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 The most searched and preferred offices are plug and play offices that have brought a disruption in the real estate industry.


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Plug And Play Office Space and Its Benefits

Today, the most searched and preferred offices are plug and play offices that have brought a disruption in the real estate industry. These fully-furnished office spaces are the choice of the new generation that looks for style in a professional environment and are thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and never before work experience. The spaces are well-lit, furnished and have all the equipment like telephones, printers, internet connectivity, meeting rooms, cafeteria, unlimited supply of hot beverages, security guards, air-conditioning etc that helps the members work more efficiently.

Benefits Of Plug And Play Office Space

Plug and Play Office Space offers a bunch of benefits. Here are some of them:

Economically efficient: Working from a plug and play office space includes renting the space for your preferred tenure. All you have to do is choose a plan, play for the membership and start working without having to worry about heavy security charges or other fees.

Simple setup: As discussed, you don’t have to bring anything else except your laptop and other important stuff to get seated and get started. As the name says, plug (your system) and play.

Professional address: Since most serviced office spaces are located in prime locations in the city, you get to use this address for your business as well since you work there. This gives a boost to your brand reputation.

Great offers and membership plans: Also known as coworking spaces, they often have discounts and offers running apart from the existing affordable membership plans.

Attend interesting events: Since plug and play office space also offer event space, you will find yourself to be a part of many events interact, network and even collaborate.

Flexibility: These flexible workspaces offer a lot of flexibility in terms of membership plans and in/out time. You can choose when you want to come and even the seat of your choice, if possible.

Improved productivity: People working from a plug and play office space are reported to be happier due to an interactive atmosphere, flexibility and different events happening around. They enjoy coming to the office and working.

Mental wellbeing: Working from an affordable coworking space offers you to be around people from different industries and experiences. You have a chance to build your network and connect with people. Hence, the members never feel lonely.

A place to learn: With working alongside so many professionals and experts from various industries around you motivates you to do better. There’s always a chance to inspire and get inspired.

A beautiful workplace: How your workplace looks is as important as how your work is. Doesn’t matter if it’s your dream job, if your workplace is dull and boring, you won’t enjoy for long. The shared office spaces are beautiful, modern and colourful with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Why do startups prefer plug and play office space?

A startup is a company in its first phase of operations. It doesn’t have many resources or experience. There is no certainty if the business with thrive or shut down. Considering all this, investing in a property or renting a traditional space might not be an intelligent decision.

Plug and play office space are a blessing to those ventures that are in their pilot stage and need a professional workspace to observe the market and do trial and error without spending a lot.

The new entrepreneurs also get to meet successful and expert professionals from who they can learn, grow their network and form connections. It’s common to exchange work opportunities when you work together as well. Working with like-minded people means having access to great suggestions and immediate help if ever needed.

If everything goes well and the business takes off, there is always an option to scale up as per the team size so no need to hunt another office. You can choose from open desks and private cabins whatever fits best for the team and business.

Plug and Play Office Space in Noida

Serviced office spaces are now in every part of the country available in different sizes and budgets. With Noida and Greater Noida flourishing and attracting both local and international businesses, many coworking spaces are sprouting in the region. There are big players that are spread across the country and also region-specific space providers.

Interestingly, the startups, the medium sized businesses and established firms are inclining towards the plug and play office space to carry their operations from the kind of facilities they offer. These offices are entirely managed by the space providers and this is preferred by those who only wish to focus on their business.

Amongst many others, Let’s Connect Coworking is an affordable coworking space provider with the experience in serving hundreds of clients across industries with complete enterprise solutions.

Amenities in Lets Connect India’s Play and Plug Office Space

Let’s Connect India offers you a fully-furnished well-equipped plug and play office space where you can channel your complete productivity. High-speed internet, printer, unlimited tea/coffee, housekeeping service, front desk, CCTV cameras, game zone, parking space and everything you could need is under the same roof.

There are private cabins for those who like confidentiality, flexible open desks for those who wish to book and get started, dedicated desks for the ones who love to work in their favourite spot and professional meeting rooms so you don’t have to look out for a café to call your important guest.

How to Book Play and Plug Office Space?

Looking for a well-kept plug and play office space that fulfils all your workspace requirements? Get in touch with Let’s Connect right away!

How to book? Simple!

Call us at 9811197809 to know more over a phone call.

You can also WhatsApp us so our executive can call you back with more details.

Best, you can just walk in at D-41, Sector 59, Noida 201301 to have a full view of the property, see how people work there, check the work environment and discuss more over our special in-house coffee! Contact us and we shall serve you with the best of the membership plans, the service you desire and the office you always imagined!



Worried about the big bills? Fret not! We have thoughtfully curated membership plans that suit all types and sizes of members. You can go from a one-day pass to an annual plan at the most reasonable and competitive prices.


Coworking offices are also known as flexible offices for the flexibility they offer. You can come and go at the time that suits you best. Want a customized flexible membership plan? The team is always there to assist you

Hassle-Free Operations

We manage the office so you don’t have to. Your prime focus and energy must go into your main job instead of the office requirements and arrangements therefore, we make sure you work uninterrupted and stress free.


We understand that new and budding entrepreneurs need the right guidance to shine and this is why we arrange for various mentorship programs with our in-house professionals and even industry experts from amongst the coworkers for the new bees.


We don’t just provide entrepreneurs with a workspace but also the right environment, helpful training sessions and seed funding for new and promising startups to help them grow and succeed regardless of the industry.


As discussed, our office space offers you the locational advantages where you are surrounded by the basic facilities, other businesses, talented professionals, growth opportunities and even great places to have fun after work.

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