy still flourishing there will be more investment in the future horizon too.

Personalized Treatment

Another aspect that we often overlook is the personalized treatment these coworking offices provide. As a professional enjoying that personal space or the corner desk that enhances your creativity or makes you more productive becomes sort of a habit. Even the office staff knows your discipline, timing, and never disturbs you with unnecessary chitchats. All professionals are highly focussed and looking to perform at their optimum. And you can further see and observe experts from several fields know their methodologies to become future entrepreneurs especially for an individual with ambitions.


Well! We can surely say one thing that coworking has brought a plethora of changes in the global working environment. Offering corporates to exploit newer markets with ease of mixing in a completely new culture. 

These coworking offices come bundled with all office features and ready to start from the first day. Thus saving a lot of time with no maintenance or any permanent investment. Being flexible these shareable places are becoming hubs for global conglomerates to combine with local professionals or businesses toward a better future. 

Lets Connect is one of the foremost leading coworking organization which provides the coworking space in Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi with looking to expand their horizons in the next few years. Our offices are built with modern architecture and connected with multiple businesses to offer them flexible spaces to match their requirements.


Coworking Space in Noida is the hot sector, but what’s fuelling the demand for ”cool” offices.

Noida an adjoining city to the national capital Delhi, has become a center of attraction for global businesses. And with millennials now looking to start their venture, Noida has seen a lot of new startups and platforms looking to make their mark in the local and international arena. Coworking a shareable workforce concept has also become quite popular trends. Especially among the rising businesses to help them gain initial market reach with dedicated space, permanent office like features and get connected with like-minded people.

With an emerging economy like India, there is a huge space for improvement for startups and entrepreneurs. New age professionals are looking to transform their idea and build their empire. And these coworking offices act as a platform to help them succeed in a competitive market. These shareable workspaces are located at a premium location, full of exceptional features, and ready to begin your office journey from the first day onwards. 

Here are some interesting Coworking trends shaping the future of the working professionals.

  • More than 50% of professionals using these flexible spaces stay for 5 days a week.
  • There are currently more than 3 million workers enjoying these offices to work remotely.
  • Around less than one-fourth (22%) of employees use these spaces permanently. Showing a huge trend that coworking spaces often act as an alternative to the original workspaces.
  • Freelancers, Employees, and Businesses feel more satisfied (75%) to work in the coworking offices with flexibility, features, and impeccable results. 
  • The use of private meeting rooms (66%), private offices (66%), and other small team collaboration rooms (60%) provide a significant requirement for these flexible workspaces. 
  • There is a large number of presence of recreation rooms (39%), kitchens (58%), and break rooms (67%) in these modern shareable workspaces.

Coworking Office Space 

Power of Freelancers

India is home to the third-largest startup hub and second-largest freelancers workforce in the whole world. (Source) So it was quite natural for the coworking concept to gradually improve in the country. In the beginning, it was slow but has gained a swift rise in the last year to match with easy alternatives for freelancers and businesses with flexibility. 

And with more than 45% of the current millennia generation prefer to work in modern tech offices and deliver optimum performance. They enjoy working in a collaborative environment and hence more suited to the multi-professional environment offered by coworking spaces today. Moreover, with freedom of timing and flexible option, it matches with their modern lifestyle perfectly.

Coworking Suited for large firms

Especially the large firms will prefer to work in these coworking spaces in 2020. In cases, they are looking to expand in new areas and hire professionals from any specific areas these flexible spaces becomes the automatic choices.

Though in the beginning coworking was mainly targeting startups, small and medium businesses but on the larger aspect, large businesses have become their mainstay. As these corporate organizations come with large investments, it was likely that coworking will get the right push in this modern era.

As per a global survey from go globe the effective utilization for coworking spaces will reach around 3.8 million in 2020 and then go on to proceed up to 5.1 million in the year 2022. And large organizations will have around 50% of the share in these offices overall.

Global Connectivity 

Today businesses no longer require the physical presence of a person but his abilities to manage his workload and perform from any part of the world. Simply with a laptop and high-speed internet connection, a professional can do the task, earn at their optimum level, and enjoy working at his freedom as well. 

