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How to Manage a Team in Coworking Space?


Coworking spaces eliminate the solitude of remote working, making these ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other creative professionals. Majorly favored by the SMEs and tech corporations, coworking spaces in Noida have successfully managed to attract attention of MNCs as well. Excellent business exposure, brand visibility and comparatively lower cost of operations are some of the numerous benefits that these shared office spaces have to offer. Even the companies from the media and creative industry have also expressed interest in the new diversified environment.

With companies becoming more global and complex, the respective teams have also become large and more specialized. The global work scenario highlights how companies operate and handle large project teams which are more diverse and more dispersed than ever before. As most of the work has become increasingly team based, many modern companies struggle with one essential aspect, and that is, team management. The collaborative work environment that the coworking spaces in Noida facilitate has its benefits but can sometimes slow down the efforts of the companies in tackling this challenging problem at workspace. This article will explore the elementary ways of how you can manage your team in a coworking space.


While operating from flexible office spaces in Noida, the companies may face certain challenges to effectively manage the respective project teams. They must ensure certain ways to enable the team members to be productive and while they navigate the common work dynamics of a shared space. The foremost challenges faced in coworking spaces are:

  • Workspace Distractions: Coworking, as compared to regular office settings, might increase the likelihood of distractions. Coworking environment is collaborative by nature, which encourages networking and connections at the expense of employee productivity.
  • Increased Social Interactions: Since coworking is a community-oriented shared office environment, people with diverse backgrounds are more likely to run into each other on daily basis while working under the same roof. More social interactions in a coworking office space might be obstacle for the people with diverse personalities and string opinions who have difficulty in getting along well with others.
  • Privacy Invasion: Companies that choose coworking employment over regular office space may be concerned about the protection of data and sensitive information. You don’t want other firms’ employees to get access to the sensitive information of your business, whether unintentionally or on purpose.


Here are some of the ways in which we can manage teams in coworking spaces and get the best out of them.

  1. Encourage a Sense of Community: The opportunity to interact with people, exchange ideas and share knowledge is one of the most significant components of coworking. This is true for both the organizations that use co-working spaces for the project teams as well as the individuals that work in those spaces. This may be accomplished through team-building activities, special events, and other designated periods for engagement. Coworking spaces in Noida have a diverse section to promote a sense of community among the workers and companies.
  1. Keep Employees Motivated and Productive: Coworking boosts productivity and inspires employees. Work is more meaningful when employees have control over their schedules. Therefore, offer flexible scheduling to your team members so that they can create their own work schedules, rather than follow a rigid nine-to-five work week. Flexibility at work will help them find a work-life balance that will keep them motivated and charged up to complete the work with a high level of efficiency. Even so, team-meetings and sharing positive feedback is what all companies do, but nothing beats on-the-house snacks during the break time in coworking spaces. 
  1. Workspace Transparency: Keeping everyone on the same page is an important part of managing team in a coworking space. Sharing information freely with the whole team or encouraging the individual teammates to share feedback with each other benefits both the organization and its employees. There are several methods for encouraging team members to communicate the progress and data with one another, such as meetings, project sharing, blogs, or even a content management system in a controlled manner.
  1. Team Building Exercises: You will be working with a wide variety of people with a variety of skill sets. Furthermore, they will be expected to be hands-on in aiding you in operating the coworking space. This is likely to harm your productivity. As a result, you’ll need to devise some team-building exercises to boost your team’s productivity and guarantee they have a sense of belonging to work culture. Coworking spaces in Noida have stylish breakout and leisure areas for coworkers to meet, play, relax and recharge. These play zones, away from workzones, allow for great team-building time and good interpersonal relationships.
  1. Collective Ideas: A great coworking space is open to utilizing the benefits of being a communal place. This is a terrific approach for your team and people using the area to develop inventive solutions and introduce new ideas to the workspace. As a manager, you may improve the work atmosphere even further by pairing some of your team members with new individuals to discuss new ideas. Also, supporting someone to take the lead with their concept gives them a sense of ownership, which may inspire others.
  1. Utilization of Digital Tools: Digital technologies have become an essential aspect of everyday communication. It is effective, efficient, and timesaving. Investing in such tools and platforms might help your staff interact more effectively with one another. Some digital tools, like a newsletter, CRM software, or even a basic CMS platform, can also aid in the distribution of changes. You may also encourage your team to share and cooperate by using online platforms for ideation and conversation. The coworking space in Noida provides digital tools that are essential for improvising the company’s productivity.
  1. Interference and Disturbance: A coworking space is an open and collaborative idea in which multiple work cultures merge into a single entity. This blending of space might result in frequent interruptions and disturbances to the typical flow of everyday activity. To handle this workspace noise, some rules and procedures must be established for your team members to ensure that work is completed while also responding to members’ concerns and complaints.
  1. Awareness of Brand: A brand consists of more than just a logo. It showcases your company’s personality and creates a persona. Promoting your brand throughout your workplace will continually remind your team members of your company’s identity and the ideals it represents. This creates a feeling of identity, and your employees will feel like they are a part of the team. This may be accomplished by branding your logo on various stationery that can be sent to your team and clients who will be using the area. Let’s Connect Coworking spaces in Noida gives your independent business both the brand visibility and a prime location to help you foster trust and build a strong bond with your end customers.
  1. Counseling Sessions: Stress at work is a typical part of our day, no matter where we operate from. However, some people struggle to effectively manage this added stress in life. This might be because of the job or personal issues, or both. It is essential to inform your team that assistance is accessible and that they may benefit from a counseling session to better their mental health. For promoting and helping the team maintain a healthy work-life balance at workplace, you can book an exclusive training room in coworking office space in Noida for weekly session by good counselors.
  1. Keeping Private: Open workspaces are a threat to the privacy of the company. To rectify this problem most of the coworking spaces in Noida have introduced safe and secure procedures to secure the work conducted by the companies.


Team building and managing are always difficult for business. Handling a team in a coworking space can be complex since it’s an open setting. Team handling is always a top priority for companies since it affects the productivity of the members. Coworking spaces in Noida have great strategies for improvising the team and making maximum output with minimum efforts. Above mentioned ways to manage the workers in coworking spaces have outweighed the challenges faced by the companies.

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Benefits of Coworking Space in Personal and Professional Life

Benefits of Coworking Space in Noida

Coworking spaces in Noida have gained considerable popularity among small and growing businesses. From cost savings to increased collaboration opportunities, these flexi workspaces make for as ideal offices for professionals, where they can get work done, network with like minds, exchange ideas and contribute to creating local business community. With the increasing popularity, more queries regarding shared office spaces have also emerged. So, in this article, we will discuss the coworking spaces in depth.

Starting off with what exactly a coworking space is  in simplest term, a coworking space is a communal workspace for people from different companies and backgrounds. It is a shared office space. What makes it different from conventional offices is the fact that everyone is working independently but sharing a space and a community.

Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida are not just offering people a place to work but also changing the way offices run. The concept of “office space” has been redefined radically by the emergence of these shared office spaces. In a typical corporate office, you would find people from the same company working in different departments, having more or less similar expertise. The intra-team conversations would usually revolve around same topics that might result in a monotonous and dull interactions over time. Whereas, at coworking spaces there exists an exciting and highly interactive work environment where people from different companies work together. This collaborative environment provides excellent opportunity for professionals to reach out to each other and share their varying expertise and experience in business.

Benefits of Coworking Space in Your Work-Life

Maintaining a work-life balance is a crucial thing in life. However, there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance, as you have to consistently manage your time between personal and professional life and reprioritize your goals. It can be said that work-life balance is cyclical in nature. Every individual has to constantly work towards achieving it in order to have a stability in life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic time, where remote working and work-from-home are considered to be the new normal, it has become exceedingly difficult to track where your professional life ends and where the personal life begins. Not having an equilibrium between your professional and personal life can leave you frustrated, stressed, ineffective, and can cause burnout. In fact, the skill of maintaining balance between things is such an important thing that recruiters look for it in their employees because it directly affects your work productivity and effectiveness.

