9 spaces you must look for working in efficient ways

9 Spaces to Look for Working in Efficient Ways

Though everyone needs an office space for working, not everyone needs the same type of office to work. Just like every profession, the perfect work setup varies. A sales person who needs to attend calls all the time cannot be working in a quiet place of thinkers and writers. A graphic designer would not have the same creativity in boring cubicles. The need is not just to create an office for all but a workspace that has the perfect space for all.

The employees in an office set up are unique in their job roles, working style and work desk preferences. It is important to create varied spaces within the same office so everyone can have their preferred areas for the sake of work satisfaction and efficiency. Now this does not indicate an out of budget task because there are several affordable coworking spaces that offer this comfort. This workstyle is also known as activity-based working where various spaces are crafted to suit the different needs of the employees and they can choose from where and how to do their daily tasks. With the freedom to move around, and having the perfect setup and comfortable surroundings, people have reported it easier to do their jobs.

The millennials have moved far ahead from the idea of boring cubicles and strict walls. Today, if spaces don’t work for the current needs of the employees, it just adds to more problems. People refuse to give their best in an arrangement that is not according to them and might end up switching to an office they find more suitable and flexible.

Here we have 9 types of spaces that a company can use within the office to support the new ways people work:
  1. A café-style atmosphere with hotdesks: Topping the list is the kind of setup that feels like a modern café with regular desk sitting. This work environment has like a regular coffee house atmosphere with people working inside and is great for face to face interactions. Group chats, team discussions and casual meetings can best happen here over a semi-formal sitting and a hot cup. The natural light, indoor plants, simple décor and coffee tables enable informal presentations and talks happen without too much of professionalism at place. Of course, you can expect a café like setup to give the “pro” feel. You will find such corners in different coworking spaces in Greater Noida where people would work in this casual office setup. Also, when such spaces are within the office, people can gather, socialize or recharge without having to take time for going out.
  2. Activity based spaces/ recreational space: People have a list of things to complete on an average day and a little break feels like blessing. Recreational spaces have the efficiency to lift one’s mood and boost them for the rest of the day. A few indoor games, cosy bean bags and a couple of others having a light conversation can give a very holistic result. Such spaces prove to be very comfortable for those who try to take a little gap between the unlimited calls, mails and meetings. Such space can be spotted in any affordable coworking space.
  3. Formal conference rooms: Professional meeting/conference rooms are very important in a workspace because all important discussions and group chats can’t be done in open areas. Brainstorming sessions, sales meetings, strategic discussions and other vital meetings need such a formal setting. From the ceiling to the floor, the aesthetic of the area are designed to encourage those important discussions. A coworking office space in Noida or New York, wherever you are, you’ll find a professionally designed meeting room with perfect interiors, furniture, whiteboard, projectors and required silence.
  4. Informal conference rooms: Some meetings are important but not serious enough to be taken from a formal conference area. The internal team discussions, ideas for the next campaign, social media strategies, HR discussions, intern interviews etc are a few moments when you need meeting rooms but even the casual ones will do. The non-disturbance and semi-professional areas are perfect for small meetings that could be a chaos in the open area. Such conference rooms don’t need board, projectors, markers other technical assistance. If you love taking fun yet professional conversations away from the table, informal meeting rooms are the best.
  5. Multi-use spaces: We need a separate area for the overall well-being of the employees where they can have healthy discussions, snacks and a light time. Businesses today understand the importance of employee physical and mental wellbeing and hence focus on having space where they can have a lounge seating, state of the art infrastructure and maybe some snack options. On-site fitness centres, locker rooms, sleeping pods, nursing rooms for mothers etc are some other uses of multi-use spaces inside an office. The new coworking spaces in Greater Noida and other places have been structuring and designed keeping all this in mind.
  6. Mobile area spaces: There are fixed spaces and then there are mobile spaces that support the employees on the go. Sometimes, a person doesn’t have time go to their desk, plug in and continue working. Unassigned spaces with charging points and data connectivity are those little corners that enable anyone to plug in wherever they are and get started. Even if somebody wishes to switch their work location for a bit without having to compromise with their work focus, they can do it in the mobile areas.
  7. Outdoor terrace: No matter how beautiful, well-lit and aesthetically pleasing your office is, the charm of going out in a pleasant environment to work has its own spark. Natural light, fresh air, greenery and an open environment can immediately brighten up the mood and contribute to good health with a little ‘change’. This can also be an ideal setup for team catch-up, lunch breaks and regular work altogether. People also experience a fresh flow of ideas when there is a fresh way of working. Breaking of the monotony can do wonders in respect of efficiency.
  8. Virtual spaces: If being at the same place is not your think then virtual office is for you. Your work people can be on the other side of the globe. This is where staying connected makes sense. With internet and coworking services, it’s possible to create virtual communities and grow your businesses without having to be there physically. The world has become a global village where anyone can share their ideas, presentations and brainstorm together. The way of working is constantly evolving and ’virtual’ has a long way to go. Enrol the virtual office service from a coworking office space in Noida or anywhere and experience a new way of expansion.
  9. Soft seating spaces: Sitting areas with sofas, cushions, television and basically a setup that lets you decompress from the regular hustle can be very important. It’s like taking a break from your challenging project and relaxing in the living room. Soft sitting is great for visitors who have come to meet somebody but are waiting. While hard seating is the regular desk and chairs, soft seating includes cosy and comfortable setups that can have a huge impact on productivity and workspace morale in the long run.

At Let’s Connect Coworking, we believe in curating and offering various work areas to suit the needs of the individuals working there as per their moods and requirements. Visit our office today to enter a new way of working like never before.

Office Space in Noida

Why is now a good time to choose an Office Space in Noida?

Last year, the pandemic caused the country’s economy to deteriorate. However, things have quickly improved, and there is a dramatic increase in demand for office space in Noida. Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida is designed for those who want to work from home and have a love for what they do in order to live a balanced lifestyle. Commercial destinations have been developed by real estate developers that provide excellent value to buyers and investors in the burgeoning commercial real estate industry.

According to the CBRE research, India is the second-largest market for flexible workspaces after China. When it comes to finding the ideal office space in and around Delhi-NCR, Noida offers a variety of options. Among those options, Let’s Connect Coworking Space is the best one for individuals and skilled teams as they can achieve great levels of work performance at a reasonable cost.

How does Office Space in Noida works effectively for Remote Workers?

Numerous small and new businesses are looking for a nice spot to launch their operations. Of course, any new business’s first workplace is at home, but that isn’t the case in the long run. Choosing to rent a coworking office provides a business with the greatest services, plans, and a professional environment that makes working easy, straightforward, and productive while being cost-effective.