Particularly for freelancers, these coworking spaces are a perfect match. They can come at their time, work at specific hours, finish the task, pay the amount for using the space, and then enjoy a more stress-free working.

Similarly, Coworking spaces also match the off sourcing concept of modern global businesses. As top-notch organizations look to partner and share their workload, they can easily hire experts or team of freelancers for providing them flexible spaces for completing tasks in deadlines. 

Coworking has helped remote working scenarios remarkably to become a global trend across emerging economies. Several international platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Pay Per hour, etc are there to match the right businesses, with the right skills and right professionals. 


With a thriving atmosphere and built over a networking philosophy, a dominating number of Coworking users (84%) have also found these spaces more motivated and better productive overall. Working under the same roof with top experts from multiple fields also creates a unique opportunity for today’s generation to enjoy the philosophy of best practices, ethics, and craftsmanship for building a successful entrepreneur for the future. 

Coworking spaces are just not making money with renting spaces with individuals or teams, they have also added other revenue generation abilities to grow as a complete business scale model. Membership and Subscriptions are now available for members. Some even have associated local gyms, conferences, catering establishment, event management, technical equipment, and more.


India a developing country with a huge number of startups, entrepreneurs, and growing list of skilled professionals, offers immense potential for coworking growth in the coming future. Moreover, the use of the latest technologies in these offices, ease of remote working, and tools to bring a collaborative environment make Coworking a forefront concept that will shape the future of global connectivity. 

With strong competition in markets, the young generation must be creative in finding new ways to build sustainable growth. They don’t want to waste time in managing offices but believe in delivering results at an outstanding performance. And these Coworking offices space provides them exclusive ready to use platforms to bring their ideas in the market. 

Lets Connect is an NCR based Coworking organization that multiple offices for renting, sharing, events, and a leading candidate for building new horizons for India. We have coworking space in Noida, Greater Noida, & Delhi with further looking to expand more to emerge as a leading organization for sharing spaces.  


4 Reasons Why Corporations Are Moving Into The Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces for Corporate Business – Explore all the top 4 reasons why corporate businesses are moving into the coworking spaces.

Are you a founder or Chief Executive Officer of Corporate business? Then you might be wondering why many other corporate businesses are moving into the coworking spaces and landed on this article searching to know the reasons which we are going to discuss in detail.

Even though the coworking spaces are the most trending workspaces among startup businesses or other small business owners they have been able to attract the big corporates and change their views about them.

Especially the accessibility of corporate standard infrastructure and many facilities required by the corporate businesses made these shared workspaces a great choice for business operations. Now let me share with you some of the top reasons why many big companies are moving into these shared office spaces.

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1.No Need Of Capital To Invest On Infrastructure:
Whether a corporate business or a small business, every business requires infrastructure and corporate businesses require high-quality infrastructure to provide the best services for their clients. To have the infrastructure in place every business has to invest a lot of money especially a large portion of the capital if you are a corporate business.

But when you choose a coworking space everything would be ready in place required for business operations that too of corporate standards with no investment required. This makes these workspaces the right choice to work moving from your traditional office space. You can easily expand your business locations at any place easily as you don’t need to invest a lot.

Moreover, they also provide various other services such as printing, scanning, etc with no additional costs for your business to afford as these would be shared among various other members in the office space. Thus reducing your overhead costs.

2.Greater Flexibility:
A corporate business might need to expand their business at any point in time. It becomes a tough job to find adequate space especially with many employees working in a large company. Coworking office spaces offer great flexibility to expand your space easily.

All you just need is to rent additional space as your business grows. Moreover, there are no long term rental agreements to be made for renting a commercial office space. So it is a flexible choice.

3.Office Space In A Central Location With Low Cost:
Most corporate office spaces that too at a central business location often require a large percentage of the total budget available. But how would it be if you can get an office space at low rent in a central business location?

It would be an easy choice to choose and so coworking spaces are because most of the good coworking companies are located in a central location. The best part is that they don’t require you to pay a hefty amount as monthly rent.

