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What makes Let’s Connect India a successful Coworking Space in Noida?

Let’s Connect India — A Successful Coworking Space in Noida

The coworking industry in India has been a huge hit serving businesses of all sizes across industries. The SME sector is benefitting hugely from the facilities that shared offices spaces offer. Initially, these flexible office spaces were only present in the metro cities due to the presence of business hubs and big players. But seeing the demand, the shared workplaces are now available even in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

The coworking industry is enormously growing with new space providers joining them. Let’s Connect India has been a part of the coworking space segment in India since 2018 and has been serving hundreds of clients. Our coworking office in Noida is a workplace for individual freelancers, small-scale ventures, new setups and even established businesses. Professionals from various fields work here every day at their own pace enjoying the modern infrastructure and making the most out of the facilities offered.

As a coworking office space in Noida, we are one of the catalysts that bridge the gap between the demand and supply for professional workplaces. Noida is one of the most desired locations for new ventures in Delhi NCR and even a major attraction for multinational companies. With the interlinked metro connectivity, reaching Noida has become easier and convenient thereby drawing people from all over NCR to work here. Being a planned city with right infrastructure, transport facility, business centre and market, it is inviting more people every day to work in the region. With more professionals moving inwards due to better employment opportunities as well as business setup, more space is required, and Let’s Connect India is here for them all. Our office is well-designed and equipped keeping in mind everything a business needs for its smooth operations.

Being a business that supports other businesses is a big responsibility. Scoring a high client satisfaction rate can be tricky and this is where we excel. With numerous shared space providers in the city, Let’s Connect Coworking space in Noida has made its name among the top emerging shared office spaces and become a reliable and affordable option to go with. Let us begin with our unique propositions that prove why Let’s Connect India is a successful coworking space provider in a city that has high competition.

The Location

It is important to be available as and when needed. The city needs workplaces that could help small and medium businesses with a professional office set up. Let’s Connect is available right here in Noida, with its excellent and efficient workspace solutions to match your business needs. Our premises is extremely easy to locate and reach, as we are in close proximity to Sector 59 metro station connecting with the Delhi Metro network. Located in prime commercial area, we have businesses, private offices and markets around, so that you do not feel disconnected from the professional surroundings. It is particularly important for us that our clients don’t feel isolated from the outside work environment. The market around could be very benefitting for the members in terms of business opportunities. Did we mention the ease of parking in the area too?

The Facilities

A right and responsible workspace provider is the one that facilitates the members with all the amenities that could help their business in the daily operations. A typical workplace with nothing except furniture is a big failure because it is not fulfilling the purpose of shared spaces. The floor layout at Let’s Connect Coworking has flexible structured workspaces, customized areas divided into work areas, recreation zone and open moving space so it does not feel congested. There is high speed internet, housekeeping staff, unlimited beverages, IT support, front desk professionals and regular upkeep of the place. The material and fixtures used in the office are of high quality to ensure durability. Better facilities equal satisfied clients and successful service.

The Community

It is the community that differentiates a coworking place from the other and is one of the most important aspects that makes a shared space successful. The like-minded people at a coworking form a community that interacts, connects and share opportunities. It takes a great deal to form a close knit professional community and once you have it, it attracts more people of the same kind. More people want to work with you when there is a positive vibe and a happy community. Let’s Connect Coworking space in Noida sure has one. Our members bond over hot cup of coffee, participate in discussions, help one another and share work opportunities.

The Hospitality

Though it is majorly real estate, a huge part of providing a shared office space is about the hospitality of the clients. It really matters how you make them feel while they are associated with you. It is our team of professionals who work hard to make the members feel best at work in our coworking space. The success of a team is in the positive reviews of the clients they serve, and our members have a great time being with us. When you walk inside, you would see smiling faces and a very happy environment. We stay on our toes to ensure that everyone gets what they need and suffer no delays. Why we get multiple queries every day is because our coworkers have good things to talk about us!

Business and Time Span

Though we have started only in 2018, we have a successful record of serving hundreds of members with a high retention rate and happy faces. At the end of the day, it is about the money made and profits generated. In the time span where a coworking office space in Noida could only establish itself, we have earned decently. We rent out single desks, private cabins, event space, meeting/conference room and virtual office. Our high occupancy rates have enabled us to manage better business than our competitors amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The Smart Expenditure

Since we are a shared office space, we keep our unnecessary expenses at bay and can actually save big. We have employees that can help you with different departments. The technology instalment is good enough to stay for years. Our office space uses resources responsibly and tries to cut down the wastage if any. There is a proper arrangement for software updates and IT services saving us from frequent maintenance charges. As much as the business is focused on generating revenue from the members, we are dedicated to spending purposely for their satisfaction.

The Expansion Plans

Our coworking space started with a capacity of around hundred people that jumped to 350 in year 2019. Looking at the number of queries, startup demands and future opportunities, we have booked three more properties that are now expected to be functional in year 2022. In the current pandemic situation while few competitors are planning to leave the market, we are looking forward to spreading our wings. Starting from one office and adding on three more is a clear sign of being a successful coworking office in Noida.

The Environment

What other space providers ignore, and which could be a vital characteristic of a successful coworking, is the environment of the office. If the space you provide is dull, boring and nobody connects then it is a failure. Walk inside a coworking at a random time to check the work environment because that will show you the real picture. Let’s Connect India is a vibrant and inclusive community of people who love being together at the same place sharing a wavelength, knowledge and opportunities.


The coworking industry is very lucrative. With free entry and exit, many entrepreneurs from the real estate sector try their luck in providing shared workspace but merely setting up a colourful office won’t do. What is the demand, where are your clients and what do they need are some of the things to be studied before you launch a huge investment project. Yes, many freelancers and independent ventures are on a look-out for a professional office space but not in every area. Let’s Connect Coworking office space in Noida provides not only work desks but just the right environment that fosters productivity and networking. Our hospitality and client focus are the reasons we are referred by our members to those looking for a coworking space. We are glad to be the workspace partner to your business and thank you for being on board with us!

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