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Let's Connect Shared Office Spaces in Noida

Over the past few years Noida has become the go-to destination for start-ups, small-to-medium enterprises (SME) and large corporations, driven by rising workspace demand for office rentals and emerging flexible office spaces.

The concept of shared office space on rent defines it as a physically collaborative workspace that a tenant leases on month-to-month basis, and that serviced office space is also being shared and rented by other businesses. The tenants or the occupants subscribe to membership plans suiting their business requirements at no utilities or other fees.

Let’s Connect, which is situated in Noida Sector 59, Noida Expressway, and Noida Sector 136, presents a wide range of premium office spaces and affordable shared offices. We are a one-stop solution for flexible workspaces to meet the daunting demands of your businesses. Owning an office space can cost companies anywhere between 9 and 12 percent of their total operational costs, which deems shared office spaces as ideal and practical.

Our shared office spaces have been built keeping in mind to address all sorts of needs of our clients with custom solutions as we believe that businesses have varied requirements. We promise to provide all necessary amenities since we have an eye for details when it comes to amenities such as choice of the type of workspaces, solutions to seating arrangements besides a luxury ambience which will definitely suit every requirement of your business. With our shared office spaces, you get exclusive services like ample parking space for two & four wheelers, high-speed internet facilities, air-conditioning facility with 24×7 cooling, complimentary printing, power back-up, lockable storage space, high-grade security service, cafeteria, and ample open for you to work creatively and rejuvenate with a stroll.

Affordable Shared Office Space for Every Business

At Let’s Connect, we have been dedicatedly working since our inception to create a seamless collaborative environment to boost your productivity and encourage networking. Our shared office spaces in Noida provide shared office space for monthly or year-long desk rentals, which come as a perfect solution for people or organizations looking to cruise ahead in their careers. Also, organizations can save somewhere between 30 and 35 percent or more of their real estate costs with Let’s Connect’s affordable and flexible rental plans for shared office spaces in Noida. Every square foot of Let’s Connect shared office spaces in Noida is built keeping all business needs in mind so that it encourages you and your employees.

Let’s Connect ensures all workplaces are clean and hygienic amid the COVID-19 pandemic. High-touch areas such as surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards) are wiped with disinfectant regularly to protect your customers, contractors, and employees. We follow stringent cleaning protocols as prescribed in guidelines suggested by international credible health organizations in compliance to COVID-19 prevention measures.

Top Facilities offered by Shared Office Space

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

A must-have facility in a shared office space when you run a business. The provision of meeting rooms facility in addition to the shared workspace in a coworking office setup ensures that you get to conduct interrupted business meetings with clients, as well as training and workshops for the team members.

Front Desk Service

Front desk service is a value-added service offered by most coworking spaces in Noida. A dedicated staff member at the reception makes running a business day-to-day more efficient. Reception services include tasks as greeting your guests, reserving meeting rooms, managing meetings, handling and distributing mail, etc.

Private Cabins

Shared office spaces that work on the concept of coworking, often include private cabins along with the flexible seats and dedicated workstations. Private cabins allow you to work in complete privacy, where you can concentrate on your work.

High-Speed Internet

Internet connection is one of the mandatory facilities offered by all shared office spaces. Hi-speed internet via WiFi or a secured leased line is included in all types of membership packages including fixed, flexi, or cabins.

Office Equipment and Accessories

Shared office facilities include all necessary office equipment, such as printers, scanning machines, photocopying machines, projector, whiteboards, office stationery, individual storage units with locks, multiple plug-in-ports, etc. When we consider fully furnished office spaces, it includes the ergonomic workstations with good quality and comfortable swivel chairs to make sure that you can work for long hours without straining your body.

Tea & Coffee Machine

Office coffee or tea consumption has seen major change over the years. Almost all coworking spaces recognize that offering a first-class coffee and tea, which are both unlimited and free to the members, enhances the overall workplace experience. Yes, we are highlighting the social and productivity benefits of having provision of good beverages such as tea, coffee and soup in progressive offices. It is the perfect way of combining the collaboration and communication where they take a moment off from the workstation to sit down to enjoy a cup of tea.

Cafeteria and Pantry

Most coworking offices have cafeteria and pantry if not a full functional kitchen facility. The pantry is a company’s office kitchen which is small in comparison to a cafeteria and has few amenities. Such areas usually are equipped with fridge, microwave, cutlery, and one-time use paper cups and glasses. The facility allows you to store your food and warm it up to grab a bite at work when you feel like it.

Events Space

Whether you plan to organize workshops by other entrepreneurs, insightful seminars by industry experts, occasional mentorship sessions, or just team celebration activities to boost your employees’ morale, the shared offices have designated events space to conduct such events and programs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A shared office space refers to a managed coworking office where workstations are rented by remote employees, freelancers, gig workers, consultants, etc.

Besides providing a place to work, shared office spaces also offer many perks which include anything from workout spaces, food services, conference rooms, and many more amenities. The modern-day workspaces are designed to balance work and personal life and the add-ons simply enhance the way you want to work.

Shared office spaces are suitable for every business type. From large businesses with remote workers to startups as well as the freelancers and digital nomads, shared workspaces are built to facilitate a professional and collaborative work environment.

No. The prices listed on our plans are independent of service tax which will be applied at invoicing/billing.

At the time of subscription to any membership plan, 1 month security deposit is required depending upon the type of plan.

Yes. Let’s Connect welcome all walk-ins at our office location. Also, you can book an appointment on our website or call us for a tour on any given day of your choice.

Let’s Connect offers its members flexible, professional workspaces that fit any budget. Our month-to-month memberships provide you with flexibility and affordability to run your business smoothly.

Your membership begins from the day of your first use of our office space.

All of our workspaces are open 24/7. It is entirely your choice when you come in and when you leave the office.

Every membership plan has fixed Meeting Room usage hours included in it. Additionally, Conference Rooms are also available on a per hour basis if you would require additional seating capacity (up to 12 persons) for your business meetings.