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FAQs about Coworking Spaces, Shared Offices and Virtual Office Spaces

Co-working space is a business service provision model that allows individuals and teams to work independently or collaboratively in a shared office space. In spite of being a shared office space, a co-working space provides an environment that simulates the environment founding an established venture. Co-working spaces all over are a start-up in itself and it not only makes money in the form of rents but also has widened its branches to other revenue sources like partnerships and memberships. Therefore, we can say that co-working spaces give you the freedom to focus, collaborate, and grow.

Let’s connect provides you the best in quality and bright cabin spaces along with the prime location. It provides you with all the utilities, internet, and furniture all set-up and ready to go. The space is budget-friendly, and for a more long-term solution or upcoming project, you can easily increase or decrease the seat count according to the need of your enterprise. The collaborative environments will help you grow your network, find new clients, and collaborate with other like-minded professionals in the co-working office.

A co-working space has a set number of workstations which it rents to individual and teams. Apart from the dedicated workstations, most of the co-working spaces offer dedicated cabins for rents too. Many of them also offer a flexible rent option to provide an à la carte solutions to the users. The spaces with available halls and meeting rooms also rent out these spaces for events like conferences, seminars, training workshops, etc. They charge a fee that is nominal when compared to other resource-intensive alternatives and also provides adequate facilities to host such events.

Commercial real estate is one of these sectors that have encountered a bright outlook in the nation. The increased demand for office spaces, commercial avenues, and retails shops has surged due to the rising number of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the country. Though the path of growth is visible throughout the country, Noida presents some wonderful investment and growth opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the rising Indian economy. In the entire Delhi-NCR region, Noida is largely considered as the most affordable and growth-oriented epicenter on the real estate map. In the light of these perks, Noida indeed is an emerging place to rent a co-working space.

The best co-working space could be judged on three parameters – Location, Innovativeness, and Community. The location of these spaces is one of the most important aspects as it is something anybody notices when hunting for workspaces. Co-working spaces shouldn’t be just four walls with basic amenities instead; they should have some outstanding features which attract the companies. Some of the facilities which are essential for any co-working space are: unlimited internet, 24/7 accessibility, professional security, conference rooms, personal cabins, café, casual areas, printer and scanner, kitchenette, gyms, and the list seems to be never-ending.

Restarting co-working spaces post-COVID 19 lockdowns have been nothing short of a challenge. It has forced these spaces to adapt to change quickly and rapidly. As companies adapt to the new normal, they’re making necessary changes to the workplace environment keeping in mind the safety of their employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entire world to adapt to change quickly and rapidly. Cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting have become indispensable. Let’s Connect have been following all the safety precautions to its teeth. They include:
• Adhering to the guidelines set up by the government on hygiene practices, maintaining social distancing, and limiting personal interaction.
• Following the protocol of screening everyone entering the premises using infra-red thermometers.
• Keeping the details of medics and authorities handy.
• Installation of touchless sanitizers, soap dispensers, and taps.
• Keeping track of the visitors and occupants.


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