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Let’s Connect is an eco-system that we have created with the new way of working, in which people from diverse backgrounds & experiences can work under one roof. We have a fully functional workspace that provides business & individuals with a network of mentors & investors along with events for networking and gaining knowledge. We are here to recreate the Indian startup scenario and are committed to deliver a premium experience to startups by spreading across major cities throughout the country.
Let’s Connect is a startup supportive community building a qualitative and quantitative ecosystem for startups. The services at Let’s Connect are aligned with the vision of startups and helping them move their idea to a successful venture.

We focus on your growth by providing you all the premium office amenities which include access to high-speed internet, free tea & coffee beverage service, business class printers, spacious common areas for you to take a break, on-demand tech support, onsite community managers, cleaning & housekeeping service. Let’s Connect will help you to take your ideas to the next level with hassle-free workplace with all the amenities you can think of, and beyond.


Journey of Let's Connect Coworking Space

From starting our small office space in Noida to now owning top coworking workspaces has made Let's Connect a renowned platform. Emerged in Silicon valley, the notion of coworking saw rapid growth around the world for its huge benefits and we at Let's Connect joined them in 2015 to be on the right path in progressive India. Opportunities and space in the market for Coworking led to Let's Connect success in the industry. Professionals from various fields now come to work in our offices to further enhance their future and balance their modern day lifestyle with freedom to work at their own pace. Let's Connect offices are built with modern architecture, fitted with latest technologies, and offers you a environment to expand your creative horizon to improve your work performance in every aspect.

Bespoke Professionalism for Futuristic India

With Indian economy showing positive signs in the last two decades the concept of coworking has matched the progress as per the other developed countries. Experts from various fields who are looking to embark on their life as entrepreneur by taking on the competitive world with their brilliant ideas have the opportunity with these Coworking Spaces. Many have now taken the path to work as freelancers with working at their prices and work directly with clients rather than take regular long working hours job affecting their life completely. With India now emerging as one of the developing nation, the idea of Coworking is here to stay with professionals now forming communities in these spaces and looking to expand their work virtually with minimum investment.


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Let’s Connect is an eco-system that we have created with the new way of working, in which people from diverse backgrounds & experiences can work under one roof.


D-41, Noida Rd, D Block, Sector 59,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301