What is the solution? How do we learn to balance things?

One of the main factors affecting work-life balance is the workspace. This is quite evident from how the lockdowns have affected the people as they were forced to work virtually. The professional office space was taken up by work-from-home space where setting boundaries turned out to be a daunting task for people all over the world. It is not always possible to make changes at work but switching back to coworking spaces can help you a great deal. The innumerable benefits that these flexible workspaces offer, help you in maintaining a healthy balance between your professional and personal life. Let us take a look at some of the benefits.

  1. Flexible Working Hours

The option of flexible work schedule is one of the most important benefits of coworking space that the employed professionals look for from their employers. For freelancers who typically work less than 40 work-hours per week, flexibility in working hours gives them better control over their workday. Some of the office spaces like coworking space in Noida Expressway offers customized membership plans for both salaried and independent knowledge workers, whose work hours differ from the standard start and end time of the business, which is the companies’ hours of operation.

  1. Workspace Flexibility

With the co-working spaces, you can make the best of both worlds, that is, the flexibility of choosing your workspace and your own work-hours without the isolation. Majority of coworking space providers offer day pass, open seats, hot desk, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, events area, and cabins, all-inclusive of basic office amenities. Coworking space in Noida Sector 136 provides you private, community-based, and shared workspaces. You can choose the kind of seating arrangement that suits your work style and creativity. If you prefer to work in solitude, you can book a private cabin and concentrate on you work without any distractions. On the other hand, if you are a social person and are more productive while working in collaboration with others then you can opt for open fixed and open flexible seating arrangements.

  1. Tech Support

The office life of every professional revolves around client meetings, making presentations to stakeholders while managing the apparent technical difficulties that may arise. Dealing with the stated issues becomes difficult if you are operating from a remote location having unreliable technical infrastructure or while working from home. This may lead to a frustrating experience while conducting business review meetings and interviews. So, this is another benefit of coworking space where these providers nowadays facilitate noise-proof private cabins and meeting rooms, equipped with high speed Wi-Fi, 24×7 power backup, LED monitors, whiteboards, and modern AV kit. The technological features and the technical-support is an integral part of the services by the coworking spaces in Noida.

  1. Networking

One more Benefits of Coworking space is to bring together people from varied professions and expertise in one place. What could be a better opportunity than this to form new business connections and build your network? Coworking spaces in Greater Noida area allow you to be a part of a large community of professionals from different walks of life. While socializing with the learned individuals in a communal space, either through interactions during casual chats at coffee junction or the business deals and joint projects being discussed, networking helps bring a balance to your work-life.

  1. Managing Finance

Coworking space in Noida Sector 136 has emerged as a new and promising office space for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses with low cost, scalable growth. Let’s Connect Coworking is a flexible and cost-effective workspace solution for SMEs and freelancers that helps them in better management of their business finance which include standard operating costs in running the business once it is set. Customized membership plans to suit every budget along with all-inclusive office amenities such as Wi-Fi connection, electricity costs, HVAC, purchasing office equipment, adequate furniture, housekeeping, IT support, and other office-related administration tasks are highly economical for independent businesses.

Primarily there are two major benefits in terms of finance: the savings on office space due to lower rentals, and the savings on business utility expenses as the entire maintenance is taken care of by the coworking space provider. If you have a better way to manage financial streams both in your personal life and professional side, the harmony it brings will reduce your stress levels and help you improve your work-life balance.

Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida

With our prime objective inclined towards our clients’ satisfaction, Let’s Connect Coworking offers affordable workspace solutions and premium services that are available 24×7. Starting from the budget-friendly co-working spaces to premium managed office spaces in Noida, we are the one-stop solution for all your business space requirements. With our sevices you get all the benefits of coworking space. Contact us and represent your business with us in a prime location of Noida.

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How to find Ultimate Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida?

Ultimate Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida

Being ranked as the second most populated country in the world, India is a young country with a young population, and it has been undergoing a demographic transition over the recent years. In the year 2020, India had more than 65% of its population below the age of 35 years and had an overall median age of 28 years. This implies that India’s business sector is driven by its youth. Their ideas, values, and ability to adapt to this fast-changing world has been a hallmark feature to the business world. Not only do they contribute to their workplace but also pay attention to how their work environment affects their daily functioning. Working professionals and businesspeople have come to understand the shortcomings of rigid workspaces and that such places are considered inflexible for the Millennials.

Commercial real estate (CRE) has evolved tremendously owing to these shortcomings. The youth of India has embraced the commercial office spaces on rent that effectively cater to their working needs. Similar to major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, renting commercial office space in Noida has gained a lot of traction from the business ecosystem. The need for smart and aesthetic workspaces combined with employee-friendly amenities has been getting wide recognition.

With the growing importance of mental health and work fatigue, employers now have been extra careful with the choices they make in terms of the offices they want for the workforce. Growing competitive practices, enhancing workers’ productivity, skill-sets, creativity, and work-life balance has led to the adoption of these all-inclusive colourful and vibrant shared office spaces, which in return has had a positive effect on the people’s performance and productivity. Office space in Noida are technologically equipped, provide utmost comfort, and have aesthetic décor with modern design layout, leading to an inspiring work environment.

Noida as an Industrial Hub

Noida is one of the fastest-growing business cities in the country. Short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority in UP, Noida is also considered as a satellite city of Delhi and is part of the National Capital Region of India. It is classified as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which, coupled with its proximity to the national capital, proves itself as a great alternative for investment and various start-up ventures. Amplified support from the Noida civic body to fast-track approvals and permission for establishing businesses has given the required boost to the ecosystem.

The land is dominated by IT, software, and mobile apps development companies like Microsoft, ARM holding, Samsung, HCL, and Barclays. Noida also houses Paytm, a financial service company with multiple ventures creating commercial and brand value for the place. Noida has become a go-to destination for new-age entrepreneurs and start-ups as they look for convenient commercial offices spaces on rent for their employees.

Let us look at some of the major perks for having a Commercial Office in Noida.


The city has a very good transport system in place, keeping in mind the needs of national as well as international clients, salaried workers, and the general public. Efficient road connectivity to neighbouring cities through National Highways and Expressways, and within the city through metro rail network and road, and robust public transport aids professionals to reach the commercial office spaces without any difficulty. Traveling to any workspace becomes a hassle-free journey as both private and public means of commute are equally feasible.


Noida’s closeness to the national capital combined with its road connectivity helps international clients and big businessmen to visit the city. Providing an alternative to Delhi, Noida has emerged as a major business attracting area over the years. The location of some of the commercial spaces in the industrial belt of Noida and the availability of fully furnished office spaces has also lured MNCs to this region. Working from home or café can be hindering the progress of your business, professional settings, meeting rooms, brainstorming zones in commercial spaces help give a formal look to small businesses.


A commercial office space not only offers a place to work but also provides additional flexibility which is exclusive for the members of that space. Coworking space increases the chances of meeting like-minded people which is a great incentive for your business development. It offers the flexibility to work from different corners of the space which helps boost productivity for individuals who like moving while working. Working in such shared spaces can also help build a network that satisfies the social needs of individuals while at work.


Commercial spaces offer a wide variety of amenities that makes one want to work more in such spaces. Advanced infrastructure, front desk, fast internet, air conditioning systems, telephone connectivity, cafeterias, high level of security and surveillance, access to common area for networking, active solar energy controlling systems, water & electricity supply, attractive designs, fully furnished and many more services that enhances the workspace environment among individuals.