4.Community Events:
In every shared workspace offered by a good company, there would be many community events that are organized on a regular basis. These are especially useful for your employees to connect socially with each other which can ultimately reduce the wastage of time in coordination and boosts their productivity at work as well.

Corporate businesses can get many benefits such as quality infrastructure, meeting or conference rooms at no additional costs moving into coworking space. Especially with the low monthly rents and office at a central location makes them a smart choice. Moreover, the community culture and flexibility to expand can help in the rapid growth of the business.

So if you are planning to move into these office spaces, then please visit Lets Connect, Noida which offers various customized office spaces for corporate business with special facilities and services depending on the requirements of your business.


How Renting A Coworking Office Space Can Boost The Productivity At Work

Explore how renting a coworking office space for business operations can boost the productivity at work for many startup founders and business owners.

Renting Coworking office spaces for business operations is the current trend among many startup founders and business owners. They are not just budget-friendly options but they can boost productivity at work as well. Among the people who are coworking from these shared workspaces around 74% of them experienced a boost in their productivity at work.

By the way, the increased working productivity of your team or employees can help a lot in the growth of your business within a short duration. So working from these office spaces is a good decision. Now let me share with you how working from coworking space helps in increasing productivity at work.

Especially the professionals who need to be more creative such as marketing strategists or designers can easily get more things done in a short period of time finally increasing their productivity.

Renting A Coworking Office Space

1.Presence Of Like-Minded Professionals:
When you work from a coworking space there is a higher possibility of collaboration and discussion among coworkers sharing ideas or brainstorming which can help in figuring out innovative strategies. Moreover, you don’t need to step out of your office space because of the presence of other skilled professionals around you.

2.Distraction-Free Work Environment:
When you work from home as a small business owner it is really tough to balance both the personal and work life. Especially you might have to face too many distractions or disturbances caused by the family members or your pet animals which can reduce your working productivity to a larger extent.

Working from these shared workspaces which have professional layouts designed exclusively for professionals can help you work for long hours without any distractions. Moreover, many working professionals in the workspace who are passionate about their work can motivate you psychologically to work more ultimately increasing your productivity at work.

Most coworking spaces offer various kinds of amenities for the members. While working taking breaks at regular intervals can help anyone relax and get back to work with a fresh mind. You can have a coffee break with your team in the cafeteria that can help them become more productive at work without the need to step out from your office space moving out looking for a coffee shop that could waste a lot of time.

Now as you know the ways in which working from a coworking space can boost working productivity, you might be planning to shift your business from home or traditional office space to these shared workspaces.

Because of the current trends in the coworking industry, there are many companies that have started offering these shared office spaces for cheap monthly rents with no proper infrastructure or amenities for the members. Don’t just make a decision and commit over a phone call just seeing the reviews or visiting their website.

Instead, visit their office space to check the working environment and infrastructure or amenities provided for the members. This way you would be able to select the right one for your business operations making no mistake. But ensure to select the one which is in a central location so that it would be easy for both employees and clients to reach the office with less struggle.

Renting a coworking office space and working from them can definitely boost the working productivity of you and your employees. Even if you are a small business owner or freelancer you can come out of the loneliness working from these shared workspaces. Just ensure to select the one which is within your budget with many amenities.

If you are planning to rent a coworking office space in Noida then Lets Connect can be a good choice as you can get customized work layouts at an affordable monthly price with no long-term agreements.  


Why Coworking is the best choice for startups in cities like Noida

Coworking is Best for Startups – Visit and read post to explore why coworking is being best choice among all the startups in cities like Noida.

This is the New startup Era. In this era, not everyone wants to do the job like 9-5. So in this era Youngster is coming in the startups with their creative mind. In India, there are some top industrial cities, one of them is Noida. Do you agree with my opinion? If you agree with my opinion then you should read the following paragraphs. If you do not agree with my opinion which was written in the earlier lines still read the following paragraphs because after reading the paragraph which has written. After that, you will agree with my opinion. So read the blog patiently.