Individual freelancers can now use shared office spaces as their ideal workplace, which is no longer limited to large corporations. Some of the many reasons for the high demand for managed office spaces include:

Lower operational costs: Renting an office space is incredibly economical and cost-effective when compared to traditional facilities. A shared office may not be a whole floor dedicated to your team, but it contains all that members may require to run their operations smoothly while allowing them to focus entirely on their work.

A completely equipped and furnished area is always preferable to an office where even basic necessities like water and power must be provided. Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida is reasonably priced for individuals as well as experienced teams looking to maximize their productivity.

Dynamic and flexible atmosphere: All businesses, whether new or old, prefer a vibrant and flexible work environment. Traditional office locations will always charge a hefty fee for essentially delivering nothing but room. A serviced office, on the other hand, will never be financially burdensome because it offers a variety of flexible options from which members can choose according to their needs.

Networking opportunities: As the demand for office space in Noida grows, professionals are flocking to managed spaces, which allow them to not only interact but also collaborate with people from various industries. When you operate in a shared workplace, an exchange of opportunity is fairly common.

Impressive work environment: Toss off those drab and uninspiring workspaces in favor of elegant walls and contemporary decor. A coworking office’s interiors are not only remarkable but also appealing enough to encourage people to come to work, hence enhancing productivity. In-house amenities include a gym, sleeping pods, eateries, and a gaming room.

In-house activities: The workspace provider’s management staff organizes occasional events in the office to inject some fun and amusement into the daily grind. This serves as a break, with an educational and participatory session, games, tasty food, and, of course, team-building exercises.

How Demand for Office Space in Noida is rising?

Previously, metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru drew investors and entrepreneurs because of their infrastructure, business centers, and connectivity. Due to the developing market and resources, multinationals would always select these cities to create their new unit, and established companies would always look for a metro city to expand in. Gurgaon and Noida quickly became the most sought-after locations for new and expanding businesses.

India has seen a boom in commercial real estate over the last few years as a result of the development in entrepreneurship and new firms, which has, in turn, lifted rental rates across the country. The key advantage of living and working along this transportation corridor is the quick access to Noida and Delhi on one side and Greater Noida on the other.

The demand for office space in Noida is warranted because shared working environments are demanded by millennials and even formal corporations. With the increase in demand, the supply of serviced office spaces has also increased significantly.

The demand for office space in the Delhi NCR region has been obvious. Previously, Gurgaon was the most popular location. However, there has been a movement in recent months toward modern workplaces on the Noida Expressway side.

The Noida Authority has planned various infrastructural upgrades in this area in response to the growing demand. According to the plan, the metro will connect Noida to Greater Noida and then to the Yamuna Expressway. Developers and realtors alike are enthusiastic about the possibilities in this area.

The demand for office space in Noida is significant, and as a result, prominent companies have not only completed but also delivered their projects, increasing the region’s investment profile.

With the increasing demand for the Noida Expressway, there is still a long way to go to meet it, and it is expected to skyrocket in the future years. The region’s large stretch, commercial center, and simple connection, as well as a long metro line, are some of the attractions luring major corporations and small enterprises to locate there.

Importance of Office Space in Noida

Noida has a plethora of corporate centers, with Delhi NCR emerging as a key industrial hub. With new start-ups appearing every other day, this has resulted in a need for shared office space in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon. Multiple enterprises, start-ups, freelancers, and self-employed people can work together in one area, which can address much of the problem of office space in Noida.

Office space for rent in Noida would be expensive due to high demand. Let’s Connect Noida coworking space is a great place for businesses and entrepreneurs to rent office space in Noida at a reasonable price. Coworking would significantly reduce the rate and benefit all parties involved. With the  Let’s Connect website, you can reserve a conference room, flexible seating, office room, and other services right away.

Why choose Let's Connect Coworking as your Office Space in Noida?

Professionals are increasingly interested in moving to managed office spaces, but the demand for coworking spaces is growing at an exponential rate. Is every space provider, however, the ideal fit for your company?

Let’s Connect offers you big workplaces in a great Noida location. We provide your business with utilities, internet, and furniture that are all set up and ready to move in, ranging from low-cost coworking spaces to luxury managed office spaces.

– Private Cabins and Dedicated Workspace

– Conference Rooms

– Use of Office Supplies

– Networking and Event Spaces for the Community

– Unrestricted access to coffee and tea

Come to Let’s Connect coworking space in Noida and you’ll be delighted to work in a well-equipped workspace with friendly front-desk employees, a variety of amenities, and a buzzing atmosphere. We have security workers, housekeeping personnel, IT experts, and everything else your company requires to run well.

Our clientele is increasing in number as the need for coworking space in Noida grows. We have a number of satisfied clients who would prefer to work with us over a standard rented location. Book a visit with us if you want to rent a luxury workplace for your business. We make every effort to make your subscription worthwhile.

Coworking Space For Financial Advisors (1)

Coworking Space for Financial Advisors

Due to an increase in the number of workers who do not want to continue working in typical office settings, shared workspaces have become quite popular. Not only can coworking spaces provide basic workplaces, but they also do so at a relatively low rate.

Coworking spaces can also boost productivity, albeit they may not be suitable for all businesses. Consultants, on the other hand, have migrated in droves to Coworking spaces throughout the years.

Because of the flexibility, cost-saving potential, and availability of resources at a reasonable cost, shared workspaces are great for financial advisors.

A financial advisor’s duty is to provide competent financial advice, manage customers’ finances, and project success in the external world. They must work in an atmosphere that provides them with such power in order to attract the best clientele. 

8 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Should Embrace the Virtual Practice Model Today

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for long-term office leases has entirely collapsed, as has the requirement for in-person meetings, at least for the time being.

Once we begin to recover, demand for coworking spaces will grow, but offices will never be the same. Financial advisers will likely have to wait a long time to meet with their customers one-on-one again, at least in person, since consumers are more than ever comfortable with virtual meetings and will certainly prefer them to the old belly-to-belly methods of the past.

If in-person meetings are held, they are most likely to take place in coworking spaces that have all of the required hygiene and safety safeguards in place. So, what does the “new normal” for financial advisers look like?

The sooner financial advisers adopt the virtual practice model, it appears, the better. In my honest view and experience, becoming a Virtual Financial Advisor is the only way to keep working and grow your business like never before. Let’s look at 8 reasons why.

1. Exponentially Make More Money While Managing Risk

Consider how much money you’ll save if you move your practise online. Your overhead will drop dramatically, and the money you save will be immediately translated into profit, which you may put back into your business or use to improve your current quality of life.

You’ll also be able to efficiently manage risk. You won’t put your clients in any dangerous situations, and you won’t waste money on a meeting with a potential client just to have them refuse your services.

2. Increased Productivity

This is particularly true for small company owners who operate from home. It’s easy to become sidetracked while we’re at home. Children require attention, the house must be cleaned or maintained, and special projects can arise at any time. You can establish a “work mode” that will help you be more productive by moving to a different location. Many coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you never have to worry about getting work done.