As commercial spaces offer co-working, individuals might be able to interact with people from other sectors which was not possible with regular offices spaces. These meetings can unfold into a strong network of like-minded people and create a community within the workplace. These communities can also get formed based on social commonalities among workers which allows job seekers from different backgrounds to find someone with whom they can connect. Flexible, diversified and creative office space has proved to be effective in recent times.

What makes Let’s Connect India the best commercial office space in Noida?

Let’s Connect India is a modern ecosystem built on the values of revolutionizing the workspaces for you. We strive to enhance your work life by changing the environment around you. We wish to offer top services in Noida by offering to make your ambiance more working friendly yet with a unique touch of creativity by building office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces & private offices with all the required amenities. Some notable features are:


Let’s Connect provides companies with fully furnished office spaces for rent in Noida, high internet services, customizations as and when required, personalized services; companies can move in without worrying about any hassles like overhead costs, furniture, business lounges, conference rooms, personal cabins, reception areas, and other amenities.


We have our commercial office space in Noida Expressway which is among the most promising business belt in the Delhi NCR region. Owing to the industrial development in this region and good connectivity to other regions via road and metro, Noida Expressway has become the most sought-after area where entrepreneurs would want to set up their offices. Positioned in a prime location, it is surrounded by numerous corporate buildings, large residential societies, food joints, and restaurants making it attractive for major corporations to consider expansion in this region.


Let’s Connect offers commercial office space for rent in Noida, which is the new age move-in office space with all-inclusive business facilities such as shared offices, open seats, private cabins, dedicated desks, private meeting rooms, and more. We are committed to giving you an immersive experience through collaborative and interactive work surroundings. Our coworking space in Noida offers exceptional virtual collaboration opportunities to the small businesses and entrepreneurs in NCR. Interaction with other interesting and amazing individuals only adds to the business advantage.


In light of the pandemic, we try to maintain the utmost safety and hygiene for everyone in the office space. We adhere to all COVID-19 related guidelines as prescribed by the WHO and encourage our coworkers and visitors to adhere to the safety protocols. We also make sure that we are committed to sustainable development goals by having eco-friendly resources while designing the office spaces in Noida.

If you decide to get a commercial office space for rent in Noida, Let’s Connect India is your one-stop solution with all the services and amenities under one roof. Visit us and book your dream office space – a place to work, rest and play!

Renting Commercial Office Space in Noida

Things to Consider Before Renting Commercial Office Space in Noida

While renting commercial office space in Noida, it is very important to consider the few factors to get the best deal. Indian businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and services sector, have been contributing to a steady rise in the country’s GDP over the last five years. Economic reforms and business-friendly regulations have given confidence to many business owners to explore and expand. With so much vigour in the business ecosystem, more start-ups are coming up exponentially.

Based on a recent article, India has seen the entry of 84 startups in the Unicorn Club in last decade, out of which just 42 startups where in the year 2021. From 2016 to 2021, there were 13,256 startups recognized namely HealthTech, Social Commerce, Crypto and ePharmacy domains. According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, Delhi has replaced Bengaluru as the Startup Capital of India.

Increasing brands in the country have also led to the rise in demand for office space. Noida being in the National Capital Region (NCR), is a lucrative destination for entrepreneurs and corporations for setting up their business. If you are starting on your entrepreneurial journey or looking to expand your business, a professional yet flexible office space for your employees is what you need.  Renting commercial office space in Noida is the best option for all the startups and entrepreneurs.

Points to Consider before Renting Commercial Office Space

Renting commercial office space keeps entrepreneurs away from the hassle of buying real estate property for their office space, paperwork, advance payments, and all sorts of taxes. But renting a commercial office can also be time consuming and for that, there are few things that you should know before you book your next dream office space in Noida.


Noida has eminent connectivity within and around the city. Road, metro rail, public and private transport mechanisms are robust and well connected to commercial office spaces. Individuals do not have to worry about waiting long hours to fetch means to commute to their workspaces as most of the commercial spaces are located in the industrial belt in the metropolitan area which is well connected with a different mode of transport.


Most of the businesses and commercial spaces are located near each other thus creating an industrial belt in Noida. The infrastructural growth in the region is on a tremendous scale and closeness to national capital gives an added advantage to companies in terms of clients and expanding their business.


Noida houses few major industries due to its growing importance in the business ecosystem. IT, BPO, Real Estate, Media, and Pharmaceuticals Industries are the leading ones in the region. Companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Paytm, Adobe, TCS, Accenture, Amazon, have their presence and more such companies are about to follow their lead. With existing businesses bringing so much value to the region, nobody would want to lose out on the opportunity for renting commercial office space in Noida.


Ever since Noida started gaining prominence for its commercial ecosystem and feasible developments towards growing businesses, Infrastructural projects are going on in full swing. Several projects are in progress while others have been getting fast-track clearances marking the fast pace of commercial growth in the region. From effective mode of transport, multi-purpose buildings, residential buildings, commercial office spaces to grocery shops, restaurants, theatres, Noida has got everything you need. Since most of these commercial office spaces on rent in Noida are in urban areas, facilities are readily available for businesses to utilize.


Office spaces are usually customizable and do not have a rigid structure which allows businesses to have a personalized touch for their workspace. Workplaces are spacious, neat, and fully furnished. Many times, service providers make false promises of having ready-to-move spaces with them while in reality, it is far away from the truth. But in Noida, the picture is a bit different. Most of the service providers assure the physical conditions on the ground are in line with what the companies require. Most of the hassle of designing and organizing the workplace is taken up by the office space providers and all the companies have to do is move in with their enterprise idea and workers to start working from the very next day.


Renting commercial office space in Noida  gives you more flexibility with the amenities you want to provide to your employees, which might not happen when you decide on the idea of setting up your business space all by yourself. Renting the space allows you to be more focused on your work, execution of ideas, and expanding the business instead of taking care of how to build a professional yet creative workplace for your employees. Commercial offices are built keeping in mind the interest of the individuals going to work in them and therefore offer a variety of amenities. Organized parking lots, security & surveillance, front desk, personalized cabins, professional setups, cafeterias, meeting halls, large networking spaces, food facilities, solar-equipped electricity facilities, high-speed internet services, furniture, etc.


Noida is growing rapidly and with time this business-friendly region is only going to reach new heights. Working through zooms or informal meets might give you business but is not a viable option to sustain eventually. Professional setups add credibility to your business and allow your clients to have faith in your idea while you are just starting. Noida gives you that opportunity to formally build your business and experiment with it.

Likewise, Let’s Connect India provides you with coworking office space on rent in Noida Sector 59. We strive to offer services that help you to have your dream business space. We believe in helping our clients in achieving their business objectives and goals. For that a good working environment for everyone which enhances one’s productivity, efficiency and effectiveness have become pertinent.

Let’s Connect India have people working from different background under its umbrella who respects and employs their experience to work and benefit our customers. We welcome all sorts of inputs when it comes to delivering what is required by companies in their workspaces. Coworking spaces have received wide recognition in our country in recent years, and we wish to provide its benefits to our working professionals.

We offer new-age modern workspaces in Noida such as office spaces, private offices, meetings room & event space with all the amenities. Collaboration, creativity, and flexibility have been the theme of our services. Our workspaces are affordable and one of the best coworking space in Noida. Another advantage is that these are within walking distance from the nearest metro stations, and other modes of transportation are readily available.

Along with that, amenities offered include an uninterrupted power supply, biometrics, CCTV cameras, parking areas, ready-to-use workstations, unlimited beverages, healthy workspaces, play/rest areas with much more. If you wish to experience the best coworking space for your business do visit Let’s Connect India for renting commercial office space in Noida Sector 59.

