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Managed Office Spaces in Delhi NCR

Managing a permanent workspace is a time consuming and cost absorbing hassle that a company can very well do without the help of managed office spaces. This is a kind of serviced office that is rented out by the space provided, looked after by the operator and customized as per your business requirements. “Your office, your culture” is followed when you go for a managed office space. You can match the entire vibe of the office with your work/team so that it feels more like your own.

How is Managed Space different from Coworking Space?

A coworking space is generally a pre-designed collaborative environment with all the amenities where independent entrepreneurs and emerging businesses work together. You can move into the office the same day you sign an agreement and work alongside professionals from diverse industries and experiences.

Managed office spaces are specially designed spaces as per the instructions and preferences of the clients including furniture, fittings, telecom and all other services for a client to move in and run their operations. Moving in takes some weeks as customization needs to be done.

Unlike a coworking space, a managed office is branded like your own office that’s not shared with other companies. A tailored office solution is managed by a third party and helps clients focus only on their business by getting into a long term contract. The interior design, colors, furniture and decorations align with the company’s voice giving it an “own” feeling.

Ease of Setting Up

Rather than leasing or buying space from starch and then getting it designed and furnished, you come in contact with somebody who is a professional at it. You need to only reach out to a space provider that would give you not only serviced office space, like a floor and design it as per the client’s specifications and demand. Once it’s done, you are all set to use the ready to move-in space, connect your equipment and start working. A managed office space in Noida, for instance, gives freedom to the entrepreneurs to move into an office space just the way they always wanted to.

Cost Effective

Since it is entirely managed by the space provider, you just have to pay a certain price for it every month as per the tenure without worrying about the utility bills and housekeeping. Everything is taken care of with all the services included. Imagine having a workspace built as per your choice, leasing it for the desired period and paying a very reasonable cost for it every month.

All Inclusive

As we discussed above, a managed office is all inclusive of the services a business and its employees need on an everyday basis. It’s more than just fancy chairs, colourful walls and fancy décor. Just like a modern office, it will have game/breakout area to relax, unlimited tea/coffee, social spaces, meeting & conference rooms and of course, unlimited high-speed internet.


Another thing you need not worry about is the team size to fit on the floor. If the size of your business keeps changing as per your work model, managed office has got you covered. If you need more space for your members, your service provider can always help you with that. Increasing the number of seats or changing the floor plan is always possible. This can be very difficult in a traditional office.

Networking Opportunity

With modern infrastructure and the latest technological developments, managed workspaces become the best place to invite guests and conduct productive meetings. A well-maintained workspace with a positive environment not only encourages teams to work better but also helps with that “first” impression.

Attracts New Talent

Since the managed spaces are usually built very vibrant and just as per the preference of the millennial workforce, it attracts now just those who are working there but also their references and those who come for the interviews. We would all agree that aesthetics and beautiful spaces attract talent for they love to work in a “cool” place over boring ones.

Low Accounting Hassle

Let’s assume you’re in a managed office space in Noida for a term of one year. How many invoices will there be on your table?  Only one for every month unlike bundles of bills, payments and other dues in a traditional or owned space. Everything becomes simple when somebody else is taking care of little details.

The terms coworking spaces and managed offices might often be used interchangeably but the fact is that managed spaces are very different than diverse businesses working together. If you are somebody who wishes to operate from a modern space without having to spend a fortune, managed office solution is what you are looking for. Not just they’d save you a lot of money in the long run but also keep you focused on what you do that investing time over minor installations and repairs. If you’re looking out for a managed office provider in Noida, Greater Noida or Delhi, reach out to Let’s Connect Coworking!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed offices are spaces that are purpose-built as office space, and give the prospective occupants the opportunity to have much more control over the environment they work in. These office spaces are tailored to suit the exact needs of the occupant

Managed Office Spaces can have the following type of Office Layouts:

- Cubicle Office Layout

- Low Partition Office Layout

- Team-Based Office Layout

- Open-Plan Office Layout

- Hybrid Office Layout

The cost of a fully managed office space is dependent on many factors, including the number of workstations, the city, the lease duration, the design, and the services included in the package. As this workspace solution is completely tailored to your business, you only pay for what you actually need.


Zero. The entire office space is customised to suit your business requirement. Whether you downsize or expand your business teams, the entire office space remains at your disposal.

Managed office space prices are based on many different factors including availability, lease start date, contract duration, number of workstations, as well as the specific infrastructure, amenities & services required. As this is a customised service offering, Let’s Connect would need a clear understanding of your business space requirement, based upon which we can present you with the most accurate pricing information.

Every standard contract will include the following:

- Fully furnished workstation(s)

- High-speed WiFi

- Access to lounge areas, tea/coffee or kitchen facilities, utilities (electricity, heating & water), maintenance & cleaning

- Postal address/mailbox

The key difference is that managed offices give your business its own space. These provide you with an opportunity to brand it and customise it on your own – in terms of the space plan, aesthetics, technology and services provided.

Whereas a shared office gives you a private office space and shared amenities within a larger space, which is operated and branded by the serviced office provider such as Let’s Connect.

A managed office space is suitable for all businesses that would normally rent a conventional office space. Whether you are a growing business, relocating to a new city, or expanding your business branch, the fully fitted and furnished offices suit all needs. If you have any doubts, get in touch with us and we will devise the right solution for you.

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