3. Flexibility

Coworking is about being flexible. Choose the day and time of your work and get there, it’s that simple! Renting office space from an agile workplace offers you the chance to take charge of your own day without the hassle of owning an office. It’s basically, one less key to worry about!

4. Reduce Operational Costs

For small business owners, having a dedicated private office space might seem costly but working within a coworking space, the benefit of using shared amenities outweighs the cost. Business owners can work within these spaces without having to worry about the overheads such as the internet, electricity, maintaining office equipments, replenishing cups, tea, and coffee to name a few.

5. Place To Learn

The working environments in a coworking office space allow for interactions with people with a different mindset, skills, and knowledge. This can improve a person’s outlook and provides a learning opportunity to either upskill themselves or improve their own productivity.

6. Mental Wellbeing

Working in a shared office space is a way to meet new people and increase your own network. This helps in avoiding loneliness, improving interpersonal skills, and many coworking spaces also offer various self-improving workshops which can help in boosting your productivity.

7. Virtual Mailing Address

Aside from having a common workspace, co-working members also share a virtual space. Each member gets their own official virtual email address. As a startup or small business, first impressions are that much more critical when building clientele. A corporate email provides a distinct way to validate the business’ credibility as a report and trust is built. 

8. Leveraging Time and Money in Modern World

People want things fast, and they are willing to pay a premium for instant gratification. If you can deliver your services online and progressively at the convenience of your clients, you can leverage time to make more money. It’s as simple as that.

Physically having to meet with people, either at your office or in their homes, was a slow and tedious approach, and quite frankly dated. If you are to leverage time and money in the modern world, you are going to need to provide a forward-thinking, cutting-edge service.

Coworking Space vs. Traditional Office Space: Which is Right for You?

When you’re choosing a physical location for your business, you can either go with a coworking spaces or a traditional office. Each has its pros and cons, but the right choice depends on the type of business you have, the goal for production and how you want your business to be perceived by clients.

If you are trying to decide between a coworking space and a traditional office space for your business, here is what you need to know.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces often have an open-concept layout and are shared with anyone who is a member of the space. In order to maintain an environment of collaboration and communication, the spaces are typically filled with comfortable furniture, shared technology like printers and Wi-Fi, and even free coffee.

Pros of Coworking Spaces:

Varied workspace: Coworking spaces allow individuals to move around within the area.

Collaboration and networking opportunities: There are many opportunities to meet individuals who you may not have met otherwise.

No miscellaneous expenses: Costs like utilities, renovations and furniture are all included in your fee. There are no high up-front costs or long-term commitments. You can pay month-to-month, or choose a different plan depending on the space you choose.

Built-in management: You don’t need to worry about office management.

Traditional Office Spaces

Built for productivity and focus, traditional office spaces are a private headquarters for your company. The layout may be open like a coworking space, but you also have the option to divide it up into cubicles or offices for individuals. There are designated conference rooms for group meetings, and you have complete control over your technology and other resources.

Pros of Traditional Offices:

Privacy: Office spaces and meeting rooms offer quiet, professional environments with fewer distractions and scheduling conflicts.

Individual production: Rather than the collaboration and networking that happens in coworking spaces, traditional offices encourage individual work.

Professional client-facing environment: Confidentiality and privacy are maintained for clients.

Personal branding: The entire office space encapsulates your brand.


There are several reasons why financial advisors are using Coworking Spaces more frequently. This is due to several advantages it offers their business. The biggest consultants may still retain a personal workspace, but the tide is swiftly changing as well.

Interested in renting out a coworking space?

We offer spaces at monthly rates, from private offices to open networking spaces. If you’re interested, check out workspaces at Let’s Connect India.

Key Points of Virtual Office for Remote Workers

Key Points of Virtual Office for Remote Workers

Do you wish to start your business without having to invest a fortune? Do you wish to test waters in different markets without having a physical setup in the location? Do your employees love working from home? Have you considered the virtual office service? It is an offering of the coworking industry that allows you to work remotely while having a physical presence in a particular location. The virtual office service offers you features like mail handling, telephone answering, office location and meeting room so that you have a proper work address for various paperwork and client meetings. You can have a virtual office in Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai or even in cities like Surat, Pune and Jaipur so you can test markets without any heavy investment. 

In recent years, the demand for virtual office service has been very high due to the rise in remote working professionals. People don’t want their travel to hamper the quality of their work and hence they take their job wherever they go.

Is Virtual Office worth it?

You can make the most of the features of a virtual office if you are just starting up or you’re a startup. Let’s check what it has to offer:

Lower overhead costs: Since you’ll only be using the office address and not exactly the office space, the membership cost would be lower than you thought. You would definitely get to use the meeting room as required along with other services as part of the package. Anybody can send you couriers at the given address and you can also use this office address for business registration, GST registration, website and all paper works. This is exactly opposite to a traditional office where even the tiniest of expense is borne by you. Since coworking spaces are managed offices, everything is managed by the service provider.

Simple agreement: Since this is a service of flexible spaces, you can customize the services as per your requirements. Increase it or decrease it, it’s up to you. You’ll be charged on a monthly basis and there will be no heavy security amounts like in the case of traditional spaces. Virtual offices are here to support and encourage healthy work culture and not a binding one. 

No daily travel: Suppose you work in an office in Noida, you have to travel every day. The distance could be anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours. Traveling is said to take the biggest time of a person’s day. With a virtual office, you don’t have to travel to the managed office space in Noida thereby saving a lot of time and energy. The saved time is used to create and maintain a better work-life balance. 

Increased productivity: As discussed, virtual office leads to a significant reduction in commute time, those hours could be used in working too. The amount of energy you drain in changing metro tracks and in traffic will be directed to the actual job. A fresh mind and energetic body work better and hence, more productivity. 

Better work-life balance: People working from home can spend more time with their family than they ever did. Catching up with friends becomes easy and frequent when you are not out from home for 12-13 hours per day. The virtual office is loved by people who always wanted but couldn’t give time to their near ones. This makes employees happier and happy staff works better.

Test waters in different markets: Since the virtual office service doesn’t mean a physical workspace, you can explore regions by registering them in one. You can expand your business across cities by just registering for a virtual office in that area. For example, you work in Delhi but wish to test Noida and Gurgaon market, then you simply register for a virtual office in Noida and Gurgaon and use that address for hiring, meetings and mails. You will always have an office to go to when you are traveling. 

Access to global talent: You can have a person in any corner of the world where your clients/markets are by hiring a person for and from that location. Looking to serve clients in Dubai? Hire a virtual office and an employee from Dubai for them. Things have become simpler, expansion has become easier and access to human resources is easier.

How does Virtual Office for Remote Workers permit work effectively?

