Fully Furnished Office For Rent In Noida

Furnished Office For Rent In Noida – Here we have mentioned a few factors you need to consider while selecting a fully furnished office for rent in Noida.

Suitable office space is one of the most exciting and essential challenges for the business because what you choose is incredibly important to your business. If you would choose an appropriate office then you must need to change your office in Future and Moving offices can be stressful and disrupt your business temporarily, Along with this it is a costly affair too. Here we have mentioned a few factors you need to consider while selecting a fully furnished office for rent in Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon or anywhere across India.

Type of office: It is one of the essential things that you need to think that what type of office you are looking for rent? Because there are many types of fully furnished office options available for modern entrepreneurs such as virtual office space, shared office space, fully loaded office space and modern office space, coworking office space, etc.

Furnished office space

Office space: Before selecting office space make sure about the budget you are willing to spend. Higher the amount you pay better services you can get but it is always recommended that you should check for the needful services only as office rent is recurring expense which will affect your business in the long run.

Technology friendly: We know we are working in a time where without the latest technology we are nothing. That’s why find the office that is fully equipped with the latest technology and furnishings that will make your daily tasks easier like availability of courier or mail service, 24/7 access to voicemail, telephone answering service especially in working hours, etc.

Location: It is another significant thing you have to consider while renting office space. Your office location is about easy accessibility to your business address. Make sure that you select a location that is easy to identify and easily reachable. Also, it should be connected by local means of transport for easy accessibility. Good location impacts capital appreciation in positive manners. You should have to consider the areas of an office where infrastructure is quickly expanding such as Noida because of the modern infrastructure and the prize factor.

Appropriate rent: Rent is also a significant factor that should consider while renting office space as approx. 30% of your business operating costs used in rent and other maintenance charges. Instead of focusing on rent per square foot, decide upfront what your budget is for rent, and office-related costs including but not limited to utilities, parking, maintenance, tenant improvements (if responsible), relocation, insurance, furniture, and other office fees. Be specific in your requirement to stay within a budget that suits you.

Additional facilities: There are few additional facilities too that can provide more comfort to your team like Restrooms, Game Rooms, Cafeteria, 24×7 backup, etc. These things can increase the budget but also very effective in increasing the productivity of your business. Many offices for Rent in Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, etc and other metro cities offer such services and companies pay for that as well but you should make sure that they will not affect your budget in long run.


Crucial Factors That Will Make Or Break A Startup

Lets Connect India has mentioned those factors below that can either take your startup to the next level or bury down the ground.

Startup culture is on its heights at present. More than 100 startups launched in the market every month with the motive to improve our lives and enhance our lifestyle. Unfortunately, the success rate is less than 10%. The rest of them either got acquired or shut down because of a variety of issues depending on the different factors like Team, Business Model, Funding, Revenue, etc. Starting up something takes a lot of efforts and there are a lot of critical and minor factors to be checked before starting something. It includes the knowledge of Market, Legal Understanding, Your targeted customers, etc. After studying the various factors involved in any startup irrespective of its audience and type it is, a few points are quite crucial for your startup that can either make your startup or can break it. We have mentioned those factors below that can either take your startup to the next level or bury down the ground.

Your Team Members: The team members of your startup play a significant role in any startup. Most of the startups failed because of the clashes among the core members. These clashes can be there because of any reason, it could either the difference of Business ideologies, or because of the vision, etc. You should make sure that you and your team should share a clear vision and goal for your startup else your startup could turn out as a nightmare for you. Every startup, irrespective of its size, has witnessed the bad and good times but the ones who survived in the market are the unity of their team. Along with this, the members of your team should work as the same energy level in the same direction else the chances of survival in the market is very less.

Coworking office space

Financial Security: Financial security is another major area where startup suffers a lot. Initially, most of the startups are either backed by some angel investors, seed funds or investment of founders. The funds available to them against the business they are trying to build are very less, so the use of money should be done in a smart manner else it could be disastrous for you in the long run. The fixed costs associated with your startup should be minimal as much as you can. It includes rents, interests, etc. With the help of co-working spaces presently, a startup can minimize their fixed costs significantly.

Business Model: Your business model should be unique, It should not be copied, nor it should have any loopholes. Along with this, you should be flexible with your model too depending on the need and demand of the audience. Mostly, startups start with an idea but as time passes they keep on evolving and making changes in themselves depending upon the need of their customers. Along with this, you should be entirely convinced with your business model and the product or services you are offering to persuade others like the investors, prospective clients, etc.



Commercial Properties for Rent Noida

Commercial Properties for Rent Noida – Let’s connect has come up with commercial properties for rent in Noida where you can work and arrange for meetings.

Did you know that Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak started Apple in a garage? Maybe yes. But did you know where did they get their first investor? Well, it definitely wasn’t in that garage. They went looking for investors and met as many people as possible to finally get their angel investor to give them the kick start that they needed. Like them, there are numerous others all over the world who are desperately looking for opportunities to turn their ideas into reality. But when it comes to India, people usually feel that there are not many people who lend support to beginners. That’s where Let’s Connect comes into the picture.

Coworking space

Like its name, Let’s Connect helps you connect with people from different backgrounds and experiences and gives you ample opportunities to learn and grow functionally. It is a start-up supportive community that lends you commercial, co-working spaces where you can thrive without the hassle of looking for properties that suit your needs. Let’s connect has come up with commercial properties for rent in Noida where you can work, arrange for meetings, get guidance from people who have experience and knowledge and much more than you can expect.

When planning for a start-up, looking for funds, in itself, is a huge task to accomplish and on top of that, getting property, furniture, printers, scanners, coffee vending machines, so on and so forth are added pains. Where would you want to invest more time when you are looking to establish your start-up, looking for probable investors or a real-estate broker or a furniture house? I hope your answer is the former one because Let’s Connect gives you all the required amenities like high-speed internet, projectors, quality printers and scanners, technical support and housekeeping staff, and anything that you can think of while working, well they have it for you! And if you think what about when I am too tired of working and need a break? They have that covered for you as well. The coworking space by them has amazing recreational areas and gaming stations too! Plus the open-air terrace and the communal garden literally make it a cherry on top!

So, if you’re looking for amazing office space in Noida, then this is just the place you’d want. An office that never fails to keep you refreshed and around the like-minded freelancers, professionals, investors entrepreneurs and many more different kinds of people. Get a cabin for yourself, or a dedicated office, a meeting room, and basically everything you’d want in an ideal office of your dreams that has the perfect blend of smart, cool and professional.

The offices like these can literally be your second home! So, don’t wait to get a better office space in Noida or a better deal because there can’t be one. Take your business to new heights and impress your investors by just having them over for a coffee at your amazing would be an office to crack that much-awaited deal you’ve been wanting for so long!