Renting Commercial Office Space in Noida

Things to Consider Before Renting Commercial Office Space in Noida

While renting commercial office space in Noida, it is very important to consider the few factors to get the best deal. Indian businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and services sector, have been contributing to a steady rise in the country’s GDP over the last five years. Economic reforms and business-friendly regulations have given confidence to many business owners to explore and expand. With so much vigour in the business ecosystem, more start-ups are coming up exponentially.

Based on a recent article, India has seen the entry of 84 startups in the Unicorn Club in last decade, out of which just 42 startups where in the year 2021. From 2016 to 2021, there were 13,256 startups recognized namely HealthTech, Social Commerce, Crypto and ePharmacy domains. According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, Delhi has replaced Bengaluru as the Startup Capital of India.

Increasing brands in the country have also led to the rise in demand for office space. Noida being in the National Capital Region (NCR), is a lucrative destination for entrepreneurs and corporations for setting up their business. If you are starting on your entrepreneurial journey or looking to expand your business, a professional yet flexible office space for your employees is what you need.  Renting commercial office space in Noida is the best option for all the startups and entrepreneurs.

Points to Consider before Renting Commercial Office Space

Renting commercial office space keeps entrepreneurs away from the hassle of buying real estate property for their office space, paperwork, advance payments, and all sorts of taxes. But renting a commercial office can also be time consuming and for that, there are few things that you should know before you book your next dream office space in Noida.


Noida has eminent connectivity within and around the city. Road, metro rail, public and private transport mechanisms are robust and well connected to commercial office spaces. Individuals do not have to worry about waiting long hours to fetch means to commute to their workspaces as most of the commercial spaces are located in the industrial belt in the metropolitan area which is well connected with a different mode of transport.


Most of the businesses and commercial spaces are located near each other thus creating an industrial belt in Noida. The infrastructural growth in the region is on a tremendous scale and closeness to national capital gives an added advantage to companies in terms of clients and expanding their business.


Noida houses few major industries due to its growing importance in the business ecosystem. IT, BPO, Real Estate, Media, and Pharmaceuticals Industries are the leading ones in the region. Companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Paytm, Adobe, TCS, Accenture, Amazon, have their presence and more such companies are about to follow their lead. With existing businesses bringing so much value to the region, nobody would want to lose out on the opportunity for renting commercial office space in Noida.


Ever since Noida started gaining prominence for its commercial ecosystem and feasible developments towards growing businesses, Infrastructural projects are going on in full swing. Several projects are in progress while others have been getting fast-track clearances marking the fast pace of commercial growth in the region. From effective mode of transport, multi-purpose buildings, residential buildings, commercial office spaces to grocery shops, restaurants, theatres, Noida has got everything you need. Since most of these commercial office spaces on rent in Noida are in urban areas, facilities are readily available for businesses to utilize.


Office spaces are usually customizable and do not have a rigid structure which allows businesses to have a personalized touch for their workspace. Workplaces are spacious, neat, and fully furnished. Many times, service providers make false promises of having ready-to-move spaces with them while in reality, it is far away from the truth. But in Noida, the picture is a bit different. Most of the service providers assure the physical conditions on the ground are in line with what the companies require. Most of the hassle of designing and organizing the workplace is taken up by the office space providers and all the companies have to do is move in with their enterprise idea and workers to start working from the very next day.


Renting commercial office space in Noida  gives you more flexibility with the amenities you want to provide to your employees, which might not happen when you decide on the idea of setting up your business space all by yourself. Renting the space allows you to be more focused on your work, execution of ideas, and expanding the business instead of taking care of how to build a professional yet creative workplace for your employees. Commercial offices are built keeping in mind the interest of the individuals going to work in them and therefore offer a variety of amenities. Organized parking lots, security & surveillance, front desk, personalized cabins, professional setups, cafeterias, meeting halls, large networking spaces, food facilities, solar-equipped electricity facilities, high-speed internet services, furniture, etc.


Noida is growing rapidly and with time this business-friendly region is only going to reach new heights. Working through zooms or informal meets might give you business but is not a viable option to sustain eventually. Professional setups add credibility to your business and allow your clients to have faith in your idea while you are just starting. Noida gives you that opportunity to formally build your business and experiment with it.

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