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Plug And Play Office Space and Its Benefits

Today, the most searched and preferred offices are plug and play offices that have brought a disruption in the real estate industry. These fully-furnished office spaces are the choice of the new generation that looks for style in a professional environment and are thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and never before work experience. The spaces are well-lit, furnished and have all the equipment like telephones, printers, internet connectivity, meeting rooms, cafeteria, unlimited supply of hot beverages, security guards, air-conditioning etc that helps the members work more efficiently.

Plug and Play Office Space offers a bunch of benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Economically efficient: Working from a plug and play office space includes renting the space for your preferred tenure. All you have to do is choose a plan, play for the membership and start working without having to worry about heavy security charges or other fees.
  2. Simple setup: As discussed, you don’t have to bring anything else except your laptop and other important stuff to get seated and get started. As the name says, plug (your system) and play.
  3. Professional address: Since most serviced office spaces are located in prime locations in the city, you get to use this address for your business as well since you work there. This gives a boost to your brand reputation.
  4. Great offers and membership plans: Also known as coworking spaces, they often have discounts and offers running apart from the existing affordable membership plans.
  5. Attend interesting events: Since plug and play office space also offer event space, you will find yourself to be a part of many events interact, network and even collaborate.
  6. Flexibility: These flexible workspaces offer a lot of flexibility in terms of membership plans and in/out time. You can choose when you want to come and even the seat of your choice, if possible.
  7. Improved productivity: People working from a plug and play office space are reported to be happier due to an interactive atmosphere, flexibility and different events happening around. They enjoy coming to the office and working.
  8. Mental wellbeing: Working from an affordable coworking space offers you to be around people from different industries and experiences. You have a chance to build your network and connect with people. Hence, the members never feel lonely.
  9. A place to learn: With working alongside so many professionals and experts from various industries around you motivates you to do better. There’s always a chance to inspire and get inspired.
  10. A beautiful workplace: How your workplace looks is as important as how your work is. Doesn’t matter if it’s your dream job, if your workplace is dull and boring, you won’t enjoy for long. The shared office spaces are beautiful, modern and colourful with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Why do startups prefer plug and play office space?

A startup is a company in its first phase of operations. It doesn’t have many resources or experience. There is no certainty if the business with thrive or shut down. Considering all this, investing in a property or renting a traditional space might not be an intelligent decision.

Plug and play office space are a blessing to those ventures that are in their pilot stage and need a professional workspace to observe the market and do trial and error without spending a lot.

Cowoking space

The new entrepreneurs also get to meet successful and expert professionals from who they can learn, grow their network and form connections. It’s common to exchange work opportunities when you work together as well. Working with like-minded people means having access to great suggestions and immediate help if ever needed.

If everything goes well and the business takes off, there is always an option to scale up as per the team size so no need to hunt another office. You can choose from open desks and private cabins whatever fits best for the team and business.

Plug and Play Office Space in Noida

Serviced office spaces are now in every part of the country available in different sizes and budgets. With Noida and Greater Noida flourishing and attracting both local and international businesses, many coworking spaces are sprouting in the region. There are big players that are spread across the country and also region-specific space providers.

Interestingly, the startups, the medium sized businesses and established firms are inclining towards the plug and play office space to carry their operations from the kind of facilities they offer. These offices are entirely managed by the space providers and this is preferred by those who only wish to focus on their business.

Amongst many others, Let’s Connect Coworking is an affordable coworking space provider with the experience in serving hundreds of clients across industries with complete enterprise solutions.

Amenities in Lets Connect India’s Play and Plug Office Space

Let’s Connect India offers you a fully-furnished well-equipped plug and play office space where you can channel your complete productivity. High-speed internet, printer, unlimited tea/coffee, housekeeping service, front desk, CCTV cameras, game zone, parking space and everything you could need is under the same roof.

There are private cabins for those who like confidentiality, flexible open desks for those who wish to book and get started, dedicated desks for the ones who love to work in their favourite spot and professional meeting rooms so you don’t have to look out for a café to call your important guest.

The entire premise is meticulously cleaned and full hygiene is maintained for the safety of the members.

How to Book Play and Plug Office Space?

Looking for a well-kept plug and play office space that fulfils all your workspace requirements? Get in touch with Let’s Connect right away!

How to book? Simple!

Call us at (+91) 98111 97809 to know more over a phone call.

You can also WhatsApp us so our executive can call you back with more details.

Best, you can just walk in at D-41, Sector 59, Noida 201301 to have a full view of the property, see how people work there, check the work environment and discuss more over our special in-house coffee! Contact us and we shall serve you with the best of the membership plans, the service you desire and the office you always imagined!

benefits of coworking space

Benefits of Coworking Space in Personal and Professional Life

Benefits of Coworking Space in Noida

Coworking spaces in Noida have gained considerable popularity among small and growing businesses. From cost savings to increased collaboration opportunities, these flexi workspaces make for as ideal offices for professionals, where they can get work done, network with like minds, exchange ideas and contribute to creating local business community. With the increasing popularity, more queries regarding shared office spaces have also emerged. So, in this article, we will discuss the coworking spaces in depth.