Coworking is Best for Startups

Economical: This is the main reason that startups choose coworking space in Noida. Because here, you can get the coworking space at an affordable price. In coworking space, many startups Entrepreneurs work and the background of those Entrepreneurs have different. So the price of the coworking office space distributes among the Startups and hence the coworking space provider takes the affordable money from the startup’s entrepreneurs. Some of the Coworking office space providers give the extra preference to the Newcomers who start the new business. Here I am not saying that all the coworking space providers give the extra preference to the new startup’s entrepreneurs but some of them like Lets Connect India who gives special treatment. I am saying this because I know about this Coworking Office space provider. Because my close friend Aditya has rent their office space.

Chance to meet the other entrepreneurs: In Coworking space, You have to chance to meet the other entrepreneurs working along with you. This leads to making a creative hub in one place. I think this should be the major reason for the startups for choosing the coworking space. Because when people do the work with startup entrepreneurs who come with different backgrounds and different concepts and different ideas, then there is a more chance to enhance the thinking level for all the entrepreneurs. But this is not happening in Individual office Space. I think you will agree with this.

Preferred location: Location is also a major factor in running any business. The location of any office space should such that where the people have come and go without any difficulty. So I think Noida is the right choice. Metro also helps people to go from one place to another place. So in Noida, There are many options to get the office space on rent. If you want to get the coworking spaces at a low price then I will suggest the Noida sector 59, which is the best suited for the new startup entrepreneurs.

Flexibility: In terms of flexibility coworking space is more flexible than the own office space. Because in coworking space if you will want to change the location then you will easily change but this is not happening in Individual office space. In individual office space if anybody changes his office then the whole setup has to do change and it becomes expensive. Coworking space is flexible in terms of the lease also. Coworking space provider leases the office space monthly, half-yearly and yearly also.

Upliftment the Business Growth: In Coworking Space, you will get a distraction-free environment where you can increase your business at a rapid pace. It also gives you a professional look to your clients because when you put the image of your company you will put the image of coworking space and the coworking space looks great as Which I have seen in Noida of the lets Connect India. So It gives professional look to your clients which automatically puts a positive image towards your business. 


Selecting the Right Coworking Space for You

Confused about which coworking space is right for you? Then read this post and select the best coworking space for your business.

There was a time when only the people with rich family background could only open businesses by using their abundant financial resources. But with modern changes and concept of Coworking allows even the new age freelancers and entrepreneurs platform to try out their new ideas that will bring out the future leaders of this generation. These opportunities, experiments, and risks in business will harden them for tackling modern challenges people face in their day to day life. Their ideas, business model, workmanship, style, and methodologies feasibility in real-life market conditions need to be thoroughly checked before they carve their own path for success.

Need: Every individual will have their own needs whether you are a freelancer who just needs a desk and proper facilities to get-go can start with desk only. For entrepreneurs who are looking to make their own brand will need proper private cabins, office accessories like printing, scanning, mailing and other amenities that complement his work on a daily basis. MNC and Corporates are always lookouts to find newer areas to expand their business into and these Coworking Spaces are just the ideal places to try out. These are more affordable, flexible and provide them with all regular office maintenance for coming up with better plans for the upcoming future.

Location: India is a country of billions and many areas where location can be a catalyst for the right growth. Traffic is a major problem in commercial areas and can be a serious headache for the daily commute. Make sure to and fro movement to the Coworking Space is smooth and doesn’t have long traffic jams that might disturb your daily schedules. It should be more noticeable in the locality with proper address notation, driving spaces and availability for parking is a huge bonus for attracting the right clientele. Professionals need their space and privacy when working & these workspaces need to have an interior designed for higher productivity.

Features: Also, check out the regular features for Coworking Space in Noida matches your personal needs. Whether it be private meeting cabins, hi-speed internet availability, team meeting rooms, board conference rooms, video conferencing facilities, event space, cubicles, and many more. These shared workspaces are also available to be used as a virtual office where respective emails and other legal information can be communicated as per the need of the business. Nighttime availability that corresponds to foreign timing is also a plus and these offices should give 24×7 access to their clients for better time management.