Coworking space

Why Solopreneurs Choose Coworking Space?

Coworking Space for Solopreneurs

With ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘start-ups’ becoming the trendier terms over the last few years, a new entrant as ‘Solopreneur’ has spiked in popularity as well. Let us simplify these terms for better understanding. Entrepreneurs often hire and manage a team, whereas the Solopreneurs, build businesses they can run entirely on their own. In other words, a solopreneur (solo entrepreneur), is a person who starts and runs a business, right from ideation to execution to marketing. Solopreneurs handle everything in their business and have fluidity in terms of where they want to work.

Some of the big-time challenges that any solopreneur struggles with while starting out afresh is finding capital, managing time, guarding the cash flow, and projecting credibility. Though they do not need any fancy office set-up like freelancers, they definitely need an organized professional workspace. Work-from-home becomes very distracting, and it tends to get lonely while working all by oneself. Moreover, leasing a well-furnished personal office is out of the question because it will burn a big hole in the pocket. Finding an appropriate base to work from and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals is what attracts the solopreneurs to coworking office space in Noida.

Why is a Coworking Space Effective for Solopreneurs?

Solopreneurs are flexible professionals like freelancers, as they get to decide what they do, select where to operate from, and choose how they do it. They can work practically anywhere, from the basement of their residence to coffee shops. While working from any location is very much possible in this digital era, most places can prove to be counter-productive rather than productive to a business because of the lack of professionalism. Coworking office space in Noida offers innumerable benefits to such professionals, along with the flexibility to set their own schedule and space.

Let us checkout some of these benefits below as to why most of the solopreneurs choose coworking spaces, shared office spaces or virtual offices.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

  1. Budget-Friendly

Renting a shared office space in Noida is very pocket friendly as there are different membership plans available to suit your business requirement. You can pay on a per-month basis and there will be absolutely no financial pressure in the form of huge capital investment for a personalized workspace anymore. Most coworking spaces offer the option of paying for specific facilities as well. For instance, if you require a conference hall for meeting purpose occasionally, then you just have to book and pay for the fixed hours you wish to use it. As it is an add-on feature, you would not have to spend unnecessarily on it every month.

Moreover, most expenses like water bill, electricity bill, and housekeeping expenses are taken care of by the space provider. Money spent on Internet connection, office stationery, printers, scanners and projectors is also cut down as all these services are included in the monthly package. With majority of overhead costs covered and included in the rental, you do not have to spend extra besides that on your business activities.

  1. Networking

Coworking spaces are hub of ambitious and hard-working people. These provide you with excellent opportunities at work to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and build a professional network. Networking is the act of conducting business or relating with the people around you via business communication and establishing links. Business networking grows stronger with experience and familiarity, and usher in many possibilities and expectations too.

Building a professional network comes in very handy for both personal and professional growth. In a coworking office space, a solopreneur will find people from different industry working on the same floor. People from varied professions bring unique expertise and an expanse of knowledge with them while working together in a shared office space. You may come across IT developers, marketing strategists or even creative artists in single workspace. Building a professional connection with them will broaden your knowledge horizon about their respective fields, grasp new ideas, learn, share, and outsource work, as well as create referrals for your business.

  1. Productivity

What is the right kind of work environment for a solo entrepreneur?

You would probably say something less intimidating than a corporate-like space and more structured than a home office. That is what exactly Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida provides. Being surrounded by determined and hard-working people makes it easier for you to stay focused and motivated. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers complete isolation while working, private cabins are also available as per your need.

In a shared office space, a lot of things like stocking equipment, replacing old things, refilling printers, renovating the space, cleaning, and other management stuff are taken care of so you do not have to bother about the routine administrative tasks. This reduces a bit of burden from you and consequently you can focus more on your work resulting in increased efficiency.

  1. Recreational Activities

A lot of coworking spaces offer a designated place for games so that people can relieve stress after a tiresome day at work. Coworking office space in Noida provides separate game rooms, coffee joints, and cafeterias to rejuvenate your energy and socialize at the end of the day and bring back enthusiasm.

  1. Work Hours Flexibility

Not everyone likes working standard business hours from 9 to 5. A lot of entrepreneurs prefer working during night or late evening. If your business requirement or personal preference is such, then you will need a 24×7 operational workspace where you can come and leave at your convenience. There are plenty coworking space providers like Let’s Connect that offer shared office space in Noida with special package for night owls.

  1. Flexibility to Choose the Best Plan

Every coworking space offers open-space flexible seats, dedicated seats, and private cabins. These offerings can be utilized during standard business hours, part-time and special night-shift hours. Let’s Connect coworking also offers virtual office in Noida wherein you can choose to work from home while utilizing the business address for any official documentation and mails. You can also make use of the fixed hours of coworking space as per your package to meet clients and prospective hires.

  1. Complimentary Amenities

When opting for a coworking space you get great facilities like high-speed internet, electricity backup, and pantry or cafeteria services. Also, you will find yourself equipped with the latest technology without having to spend extra money. Coworking spaces in Noida also take care of office stationeries for your business, and essential medicines are available as and when needed.

  1. Scale-up Your Business

We already know that coworking spaces help boost employee productivity, which further impacts your business positively. The primary goal of flexible workspaces is to provide entrepreneurs with services and expertise to improve work efficiency and accelerate opportunities that will grow their business a lot faster. With business growth comes business expansion need. Many startups and business owners will feel the need to scale up to accommodate new employees in the current workspace. The co-working spaces allow excellent flexibility to both increase and decrease the space requirement, where the rental is charged per-seat basis.

Why Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida is Perfect for You?

Let’s Connect coworking space offers you personalized attention and the finest hospitality. With years of serving people from all sorts of fields we have become a renowned coworking space and you can expect the best of the best from us. Our support team is available 24/7 to give you the best experience. We also provide mentorship for start-ups, which makes us ideal for budding solopreneurs.

Contact us or visit our office premises to discuss your workspace requirements, and we would love to offer you our best!


9 Essential Features of Let’s Connect Coworking Space

Coworking Office Space in Noida: A Gradual Rising Trend

The surge of start-ups and a new generation of workforce who prefer flexible work environment has stirred up the trend for coworking spaces in majority of cities across India. In a country with the second largest workforce in the world, this trend was felt more prominently in Tier-I cities than in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India. With coworking revolutionizing the work culture, the demand for shared office spaces in Noida has increased immensely. Beginning with start-ups and freelancers the trending culture has been now widely accepted by large corporations, multi-national companies, and even media houses.

Coworking Benefits often Outweigh the Cost

Yes, coworking is a cost-effective alternative to buying and/or leasing office space. With the rapid increasing prices of commercial office spaces in Noida, having a leased space in an urbanized area will be a highly expensive deal for a company of any size. The situation would seem worse for fresh start-ups which are yet to establish their business in new market and for the entrepreneurs who are yet to make a mark in the industry with their business ideas and products.

Coworking spaces too cost money, especially when it is in a prime business location that gives your business the necessary visibility. But the countless features and benefits that it offers will allow you to shift focus on your work rather on office setup and its administration, be more productive and grow your business faster. Unlike the leased traditional office space, it does not require a fixed initial amount in terms of heavy security deposit, advance or up-front payment of maintenance charges, as well as monthly rent, telephone and internet charges, utilities expense of water, electricity, and HVAC.

essential features of let's connect

9 Essential Features of Let’s Connect Coworking Space

Let’s Connect coworking space is among the prominent commercial office space for rent in Noida. This trending and thriving workspace is a communal place for the professionals with different expertise and vivid industry experience that gather around and share the office space. In comparison to the traditional office spaces, coworking spaces are more affordable and boosts productivity. Investing money in coworking office space in Noida reduces the initial cost spent on office buying/leasing which reduces the financial stress on entrepreneurs and start-up firms.

