managed office space in Noida

The Growing Trend of Managed Office Space in Noida

The Growing Trend of Managed Office Space in Noida

Noida has emerged as an important hub for IT companies, start-ups and other big firms in the last few years giving competition to Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurugram. The city has a list of multinational units and established firms under its kitty. Being a planned city, with proximity to Delhi, having the right infrastructure, availability of talent and support from the state government has made it an ideal location to start and expand business.
Various foreign companies are interested to invest in the township projects of Noida and many investors are looking forward to supporting the new and promising ventures in the city. All of these elements have attracted entrepreneurs to make the most of the region and therefore we see new businesses setting up here. The managed office space in Noida are the catalyst right now that can help meet the rising demand for workspaces. The ambitious and competitive city has been inviting investors, entrepreneurs, talent and trade by facilitating an ecosystem that has a professional environment, support facilities, favourable market and healthy competition.

The shared office space industry has stunned everyone with the growth and progress it has shown since it entered the Indian market. Not just that it has completely changed the traditional ecosystem but has improved the way people work. Due to the availability, flexibility and affordability, coworking spaces are becoming the first choice of new age entrepreneurs. The dynamic, flexi space industry is expected to grow thrice the rate it is at. Modifying the future of work, coworking spaces help companies cut on their expenses and have a collaborative environment at work. Not just this, some space providers also become seed capitalists for the start-ups and nurture them. With everyone aspiring to be their own boss, the demand for affordable workspaces have increased exponentially and in prime regions like Noida, the coworking sector has been ruling for quite few years now.

As discussed, there has been a rise in managed office space in Noida driven by several factors, and the unique facilities that traditional space providers could never offer. Let us check them one by one:

  1. TOTAL COST SAVINGS: Against the traditional office spaces, the coworking offices offer much needed smart solutions and membership plans that fit the budget and requirement of the clients. The demand for office space is different for each client since the nature of work and size of team is not the same and hence, charging them the same won’t make sense. In a shared office space, you get to choose the plan that fits right for your tenure. You pay according to the number of seats you take and not for the entire floor as in conventional spaces. There are no long contracts that bind you or charge a fixed deposit. The utility bills, the overall maintenance, repairs and IT support is a part of the membership that implies saving lot of time, effort and of course, money.
  2. FLEXIBILITY AT WORK: While most traditional workspaces have a pre-designed layout and basic amenities, shared workspaces are customized as per the client needs. They allow the members to get their work area coordinated with their needs and configure the space according to their brand. Also known as flexible spaces, these offices instill a greater sense of belongingness in their members and make them more comfortable. Coworkers can sit and work in different areas as per the requirement without having to stay glued to their desks all the time. There will be formal work desks and cabins as well as couches and bean bags to maximize productivity and minimize fatigue. For the companies with half their workforce in the field and half in the office, shared spaces prove to be a smart choice.
  3. VALUE FOR MONEY: As discussed, the coworking spaces can help entrepreneurs save money because of the facilities they offer against the traditional offices. About 20-25% of the cost gets reduced when a third party entirely manages the space. The managed office space in Noida and everywhere else first take into consideration the demand by their members and accordingly addresses them. This is why the small and medium companies are most benefitting by coworking spaces. They get all the hi-tech infrastructure, modern furniture, beautiful décor, housekeeping facilities, prime location and top office solutions by hiring a shared space for their business.
  4. MODERN WORKSPACE AMENITIES: An average employee spends more hours in the office than at home. The workplaces must be equipped with all the necessary facilities that they require to work comfortably in the physical work environment and help them maintain the right work-life balance. The shared office spaces are known to offer facilities that encourage people to come to work thereby performing better and giving greater output. Services like a gaming room, breakout area, sleeping pods, café, gym, crèche, etc are present because a happy employee is an efficient one.
  5. OPPORTUNITIES FOR NETWORKING AND COLLABORATION: Working from a shared workspace not just means using the space but also the facilities that come along and the networking opportunities that it offers. There are brilliant professionals and like-minded people around you who will inspire you every day. When you enter a coworking space, you would see coworkers interacting, sharing ideas and even working together. Often the members share work opportunities and refer them to parties that could benefit them. Shared spaces are great to collaborate and producing ideas. You will never find a better place for your important meetings than a conference room of a coworking. The equipped and professional meeting rooms are ideal for the important discussions that would get ruined in a coffee shop.
  6. ATTRACTS NEW TALENT: The culture of coworking spaces is incredibly unique, innovative and fresh. Nobody works in isolation though everyone works independently. The beauty of the place is the collaborative and creative environment that attracts fresh minds. The aesthetics of the place are visually appealing, and the opportunities are professionally attractive. With veterans coming from all walks of life and work experience, it becomes a centre of talent.
  7. PREFERENCE OF THE MILLENNIAL WORKFORCE: India is the world’s youngest startup nation where more than 70% of the founders of start-ups are below the age of 35 years. The Millennials and Gen-Z currently rule the market with their numbers and innovations. They prefer to work in a shared workspace where they have other talented professionals around them and they can expose their talent and gather more work. They love to work where they do not have to manage anything except their brainchild.
  8. DEMAND BY THE TECH-ENABLED COMPANIES: The young workforce looks forward to working in a technology enabled workplace thereby maximizing their productivity. Most managed office spaces in Noida have the latest equipment, offer tech support and have all the necessary security devices in place. The security cameras, biometric machines, high-speed internet, IoT powered meeting rooms etc are installed to encourage efficiency through technical advancement and reduce resource wastage
  9. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES: The shared office spaces are known for their infamous events and workshops. The occasional events are organized for fun, education, promotion and team building. These activities keep the members engaged, entertained and close. The events bring people together to connect and have fun thereby forming a strong community. The informative sessions, fun games, pop-up shops, educational workshops and corporate grooming sessions never happen in a traditional work setup.
  10. LESSER TRAVEL: Last but not the least is a key point that highlights the importance of commute time. People who work near to their workplaces do not spend as much time on daily travel as those who come from a distance. A shorter commute not just saves time and money, but also the energy that could be utilized better at work. With the rise of coworking spaces, companies are letting their employees work from their nearest space with the necessary infrastructure. With the tech-enabled environment and networking opportunities, professionals chose shared workspaces.

The demand for setting workspace in Noida is increasing and so is the demand for the membership of a coworking space. Having both could mean more power to the business and more talented workforce. With Let’s Connect Coworking, you can make the most of both worlds. Our fully equipped professional spaces and customized membership plans offer a highly productive work environment. Join us for a more meaningful experience as we are one of the best managed office space in Noida.