Starting off with what exactly a coworking space is  in simplest term, a coworking space is a communal workspace for people from different companies and backgrounds. It is a shared office space. What makes it different from conventional offices is the fact that everyone is working independently but sharing a space and a community.

Coworking Spaces in Greater Noida are not just offering people a place to work but also changing the way offices run. The concept of “office space” has been redefined radically by the emergence of these shared office spaces. In a typical corporate office, you would find people from the same company working in different departments, having more or less similar expertise. The intra-team conversations would usually revolve around same topics that might result in a monotonous and dull interactions over time. Whereas, at coworking spaces there exists an exciting and highly interactive work environment where people from different companies work together. This collaborative environment provides excellent opportunity for professionals to reach out to each other and share their varying expertise and experience in business.

Benefits of Coworking Space in Your Work-Life

Maintaining a work-life balance is a crucial thing in life. However, there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance, as you have to consistently manage your time between personal and professional life and reprioritize your goals. It can be said that work-life balance is cyclical in nature. Every individual has to constantly work towards achieving it in order to have a stability in life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic time, where remote working and work-from-home are considered to be the new normal, it has become exceedingly difficult to track where your professional life ends and where the personal life begins. Not having an equilibrium between your professional and personal life can leave you frustrated, stressed, ineffective, and can cause burnout. In fact, the skill of maintaining balance between things is such an important thing that recruiters look for it in their employees because it directly affects your work productivity and effectiveness.

What is the solution? How do we learn to balance things?

One of the main factors affecting work-life balance is the workspace. This is quite evident from how the lockdowns have affected the people as they were forced to work virtually. The professional office space was taken up by work-from-home space where setting boundaries turned out to be a daunting task for people all over the world. It is not always possible to make changes at work but switching back to coworking spaces can help you a great deal. The innumerable benefits that these flexible workspaces offer, help you in maintaining a healthy balance between your professional and personal life. Let us take a look at some of the benefits.

  1. Flexible Working Hours

The option of flexible work schedule is one of the most important benefits of coworking space that the employed professionals look for from their employers. For freelancers who typically work less than 40 work-hours per week, flexibility in working hours gives them better control over their workday. Some of the office spaces like coworking space in Noida Expressway offers customized membership plans for both salaried and independent knowledge workers, whose work hours differ from the standard start and end time of the business, which is the companies’ hours of operation.

  1. Workspace Flexibility

With the co-working spaces, you can make the best of both worlds, that is, the flexibility of choosing your workspace and your own work-hours without the isolation. Majority of coworking space providers offer day pass, open seats, hot desk, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, events area, and cabins, all-inclusive of basic office amenities. Coworking space in Noida Sector 136 provides you private, community-based, and shared workspaces. You can choose the kind of seating arrangement that suits your work style and creativity. If you prefer to work in solitude, you can book a private cabin and concentrate on you work without any distractions. On the other hand, if you are a social person and are more productive while working in collaboration with others then you can opt for open fixed and open flexible seating arrangements.

  1. Tech Support

The office life of every professional revolves around client meetings, making presentations to stakeholders while managing the apparent technical difficulties that may arise. Dealing with the stated issues becomes difficult if you are operating from a remote location having unreliable technical infrastructure or while working from home. This may lead to a frustrating experience while conducting business review meetings and interviews. So, this is another benefit of coworking space where these providers nowadays facilitate noise-proof private cabins and meeting rooms, equipped with high speed Wi-Fi, 24×7 power backup, LED monitors, whiteboards, and modern AV kit. The technological features and the technical-support is an integral part of the services by the coworking spaces in Noida.

  1. Networking

One more Benefits of Coworking space is to bring together people from varied professions and expertise in one place. What could be a better opportunity than this to form new business connections and build your network? Coworking spaces in Greater Noida area allow you to be a part of a large community of professionals from different walks of life. While socializing with the learned individuals in a communal space, either through interactions during casual chats at coffee junction or the business deals and joint projects being discussed, networking helps bring a balance to your work-life.

  1. Managing Finance

Coworking space in Noida Sector 136 has emerged as a new and promising office space for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses with low cost, scalable growth. Let’s Connect Coworking is a flexible and cost-effective workspace solution for SMEs and freelancers that helps them in better management of their business finance which include standard operating costs in running the business once it is set. Customized membership plans to suit every budget along with all-inclusive office amenities such as Wi-Fi connection, electricity costs, HVAC, purchasing office equipment, adequate furniture, housekeeping, IT support, and other office-related administration tasks are highly economical for independent businesses.

Primarily there are two major benefits in terms of finance: the savings on office space due to lower rentals, and the savings on business utility expenses as the entire maintenance is taken care of by the coworking space provider. If you have a better way to manage financial streams both in your personal life and professional side, the harmony it brings will reduce your stress levels and help you improve your work-life balance.

Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida

With our prime objective inclined towards our clients’ satisfaction, Let’s Connect Coworking offers affordable workspace solutions and premium services that are available 24×7. Starting from the budget-friendly co-working spaces to premium managed office spaces in Noida, we are the one-stop solution for all your business space requirements. With our sevices you get all the benefits of coworking space. Contact us and represent your business with us in a prime location of Noida.

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How to find Ultimate Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida?

Ultimate Commercial Office Space for rent in Noida

Being ranked as the second most populated country in the world, India is a young country with a young population, and it has been undergoing a demographic transition over the recent years. In the year 2020, India had more than 65% of its population below the age of 35 years and had an overall median age of 28 years. This implies that India’s business sector is driven by its youth. Their ideas, values, and ability to adapt to this fast-changing world has been a hallmark feature to the business world. Not only do they contribute to their workplace but also pay attention to how their work environment affects their daily functioning. Working professionals and businesspeople have come to understand the shortcomings of rigid workspaces and that such places are considered inflexible for the Millennials.

Commercial real estate (CRE) has evolved tremendously owing to these shortcomings. The youth of India has embraced the commercial office spaces on rent that effectively cater to their working needs. Similar to major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, renting commercial office space in Noida has gained a lot of traction from the business ecosystem. The need for smart and aesthetic workspaces combined with employee-friendly amenities has been getting wide recognition.

With the growing importance of mental health and work fatigue, employers now have been extra careful with the choices they make in terms of the offices they want for the workforce. Growing competitive practices, enhancing workers’ productivity, skill-sets, creativity, and work-life balance has led to the adoption of these all-inclusive colourful and vibrant shared office spaces, which in return has had a positive effect on the people’s performance and productivity. Office space in Noida are technologically equipped, provide utmost comfort, and have aesthetic décor with modern design layout, leading to an inspiring work environment.

Noida as an Industrial Hub

Noida is one of the fastest-growing business cities in the country. Short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority in UP, Noida is also considered as a satellite city of Delhi and is part of the National Capital Region of India. It is classified as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which, coupled with its proximity to the national capital, proves itself as a great alternative for investment and various start-up ventures. Amplified support from the Noida civic body to fast-track approvals and permission for establishing businesses has given the required boost to the ecosystem.

The land is dominated by IT, software, and mobile apps development companies like Microsoft, ARM holding, Samsung, HCL, and Barclays. Noida also houses Paytm, a financial service company with multiple ventures creating commercial and brand value for the place. Noida has become a go-to destination for new-age entrepreneurs and start-ups as they look for convenient commercial offices spaces on rent for their employees.

Let us look at some of the major perks for having a Commercial Office in Noida.


The city has a very good transport system in place, keeping in mind the needs of national as well as international clients, salaried workers, and the general public. Efficient road connectivity to neighbouring cities through National Highways and Expressways, and within the city through metro rail network and road, and robust public transport aids professionals to reach the commercial office spaces without any difficulty. Traveling to any workspace becomes a hassle-free journey as both private and public means of commute are equally feasible.


Noida’s closeness to the national capital combined with its road connectivity helps international clients and big businessmen to visit the city. Providing an alternative to Delhi, Noida has emerged as a major business attracting area over the years. The location of some of the commercial spaces in the industrial belt of Noida and the availability of fully furnished office spaces has also lured MNCs to this region. Working from home or café can be hindering the progress of your business, professional settings, meeting rooms, brainstorming zones in commercial spaces help give a formal look to small businesses.


A commercial office space not only offers a place to work but also provides additional flexibility which is exclusive for the members of that space. Coworking space increases the chances of meeting like-minded people which is a great incentive for your business development. It offers the flexibility to work from different corners of the space which helps boost productivity for individuals who like moving while working. Working in such shared spaces can also help build a network that satisfies the social needs of individuals while at work.


Commercial spaces offer a wide variety of amenities that makes one want to work more in such spaces. Advanced infrastructure, front desk, fast internet, air conditioning systems, telephone connectivity, cafeterias, high level of security and surveillance, access to common area for networking, active solar energy controlling systems, water & electricity supply, attractive designs, fully furnished and many more services that enhances the workspace environment among individuals.


As commercial spaces offer co-working, individuals might be able to interact with people from other sectors which was not possible with regular offices spaces. These meetings can unfold into a strong network of like-minded people and create a community within the workplace. These communities can also get formed based on social commonalities among workers which allows job seekers from different backgrounds to find someone with whom they can connect. Flexible, diversified and creative office space has proved to be effective in recent times.

What makes Let’s Connect India the best commercial office space in Noida?

Let’s Connect India is a modern ecosystem built on the values of revolutionizing the workspaces for you. We strive to enhance your work life by changing the environment around you. We wish to offer top services in Noida by offering to make your ambiance more working friendly yet with a unique touch of creativity by building office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces & private offices with all the required amenities. Some notable features are:


Let’s Connect provides companies with fully furnished office spaces for rent in Noida, high internet services, customizations as and when required, personalized services; companies can move in without worrying about any hassles like overhead costs, furniture, business lounges, conference rooms, personal cabins, reception areas, and other amenities.