Whether you are a freelancer, fresh startup, SME or a larger enterprise, Let’s Connect India has got the most suitable membership plans for you. Suiting your business needs we offer flexible seating options, hot desks, dedicated desks, private cabins and day passes. You can book any of the aforementioned services or choose the managed office spaces custom-built for large enterprises. If you are looking for the best coworking office space in Noida, here are some essential features of Let’s Connect Coworking.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Dedicated Workspace
  3. Affordability
  4. Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces
  5. Flexibility
  6. Amenities
  7. Safety
  8. Support
  9. Ambience 

Collaboration along with communication increases productivity, whether you are working in a small group or with a bigger team, coworking spaces assure better results to the firm by providing workspaces and better interactions with colleagues.


Choosing Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida over traditional workspaces has the advantage of getting a dedicated workstation with minimum interference which eventually increases productivity. Working in a coworking space motivates the employee to work more when their colleagues are working without limits which provide the company with more productivity and less stress to the worker.


Rather than attempting to acquire and maintain a commercial real estate space, which frequently necessitates long-term contracts and unaffordable fees, small teams and businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to optimize their space and watch it grow as they do. Furthermore, coworking spaces provide several choices for the short-term renting of bigger rooms, such as those required for training, meetings, client pitches, and events. Here at Let’s Connect, members have on-demand, affordable access to those specialty spaces rather than maintaining them full-time.


Members have access to the building’s meeting rooms and event facilities as well. They may hire these private rooms to have frequent meetings if they have local clients or team members who reside nearby. Meeting at a coffee shop or library is OK, but they do not have the necessary equipment or privacy. At Let’s Connect coworking space in Noida the members have LED presentation displays, conference and AV equipment, and other amenities. With all of the data at your fingertips, you can swiftly arrange and host in-person meetings.


Flexibility in workspaces reduces work stress. Let’s Connect coworking office space provides you with everything you need in a healthy workspace: light open-concept space, an excellent location, luxury facilities, and a dedicated support team. Some places may develop bespoke build-outs based on individual needs. Others provide dedicated, individual offices as well as a collaborative workspace, allowing your firm to operate in a variety of ways.


Let’s Connect coworking provides features often seen in premium office towers or on university campuses. Fitness studios, relaxation rooms, and other wellness amenities may be included. Members can enjoy onsite eating, coffee shops, or social areas that provide regular opportunities to meet with colleagues. Amenities also include entertainment and Wi-Fi zone that are shared with co-workers.

  1. SAFETY 

Safety is one of the other prior factors in choosing a workspace. Safety deals with internet safety, physical safety, the safety of the members, property protection, etc. Internet safety is the major issue faced by most MNCs these days. Internet safety is important due to data breaches and malware issues. Physical safety is another important factor. Installing video surveillance in your coworking space. It has the potential to prevent or, in the worst-case scenario, identify a member’s misbehaviour. Inappropriate behaviour might avoid intellectual property rights and endanger the physical safety of other members. Let’s Connect ensures proper safety for the coworking space members.


Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida includes support staff and essential services that you would ordinarily find exclusively in larger corporations. Administrative assistance, mail and package delivery, front desk reception, and office administration are some examples. Furthermore, coworking spaces with event facilities may offer event planning, catering, and a variety of additional services, as well as technical assistance to enable remote conferencing and presentation capabilities.


Let’s Connect coworking office space in Noida ambience has the appearance and feel of a work environment that might generate distinct feelings toward a certain location and its users. Coworking spaces may apply a variety of tactics to attract potential workspace users and develop quick connection between them. To maximize preference output, spatial design aspects must be modified, and engagement tactics must be developed by space providers. The spatial comfortability elements are an important inclination for workspace users to collaborate.

coworking space

5 Big Differences between Traditional Workspace and Coworking Space


If you are starting a business, you must create an environment in which you can operate productively. There are two options available to you: traditional workspace and coworking space in Noida. The option you select is determined by your company’s needs. What kind of business do you run? What kind of employment do you do and how much money do you have to work with?

Most of the professionals in cities like Noida, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad are willing to pay to work in communal spaces as these consist of members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. Coworking space or the membership-based shared office space in Noida are mostly preferred due to the flexible workstyle, affordability, accessibility to shared resources and connections these of


Traditional workspace and coworking space have been used by many upcoming and fastest-growing companies based on their accessibility, comfort, and investment. However, there are significant differences between traditional workspace and coworking space. Let us explore these further.

  1. The Definition
  2. The Expense
  3. The Lease
  4. The Design
  5. The Community


Traditional Workspace

Traditional workspaces have been practiced over the decades. This type of working space is slotted and separated among every individual. These are completely occupied by the individual if they are working in the company. Everyone will be in a cubicle or private cabin. To put them up, you must manage every part on your own. Every aspect, from securing an internet connection to choosing furnishings, from hiring an office manager to purchasing equipment, is all up to you.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are the latest trendsetters in workspaces where you share the working space with other members. They feature an open floor plan, encouragement, and cooperation. A coworking package includes all the facilities you will require, in addition to a comfortable chair and workstation. These offices cater to every need, from business-grade Wi-Fi to complimentary coffee accompanied by a pleasant work environment. Also, it has been observed that there is a rapid increase in coworking office space in Noida.


Traditional Workspace

Traditional workspaces are more expensive, in terms of money, time and effort, because you must organize and handle every operational requirement. Every small and large choice, from the security of the space to the supply of stationery, contributes to the cost of running the business. Maintenance, contract renewal, parking, and so on are all your responsibility, which implies time spent on fulfilling them or money spent on them.

Coworking Space

Most individuals choose coworking spaces for two reasons: a friendly community and an incredibly flexible work style. While these are the primary reasons why coworking spaces have grown in popularity, Coworking spaces are economically beneficial when compared to traditional offices. Coworking office spaces are best signified in Noida. Membership in a shared office space is significantly less expensive in terms of both time and effort. More specifically, no effort is necessary on your behalf. Every amenity, including your hot desk, dedicated desk, or private office, is included in the charge. With your membership package, you have access to all the necessities.


Traditional Workspace

In traditional workspaces there is a standard lease which provides little flexibility and has a high initial fee. Once you sign a contract, you are committed to it for a minimum period of two to three years or more. While you do have complete control over the whole area you rent, if your team needs to expand in the middle of the agreement, the alternatives are either financially prohibitive or just not practicable. The same is true for any operational concerns you may have at the workplace, such as a lack of security or an excessively costly rent. Your only option is to weigh out the terms and conditions before making a change.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces do not have complex and long-term leases. You get a membership based on your business need, and you can upgrade it at any time. Whether it is a desk for one day, ten dedicated workstations for a week, or a private office for four months, shared office space in Noida provide a remarkable range of space options. In this regard, we can say that Let’s Connect co-working spaces for rent in Noida are extremely cost-effective and flexible option.


Traditional Workspace

Traditional workspaces have classic office arrangement that are “built-in”. It means these are permanent or semi-permanent structure spaces designed to accommodate as many people as feasible on a given floor area. Such offices will have a blend of enclosed offices and meeting spaces, well defined cubicles for everyone, as well as a wide reception area for greeting all customers and visitors. These are some of the distinguishing features of a traditional office space design.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have an open floor plan with shared desks that create a critical sense of social welcome (and good daylight flow). The architecture of this type of office space design along with excellent interiors give the feeling of walking into a room full of brilliant brains at work. These workspaces are favorable to creativity and efficiency, right from the ergonomic furniture and flexi seats to cheerful and impressive layouts that promote work productivity. Coworking office space in Noida is best when it comes to agile, innovative office space designs.


