coworking spaces for tech startups

Why Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups are Successful?

Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups, IT Support Firms

With the coworking spaces for tech startups, the small-scale IT companies and IT support firms no longer have to deal with the burden of long-term investment in premium office spaces, lock-in leases with heavy security deposits. With more ‘business cashflow’ available at hand by opting for flexible workspaces, the tech companies have increased ability to respond quickly to the changes in the economy.

Based on the thriving coworking culture observed in recent years, we can say that coworking has suited all types of small businesses and start-ups in the current economic environment. From professionals into freelancing or consulting profile to entrepreneurs in technology, the coworking spaces govern the minds of many startup owners. With the changing work culture across the world, both the employers and the employees want to leverage the benefits that shared office spaces bring along.

At present, in India too, the way people work has been undergoing a paradigm shift. During the lockdown and post lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home (WFH) or remote working co-exists with work-from-office (WFO) model. Many companies still require their workforce to work from an office setting. But the challenges these companies face have forced them to rethink of more productive and profitable ways to conduct their business operations.

Co-working spaces are flourishing with the increasing demand for flexible office spaces by the local businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers in Delhi NCR. Coworking spaces with an open-office layout are much more preferred for these are move-in ready office setups that enable professionals to plug-in and begin work.

Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups have Ideal Layouts for Collaboration

Technology startups are a group of specialized professionals, such as tech engineers, designers and entrepreneurs that work in the tech industry. They come together with the intent to leverage each other’s unique skillset towards one specific developmental goal.

There are coworking spaces perfect for hardware oriented companies, design companies and tech support companies. These offer not just coworking, but also mentorship, education and training for tech startups and companies.

Considering the need for creative and collaborative work in such a technical domain, the office layout with cubicles and rigid walls does not make sense. The ideal layout for such tech enthusiasts is open-office layout that does not confine them in their own little world, in other words, their own work desk.

Let’s Connect Coworking in Noida gives your team access to flexible workspace formats designed to promote the fluid workflow you want in your team. The large open coworking space, well-equipped meeting rooms of many sizes, informal seating, and whiteboards, encourage fast and seamless exchanges of ideas.

Making a Good Impression with Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

If you have looked closely at the tech company offices, you will notice some of the common traits very frequently – playful and colourful office designs. IT companies pay close attention to the lively office ambience and work culture that is “flat, open and creative.” In order to create a team-oriented environment where work is always fast-paced and involves complex tasks, the tech startups prefer having great looking office, with add-on facilities, in which each person is motivated to contribute and collaborate with co-workers. For instance,

  • • Eye-catching Office Reception and Lounge Areas: The reception area is a great way to make a positive first impression on clients as well as potential hires. No one enjoys a dull waiting area, instead an inviting, modern space with unmatched comfort will transform a long wait into a pleasant visit.
  • • Open Office Layouts: Tech companies usually employ open-space layouts as the primary type of workspace for employees that supports productivity. The traditional office spaces favoured cubicles and closed cabin setups, whereas the open-plan coworking spaces favour a more collaborative and engaging workspace environment.
  • • Cafeteria, Café Shops, Pantry Areas: Coworking spaces for tech startups offer paid, free or discounted meals for employees in the cafeteria. When you are not eating a full meal, you can still enjoy snacks with your team-mate or any coworker at the well-stocked pantry areas. Availability of tea-coffee vending machines and fancy filtered water machines are a big draw among the new nomadic workforce.
  • • An Outdoor Terrace: A secured rooftop space and potted plants around can help members relieve their stress and exhaustion from continuous work and the stale indoor air. Outdoor terrace can be a good meet-up space for monthly celebrations and community events in the coworking.
  • • Workout Areas: Fitness and work productivity goes hand in hand. A fitness studio, or a fully equipped gym space is also an attractive feature for the IT professionals who work long hours on projects. Having a workout area in a coworking space gives them an opportunity to lead a stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Standard Features at Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

Most coworking spaces are popular for the laid back work style prevalent among the coworkers. The “fun” environment popularized by Facebook and Google campuses, or TV shows like Silicon Valley, have created positive image of the casual and flexible working. People working at tech startups and dotcom ventures would love to work in an office with robust facilities and value-added amenities.