Virtual office service is known to give your business a more professional, credible and legitimate touch that can never happen when you are working from home, especially for certain businesses that require frequent client dealings and documentations. Having a prestigious address ensures that your business is looked at as other sincere businesses out there. A business owner always needs a visiting card, a website and an email ID for clients, customers and business related procedures. Also, you cannot give your residential address and landline number for official papers as this only affects professionalism and your business image.  To make your business seem more approachable and “real”, the virtual office is there to help.

Choosing an office location that backs your reputation is very useful. There will always be a difference between choosing a virtual office in Faridabad and virtual office in Noida. The biggest benefit of a virtual office is that you can work from anywhere while maintaining a professional image by having an address of a prime location. If you’re looking to save money by not investing in a physical space, virtual is the best option. Not just small ventures but even big corporations are enjoying its advantages.

How will Virtual Office work best for you?

  • Every employee must have access to a computer. It can either be their personal laptops or the company provided systems. Remote working requires a computer as much as high-speed internet. To make virtual office work effectively, make sure the employees are equipped. 
  • Since everyone will be working from different locations, it can cause problems will people don’t have their respective set of data/information. Make sure that the right person has the right information. Since everyone would be working remotely, everyone must be equipped with their share of information for smooth operations.
  • Yes, your team is connected with each other all the time but there must be somebody who would take the outside calls for you. The business enquiries, client messages or call forwarding to a specific person is better done by a person operating the landline. Hence, use the service that comes with a virtual office. 
  • Although the virtual office is there to support remote working but catching up with team also becomes important. For certain projects, the team-mates could meet and discuss things face to face. There can be important discussions that can’t happen over the phone calls. Also, catching up once in a while instils the feeling of belongingness in employees. 


The managed office spaces in Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other areas free the entrepreneurs of that location from a lot of worries that come with renting and maintaining an office space. The virtual office is an amazing concept for small and medium companies who must be focusing on their projects rather than the furniture and fittings and for remote workers who wish to set their business up but can’t afford to show up at the same place every day.

Work From Home or Shared Office Space – Which One Will You Choose and Why?

Work From Home or Shared Office Space – Which One Will You Choose and Why?

The global pandemic has been very hard on everyone, even businesses. While the ventures have found it very tough to survive and maintain the same operating levels, a lot of them have been shut down. The remote working of employees was new to most of the employers and some of them could not manage that at all and the result was a failure. After a long stretch of difficulties, losses, poor team coordination and unsatisfactory work results, everyone started to adjust to the work-from-home model. People were allowed to take their daily tasks from wherever they are. Millions of employees were reported happily working from the comfort of their homes and giving better results.

The idea of working from home has been extremely convenient since it saves a lot of travel time and creates a work-life balance that was hardly there in the regular hustle of everyday commute. Everything said, there is still a large percentage of office workers who miss going out to a regular office, meeting people, having break time chats and coordinating offline. An entrepreneur in Noida, for example, is fine working from his apartment but the idea of shared office space in Noida would still attract him more. 

If there is so much comfort and work-life balance at home, then why is shared office space better than working from home?

Mental health: Those who are working from home would agree that it starts taking a toll on your mental health in the long run. Working alone from the same place eventually isolates you from the world and you almost forget socializing. When you work alone, you do nothing else. Cutting off from friends, not going out and not answering calls disconnects you from everyone. The ‘home time’ is no longer relax time as there is office work to be done. Whereas, in a coworking space, you can easily divide between work and break. There will always be somebody around to have a small talk or a long chat with. You meet people and be friends with them. This way, you not just work but also socialize under the same roof. 

Efficiency and productivity: Working from the same place can also be very bad for productivity. The same walls won’t inspire but rather dull down your mind. The monotony of everyday routine affects your work speed. You are always bored, lethargic and not really happy with what you do even if it’s your passion. Also, when you’re at home, you’re doing home chores. Doing dishes, cooking, laundry, children and pets can take most of your time. The television and random noises can also be very distracting. As opposed to it, coworking spaces allow you to completely focus on your work. There is no distraction, no disturbing noise and no other random chore to worry about. Having an office space on rent in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai or wherever you are can prove to advance your efficiency. 

Networking: Being at home all the time literally cuts you from the outside world, colleagues and even your friends. Not socializing can affect your professional side. The isolation of home makes you forget the need to build connections that can be useful for your business. In a shared office, there are many professionals and businesses around you that you can interact with. Introducing your work to them can also fetch you work opportunities. Having friends in the workplace can be great because they can refer you when there is a chance and may just introduce ideas and opportunities to you from outside. 

For the business: Working from a prestigious location can be very advantageous for your brand. A prime work address can impress the customers, investors and even future business partners. The residential address on documents won’t have this charm on the people who are important for your business. Also, there will always be a professional meeting room that you can use for work discussions rather than looking out for coffee shops. 

Now that you are convinced, let us discuss how to choose the best coworking space/shared office space:

  • The location: As discussed, the office address can have a huge impact on your business. Having an office space in a prime location can have many benefits; your impression on the people being one. Being located around other businesses gives you venture a chance to get noticed too.
  • The interiors: If you’re very particular about how your workplace should look like then you can go for the one that has the aesthetics, décor, interiors and vibe that you always wanted. The look of the office too has a great role in that “first impression” so be it the one that looks great.
  • The amenities: The presence of all the necessary services like internet, work desk, cafeteria, printer, meeting room, housekeeping, lockers etc would be great because these would be something you’d use every day.
  • Cost and plans: Shared offices are chosen because just like the amenities, the cost is also shared by the members. If you’re on a budget, you must check the membership plans and costs before choosing one. One shared office space in Noida, for say, can have differently priced plans compared to the other one so you must check before finalizing.
  • The community: what really differentiates one coworking from the other is the community. The members of a workspace form a community and every shared office would have a specific set of people working there in the majority. There can be one with the artists, some with technical people and some with work in finance. Whichever matches your interest best should ideally be your choice because then you’ll vibe with other coworkers easily.  

Once you are in it, how do you benefit from a coworking space?

  • Interact with coworkers. It’s best to know what others are doing and let them know what you do. A small talk every now and then would keep you close to socializing and keep you isolated.
  • Participating in community events help you gain knowledge from the event that can be very helpful. The team building activities involved are great to polish your skills and of course, you can make the most of the fun time you have.
  • The flexible work timing is great to maintain the balance between your work and life. You can choose to come and go at the time of your choice without having to hurry or stay for longer.
  • There is no need to look for coffee houses or restaurants for important meetings with your clients or partners as you can always use the professional meeting rooms of a shared space. 
  • You can have great benefits from the professional connections you form in a coworking spaces good for networking can get you many work opportunities that you could never get otherwise. 


It’s very evident that going for a coworking space would benefit you and your business both. It’s practically not the right choice to work remotely in the long run as it can be a matter of mental health too. Yes, working from home is good but being in a coworking space is great!

