Coworking Space in Noida Sector 136

Coworking Space In Noida Sector 136

Price Start From ₹3,999/mo

A-57, Sector 136, Noida Expressway, Noida 201301

Enterprise Services

  • Managed Office Space – Office space for larger teams with own reception.
  • Customised Office – Custom built offices as per your requirements.


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Lobby & Reception

Large Workstations

Amazing Cafeteria

Terrace Garden


Super Housekeeping

High Speed WIFI/Internet

Large Meeting Rooms

Recreational Activities


Medical Services

We endeavor to spread happiness & great networking, which transforms into positive productivity. 

Let’s Connect India Office Space in Sector 136 Noida

Noida is home to software and mobile app developers, as well as news channels. Co-working office spaces in sector 136 Noida appear to have a unique quality. As researchers who have spent years studying how employees thrive, it is surprising to discover that those who belong to them report thriving levels that are close to a 6 on a 7-point scale. Office spaces in Sector 136 Noida is at least a point higher than the average for employees working in regular offices, and it is so unusual that we had to double-check the data.

The office space for rent in sector 136 Noida can take advantage of advice from the trained advisors at no extra cost with Offices. You can choose from 20 office locations in Noida, with monthly rates starting at INR 12000. Co-working office space in Sector 136 Noida offers long-term as well as short-term solutions. Larger spaces, such as cabins, can be leased for between Rs 18,000 and Rs 40,000 per month. Day passes range in price from Rs 500 to Rs 700. Whether you require fully furnished office space for rent in Noida or simply affordable office space, you may contact to learn more about office space packages.

The people prefer co-working office space in sector 136 Noida because it is flexible and allows them to meet people from various backgrounds. Facilities such as internet, café and restaurant and perks like coffee, sometimes alcohol is very luring.

By moving to a different location, you can establish a “work mode” that will boost productivity. Many co-working spaces are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so one doesn’t have to worry about when you need to get something done. Cost-efficiency could be a critical benefit for small businesses stuck in high-cost leases.

Coworking Space in Sector 136 Noida

As technology advances and the corporate world modernizes, remote work and flexible working become more common. As a result, coworking space in Noida are more than just a haven for freelancers and entrepreneurs; they’re a thriving ecosystem involving remote enterprise teams, established companies in private offices, budding startups in brainstorming areas, and a diverse range of creatives and gig economy workers.

In 2018, the number of co-working spaces in Sector 136 Noida has increased by 16%. This trend is expected to continue, with projections indicating that the number of co-working spaces in Noida Sector 136 will increase by 6% this year and by 13% globally.

Why Should You Opt for Let’s Connect Office Space in Noida Sector 136?

With ever-changing business requirements enabled by technological advances, newer forms of collaboration, and a slew of productivity hacks co-working office space in Sector 136 Noida is gaining a lot of importance.

The ability to network and collaborate with other professionals is one of the most obvious advantages of working from a coworking space in Noida sector 62. They’re ideal for expanding your professional network, discovering new business opportunities, and spreading the word about your company. Next to you could be your next client or investor.

Most co-working space in Noida 136 providers offer a variety of services to their partner companies, including crèche facilities, locker rooms, courier services, cafeterias, gaming zones, and gym facilities. Employees benefit from these amenities because they make all necessary items available at the touch of a button. Retaining talent will be easier with an office space Sector 136 Noida that allows people to design their own workspace. It makes business sense because there will be less waste and consumption, allowing for greater flexibility in designing the future workspace.

While not all co-working spaces in Noida Sector 136 are open 24 hours a day, you can usually find one in some of the best cities for working remotely. A co-working space in Sector 136 Noida provider may not have available space in every location desired by its members. To address this, many providers establish a network of available office space in Noida by negotiating reciprocal access with a competitor.

When working on ring-fenced or test-bed projects with outside collaborators, corporations are also turning to external office space for rent in Sector 136 Noida at affordable rates such as INR 500 per day or a minimum of INR 4,000 a month. Furthermore, when implemented within an organisation, co-working can improve collaboration as well as attract talent by providing alternatives to a traditional corporate space.




Worried about the big bills? Fret not! We have thoughtfully curated membership plans that suit all types and sizes of members. You can go from a one-day pass to an annual plan at the most reasonable and competitive prices.


Coworking offices are also known as flexible offices for the flexibility they offer. You can come and go at the time that suits you best. Want a customized flexible membership plan? The team is always there to assist you

Hassle-Free Operations

We manage the office so you don’t have to. Your prime focus and energy must go into your main job instead of the office requirements and arrangements therefore, we make sure you work uninterrupted and stress free.


We understand that new and budding entrepreneurs need the right guidance to shine and this is why we arrange for various mentorship programs with our in-house professionals and even industry experts from amongst the coworkers for the new bees.


We don’t just provide entrepreneurs with a workspace but also the right environment, helpful training sessions and seed funding for new and promising startups to help them grow and succeed regardless of the industry.


As discussed, our office space offers you the locational advantages where you are surrounded by the basic facilities, other businesses, talented professionals, growth opportunities and even great places to have fun after work.

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