Costing: One of the main factors that everyone needs to completely ascertain about the affordability these spaces provide as per your budget. Although these spaces are a whole lot better than setting your own permanent office with extra charges must be duly noted like office accessories, cafeterias, billing hours, wifi limits, and membership benefits, etc. Anyone with the right need for services can acquire the space for a minimum time within a limited budget. Entrepreneurs can also start their plan with a minimum desk and space arrangements. They can form a team and acquire more space as the business expands. These offices are completely flexible in making custom arrangements for your personal needs.

Try it Out First: Always go for a small trial first that will determine whether space is right fitted as per your personal and company needs. Whether you are using it as a freelancer, or for the project with a team and expanding new branches of a company the whole area needs to be checked for sustainability. Productivity from employees, performance, and maintenance of the offices are some of the criteria on which the workspaces should be checked before making a long move to the workspace. A few days or month’s time will give you an idea about the services offered at the premises for making long term effective plan for your business expansion as well.

The potential for CoWorking Space has shown a remarkable increase in the last few years giving new companies to invest in this trending concept that has shown a worldwide success. New age professionals have really liked Coworking to give them a chance for pursuing a new lifestyle altogether. They can work at their own time, own price and enjoy the things they missed when working for long private hours. 

Let’s Connect India is one of the dedicated organizations solely focussed to be part of this new concept for leading the next generation of professionals. Their Coworking Space in Noida was opened with 100% occupancy and offers a platform for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies to expand their horizons in this competitive age.


Choosing The Right Co-working Space For Your Business?

Running a business involves a lot of activities regularly with your work. It might become too costly to manage office space with their regular costing with limited resources. Especially for new businesses Coworking spaces are the most ideal one as they can enhance their business opportunities, to begin with. These Shared offices are the modern concept that allows professionals from multiple backgrounds to work together under one ecosystem.

Here are the main factors that contribute to choosing the Coworking space for your businesses.

Which Coworking Space is Right for Your Business

Location of the Shared Office Space: The whole location is one of the primary deciding factors for doing businesses as more the demand better the opportunities will be. Ease of transportation, places to eat nearby and separate parking spaces are some of the main needs of the modern world. Commercial spaces where there are large proportions of companies are it is well suited for these offices. Major cities in India with Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bengaluru there are now coworking or sharing office concept is quite successful where private meetings, team meetings, and freelancer use them for meeting their clients and discussion on regular basis. Traffic, proper office space and extreme location are some of the major problems faced by new challenging India.

Coworking space in Noida

Budget-Friendly: Financial resources play a major role in running the business smoothly. A proper and optimum plan must be there from the entrepreneurs or company ends to check the whole affordability as per the business requirements. New startups must use these spaces rather than investing heavily in permanent offices to begin their market expansion. One must be able to book these spaces as per choices and time availability with day to day basis, weekly basis, monthly and even some areas must be a variable on an hourly basis to attract individuals as freelancers & private meetings among two clients. Charges must be a market competitive to get more bookings and better allocation of the office resources.

Flexible and Scalable: A Shared office must be able to scale as the business grows with acquiring small space for little work and further office space allowed to be enhanced as the business shows positive growth. Entrepreneurs can work in smaller spaces in the beginning period and then increase the potential in the future for better use. These offices are available for 24 hours and seven days a week for making this more flexible in this modern working world where traditional 9 to 5 methods have changed completely. Now professionals are also hired for as per projects i.e, freelancers and teams who will work 10 to 12 hours at a prescribed time to get the work at the limited time for foreign clients. Outsourcing and remote work are the need of the day with businesses looking to get their work in the quickest time by smartest professionals around the world.

Office Like Environment: Separate Cubicles for individual space, private one on one meeting rooms, conference room with video facilities and large business spaces are some of the main features that are part of these modern coworking spaces. Special arrangements for events and exhibitions are also provided as per the business requirements attracting more & more people aware of the organization. Even the recreational facilities are also offered by these offices to entice more businesses to use their space more effectively. Terrace gardens, games room, cafeterias, and many other new creativity spaces are provided to let users refresh their minds and work again at the highest efficiency. Inside ambiance must be of the office like feeling to further motivate the professionals for choosing this space to begin their work in the respective shared spaces.