Looking for shared office space in Noida? Contact Let’s Connect Coworking today or visit us to have a tour of the property. Your coffee is on the house!

Coworking Spaces for Fashion Designers

Coworking Spaces for Fashion Designers

Creative Workspaces for Budding Designers

Creativity requires a blank canvas on which to dream and experiment. To discuss, share ideas, draw analogies, and open up new views through communication. While designers have the ability to imagine for themselves, doing so in a coworking community of like-minded designers, artists, videographers, and photographers open up new dimensions and opportunities for interesting dialogues, collaboration, and celebration of their work.

In recent years, coworking spaces have grown in popularity, and there are several advantages for a fashion designer to consider. Coworking spaces for fashion designers are usually less expensive than renting a whole office or studio, and the conditions may be more flexible. Long-term contracts are available in certain areas, while drop-in or weekly fees are available in others.

Why Coworking Spaces are the best option for Fashion Designers?

Are you a designer seeking a more modern alternative to traditional workspaces? A location where you can tap into a collaborative community while also getting all the resources you need to run a successful business? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, a well-designed coworking office space is your best choice.

Are you ready to start searching for a co-working space for your fashion designing business? Below are some important factors to consider.

1.    Budget

Set a realistic pricing ceiling for yourself before you start looking at Coworking Space in Greater Noida. You’ll have a better sense of the products and resources available within this price range after you start looking into your possibilities. Based on your unique demands, you may then decide if it makes sense to increase or decrease your limit.

2.    Travel Time to/from the Workspace

Although this may appear to be a very normal issue, if you’re a designer who will be transporting a significant amount of work to and from the office, the convenience of a closer choice may be worth the extra expense. Limiting the time it takes you to go from your house to your office door, especially if you use public transit, may save you a lot of time and aggravation.

3.    The Community

While you’ll be focused on your own job, it’s also crucial to consider the kind of people you’ll be working with and how they’ll affect the entire work atmosphere. Consider which of the following would be more valuable: Working with others in the same business, whether it’s fashion designers or individuals in the arts, and exchanging ideas and inspirations. Or, if you’re dealing with folks from completely other sectors, the information and resources you provide might be just what your company requires.

4.    Private Offices and Conference Rooms

If you spend a significant amount of your day networking, raising brand recognition, or talking with shops and consumers over the phone, it’s critical to find a location with many private offices and phone rooms from which to make regular calls. Ask some of the professionals currently working there whether they have trouble locating a vacant room or reserving time due to office policy when you visit the facility. To avoid frequent interruptions, several Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida have strict regulations concerning receiving phone calls in the common office space.

5.    Configurable Seating and Team-Friendly Set Up

Finding an Office Space on rent Noida that allows you to maintain a comfortable workflow and effective communication is crucial if you’re working in a group. Rather than separate workstations and cubicles, you should look into choices with open meeting spaces, conference rooms, moveable desks, and communal seating.

6.    Bonus Features : Friendly Community and In-House Events

One of the biggest appeals for some start-ups is the opportunity to collaborate in a co-working facility. Sharing everything from your ideas to your professional challenges may be really useful if you find the correct environment with like-minded people. Furthermore, some Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida may arrange in-house networking events or fun activities to help you interact with the individuals you work with on a regular basis and foster an open workplace atmosphere. As a designer and entrepreneur, you may tremendously profit from this type of collaboration; concentrate on finding a location with a similar culture among its members.

7.    Location

Your selected Coworking Space in Greater Noida should complement your job and brand. Consider the area’s reputation and how successful it would be in drawing customers. You could want to seek a CBD (central business district) location if you’ve already made it big. Alternatively, you may select a suburban or local community that is known for its inventiveness. Furthermore, the shared office space for designers you select should be simple to find, require little commuting time, and have adequate parking for both your employees and guests.

8.    Look, Size, and Feel of the Office Space

Consider whether the style, furnishings, and layout of the Coworking space for fashion designers are pleasant and suit your type of work when narrowing down your options. Make sure that your coworking chairs and area are appropriate for your job. A graphic designer, for example, would not mind sharing a workstation, while a fashion designer working with materials might prefer a private studio space with plenty of room and freedom to develop freely.

9.    Scalability

You may be working alone right now, but your team may grow in the future, necessitating the addition of extra seats. Check to see whether the shared Coworking spaces for fashion designers you’re considering offers the ability to grow with you. Before you sign the contract, make sure to read the terms and conditions to see whether they enable you to scale back.

10.   Flexibility & Mobility

Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida, in the real meaning of the phrase, are adaptable in terms of hours, locations, seating configurations, price alternatives, and tenure. Coworking firms recognize the unique demands of various enterprises, independent individuals, and ever-expanding teams, and hence provide seating alternatives such as flexible chairs, fixed seats, conference rooms, cabins, and more, as well as the ability to customize as needed.

With the growing complexity of work, considerable travel obligations, and continual connection, Coworking Space in Greater Noida are the ideal place to work from anywhere, at any time.

11.   Design & Workspace Environment

To appeal to the aesthetic tastes of millennials and Gen Z, coworking spaces are elegantly constructed. The majority of Coworking Space in greater Noida have colorful walls, imaginative seating configurations, and artistic exhibits. Additionally, brilliantly lighted cafeterias, meeting pods, highchairs, snooker tables, graffiti walls, and other amenities are included in shared workspaces. These are the best environments for increasing employee productivity, facilitating cooperation and facilitating networking. Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida that are well-designed generate a pleasant ambiance, engage employees and keep boredom at bay.

You may choose a Coworking Space in Greater Noida that allows you to personalize the furnishings and design to your specifications, ensuring that your brand aspects and company culture are absorbed and maintained.

12.   Networking Opportunities

Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida is built on networking. The coworking space for fashion designers has been set up in such a way that it naturally facilitates the sharing of ideas. The networking opportunities that a shared office provides encourage creative thinking, long-term partnerships, and the identification of future clients.

Coworking Space in Greater Noida provides access to a large network that is unavailable in a typical office setting, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with creative minds, fostering productivity and increasing employee engagement. It also allows you to build real business connections and expand your business by allowing you to identify partners, agencies, and possible clients within the community. In this instance, choosing a coworking space for fashion designers with a flourishing, robust community base makes good financial sense.

What are the greatest Coworking Spaces in India for Designers?

This coworking space for fashion designers, curated by a group of dedicated designers, allows you to experiment and create without interruption while also interacting with like-minded individuals.

According to what we discussed above, Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida is social, motivational and flexible workplaces that welcome everyone who wishes to step out of home, wants to start a business or plan to expand their horizons. The rise of coworking space for fashion designers is a godsend for many ventures and professionals for the kind of amenities they offer in the most justified membership fee.