  1. High Speed Internet

Businesses are more connected than ever, and an excellent internet is a must-have at any coworking space for tech startups. Poor connectivity or broadband downtime can hamper the day-to-day operations of a business. Considering the business and technical requirement of IT companies where connectivity in the workplace enables cloud computing, remote working and networked offices, a fast and reliable internet is the backbone of the business.

  1. Power Backup

For tech companies, the reliability of the power backup system, with UPS, and generators is equally important as the high-speed internet and air-conditioning facility. Coworking spaces are well-equipped and prepared to avoid unexpected outages so as to keep your internet, laptops, and office lights powered.

  1. Meeting Space

Shared office spaces offer flexible seats and dedicated seats to all members. The provision of two- to three- seater meeting room and the twelve- seater conference room is an extremely important feature of every coworking. Conference rooms at coworking space for tech startups allow to host client meetings or presentations in a professional setting. Most of the monthly membership plans include a limited quantity of reservable meeting room hours for use.

  1. Furniture

Coworking spaces for tech startups are best for people who work with tablets and laptops, unless they pay extra for additional setup such as desktop computers, and IP telephony sets. These plug-n-play spaces offer basic furniture facility such as desks, chairs for the open hot-desking areas and individual cubicles well-equipped with reliable and fast internet throughout. If a client requires furniture upgrades, or a completely furnished office, the newly acquired customized furniture can be billed as a one-time charge upon move-in along with the standard membership fees.

  1. Printer & Scanner

High quality printing, scanner & photocopy facility at coworking spaces is another standard feature offered to members to make sure that their work does not get hampered. As business and the digital world continue to evolve, the basic office equipment and the software needed to keep these operational are must for enabling many organizations to work more efficiently.

  1. Lockers

Lockers offer convenience to members for securing their valuables. Moreover, these also provide extra storage space for a marketing collateral or spare supplies your team members might need sometime. Majority of coworking spaces offer personal lockers as an add-on for an extra payment, but few of the space providers have recently started to offer them in basic membership package for project teams.

  1. Signage

For an IT startup, incorporated in a high-traffic coworking space, branding is extremely important. Highlighting your company name and logo at the entrance of the premises, in the common reception area, and on the occupied open-floor space will enable you show-off your brand to your visitors and clients.

  1. Mailboxes

Coworking spaces for tech startups offer premium business address to all its members that helps them enhance the credibility of their small company or freelance business. With this facility, the members can also leverage the office space address for business communications involving mails, packages, contracts, or bills. The mailbox service is also provided by most of the coworking spaces in Noida.

  1. Parking Space

Coworking spaces in Noida, located in high-density areas, may have limited parking facilities. Sometimes payment for convenient parking spaces is also required if the premises does not have ample space for parking. Free parking and its availability to coworking members is a must-have.

  1. Childcare

Childcare is an increasingly common amenity in coworking spaces and requires due diligence from both the space provider and the parents. For any working parent, a dedicated child-friendly space, attentive staff, and necessary supplies such as toys and games, will help them gain focused time in their coworking space.

Coworking Spaces for Tech Teams with Flexi Work Hours

Is the work done after the usual business hours?

Many professionals in the field of insurance claims, finance and accounting, education, marketing work from nine to five time slot which we call as general shift. These jobs, by necessity, are done in standard business hours. Whereas professionals like IT specialists and software developers in the IT fields may work in shifts or time zones other than general shift depending upon their business operations.

Tech start-ups are generally small, fresh, new and exciting. Most of the workforce is involved into developing something new, which does not necessarily have to communicated to the clients during normal business hours. Nor do these IT professionals have to meet with client all the time. There are some coworking spaces in Noida that support their night-owl lifestyles.

Let’s Connect Coworking has special night-owl package customized to suit both the individuals and project teams operating after normal business hours. Whether you are into IT development, or you have a business processing outsourcing (BPO) unit that works until two or four in the morning, our shared workspaces are open 24/7 for your business.