Networking and Business Learning opportunities: With working in this cohesive environment you will meet different business mindset people and enjoy learning among themselves to strive hard in this challenging market conditions. You can reach out to them for aid or help in case of specific needs which forms networking of similar mindset professionals who are always working collectively towards improving their skills as a whole. For new startups and entrepreneurs, this might be the opportunity to see the challenges seen by similar companies and their working methodology on which you can further integrate your own for better planning for the business itself.

Safety and Security: These offices need to have proper arrangements for the safety and security of the employees working under the organization. With 24 hours working schedule cameras at the entrance and exits are of highest priority. With modern-day women now working at par in level with man efficiency, suitable security measures will further boost up the niche clientele in that area.

Let’s Connect is one of the top Companies working towards offering a multi-diverse ecosystem where entrepreneurs from many fields come together for better future prospects. We have the best furnished offices for rent in major cities across India with Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune to be working with like business-minded people.


Your Next Coworking Space Lets Connect India

We are living in an era where every one of us is either planning to start something or have already started something and looking to take it one step ahead. Whenever we plan to take it one step ahead, the first question that strikes in our mind is the need for office space that is quite costly especially in metro cities like Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. A proper dedicated office can costs you in 6 figures in a month that is quite huge and not everyone is able to bear that. Nearly a decade back, to solve this problem, co-working space comes into existence where people belonging to different age groups, different professions provided with important amenities like Wi-Fi, Comfortable and secure work environment can sit together and work together. The idea is not only cost-effective but also providing you opportunities to interact with new minds that can be highly profitable for your business. Almost everyone reading this article must have a thought of going to co-working space once in their life but they might not aware of what factors that should check before selecting the coworking space in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, etc. Below we have mentioned few essential factors you should check in any co-working space.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Coworking-Office-Space.jpg

coworking space in India

Location and Office Infrastructure: The very first thing to consider is the location and space of the co-working office. Look for the office that locates in a city center area or easily reachable area which is spacious enough to work comfortably. Most of the coworking spaces are known for their comfortable work environment that includes comfortable seats and tables, 24X7 Power Backup, Free WiFi, etc.

24X7 Access: When you are working as a freelancer, then select the co-working that is open 24X7. It makes space more interesting. One can work even till late and in erratic hours. It is an excellent add-on for the business people and freelancers who normally work till late and do not believe in a nine to five working schedule. It is also intended to help and empower the quickly developing entrepreneurial environment.

Open Cafeteria and Food Options: Food is one of the primary needs of humans, and everyone needs to eat. So look for the availability of an open cafeteria in co-working spaces where you can avail healthy and good food at reasonable prices. Finding a variety of dining options is an essential amenity for an office. One must want to know they can get something tasty over the lunch hour and that there are a few decent options for hosting happy hours. Few co-working spaces also offer you lunch pass on a daily basis and unlimited coffee and tea. If you can increase your budget and afford that it will be best for you.

Networking and Events: Either you are working as a freelancer or a startup, you do need to network with like-minded people who can either be your prospective clients or prospective team members, You should check the number of events conducted by them and scope of opportunities you can get to network with people related to your business. The more you attend the events the more you can network with them and that can make you learn new things and explore a lot of other opportunities that you might not think before. Co-working Space in Noida, Gurgaon, and Bangalore is known for such events that they use to conduct on a frequent basis. 


Try Let’s Connect Coworking For Freelancing

Coworking is one of the fascinating phenomena of the digital era and best coworking space for freelancing. Tired of only coffee-shop-hopping, freelancers and professionals around the world are more awakenings to the ease of coworking. Let’s Connect Coworking spaces accurately consider the new work standards upheld by Millennials. Networking, partnership building, and knowledge sharing make the new code of conduct, moving behind “old world” norms like exclusion, elitism, and secrecy.

Coworking spaces also join in with the recent years” renaissance of grassroots movements” they force people out of their comfort zone and into a real office environment, facilitate collaboration and interaction between unknown people and form engaging human labs of offbeat, geeky and madly creative people.