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Does a Coworking Space actually save Startups’ or Freelancers’ money?

Does a Coworking Space actually save Startups’ or Freelancers’ money?

Coworking Spaces for Startups and Freelancers

The concept of a coworking space is very simple; you share the workspace with other people. The idea of working in a common place has excited and attracted many freelancers and startups in the beginning and now even corporations take advantage of it. Why? 

A flexible office relieves members from the financial burden of buying, renting and maintaining an office space. The long leases and heavy security deposits have been a load especially on small businesses but if you choose you share the space, you share the cost and this alleviates you from being broke.

A coworking space for startups and freelancers would have everything they could need. Desks, chairs, printer, scanner, internet, cafeteria and support staff will always be there to make like at work simple. As much as it’s great for an individual, a team can also enjoy the benefits of shared space as you get can the seats for everyone. 

Just like the internet, the support staff and the furniture, the utility bills are also included in the membership fee which means you have to worry about nothing. Just get your belongings and get started. This makes coworking a logical solution to freelancers and small ventures that aim big but have limited funds. The plug & play offices are also known to boost your productivity. The like-minded people working around you inspire you to do more and get better. Also, a nicely decorated office is a treat to the eyes and the mind. It also leaves a good impact on your visitors (clients/candidates) as opposed to the traditional spaces that can sometimes be an eyesore. Not to forget the socializing opportunity the members get; everyone can make good business connections and grow their network.

Amongst all the advantages, cost-saving tops the chart. A coworking space for startups and freelancers could save them a lot of money in many ways. Let’s check how:

Pay for what you use: Billing in a flexible office is straightforward. You pay for the service you use. You can hire the meeting room on an hourly basis and pay for every hour. Need work desk for a day? Pay only for that. There is nothing extra for the internet, printer, coffee, electricity or whatsoever. While traditional spaces charge you on the floor prices, here you pay only per person per desk.

Minimal overhead costs: While in a conventional office space you would be paying for the furniture, décor, repairs, cleaning staff, water cooler, coffee machine and every small thing, in a coworking space you only pay one time and get started. You will instead be supported with everything you need rather than having to pay for little things. People sharing space will share the costs too.

Customization in the budget: If you need a fancy workplace at home, you would need to pay extra for everything. The sourcing of things and installation too would cost a lot. In a shared office space, you’ll find an office space you always wanted without having to spend a fortune. You’ll also get the perfect work environment that you can never get at home.

Scalability is flexible: Companies strive to grow and expand. An entrepreneur would aim to have more work and a bigger team. In a situation where the team size needs to be bigger, a conventional office can cause hassles in terms of space. But in a coworking space. You need to worry about nothing. The expanding office will not mean incurring more cost and the extra seats can be added at a much lesser cost compared to buying a new space altogether.

Networking: Business owners would agree that they need to attend events and seminars to interact with people in the industry and build a professional network. All these events charge for entry and tickets. However, this cost can be avoided when you are in a coworking space. Shared offices are known to arrange events and sessions for their members where everyone gets a chance to interact and form connections. People often connect near the coffee machine and during lunch hours with small talks as well.

Internet: However little it may seem but the internet is an expense in itself. When you are a dedicated freelancer or a small business, you need high-speed internet that causes the least disturbances while you work. Some jobs can’t afford to lose connections at work and for such service, a huge sum is charged by the internet providers. But in a flexible office space, you have nothing extra to pay. Everyone gets high-speed Wi-Fi for smooth working. 

No agent fee: unlike in a conventional office space where you generally need a broker/property agent to get you a proper workspace, you need no middlemen if you want to join a shared space. A coworking space for startups and freelancers who work on the first come first serve basis where you can directly walk in, choose a plan, pay the amount and get started.

Amenities: The greatest advantage of being at a managed office is that everything is all inclusive. The internet, electricity, furniture, game room, food, coffee, printer, scanner, biometric machine, meeting room, events, the cleaning staff and the reception assistance are a part of the membership plan whichever you choose. Therefore, nothing extra. This would have been an additional burden in a traditional office that is managed by the tenant.

Furniture: Just like everything else, the furniture, the décor, the gaming, the sleeping pod and everything that adorns the place is on the space provider only. You don’t have to spend anything to make your workplace look classy, lavish and tidy but rather enjoy the modern interiors and beautiful corners.

All of the above-mentioned costs are borne by the business owner in case of renting/buying a space. All of these costs, when saved, can add to a huge sum which, if saved, can be a big amount that a business can use in assets or other investments.

A coworking space for startups and freelancers understands the shortage of funds and the importance of every penny when you don’t have it in abundance and hence, offers all the services at a cost within the means. From an individual freelancer to a big team, anyone and everyone can take advantage of a shared workspace.

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Creative Coworking Space Design Tips for a Productive Office (3)

Creative Coworking Space Design Tips for a Productive Office

“Wow!” is usually the first reaction of anyone who enters coworking space after being to only the traditional office spaces. The layout, décor, design, walls, positive vibe and the aroma of coffee can excite everyone who hasn’t experienced a “cool” workplace ever. The members who lost their zeal in the conventional office spaces find their motivation to show up every day in coworking space for the dynamic and energetic environment. Shared office space has people not necessarily working for the same company but together. Since everyone is different, they all have different needs and expectations of a workplace to which a coworking space tries to align. A coworking space in Delhi, for say, will offer flexibility, hospitality and privacy to their members for a long and comfortable tenure.

Office layouts are no longer restricted to strict cabins, boring walls and company infographics. People want sleeping pods, gaming zones, relaxing corners and eye-catching interiors as well. Shared office spaces are known to add colour, natural light, greenery and freshness to regular workplaces. Such an environment helps unlock the creativity and efficiency of the people working there. Since these offices are flexible in nature, they offer office solutions to millennials as well as old school professionals.

Coworking Space Design Tips

Workspace aesthetics are very important to attract and retain people. Here are few design tips that can help you create an office space people will love to return to.