We have our commercial office space in Noida Expressway which is among the most promising business belt in the Delhi NCR region. Owing to the industrial development in this region and good connectivity to other regions via road and metro, Noida Expressway has become the most sought-after area where entrepreneurs would want to set up their offices. Positioned in a prime location, it is surrounded by numerous corporate buildings, large residential societies, food joints, and restaurants making it attractive for major corporations to consider expansion in this region.


Let’s Connect offers commercial office space for rent in Noida, which is the new age move-in office space with all-inclusive business facilities such as shared offices, open seats, private cabins, dedicated desks, private meeting rooms, and more. We are committed to giving you an immersive experience through collaborative and interactive work surroundings. Our coworking space in Noida offers exceptional virtual collaboration opportunities to the small businesses and entrepreneurs in NCR. Interaction with other interesting and amazing individuals only adds to the business advantage.


In light of the pandemic, we try to maintain the utmost safety and hygiene for everyone in the office space. We adhere to all COVID-19 related guidelines as prescribed by the WHO and encourage our coworkers and visitors to adhere to the safety protocols. We also make sure that we are committed to sustainable development goals by having eco-friendly resources while designing the office spaces in Noida.

If you decide to get a commercial office space for rent in Noida, Let’s Connect India is your one-stop solution with all the services and amenities under one roof. Visit us and book your dream office space – a place to work, rest and play!

coworking space

5 Big Differences between Traditional Workspace and Coworking Space


If you are starting a business, you must create an environment in which you can operate productively. There are two options available to you: traditional workspace and coworking space in Noida. The option you select is determined by your company’s needs. What kind of business do you run? What kind of employment do you do and how much money do you have to work with?

Most of the professionals in cities like Noida, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad are willing to pay to work in communal spaces as these consist of members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. Coworking space or the membership-based shared office space in Noida are mostly preferred due to the flexible workstyle, affordability, accessibility to shared resources and connections these of


Traditional workspace and coworking space have been used by many upcoming and fastest-growing companies based on their accessibility, comfort, and investment. However, there are significant differences between traditional workspace and coworking space. Let us explore these further.

  1. The Definition
  2. The Expense
  3. The Lease
  4. The Design
  5. The Community


Traditional Workspace

Traditional workspaces have been practiced over the decades. This type of working space is slotted and separated among every individual. These are completely occupied by the individual if they are working in the company. Everyone will be in a cubicle or private cabin. To put them up, you must manage every part on your own. Every aspect, from securing an internet connection to choosing furnishings, from hiring an office manager to purchasing equipment, is all up to you.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are the latest trendsetters in workspaces where you share the working space with other members. They feature an open floor plan, encouragement, and cooperation. A coworking package includes all the facilities you will require, in addition to a comfortable chair and workstation. These offices cater to every need, from business-grade Wi-Fi to complimentary coffee accompanied by a pleasant work environment. Also, it has been observed that there is a rapid increase in coworking office space in Noida.


Traditional Workspace

Traditional workspaces are more expensive, in terms of money, time and effort, because you must organize and handle every operational requirement. Every small and large choice, from the security of the space to the supply of stationery, contributes to the cost of running the business. Maintenance, contract renewal, parking, and so on are all your responsibility, which implies time spent on fulfilling them or money spent on them.

Coworking Space

Most individuals choose coworking spaces for two reasons: a friendly community and an incredibly flexible work style. While these are the primary reasons why coworking spaces have grown in popularity, Coworking spaces are economically beneficial when compared to traditional offices. Coworking office spaces are best signified in Noida. Membership in a shared office space is significantly less expensive in terms of both time and effort. More specifically, no effort is necessary on your behalf. Every amenity, including your hot desk, dedicated desk, or private office, is included in the charge. With your membership package, you have access to all the necessities.


Traditional Workspace

In traditional workspaces there is a standard lease which provides little flexibility and has a high initial fee. Once you sign a contract, you are committed to it for a minimum period of two to three years or more. While you do have complete control over the whole area you rent, if your team needs to expand in the middle of the agreement, the alternatives are either financially prohibitive or just not practicable. The same is true for any operational concerns you may have at the workplace, such as a lack of security or an excessively costly rent. Your only option is to weigh out the terms and conditions before making a change.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces do not have complex and long-term leases. You get a membership based on your business need, and you can upgrade it at any time. Whether it is a desk for one day, ten dedicated workstations for a week, or a private office for four months, shared office space in Noida provide a remarkable range of space options. In this regard, we can say that Let’s Connect co-working spaces for rent in Noida are extremely cost-effective and flexible option.


Traditional Workspace

Traditional workspaces have classic office arrangement that are “built-in”. It means these are permanent or semi-permanent structure spaces designed to accommodate as many people as feasible on a given floor area. Such offices will have a blend of enclosed offices and meeting spaces, well defined cubicles for everyone, as well as a wide reception area for greeting all customers and visitors. These are some of the distinguishing features of a traditional office space design.