Traditional Workspace

By assigning fixed cubicles to employees, traditional workspaces create visual barriers between them. It discourages communication within the same team, so even considering connections and collaborations across departments is out of the question. As a result, employees have few possibilities for networking. If they do, they are restricted to the same project team in the assigned zone or, at the very least, the same firm without knowing the upcoming technologies and developments that are not commonly known.

Coworking Space

The foundation of coworking spaces is the creation of a community of like-minded individuals, which is why members are encouraged to wander throughout the space. People can meet new people from a various professional background in the lounge and communal spaces. In five minutes, you may network with a finance expert, an artist, and a singer! When you include in the numerous activities that shared office spaces hold, the potential to form a community and knowledge grows even more. Shared office space in Noida is quite efficient in this sense.


We can say that the coworking spaces are the most flexible and feasible option for fostering a collaborative, creative team. There are several possibilities for networking, cross-industry collaboration, and team communication in flexible workspaces. A company, with a large workforce or that interacts with clients regularly, may consider a managed office space to be the best option. If you are working fully remote and your company is modest, that allows you to do some parts of your business outside the firm, you may find coworking spaces in Noida more advantageous.

Traditional office spaces are less distracting, provide a sense of solitude, and place an emphasis on individual work. These office spaces are ideal for large firms that require employees to work on many projects at the same time. The office will offer the necessary workspace and dedicated resources for them to complete their job, resulting into higher productivity.

Whether you want to rent a coworking space or buy/lease an office space, there are few things you must think about before the final decision. Consider how you want to promote your company to prospective clients, how your workers will work best and be most productive, and which choice will be the most cost-effective. Come and explore Let’s Connect co-working spaces for rent in Noida and experience the best-fit workspace solutions in Delhi NCR.

Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector 59

Commercial Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector 59

There are some significant differences in how professionals of different generations approach their lives – values, attitudes and expectations – especially in the space of work. The generational change has not just changed the lifestyle but workstyle as well. The Millennials and Gen-Z today are redefining the work culture, for they have brought a revolution in the way everyone has been working. A regular office with rigid walls and boring cubicles is a thing of the past now. With the growth in technology, the evolution of trends and expectations of employees, the offices today have become smart and aesthetically pleasing.

It is believed that a workplace is proved to have an effect on an individual’s productivity, entrepreneurs are exploring and choosing offices that are equipped with amenities and look chic. Commercial office space for rent in Noida would not be how it used to be. The offices spaces on rent today have a nice layout, are fully furnished and have a professional meeting room apart from the regular work desks.

Today’s progressive era demands levelling up of the technologies as well as workspaces. Employers understand the importance of change in a competitive environment and therefore go for advanced solutions. They want to provide their team with an environment where they would love to work and have all the amenities that would support their daily operations. Over the past decade, companies have been paying a lot of attention to the well-being and work-life balance of the employees. As a result, the modern office spaces are inclusive of all advanced infrastructure and technologies like conference room, cafeteria, recreation area, sleeping pods, event spaces, etc that makes the premises a great place to be.

Noida, The Industrial Hub

Noida city has become an industrial hub and one of the first choices for entrepreneurs looking for office spaces. Being an integral hub of NCR and with proximity to Delhi Metro Railway, it has seen numerous commercial developments in the past few years. Many renowned builders have invested in real estate projects, that are ready for occupancy, and some are under construction in the area. At present, many corporate and IT companies are setting up their branches and headquarters in the city because of the expected commercial value and branding this location can bring to their business ventures. The state-of-the-art offices in Noida are equipped with all the necessary facilities that make a workplace ideal for both employers and employees. There are a lot of perks of having an office in Noida, some of which are:

  • Connectivity

Noida is known for its incredible connectivity with the neighbouring cities, particularly the Capital city New Delhi. The huge advantage of being well connected by roads and metro railway facility attracts investors and entrepreneurs, thereby making it the top choice for those looking for fully furnished office space for rent in Noida. Also, since the connectivity is great, it becomes easier for people to travel by both public and private means for their business and jobs.

  • Pricing

Noida has now emerged as a planned, integrated, modern industrial city. With many upcoming and on-going commercial projects, the investors have been greatly benefitted by getting the best price for their investment in properties. The developers are also provided land by the Noida Authority in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for construction purposes. In terms of pricing for all the commercial property in Noida, it has always been very competitive. An investor has many options in hand and a good negotiation can get them a really good price. The properties in Noida have a high return on investment, better resale value, affordable prices and a lot of growth potential. You will find many suitable options for a commercial office space for rent in Noida given the budget in hand.

  • The “Hub”

There is no argument that Noida is a business and industrial hub. Big investors and business owners have always shown a keen interest in the properties and get top priority while looking for commercial investment. With the presence and rise of SEZs, Ecotech Zone and other industry focused zones, the business is likely to go sky high. A company working from a coworking space in Noida Sector 59, for instance, would have a great commercial visibility and promising business hub around it.

  • Prime location

The employer has to make sure that their office is located in a premium location with access to public transport for comfortable travel. Employees are also happy working in a place where they can reach easily and more economically since it is going to be a daily thing. If the location has amazing connectivity and is in/around an industrial hub then nothing like it.

  • Return on Investment (RoI)

Given the present real estate rates, buying a property is not as easy as it was many years ago. The property today is not just an asset but an investment you expect a return out of. As discussed, the commercial investment in Noida is likely to be profitable since there will be a lot of buyers and one might get very lucky in the bargain.

Coworking Space in Noida Sector 59

Now, as we have a fair idea of how profitable the Noida city can be for the investors and business owners, let us also discuss how advantageous it could be for new businesses. No matter how good a startup or a small venture is doing, it has to have a proper workspace for various professional reasons. You cannot always call clients in the café or have zoom meetings. Having a formal and proper office adds credibility. Yes, it is not financially feasible for small setups to pay for the traditional office spaces and therefore coworking spaces are here to help.

Choosing a shared commercial office space for rent in Noida could solve all your problems because they are affordable, located in prime areas, are beautifully constructed and provide you with all the amenities that would help your business operations run smoothly every day. There are numerous coworking space providers in Noida that can help you with your dream office that you were always pushing due to lack of funds. Shared office space has a diverse set of people from different backgrounds, experiences and industries. The whole idea is to let anyone who wishes to have access to a good and organized workspace.

Today, not just freelancers and startups but established firms and multinational units are also working from shared office spaces. Builders are turning their conventional offices into coworking spaces for they empower the business ecosystem and support the doers. One such shared space provider is Let’s Connect Coworking space in Noida sector 59 serving clients since 2018. Already been a choice of varied clients across industries, here is why you should pick us as your next or first workplace destination if you are looking to work in Noida.

  1. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

The office infrastructure plays an important role in the daily operations and has to be given a huge emphasis. Let’s Connect Coworking offers you the best-in-class infrastructure offering services like high-speed internet, parking area, water supply, electricity, telecom network so there are no hurdles in work. The layout of our office is in accordance with the modern standards and there are support facilities throughout the day.

  1. Our Location

Our coworking space in Noida sector 59 would prove to be a great choice for your office space requirements. Our business address is in close proximity to the metro rail network and is well connected via roads and highways so anyone can reach here conveniently. The office premises can be easily located on the main road that is not far from major commercial spots of the sector. There are many other companies around it, thus making this location pretty much a business hub. The time and effort burnt in traveling to a difficult location can have a huge impact on productivity and so we have carefully chosen our office location.

  1. Office Environment

The work environment of the physical office space is as important as the aesthetics and interiors. People love to work in a place that has a collaborative and cooperative environment, and where they can interact with others. When you step into our office, you will witness people having light chats, important discussions and daily jobs all at the same place. The faces of our coworkers are proof enough to show how happy they are with us.