  • First, make a budget: Since nothing can be started without money, consider what you have and how much are you willing to spend and save. Chalk out the layout you wish for your office and then go over what will come within the price you expect. There are thrift shops for décor items, interior designers, furniture markets and labour that you have to find to source items and resources to get the job done.
  • A nice entrance: We agree that first impressions do make a difference and you can build yours by having a grandeur entry door or a beautiful lobby area to welcome the members and the visitors. It’s important that anyone who walks in should feel good about entering the place. A polished front desk, live plans, clean floors, artistic backdrops etc. are a few vital boxes to be checked. Elegance should reflect when somebody reaches your premises so they wish to go further inside and have a glance of the office. Be innovative, go designer or quirky and select the most graceful items.
  • Separate breakout space: As much as a dedicated working section is important, a standalone space for a quick getaway is also very important. By creating a breakout space you let your members have an area/corner to go to where they can have light talks, casual discussions and no disturbance during private chats. You can choose the area of the office that is separate from the open desks and constant chatters. Such places allow people to have quality time with their team or even a good “me” time when required.
  • Light it up: Adequate lighting is an essential aspect of any office. You must ensure that people who work have enough lighting and the workplace isn’t dark. A bright and vibrant place excites and inspires. The flow of natural light is very important for human health and productivity but installing glass walls, skylights and LED bulbs would illuminate the place. Consider guarantee, warranty, replacement and price while purchasing.
  • Freestanding cubicles: Strict and walls cubicles restrict outer people from entering and inside people from having an outer view thereby, isolating you. A workspace should be such that it allows people to connect and collaborate and not distant them. Glass cubicles not just help in social distancing but also makes you feel like you’re around people.
  • Option for personal storage: There are items that a person can’t carry to and from the office every day. Things such as laptops, files and gadgets can be kept nicely inside a locker whose key is with the respective person. This encourages both safety and security of things instead of leaving them at the desks. Instead of going for regular cabinets and lockable drawers, lockers are great and can be rented as and when lent with an extra fee.
  • Beverage supply: a workspace can’t run without hot drinks. Everyone needs tea or coffee to fuel up their energy. A nice coffee machine with multiple options would be a treat if somebody wishes to give them at any time of the day. Having this facility on the premises keep people happy, charged and interactive. All the coworking spaces in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities and even countries would have an unlimited beverage supply for all their members.
  • Space for collaboration: Coworking spaces are known for their collaborative environment. While some people like their workplace to be quiet, others want it interactive. Since shared offices respect privacy and keep the environment disturbance-free, the space providers also offer a platform where people can interact. Arranging for in-house events and sessions where people can build business networks and creating a space where co-workers can sit and discuss work opportunities would be good to consider.
  • Storage of supplies: Just like you store the ration and inventory at home, there are things you buy in bulk for the office as well. The items that are used frequently are often bought once and stored for continual usage. Things like printer paper, toilet paper, stationery supplies, pantry stock etc are stored in hand and pulled off as and when needed.
  • Hand sanitization: Today, the importance of sanitization goes without saying. The pandemic has its deep impacts on everyone. Having disposable masks to offer and sanitizers or everyone who enters to keep up with safety measures is a must now. Placing hands rubs and sanitizers in strategic corners can let everyone have it in their reach for regular cleaning and maintaining the safety of the place. If funds allow, you can give logo printed masks to your staff members as well.
  • The sitting arrangements: Since it’s a coworking space, sitting options should be flexible. There must be open areas, private cabins, normal chairs, luxury couches, bean bags, ergonomic furniture etc. this way you’re offering a variety to clients that they can use the seat as per their comfort. Clients like writers, designers and other creative people usually like such setups.
  • A particular theme: If you wish, you can have a theme for the workplace as well. Some coworking spaces in Delhi, for example, have a green theme with indoor plants and natural light coming in. If not a common pattern, you can also give different themes to a different section to add creativity to the office environment. Different color zones is a simple example to follow.
  • Be tech-smart: While the location, interiors and fancy décor have a big role to play, technological advancements shouldn’t be ignored. Installing security cameras, placing biometric machines, access cards, HDMI cables, projectors, IoT enabled electricity control, digital payment system, inventory control and the like will not just optimize your staff experience but strengthen the members trust in the place. Technical advances add to the efficiency of the workspace.
  • The discussed factors prove to be very useful in designing an equipped and efficient shared workspace. Looking to get inspired by coworking spaces in Delhi and Noida? 

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Why Startups prefer to work in Co-working Spaces?

For a new entrepreneur who is looking to start his/her own venture, operating from home is always an option. But is it always practical in the long run? As much as there are advantages of working from home, there are certain discomforts. You are always distracted and the home environment makes you lazy. The conventional office space, while being a professional option, is also very expensive. Considering the real estate prices, it is obvious that it can’t be afforded by all. In this scenario where businesses need an equipped workspace within their means, co-working offices are there to help.

Also known as the “millennial workspaces”, these space providers are mushrooming quickly for they are in huge demand. Why? For individuals, small businesses and startups, flexible office spaces provide various benefits. India’s startup ecosystem has flourished in the past few years, thanks to the co-working spaces industry.

Why startups prefer to work in a co-working space

Reasons Startups prefer to work in Co-working Spaces

Shared offices are affordable: Working from home, café or garage can totally affect your market reputation and won’t give a professional image to the business. Also, you can’t give your residential address on all the paperwork and documents. Since these workplaces are “shared”, the cost of using the premise is also shared by all the members (each one paying their respective membership fee). With flexible plans and affordable pricing, co-working spaces become extremely attractive to the working segment. Renting a co-working office space in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any big city is easy. It’s affordable and very reasonable compared to renting a traditional office space that costs a fortune and can extract huge funds from the payer that could be used better in the business. From Wi-Fi to conference rooms, all the services are included in the same plan. 

Business flexibility: Also known as flexible offices, they offer you the convenience of scaling up when the need arises. A growing venture should go for an office space that allows them to upscale their team size with growing time. A company in Noida, for example, should search for an office that allows their entire team to be in the same place and hence it should go for shared office space in Noida instead of a traditional office. Not just the location would be prime but the managed space would solve all your expansion problems. You can also cut down the team if you require it at any given point. Also, unlike regular offices, you get the option to rent by the day, week, month or annual basis which means no hard and long agreements.

Interaction and networking: Businesses these days prefer a shared workspace that has other professionals and companies working. It gives the entrepreneurs a platform to interact and connect with like-minded people, pitch their ideas, take suggestions/feedback and collaborate. Freelancers usually get projects like graphic designing and content writing. The talent and the seeker often get connected in these plug & play offices. Business owners who wish to grow their network must opt for shared workspaces. Chats near the coffee machine, interactions during lunch time and bonding in occasional events prove to be great to build and grow a professional network.

Business marketing and talent acquisition: When you work from a shared office space, there are chances that the coworkers around you would know about your business and if it’s interesting, the word of mouth will travel faster. This is an organic way to market your business. You just work in a place and about a hundred people know what you do. Some might turn out to be your clients as well. When it comes to hiring people, you can also get lucky if you are around the freelancers that you are looking to have on board to a digital marketing startup to help you wish your social media handles. Candidates coming for interviews also get impressed by the vibe and décor of the place. When the office is good, people genuinely want to join the place and show up every day. 

All the services at the same place: Co-working spaces are known to provide all the services that a business might need for its daily operations. An equipped workplace not just makes working smooth but also helps in growing by boosting efficiency. The services like printer, scanner, photocopy machine, coffee machine, housekeeping, internet, sleeping pods and gaming rooms add to the overall convenience of working there. A co-working office space in Noida, Chennai, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad and every other city will do its best to provide its members with the basic to the best services. One is just not a hassle and works hard in a flexible office. A person can easily take some time to relax and refresh their mind in the same place too. 