Coworking Space in Noida For Freelancing:

Coworking offices offer multiple benefits, among all the benefits they offer, Affordability of office space is one such benefit that all of us want. Presently establishing a Fully furnished dedicated office in Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. is a costly affair and not everyone can afford it. Co-working space is boon to such businesses who are still at an early age. So what are the other benefits of working in Let’s Connect India coworking space? We will discuss this with you in this article.

Coworking Space For Freelancing

Affordability: It is quite affordable and you will get your personal space to work in a peaceful environment. So one thing is you will get all the facilities, a comfortable working environment in very reasonable prices What you have to do is just sit, do work, and enjoy for days, months and years.

Build your network on the go to the next level: Besides Affordability, the best part of co-working space is networking opportunities you get. While doing any business we need different talents and there are chances in co-working space you may get your prospective team members, prospects clients, etc. One can not do business in Isolation and co-working spaces provide you that open space.

Coworking is a pool of Talent and Positivity: An entrepreneurial journey is a difficult one, and when you are all by yourself, it will add to the challenges and complications. So when you are working at coworking space, it brings about a positive tone to your workday and with people who are experts in different domains is at your disposal, only if you know how to swap!

Provide a growing environment: Let’s Connect Coworking spaces provide the ideal opportunity for creating symbiotic business networking and relationships. Here, there are possibilities to meet people from distinct backgrounds, present new ideas, and collaborate with free intellectuals from different industries.

The freewheeling freelancers: A fair piece of the people utilizing coworking office spaces are freelancers who want the independence and flexibility to operate from anywhere. Coworking spaces offer them a known work setup without the real trouble of owning or renting it out. Conference and meeting rooms for communicating with clients in a professional setting beats a coffee shop. An encouraging work environment, ready base, and the latest technological support are some reasons that make coworking spaces so attractive to many freelancers.


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Not very long ago, ‘working’ was similar to going to a fixed physical space, sitting in a fixed office, maybe coupling up with fellow workers than going home after a day’s work. This fixed 5 to 6 days-a-week, the 9-to-5 routine would be repeated week after each day, week, month and years.

But the time changes and work culture today is also changing to a different level. Technology allowed us to be more manageable with our time and location. People can sit in any part of the globe and still work together, according to their time and convenience. The regular 9-to-5 routine is not routine anymore. Additionally, there are more entrepreneurs and start-ups, consultants and freelancers, All of these circumstances put together have given rise to a spurt of coworking places.

A coworking office is a shared office space that attracts people looking for a place to work, a start-up, a group collaborating on a project, or an SME. They would preferably use precious time and resources on their core offering than on investing time in finalizing a suitable workplace and putting the necessary foundation together.

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Coworking space in Noida:

So if you are also searching this kind of Flexible Coworking Space in Noida, Gurgaon, or any other city then this article is for you because we will discuss the facilities and benefits of coworking space provided in any metro city.

24/7 accessibility: Freelancer and any other people who select the coworking space to do work they do not like to bind in a 9-5 schedule. And even their routine is not fixed, and they also plan on holidays or in odd-hours. Most of the co-working space allows you the freedom to work according to your own time schedule.

Dedicated WiFi Connection: When one is working on own, then he/she must need a better way to connect the modern world, and hence Wi-Fi is needed to gather information, getting connect with clients and employees using different media. That’s why they provide Wi-Fi facilities to their patrons.

Flexibility in charge: This coworking space is charge distinct according to the space selected. one can select private space, dedicated open desk, part-time, monthly or daily space according to your needs and budget.

Meeting rooms: Meeting rooms, Dedicated cabins are also required for any business. With the help of the coworking office, you can get all these facilities though these facilities are paid they are worth using. Apart from this they also provide you with complete technical support for the successful completion of your conferences and appropriate workstations as well.

Additional Facilities: Additional Facilities like 24×7 Backup, Open Cafeteria is an additional bonus offered by coworking Noida. These things can also increase your productivity and offers less idle time that is an added bonus for your business.

Other than the facilities here are the benefits you get by joining the coworking office space:

  • It saves your money.
  • Better opportunities for growth.
  • Get the right balance by working in a suitable environment and time.
  • Knowledge will enrich with the help of experts.
  • One can build a stronger network to achieve more in business.