  1. Safety Protocols

We have always made sure that nobody enters without an ID recognition and have CCTV cameras in place for the utmost security of our members. Post pandemic, we have been taking every little precaution for the safety of our clients in this sensitive time. Since people can’t stop working, they should be given an environment that takes care of them while they take care of their work. Regular sanitization, social distancing, masking, temperature screening and disinfecting is a part of life at our office now.

  1. Well-equipped and Elegant

Not just our commercial office space for rent in Noida is well equipped with pantry stuff, technology, printer/scanner, stationery and other things but we are also a very elegant place to work at. Our chic interiors are noteworthy, and the décor is smart & neat to go well with the choice of the Millennials who do not wish to work in boring spaces.

Let’s Connect Coworking in Noida Sector 59: Your Office Destination

If you are looking for a fully furnished office space for rent in Noida with a nice infrastructure, supportive work environment, modern facilities, membership plans and a happy community, Let’s Connect Coworking is the one-stop solution for all your needs. Our flexible plans are designed to suit different budgets and requirements. The coworking space has been home to many freelancers, startups, small businesses and even established units who count on us for the value for their money. The professional coworking support staff in our office are always on their toes to help you when you need, thereby making each day a good experience. Choose from a single desk, private cabin, meeting room or event space and get started with us.

Contact Let’s Connect Coworking today for various plans and offers or simply walk in to have a closer look at the property. The office space you always wanted is just a call away!

coworking spaces for tech startups

Why Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups are Successful?

Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups, IT Support Firms

With the coworking spaces for tech startups, the small-scale IT companies and IT support firms no longer have to deal with the burden of long-term investment in premium office spaces, lock-in leases with heavy security deposits. With more ‘business cashflow’ available at hand by opting for flexible workspaces, the tech companies have increased ability to respond quickly to the changes in the economy.

Based on the thriving coworking culture observed in recent years, we can say that coworking has suited all types of small businesses and start-ups in the current economic environment. From professionals into freelancing or consulting profile to entrepreneurs in technology, the coworking spaces govern the minds of many startup owners. With the changing work culture across the world, both the employers and the employees want to leverage the benefits that shared office spaces bring along.

At present, in India too, the way people work has been undergoing a paradigm shift. During the lockdown and post lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home (WFH) or remote working co-exists with work-from-office (WFO) model. Many companies still require their workforce to work from an office setting. But the challenges these companies face have forced them to rethink of more productive and profitable ways to conduct their business operations.

Co-working spaces are flourishing with the increasing demand for flexible office spaces by the local businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers in Delhi NCR. Coworking spaces with an open-office layout are much more preferred for these are move-in ready office setups that enable professionals to plug-in and begin work.

Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups have Ideal Layouts for Collaboration

Technology startups are a group of specialized professionals, such as tech engineers, designers and entrepreneurs that work in the tech industry. They come together with the intent to leverage each other’s unique skillset towards one specific developmental goal.

There are coworking spaces perfect for hardware oriented companies, design companies and tech support companies. These offer not just coworking, but also mentorship, education and training for tech startups and companies.

Considering the need for creative and collaborative work in such a technical domain, the office layout with cubicles and rigid walls does not make sense. The ideal layout for such tech enthusiasts is open-office layout that does not confine them in their own little world, in other words, their own work desk.

Let’s Connect Coworking in Noida gives your team access to flexible workspace formats designed to promote the fluid workflow you want in your team. The large open coworking space, well-equipped meeting rooms of many sizes, informal seating, and whiteboards, encourage fast and seamless exchanges of ideas.

Making a Good Impression with Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

If you have looked closely at the tech company offices, you will notice some of the common traits very frequently – playful and colourful office designs. IT companies pay close attention to the lively office ambience and work culture that is “flat, open and creative.” In order to create a team-oriented environment where work is always fast-paced and involves complex tasks, the tech startups prefer having great looking office, with add-on facilities, in which each person is motivated to contribute and collaborate with co-workers. For instance,

  • • Eye-catching Office Reception and Lounge Areas: The reception area is a great way to make a positive first impression on clients as well as potential hires. No one enjoys a dull waiting area, instead an inviting, modern space with unmatched comfort will transform a long wait into a pleasant visit.
  • • Open Office Layouts: Tech companies usually employ open-space layouts as the primary type of workspace for employees that supports productivity. The traditional office spaces favoured cubicles and closed cabin setups, whereas the open-plan coworking spaces favour a more collaborative and engaging workspace environment.
  • • Cafeteria, Café Shops, Pantry Areas: Coworking spaces for tech startups offer paid, free or discounted meals for employees in the cafeteria. When you are not eating a full meal, you can still enjoy snacks with your team-mate or any coworker at the well-stocked pantry areas. Availability of tea-coffee vending machines and fancy filtered water machines are a big draw among the new nomadic workforce.
  • • An Outdoor Terrace: A secured rooftop space and potted plants around can help members relieve their stress and exhaustion from continuous work and the stale indoor air. Outdoor terrace can be a good meet-up space for monthly celebrations and community events in the coworking.
  • • Workout Areas: Fitness and work productivity goes hand in hand. A fitness studio, or a fully equipped gym space is also an attractive feature for the IT professionals who work long hours on projects. Having a workout area in a coworking space gives them an opportunity to lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Standard Features at Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

Most coworking spaces are popular for the laid back work style prevalent among the coworkers. The “fun” environment popularized by Facebook and Google campuses, or TV shows like Silicon Valley, have created positive image of the casual and flexible working. People working at tech startups and dotcom ventures would love to work in an office with robust facilities and value-added amenities.

  1. High Speed Internet

Businesses are more connected than ever, and an excellent internet is a must-have at any coworking space for tech startups. Poor connectivity or broadband downtime can hamper the day-to-day operations of a business. Considering the business and technical requirement of IT companies where connectivity in the workplace enables cloud computing, remote working and networked offices, a fast and reliable internet is the backbone of the business.

  1. Power Backup

For tech companies, the reliability of the power backup system, with UPS, and generators is equally important as the high-speed internet and air-conditioning facility. Coworking spaces are well-equipped and prepared to avoid unexpected outages so as to keep your internet, laptops, and office lights powered.

  1. Meeting Space

Shared office spaces offer flexible seats and dedicated seats to all members. The provision of two- to three- seater meeting room and the twelve- seater conference room is an extremely important feature of every coworking. Conference rooms at coworking space for tech startups allow to host client meetings or presentations in a professional setting. Most of the monthly membership plans include a limited quantity of reservable meeting room hours for use.

  1. Furniture

Coworking spaces for tech startups are best for people who work with tablets and laptops, unless they pay extra for additional setup such as desktop computers, and IP telephony sets. These plug-n-play spaces offer basic furniture facility such as desks, chairs for the open hot-desking areas and individual cubicles well-equipped with reliable and fast internet throughout. If a client requires furniture upgrades, or a completely furnished office, the newly acquired customized furniture can be billed as a one-time charge upon move-in along with the standard membership fees.

  1. Printer & Scanner

High quality printing, scanner & photocopy facility at coworking spaces is another standard feature offered to members to make sure that their work does not get hampered. As business and the digital world continue to evolve, the basic office equipment and the software needed to keep these operational are must for enabling many organizations to work more efficiently.

  1. Lockers

Lockers offer convenience to members for securing their valuables. Moreover, these also provide extra storage space for a marketing collateral or spare supplies your team members might need sometime. Majority of coworking spaces offer personal lockers as an add-on for an extra payment, but few of the space providers have recently started to offer them in basic membership package for project teams.

  1. Signage

For an IT startup, incorporated in a high-traffic coworking space, branding is extremely important. Highlighting your company name and logo at the entrance of the premises, in the common reception area, and on the occupied open-floor space will enable you show-off your brand to your visitors and clients.

