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What is an affordable coworking space?

Today, the property rates are higher than ever and a common man doesn’t dare think of buying space when renting could go burn a hole in his pocket. The shared workspaces have been a saviour. They are affordable coworking spaces that can be accessible to all. From an independent freelancer to a profitable business, anyone can have their workspace with shared spaces.

Coworking spaces are great to work in especially if the environment and setup are favourable. These workspaces offer different arrangements in which workers from multiple companies can work together while saving costs and making the best of the facilities offered. They are very cost effective compared to the conventional spaces and offer a lot in a single membership plan.

Why should you opt for an affordable coworking space?

First thing first, because they are “affordable”. In 2022 when one normally can’t afford a normal workspace, your business can have a serviced office space that comes along with a bouquet of services.

  • Prime location: The shared workspaces are generally located in the best areas of the city. Who wouldn’t want their business to be located in a premium location? The address of your company says a lot about it and affects your reputation as well.
  • Networking opportunities: Working alongside other companies offers you opportunities to create business contacts and build relationships. Working alone or with same the colleagues can never let you have this kind of exposure to the experts across industries.
  • Flexible working: These workspaces allow you all the flexibility of starting and ending your day and how you wish to work. Choose a desk, a meeting room, a cabin or a beanbag; whatever you like. Take the liberty of being comfortable while being in a professional space.
  • Cost efficiency: The cafeteria, parking, CCTV, lockers, printer, electricity, housekeeping and other amenities are a part of your membership that makes working from a plug and play office space an amazingly cost-effective option.
  • Increased productivity: The members of a coworking space have confessed to being relaxed, happier and have a better work-life balance. When a person is happy in a place one spends the maximum time of their day, it reflects on the way they work and people working from a coworking space tend to be more productive.

Lastly and most importantly, check if their coffee is good because when you reach out to the first sip before starting the day, it should be great!

Who should look for a coworking space?

Anybody who wishes to have a professional working environment, who can’t find any inspiration in the monotony of working from home, who wishes to start a new business, who looks forward to expanding the existing business, any person or any company regardless of the size and nature of their business can start looking for a coworking space. Only once you are in there you would understand what a great decision you’ve made.

  • It is ideal for remote workers. With plug and play office spaces, you don’t have to work in noisy, non-professional and distracting coffee places.
  • The existing businesses who are looking to re-scale can consider coworking as you can add or remove the seats from your plan as needed.
  • The new setups don’t have to struggle with the budgets of traditional officers because shared office spaces are here for their service.
  • The freelancers have an option outside their home where they can work independently without feeling isolated.

Checklist before booking a coworking space for your team

A coworking space could be a wonderful workspace for your team if chosen thoughtfully. There are a few things one must check on their list before picking a shared workspace.

  • The location: You must check if your office is accessible from all parts of the city. Your clients, guests or employees must not find it difficult to reach you. It would be great if there’s a bus stand or metro station nearby.
  • Budget: If your preferred office space doesn’t align with your budget, then it’s a problem. It would be great if the serviced office space provider has membership plans that could fit your estimated budget and also has the extra facilities to support the daily operations.
  • Amenities: The amenities we discussed above are offered by all good coworking spaces so you must ensure if the one you are going to go for offers it too. The internet, cafeteria, CCTV, locker, parking, housekeeping, support staff and other facilities should be a part of the plan.
  • Simple agreement: The contract you sign must not have too much of technical terms to confuse you or play with the words. Every point must be understandable so there is no difficulty in future.
  • The community: The people around you could either be a source of inspiration or distraction. If the coworking office has people that share with you the same work, interests, industry or opinions, it would be great for networking.
  • Health and hygiene: Your place of work must be clean. An affordable coworking space must not only be clean but also be taking all hygienic steps like sanitization, placing hand rubs, encouraging masks and social distancing. 
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How to reserve your seat in our coworking space?

Finding a plug and play office space isn’t hard especially when you are in a faced-paced city but choosing the right one could be a task. One must pick a shared office space that fits the unique needs of your business.

Looking forward to booking a seat in our serviced office space? We’re just a call away! Call Let’s Connect India for your requirements at +91 98111 97809 and our expert executives will assist you. Book a visit to our office and our team will take you around the property, help you with your queries and share our membership plans.

You can choose the membership plan that suits best for your requirements, sign a simple agreement and can get started in our affordable coworking space right away or whenever you wish to. Be a part of our coworking community where you will take care of your work and we will take care of you!