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have an open floor plan with shared desks that create a critical sense of social welcome (and good daylight flow). The architecture of this type of office space design along with excellent interiors give the feeling of walking into a room full of brilliant brains at work. These workspaces are favorable to creativity and efficiency, right from the ergonomic furniture and flexi seats to cheerful and impressive layouts that promote work productivity. Coworking office space in Noida is best when it comes to agile, innovative office space designs.


Traditional Workspace

By assigning fixed cubicles to employees, traditional workspaces create visual barriers between them. It discourages communication within the same team, so even considering connections and collaborations across departments is out of the question. As a result, employees have few possibilities for networking. If they do, they are restricted to the same project team in the assigned zone or, at the very least, the same firm without knowing the upcoming technologies and developments that are not commonly known.

Coworking Space

The foundation of coworking spaces is the creation of a community of like-minded individuals, which is why members are encouraged to wander throughout the space. People can meet new people from a various professional background in the lounge and communal spaces. In five minutes, you may network with a finance expert, an artist, and a singer! When you include in the numerous activities that shared office spaces hold, the potential to form a community and knowledge grows even more. Shared office space in Noida is quite efficient in this sense.


We can say that the coworking spaces are the most flexible and feasible option for fostering a collaborative, creative team. There are several possibilities for networking, cross-industry collaboration, and team communication in flexible workspaces. A company, with a large workforce or that interacts with clients regularly, may consider a managed office space to be the best option. If you are working fully remote and your company is modest, that allows you to do some parts of your business outside the firm, you may find coworking spaces in Noida more advantageous.

Traditional office spaces are less distracting, provide a sense of solitude, and place an emphasis on individual work. These office spaces are ideal for large firms that require employees to work on many projects at the same time. The office will offer the necessary workspace and dedicated resources for them to complete their job, resulting into higher productivity.

Whether you want to rent a coworking space or buy/lease an office space, there are few things you must think about before the final decision. Consider how you want to promote your company to prospective clients, how your workers will work best and be most productive, and which choice will be the most cost-effective. Come and explore Let’s Connect co-working spaces for rent in Noida and experience the best-fit workspace solutions in Delhi NCR.

managed office space in Noida

The Growing Trend of Managed Office Space in Noida

The Growing Trend of Managed Office Space in Noida

Noida has emerged as an important hub for IT companies, start-ups and other big firms in the last few years giving competition to Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurugram. The city has a list of multinational units and established firms under its kitty. Being a planned city, with proximity to Delhi, having the right infrastructure, availability of talent and support from the state government has made it an ideal location to start and expand business.
Various foreign companies are interested to invest in the township projects of Noida and many investors are looking forward to supporting the new and promising ventures in the city. All of these elements have attracted entrepreneurs to make the most of the region and therefore we see new businesses setting up here. The managed office space in Noida are the catalyst right now that can help meet the rising demand for workspaces. The ambitious and competitive city has been inviting investors, entrepreneurs, talent and trade by facilitating an ecosystem that has a professional environment, support facilities, favourable market and healthy competition.

The shared office space industry has stunned everyone with the growth and progress it has shown since it entered the Indian market. Not just that it has completely changed the traditional ecosystem but has improved the way people work. Due to the availability, flexibility and affordability, coworking spaces in Noida are becoming the first choice of new age entrepreneurs. The dynamic, flexi space industry is expected to grow thrice the rate it is at. Modifying the future of work, coworking spaces help companies cut on their expenses and have a collaborative environment at work. Not just this, some space providers also become seed capitalists for the start-ups and nurture them. With everyone aspiring to be their own boss, the demand for affordable workspaces have increased exponentially and in prime regions like Noida, the coworking sector has been ruling for quite few years now.

As discussed, there has been a rise in managed office space in Noida driven by several factors, and the unique facilities that traditional space providers could never offer. Let us check them one by one:

  1. TOTAL COST SAVINGS: Against the traditional office spaces, the coworking offices offer much needed smart solutions and membership plans that fit the budget and requirement of the clients. The demand for office space is different for each client since the nature of work and size of team is not the same and hence, charging them the same won’t make sense. In a shared office space, you get to choose the plan that fits right for your tenure. You pay according to the number of seats you take and not for the entire floor as in conventional spaces. There are no long contracts that bind you or charge a fixed deposit. The utility bills, the overall maintenance, repairs and IT support is a part of the membership that implies saving lot of time, effort and of course, money.
  2. FLEXIBILITY AT WORK: While most traditional workspaces have a pre-designed layout and basic amenities, shared workspaces are customized as per the client needs. They allow the members to get their work area coordinated with their needs and configure the space according to their brand. Also known as flexible spaces, these offices instill a greater sense of belongingness in their members and make them more comfortable. Coworkers can sit and work in different areas as per the requirement without having to stay glued to their desks all the time. There will be formal work desks and cabins as well as couches and bean bags to maximize productivity and minimize fatigue. For the companies with half their workforce in the field and half in the office, shared spaces prove to be a smart choice.
  3. VALUE FOR MONEY: As discussed, the coworking spaces can help entrepreneurs save money because of the facilities they offer against the traditional offices. About 20-25% of the cost gets reduced when a third party entirely manages the space. The managed office space in Noida and everywhere else first take into consideration the demand by their members and accordingly addresses them. This is why the small and medium companies are most benefitting by coworking spaces. They get all the hi-tech infrastructure, modern furniture, beautiful décor, housekeeping facilities, prime location and top office solutions by hiring a shared space for their business.
  4. MODERN WORKSPACE AMENITIES: An average employee spends more hours in the office than at home. The workplaces must be equipped with all the necessary facilities that they require to work comfortably in the physical work environment and help them maintain the right work-life balance. The shared office spaces are known to offer facilities that encourage people to come to work thereby performing better and giving greater output. Services like a gaming room, breakout area, sleeping pods, café, gym, crèche, etc are present because a happy employee is an efficient one.
  5. OPPORTUNITIES FOR NETWORKING AND COLLABORATION: Working from a shared workspace not just means using the space but also the facilities that come along and the networking opportunities that it offers. There are brilliant professionals and like-minded people around you who will inspire you every day. When you enter a coworking space, you would see coworkers interacting, sharing ideas and even working together. Often the members share work opportunities and refer them to parties that could benefit them. Shared spaces are great to collaborate and producing ideas. You will never find a better place for your important meetings than a conference room of a coworking. The equipped and professional meeting rooms are ideal for the important discussions that would get ruined in a coffee shop.
  6. ATTRACTS NEW TALENT: The culture of coworking spaces is incredibly unique, innovative and fresh. Nobody works in isolation though everyone works independently. The beauty of the place is the collaborative and creative environment that attracts fresh minds. The aesthetics of the place are visually appealing, and the opportunities are professionally attractive. With veterans coming from all walks of life and work experience, it becomes a centre of talent.
  7. PREFERENCE OF THE MILLENNIAL WORKFORCE: India is the world’s youngest startup nation where more than 70% of the founders of start-ups are below the age of 35 years. The Millennials and Gen-Z currently rule the market with their numbers and innovations. They prefer to work in a shared workspace where they have other talented professionals around them and they can expose their talent and gather more work. They love to work where they do not have to manage anything except their brainchild.
  8. DEMAND BY THE TECH-ENABLED COMPANIES: The young workforce looks forward to working in a technology enabled workplace thereby maximizing their productivity. Most managed office spaces in Noida have the latest equipment, offer tech support and have all the necessary security devices in place. The security cameras, biometric machines, high-speed internet, IoT powered meeting rooms etc are installed to encourage efficiency through technical advancement and reduce resource wastage
  9. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES: The shared office spaces are known for their infamous events and workshops. The occasional events are organized for fun, education, promotion and team building. These activities keep the members engaged, entertained and close. The events bring people together to connect and have fun thereby forming a strong community. The informative sessions, fun games, pop-up shops, educational workshops and corporate grooming sessions never happen in a traditional work setup.
  10. LESSER TRAVEL: Last but not the least is a key point that highlights the importance of commute time. People who work near to their workplaces do not spend as much time on daily travel as those who come from a distance. A shorter commute not just saves time and money, but also the energy that could be utilized better at work. With the rise of coworking spaces, companies are letting their employees work from their nearest space with the necessary infrastructure. With the tech-enabled environment and networking opportunities, professionals chose shared workspaces.

The demand for setting workspace in Noida is increasing and so is the demand for the membership of a coworking space. Having both could mean more power to the business and more talented workforce. With Let’s Connect Coworking, you can make the most of both worlds. Our fully equipped professional spaces and customized membership plans offer a highly productive work environment. Join us for a more meaningful experience as we are one of the best managed office space in Noida.

Professional Office Space for Rent

How to find Professional Office Space for Rent

How to find Professional Office Space for Rent?

Now is the era of the Millennial generation and Gen Z that work to build their own brand rather than working for others. You will find many new dot-coms going live, selling you products and services you never thought you would buy online. The new ventures and freelance services by professionals working from home start very well, but do they manage to be the same in the long run? Maybe not. Working from home is the first and best choice with those with cash crunch and newbies. As your business and team grows, you probably will need a proper workspace. A functional office is more than just a requirement. Talking of workplaces, coworking spaces are taking the world by storm. You will find shared office space in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and every major city in the country.

Coworking offices are preferred across industries, businesses and professionals. Of the many benefits they offer, the biggest one is the cost effectiveness. Conventional offices, though mainly being a thing of the past, are still chosen by many. Traditional spaces are just overly expensive and do not offer anything else than a property (bought or rented). Since the property prices are skyrocketing, a huge chunk of ventures stays a dream. Even if rented, these spaces have nothing to offer, not even maintenance. You just get a space to furnish, decorate and maintain. With a plethora of offices in the market and leasing options, you just need to make the right choice. Also, going by the trend and functional aspects, renting a coworking space is just the best thing.

Though picking a shared workspace is an amazing choice, there are certain points to be kept in mind while signing the agreement. Here is how we find office space on rent in Noida and other places.