  1. Mailboxes

Coworking spaces for tech startups offer premium business address to all its members that helps them enhance the credibility of their small company or freelance business. With this facility, the members can also leverage the office space address for business communications involving mails, packages, contracts, or bills. The mailbox service is also provided by most of the coworking spaces in Noida.

  1. Parking Space

Coworking spaces in Noida, located in high-density areas, may have limited parking facilities. Sometimes payment for convenient parking spaces is also required if the premises does not have ample space for parking. Free parking and its availability to coworking members is a must-have.

  1. Childcare

Childcare is an increasingly common amenity in coworking spaces and requires due diligence from both the space provider and the parents. For any working parent, a dedicated child-friendly space, attentive staff, and necessary supplies such as toys and games, will help them gain focused time in their coworking space.

Coworking Spaces for Tech Teams with Flexi Work Hours

Is the work done after the usual business hours?

Many professionals in the field of insurance claims, finance and accounting, education, marketing work from nine to five time slot which we call as general shift. These jobs, by necessity, are done in standard business hours. Whereas professionals like IT specialists and software developers in the IT fields may work in shifts or time zones other than general shift depending upon their business operations.

Tech start-ups are generally small, fresh, new and exciting. Most of the workforce is involved into developing something new, which does not necessarily have to communicated to the clients during normal business hours. Nor do these IT professionals have to meet with client all the time. There are some coworking spaces in Noida that support their night-owl lifestyles.

Let’s Connect Coworking has special night-owl package customized to suit both the individuals and project teams operating after normal business hours. Whether you are into IT development, or you have a business processing outsourcing (BPO) unit that works until two or four in the morning, our shared workspaces are open 24/7 for your business.

coworking office space in Noida

What makes Let’s Connect India a successful Coworking Space in Noida?

Let’s Connect India — A Successful Coworking Space in Noida

The coworking industry in India has been a huge hit serving businesses of all sizes across industries. The SME sector is benefitting hugely from the facilities that shared offices spaces offer. Initially, these flexible office spaces were only present in the metro cities due to the presence of business hubs and big players. But seeing the demand, the shared workplaces are now available even in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

The coworking industry is enormously growing with new space providers joining them. Let’s Connect India has been a part of the coworking space segment in India since 2018 and has been serving hundreds of clients. Our coworking office in Noida is a workplace for individual freelancers, small-scale ventures, new setups and even established businesses. Professionals from various fields work here every day at their own pace enjoying the modern infrastructure and making the most out of the facilities offered.

As a coworking office space in Noida, we are one of the catalysts that bridge the gap between the demand and supply for professional workplaces. Noida is one of the most desired locations for new ventures in Delhi NCR and even a major attraction for multinational companies. With the interlinked metro connectivity, reaching Noida has become easier and convenient thereby drawing people from all over NCR to work here. Being a planned city with right infrastructure, transport facility, business centre and market, it is inviting more people every day to work in the region. With more professionals moving inwards due to better employment opportunities as well as business setup, more space is required, and Let’s Connect India is here for them all. Our office is well-designed and equipped keeping in mind everything a business needs for its smooth operations.

Being a business that supports other businesses is a big responsibility. Scoring a high client satisfaction rate can be tricky and this is where we excel. With numerous shared space providers in the city, Let’s Connect Coworking space in Noida has made its name among the top emerging shared office spaces and become a reliable and affordable option to go with. Let us begin with our unique propositions that prove why Let’s Connect India is a successful coworking space provider in a city that has high competition.

The Location

It is important to be available as and when needed. The city needs workplaces that could help small and medium businesses with a professional office set up. Let’s Connect is available right here in Noida, with its excellent and efficient workspace solutions to match your business needs. Our premises is extremely easy to locate and reach, as we are in close proximity to Sector 59 metro station connecting with the Delhi Metro network. Located in prime commercial area, we have businesses, private offices and markets around, so that you do not feel disconnected from the professional surroundings. It is particularly important for us that our clients don’t feel isolated from the outside work environment. The market around could be very benefitting for the members in terms of business opportunities. Did we mention the ease of parking in the area too?

The Facilities

A right and responsible workspace provider is the one that facilitates the members with all the amenities that could help their business in the daily operations. A typical workplace with nothing except furniture is a big failure because it is not fulfilling the purpose of shared spaces. The floor layout at Let’s Connect Coworking has flexible structured workspaces, customized areas divided into work areas, recreation zone and open moving space so it does not feel congested. There is high speed internet, housekeeping staff, unlimited beverages, IT support, front desk professionals and regular upkeep of the place. The material and fixtures used in the office are of high quality to ensure durability. Better facilities equal satisfied clients and successful service.

The Community

It is the community that differentiates a coworking place from the other and is one of the most important aspects that makes a shared space successful. The like-minded people at a coworking form a community that interacts, connects and share opportunities. It takes a great deal to form a close knit professional community and once you have it, it attracts more people of the same kind. More people want to work with you when there is a positive vibe and a happy community. Let’s Connect Coworking space in Noida sure has one. Our members bond over hot cup of coffee, participate in discussions, help one another and share work opportunities.

The Hospitality

Though it is majorly real estate, a huge part of providing a shared office space is about the hospitality of the clients. It really matters how you make them feel while they are associated with you. It is our team of professionals who work hard to make the members feel best at work in our coworking space. The success of a team is in the positive reviews of the clients they serve, and our members have a great time being with us. When you walk inside, you would see smiling faces and a very happy environment. We stay on our toes to ensure that everyone gets what they need and suffer no delays. Why we get multiple queries every day is because our coworkers have good things to talk about us!

Business and Time Span

Though we have started only in 2018, we have a successful record of serving hundreds of members with a high retention rate and happy faces. At the end of the day, it is about the money made and profits generated. In the time span where a coworking office space in Noida could only establish itself, we have earned decently. We rent out single desks, private cabins, event space, meeting/conference room and virtual office. Our high occupancy rates have enabled us to manage better business than our competitors amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The Smart Expenditure

Since we are a shared office space, we keep our unnecessary expenses at bay and can actually save big. We have employees that can help you with different departments. The technology instalment is good enough to stay for years. Our office space uses resources responsibly and tries to cut down the wastage if any. There is a proper arrangement for software updates and IT services saving us from frequent maintenance charges. As much as the business is focused on generating revenue from the members, we are dedicated to spending purposely for their satisfaction.

The Expansion Plans

Our coworking space started with a capacity of around hundred people that jumped to 350 in year 2019. Looking at the number of queries, startup demands and future opportunities, we have booked three more properties that are now expected to be functional in year 2022. In the current pandemic situation while few competitors are planning to leave the market, we are looking forward to spreading our wings. Starting from one office and adding on three more is a clear sign of being a successful coworking office in Noida.

The Environment

What other space providers ignore, and which could be a vital characteristic of a successful coworking, is the environment of the office. If the space you provide is dull, boring and nobody connects then it is a failure. Walk inside a coworking at a random time to check the work environment because that will show you the real picture. Let’s Connect India is a vibrant and inclusive community of people who love being together at the same place sharing a wavelength, knowledge and opportunities.


The coworking industry is very lucrative. With free entry and exit, many entrepreneurs from the real estate sector try their luck in providing shared workspace but merely setting up a colourful office won’t do. What is the demand, where are your clients and what do they need are some of the things to be studied before you launch a huge investment project. Yes, many freelancers and independent ventures are on a look-out for a professional office space but not in every area. Let’s Connect Coworking office space in Noida provides not only work desks but just the right environment that fosters productivity and networking. Our hospitality and client focus are the reasons we are referred by our members to those looking for a coworking space. We are glad to be the workspace partner to your business and thank you for being on board with us!

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