Inspirational environment: When you work around brilliant people who are great at what they do, who keep celebrating their little achievements and work dedicatedly on their projects, you get motivated by their perseverance. One tends to lose their discipline and motivation by working from home for a long time. It’s easier to become laid back and lethargic being at the same place all by yourself. The important thing about working amongst self-driven and successful people is that they can’t be overlooked and their vibe will eventually affect your dedication and discipline as well.

No office politics: Since the shared work environment has people from different walks of life and varied industries, there is no sense of competition. Nobody is jealous of anyone for each one of them is minding their own business and focusing on their tasks. There is no interpersonal rivalry and nobody is there to pull you down. Instead, there is a culture of cooperation and collaboration amongst co workers where they share ideas and work opportunities and help others when they are stuck or need expert advice.

A professional space: No matter how casually dressed people would show up, a co-working office will always be a professional space. The aura of the place is such that nobody will disturb the other one, there is strict respect for privacy and everything is organized. A person walking in would first notice the diversity of people and then the professionalism that everyone will adhere to. There is a reason why even corporations want their employees to be working from a managed office space. There will also be a nice corner for video recordings, unlike at home where anyone can just walk in and the sounds get recorded.

Co-working spaces help startups bloom in a number of ways. The shared office industry is established on the idea of helping the fresh ideas and new businesses that usually get scrapped in the first stage due to shortage of funds, poor infrastructure, non-availability of office and other bigger reasons. Also, these spaces take care of the mental health of their people that otherwise suffer due to the home isolation and traditional office culture.

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Are Coworking Spaces Good for Networking?

Coworking spaces are more than just workspaces with a membership plan for all. You don’t just work in a shared office, you grow. You get an opportunity to interact, connect and network with experienced professionals. A coworking space is great for business networking and sharing opportunities. All those people around you add value to the networking by bringing their expertise to the table. Regardless of the nature of your work and the business you are doing, there is nothing more important than networking.

From a freelancer to a big business owner, everyone needs professional connections for various purposes to get their business out there. One needs to spend as much time building connections as working to be thriving. Shared workspaces have a community of like-minded people who help in creating an engaging and inspirational work environment. Knowing people from different areas of work and having a bond with them can help you in the long run. They can be the first ones to advice, suggest, help and support you in need.

Networking at coworking spaces can be done just by going to the office. It’s that simple! You catch up with people while having tea/coffee, you interact with someone you bumped in by the water cooler, you become friends with the one sitting next to you and just like this, you get endless opportunities in a shared space. Once you are inside a coworking space, you will have dozens of experienced people around with whom you can have meaningful connections. Networking with those who have been brought up, taught and worked differently is a very refreshing experience. It gives you the chance to broaden your mind and be open to new and better things.

The atmosphere of coworking space

Right above we discussed how you just need to show up to do networking in a shared workspace. But how is it like that? How do coworking spaces differ from a conventional office? All the questions get answered the moment you step inside a flexible workspace. The first thing you notice about the place is the vibe. The positivity and enthusiasm in the environment are good enough to push you out of your best every day. People from different experiences and businesses work together. Everyone has their privacy. The extroverts will always have somebody to interact with and the introverts will not be disturbed. There will always be somebody getting inspired and somebody inspiring. The absence of strict walls and cubicles makes everyone more approachable.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

  • Affordability: Coworking spaces are known to save costs with their flexible membership plans suiting a single person to a large team.
  • Work-life balance: The flexibility of working time offered by shared offices make it easier for the members to balance their work and social life.
  • Increased productivity: The people working in shared offices are generally happier since they work alongside interesting and cooperative individuals. A happy person will always work more efficiently.
  • Bouquet of services: Meeting rooms, open area, private cabins, event space, cafeteria, housekeeping, virtual office and every other support service is under the same roof.
  • Networking opportunities: Networking at coworking spaces is the most interesting part of being there since it benefits one and all. There will always be somebody by your side in need.
  • Events and gathering at coworking space: Another very exciting thing about coworking spaces is that they occasionally arrange programs, events and fun sessions for their members. Since they have a community to take care of, they keep in mind the likes of the members, what can help them (knowledge events) and what do they enjoy (fun events) to prepare for them. Community events are a great place where members can have small talk and can socialize. People from different walks of life participate in games, team building exercises and form business relationships.

How to network at coworking spaces?

  • Have your lunch where everyone eats instead of eating on your work desk. Lunch time is the best time to meet your coworkers and connect with them. Food brings people closer and you never know if a quick chat can turn into an interesting collaboration.
  • Break the ice, take the first step. Starting a conversation with somebody is the easiest way of connecting with them. All you have to do is start with a simple “hello”. Asking questions about their profession, showing interest in their work or any small talk will do the trick.
  • Attend and host events. Attending events in a coworking space would make them happy for taking out time and coming. You get registered in their minds for being there. Similarly, hosting in a shared space would draw people to your event thereby, interacting.
  • Suggest a work trade or share information. If at all you find somebody you can collaborate with, go ahead and discuss. For instance, you need a designer and one is sitting next to you. Share knowledge with people if you have on the subject. This brightens your chances of further interaction and coffee catch-ups.
  • How sharing knowledge and creating impacts helps in good networking: One doesn’t know everything but everyone knows something. The sharing of knowledge, experience, ideas and suggestions bring people closer. The other person can help you see things from their perspective and help you widen your thought horizons. The most connected groups are most successful as they’re versed with the latest trends of the industry. A professional will always be interested in bonding with another expert from who one can source more knowledge on the subject matter or related work.
  • How networking helps: An active networking can prove to be very helpful for one’s career. Since it involves helping the other, it strengthens relationships. People can be an amazing source of new and fresh ideas as each brain has something to offer. The exchange of information can be very useful. Being part of groups and events makes you more reputed and visible. More people start to observe and know you which is very important for your career. Your connections often bring to you some work opportunities that would otherwise never be in your reach. You can seek the best of advice and support from industry experts while networking at coworking spaces.
  • How business networking helps in getting good future aspects: Networking is a great way of bagging new possibilities and achieve career goals. Expanding a contact list can open doors to new partnerships, work opportunities and personal development. By frequently putting yourself out there, you make people interested in you and advance your social skills. The confidence you gain and carry while interacting with people and exchanging information in an event helps in leaving a lasting impression on others. Whether it’s a job offering or a business prospect, networking brightens all the chances.
Unlike working remotely from a coffee shop or another public place, coworking spaces provide you with a professional space where you can connect with like-minded individuals with whom you can share information, have a fruitful discussion and exchange ideas. You gain the confidence of speaking to people and the knowledge you never had. For those who know how to make the best of it, a coworking space can be very helpful in building a career and personal development.