Having the exact idea of what your company needs in the commercial space is the first step towards making a selection. The nearby amenities, the road/metro connectivity, number of employees, parking area, other businesses around, etc are to be kept in mind. There would be the following categories of properties to look for:

The newly constructed/ renovated– Since they are freshly constructed or renovated, they will have the modern touch (trend of the decade). These are the most desirable and would naturally charge the highest.

A bit older ones– Office spaces that are not so old but need a little touch up here and there to make them look up to date and vibe with the new generation can also be picked as there is a scope to renovate.

Typically older– Some properties are so old, even renovation won’t help. The only good thing about them is that they will be cheaper in comparison.

Go to the place, take a tour, study the property, assess the budget and then make a decision. Another major thing to decide from is that whether you should go for a traditional or coworking space. Ever since the pandemic, shared spaces are increasingly becoming the choice of businesses and professionals looking for flexi-space. There is uncertainty about working offline and in such a dynamic situation, flexible space is the best thing to go for. The conventional spaces bind the client into long lock-ins, thereby bagging a huge security deposit which is not the case in a coworking that lets you pay the fee monthly and don’t increase their prices.

Allowing easy upscaling and downscaling of workspace, simplifying rent fees, offering flexible membership and providing an amazing place to work, a shared office space in Noida is an answer to your prayers.


Get the rent estimate of the locations you are considering. Knowing the per-foot cost enables you to compare properties across locations. This way you can multiply how much area you would need per employee, so you have ample working space keeping the team size in mind. Since the pandemic required social distancing, you must add some extra space for the same. Also, don’t forget to plan the budget for utility bills, daily pantry expenses and occasional repairs/fixtures. If you go for a conventional space, all the costs would be borne by you, but choosing a coworking space in Noida can save you all that money and hassle.


You got to do some work and find out the listed and trusted brokers and properties. A simple Google search might not suffice, and you might have to go the extra mile. A trusted broker can help you narrow down your options basis your requirement (company size, budget & type of work). Considering a coworking space will be a great option since they save you the stress of curation, adjustment and maintenance. You can customize the space as per your team size whenever you want. If you know what you want and have a favoured location, search for shared space in that area.


Once you have shortlisted a few properties, it is time to go and check them physically one by one. Schedule a tour with the agent to know about the building’s history, check the construction quality, and other features. Make note of the general condition of the property and the surrounding area because that would make a lasting impact on your visitors. How well do the roads connect, what will be the electricity supply and neighbouring facilities, is it easy to locate are some questions to ponder on. A good, shared office space in Noida would tick all the boxes in your checklist compared to hiring a traditional property.


Handling a lease agreement can be tricky and better be done in the presence of a reliable broker. The costing, the leasing and negotiation is very important process for both the tenant and the landlord. Some leases transfer all the amount on the tenant while some divides. A shared office asks only for a monthly fee and in return, you just plug-in your desktop and start working. Every other bill and maintenance will be taken care of by the space provider.

Choose Let’s Connect India to find Professional Office Space

The global pandemic has made it the need of the hour to cut the costs wherever possible and focus only on productive areas. Coworking spaces have proven to be the right thing in this regard considering the attached advantages, for every kind of setup and scale of business, shared spaces are an excellent choice. Any business owner would love if they could focus mainly on the work and not the upkeep of the workspace.

If you’re someone who is looking for professional office space on rent in Noida, get in touch with Let’s Connect Coworking. We have years of experience in client handling and satisfaction. Having served hundreds of clients across industries, our clients get all the needed facilities under the same roof. Our offices have state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern interiors, fancy décor, organized premises and support staff that make it the perfect place to work at. Noida is one of the best business hubs in the country and having your office in this location opens door to a lot of business opportunities. Not just start-ups and new businesses, but also multinationals have their units set up there.

Whether you are a new venture searching for a commercial space or an established company looking to expand into new markets, we offer you multiple membership plans and simple agreements on flexible terms. You can get your workspace and plans customized to your demand. The fast changing and dynamic environment call for a dynamic work atmosphere and we promise you one!

Contact us today or visit our office to discuss queries, membership options and have a detailed look at the property.

furnished office space in Noida

Why Furnished Office Space in Noida is the Best Choice for SME?

Furnished Office Space in Noida for SMEs

SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) sector has been one of the most vulnerable during the pandemic and lockdown situation. Capital crunch, high transaction costs and cybercrimes are few areas where they suffered. SMEs also need proper workspaces to operate from but given their financial condition, hiring/owning a traditional space will always be a hard option. Small and Medium Enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries of the coworking spaces. They are currently benefitting a lot from the fully furnished office space in Noida and other cities of the country. Let us discuss how:

  • Conventional leased workspaces are infamously expensive. They demand huge deposits, have high rentals and can be difficult to come out of in case the business does not go well. You are likely to be bound by a legal contract as per which you cannot leave the space for a particular period and pay the rent even if the business is not operating. On the other hand, if you choose a coworking space in Noida, there is no such liability. You pay only for what you use and for how long. There are no binding agreements or hidden terms and therefore, shared spaces are a great option for new and emerging businesses with tight budgets.
  • Apart from the expense part, the shared offices are amazing because they offer businesses the opportunity to connect and network at various levels. People across industries, businesses and experience work in the same place and often share work opportunities. This one thing can never be possible with the traditional spaces. You are simply provided space to work with no exchange of work or growth opportunities.
  • Hiring a coworking space in Noida will be any day a wiser decision than going for a conventional property because you get a huge bouquet of services in the chosen membership plan. Never will you get housekeeping staff, IT experts, front desk professionals, unlimited beverages, parking etc in a traditional office like you get in a managed office space.

Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Also considered as the backbone of the country, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a huge role especially in developing countries. They are majorly responsible for job creation and economic development. In a report by IBEF, SMEs in India employ nearly 60 million people, produce more than 8000 quality products for the international markets and account for 40% of India’s exports. In emerging economies like India, SMEs create 7 out of 10 jobs and help markets grow. Despite their contribution and growth rate, the potential of SMEs is still untapped and yet to attain their full potential. These businesses are less likely to obtain loans from the bank and so they rely on internal funds (friends and family) to launch their setup.

In the year 2020, the finance ministry had announced an ambitious target of a 5-Trillion-Dollar economy for India by 2024, and to achieve this target the country would need SMEs all the way. The biggest and only challenge would be technology adoption. For this, tech companies are showing up and coming to the front for making technologies available to Small and Medium Enterprises.

7 Reasons Why Working from Furnished Office Space in Noida is better

A plethora of multinational units is set in the country and taking advantage of the present coworking space while they could be of huge service to Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

  1. Present in prime location

These amazing and fully furnished workplaces are usually located in business parks and corporate hubs. It feels great to be working in a place with plenty of offices, buildings and professionals around. This also gives the small businesses a chance to position themselves amongst many other reputed and established ventures and in a popular neighbourhood. Such business addresses offer a lot of credibility to the business owners and their products if a prospect, client or competitor is searching about them.

  1. Cost-efficient option

While some people can perceive “fully furnished” as expensive, these places are affordable and fit within the average budget. Even while providing all the technology, furniture and décor, the space providers charge only a reasonable amount. Also, since the office space is shared, all the members share the common expenses as well. The maintenance charges, the rental fees, the staff salaries, the utility bills, the repairs and fixtures (if any), are borne entirely by the lessor. This enables members to operate smoothly.

  1. Flexible office, flexible terms

Coworking spaces are also known as flexible office spaces since they provide complete flexibility of work timings, plans and agreement terms. The traditional offices come with no furnishings and a longer term period binding the tenant whether or not they could afford it during that time. The furnished office space in Noida free you from this worry so you can start, expand or stop as per your requirement.

  1. Lesser responsibilities, more ‘real’ work

It’s very evident that a furnished and managed office will save the members from their administration duties that could take up a large part of their productive day. Those who manage their office by themselves take care of the landline, the housekeeping, installation, repairs, parking problems, internet etc. Business owners can focus on their real work with a free mind thanks to the shared office spaces.

  1. In-house IT support

Desktops, the internet and other connections are an indispensable part of every business. Hence, no professional can do without IT assistance. Those who run the space by themselves have to get things done by calling an expert every time while members of a coworking space have an advantage. There is always IT support present to take a check if there is a connectivity or network issue. They don’t have to hire a team of professional each time they need support.

  1. Housekeeping facility

Maintaining a workplace can be very overwhelming and so, corporations hire an entire team for the same.  By hiring a furnished space, you liberate yourself from cleaning, sanitizing and related duties. Since the contract will be all inclusive, you enjoy all that comes along.

  1. Networking opportunities

Fully furnished office space in Noida and elsewhere would not just offer maintenance, IT, cafeteria and front desk services but also occasions and platforms to interact and form business connections. The events arranged in coworking encourage ice-breaking and the coffee machine is often the area to interact with the coworkers. When people know each other and their job profiles, they are likely to become work-friends.

Let’s Connect – A Perfect Place for SMEs to Work

Let’s Connect Coworking, in its continuous endeavour, has created a perfect workspace ecosystem to support the new and emerging businesses in and around Noida. Strategically located near to the metro station and having an excellent road connectivity, our hybrid open-office space is easy to reach without facing any problems. Smartly selected the location, our office is located around other businesses thereby enabling you into a commercial hub. Our office has all the facilities to offer that a business would need in their daily operations and the interiors are impressively designed keeping the aesthetical requirement in mind.

The members can have their clients or guests over for a formal discussion and can use our professional meeting rooms that are better than any coffee shop. Our fully furnished office space in Noida has unlimited tea and coffee supply throughout the day so you can have a refreshing little work break. Our in-house facilities are at par excellence to provide client satisfaction. The gaming area, breakout zones, cafeteria, equipped meeting rooms and every corner has everything needed to support the members work in most comfortably.

If you are a small to medium business, or a freelancer looking to set up your office space on rent in Noida, contact Let’s Connect Coworking to discuss the membership plans and facilities. Call us, mail us or simply walk in for a tour of the property. Your coffee is on the house!