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Why Furnished Office Space in Noida is the Best Choice for SME?

Furnished Office Space in Noida for SMEs

SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) sector has been one of the most vulnerable during the pandemic and lockdown situation. Capital crunch, high transaction costs and cybercrimes are few areas where they suffered. SMEs also need proper workspaces to operate from but given their financial condition, hiring/owning a traditional space will always be a hard option. Small and Medium Enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries of the coworking spaces. They are currently benefitting a lot from the fully furnished office space in Noida and other cities of the country. Let us discuss how:

  • Conventional leased workspaces are infamously expensive. They demand huge deposits, have high rentals and can be difficult to come out of in case the business does not go well. You are likely to be bound by a legal contract as per which you cannot leave the space for a particular period and pay the rent even if the business is not operating. On the other hand, if you choose a coworking space in Noida, there is no such liability. You pay only for what you use and for how long. There are no binding agreements or hidden terms and therefore, shared spaces are a great option for new and emerging businesses with tight budgets.
  • Apart from the expense part, the shared offices are amazing because they offer businesses the opportunity to connect and network at various levels. People across industries, businesses and experience work in the same place and often share work opportunities. This one thing can never be possible with the traditional spaces. You are simply provided space to work with no exchange of work or growth opportunities.
  • Hiring a coworking space in Noida will be any day a wiser decision than going for a conventional property because you get a huge bouquet of services in the chosen membership plan. Never will you get housekeeping staff, IT experts, front desk professionals, unlimited beverages, parking etc in a traditional office like you get in a managed office space.

Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Also considered as the backbone of the country, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a huge role especially in developing countries. They are majorly responsible for job creation and economic development. In a report by IBEF, SMEs in India employ nearly 60 million people, produce more than 8000 quality products for the international markets and account for 40% of India’s exports. In emerging economies like India, SMEs create 7 out of 10 jobs and help markets grow. Despite their contribution and growth rate, the potential of SMEs is still untapped and yet to attain their full potential. These businesses are less likely to obtain loans from the bank and so they rely on internal funds (friends and family) to launch their setup.

In the year 2020, the finance ministry had announced an ambitious target of a 5-Trillion-Dollar economy for India by 2024, and to achieve this target the country would need SMEs all the way. The biggest and only challenge would be technology adoption. For this, tech companies are showing up and coming to the front for making technologies available to Small and Medium Enterprises.

7 Reasons Why Working from Furnished Office Space in Noida is better

A plethora of multinational units is set in the country and taking advantage of the present coworking space while they could be of huge service to Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

  1. Present in prime location

These amazing and fully furnished workplaces are usually located in business parks and corporate hubs. It feels great to be working in a place with plenty of offices, buildings and professionals around. This also gives the small businesses a chance to position themselves amongst many other reputed and established ventures and in a popular neighbourhood. Such business addresses offer a lot of credibility to the business owners and their products if a prospect, client or competitor is searching about them.

  1. Cost-efficient option

While some people can perceive “fully furnished” as expensive, these places are affordable and fit within the average budget. Even while providing all the technology, furniture and décor, the space providers charge only a reasonable amount. Also, since the office space is shared, all the members share the common expenses as well. The maintenance charges, the rental fees, the staff salaries, the utility bills, the repairs and fixtures (if any), are borne entirely by the lessor. This enables members to operate smoothly.

  1. Flexible office, flexible terms

Coworking spaces are also known as flexible office spaces since they provide complete flexibility of work timings, plans and agreement terms. The traditional offices come with no furnishings and a longer term period binding the tenant whether or not they could afford it during that time. The furnished office space in Noida free you from this worry so you can start, expand or stop as per your requirement.

  1. Lesser responsibilities, more ‘real’ work

It’s very evident that a furnished and managed office will save the members from their administration duties that could take up a large part of their productive day. Those who manage their office by themselves take care of the landline, the housekeeping, installation, repairs, parking problems, internet etc. Business owners can focus on their real work with a free mind thanks to the shared office spaces.

  1. In-house IT support

Desktops, the internet and other connections are an indispensable part of every business. Hence, no professional can do without IT assistance. Those who run the space by themselves have to get things done by calling an expert every time while members of a coworking space have an advantage. There is always IT support present to take a check if there is a connectivity or network issue. They don’t have to hire a team of professional each time they need support.

  1. Housekeeping facility

Maintaining a workplace can be very overwhelming and so, corporations hire an entire team for the same.  By hiring a furnished space, you liberate yourself from cleaning, sanitizing and related duties. Since the contract will be all inclusive, you enjoy all that comes along.

  1. Networking opportunities

Fully furnished office space in Noida and elsewhere would not just offer maintenance, IT, cafeteria and front desk services but also occasions and platforms to interact and form business connections. The events arranged in coworking encourage ice-breaking and the coffee machine is often the area to interact with the coworkers. When people know each other and their job profiles, they are likely to become work-friends.

Let’s Connect – A Perfect Place for SMEs to Work

Let’s Connect Coworking, in its continuous endeavour, has created a perfect workspace ecosystem to support the new and emerging businesses in and around Noida. Strategically located near to the metro station and having an excellent road connectivity, our hybrid open-office space is easy to reach without facing any problems. Smartly selected the location, our office is located around other businesses thereby enabling you into a commercial hub. Our office has all the facilities to offer that a business would need in their daily operations and the interiors are impressively designed keeping the aesthetical requirement in mind.

The members can have their clients or guests over for a formal discussion and can use our professional meeting rooms that are better than any coffee shop. Our fully furnished office space in Noida has unlimited tea and coffee supply throughout the day so you can have a refreshing little work break. Our in-house facilities are at par excellence to provide client satisfaction. The gaming area, breakout zones, cafeteria, equipped meeting rooms and every corner has everything needed to support the members work in most comfortably.

If you are a small to medium business, or a freelancer looking to set up your office space on rent in Noida, contact Let’s Connect Coworking to discuss the membership plans and facilities. Call us, mail us or simply walk in for a tour of the property. Your coffee is on the house!