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Adaptation of IoT in Coworking Space

Let’s Discuss what is an IoT first

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects that can collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. For example, the lights can be put on schedule so that they turn off when people usually go home, or the thermostat can turn the A/C ON about an hour before you return to the office.

Now let’s learn a bit about Coworking Space

Coworking is an arrangement in which several teams from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.

IoT in Workspace Management

IoT provides lots of opportunities, but as described in our 2017 Real Estate Predictions, the rise of smart buildings brings with it new risks such as cyber risk. Another important thing to watch in the privacy of the buildings’ users. Because of all the data sensors collect, privacy has to be the top priority. IoT should be used to make the building user-friendly and personal data should not be able to be accessed by anyone other than the person itself. This is especially relevant in co-working spaces where multiple companies are working and data privacy should be key.

Although the concept of co-working space is not new, we expect it to continue to gain greater popularity. The success of co-working space will be in the flexibility and space optimization that the model offers.

With increasing expectations of coworking space visitors and consumers about the amenities and environment, it is a challenge for managers to integrate the best technologies which can help managers to have better control and vision over the workspaces while improving the consumer experience.

Couple this with how technology, in particular, IoT can bring about further workplace change and greater understanding. Enabling tenants to flex up and down depending on their needs and not to be restricted by traditional lease terms will ensure co-working space will establish itself in the market.


Hence, considering these facts and reasons, it is extremely important to use the space that is self-owned or available in the most advanced and efficient manner. Here comes the role of IoT solutions helping the facility management to provide best-in-class shared workspaces to the members like never before.

IoT Applications transforming Shared Workspace Management

1.A responsive workspace

IoT-enabled shared office spaces will act a lot different than the existing ones where everything from the furniture to the copy machine will be connected through IoT. Efficiency is considered to be one of the biggest advantages of an IoT-ready coworking space. From cost-cutting to optimal use of resources, IoT has it all covered. How cool it would be to see the LED lights in a meeting going off by themselves as soon as people leave the room.

  1.     Smart CCTV Cameras

An eye on the sensitive areas of your coworking space is important. Wireless IP CCTV cameras can be installed to keep track of any unauthorized access. Motion detectors can also be installed which starts recording only when there is a motion.

  1. Help to Streamline Payments

Another significant benefit of using a member-first space management software is that it helps simplify invoicing. Members can log on to their mobile app, arrange their booking and submit payment all in real-time. As you might imagine, this helps streamline operations in coworking spaces as well as reduces wait times and redundant conversations with regards to invoicing clients.

Most coworking software supports in-app payments via credit or debit cards and automatic email confirmation receipts once you’ve finished booking a meeting room. The best way to enable such payments is by partnering with Stripe. Such a system grants residents added convenience and helps prevent the myriad of problems associated with manual invoices such as difficulty in monitoring and increased risk of discrepancies. Both can cause businesses many headaches come tax season.

  1.     Smart Biometrics based Entry and Exits

Once the workspace or desk has been allotted to a consumer, the first thing that comes into consideration is the access control. Many technologies like RFID, Barcode, or Beacon technology can be used to automate the entry-exit process. Bluetooth beacons and a keyless entry custom mobile application is the most used automation application for keyless entries in shared workspaces which users are loving, A biometric solution captures the time and attendance data of employees, integrates with the payroll system, manages leaves, salary calculations, and maintains accurate data that can be accessed using the internet.

The new workspace experience can start right from the entrance where you no longer need to tap or swipe your ID card.


  1.     Smart Cashless Payment System

Consumers of coworking space will be using many services, seat usage, meeting room usage, food and beverages, printing, concierge services, or attending a paid event. Leveraging RFID technology, Smart cards will work as an access control card and Payment card too. Coworking space can provide a mobile app or web-based platform through which consumers can top up money to these smart cards which can be used to make payments within the coworking space. The workspace management can also send reports of payment details monthly to the users for the services they may have used.


Benefits of Smart Coworking Spaces powered by IoT


  • Custom calendar management dashboard
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Reduced costs due to effective power and energy consumption
  • Remote and Real-time tracking for security and asset utilization
  • To identify your valuable members
  • The cashless digital in-house payment process


Let’s connect in collaboration with PsiBorg , enabling workspaces more connected , flexible and Tech savvy.




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Let’s Connect (Co-working spaces for rent in Noida)

Let’s Connect is one of the best-in-class co-working space which allows individuals and teams to work independently or collaboratively in a shared office space. We offer a range of fully furnished office spaces up for rent with meeting rooms to hire by the hour or day, business lounges and collaboration areas, and manned receptions with 24/7 access. Let’s Connect is offering you offices furnished with all the requisite amenities at a prime location in Noida. Delhi-NCR has been on a surge as India’s new and upcoming destination for start-ups following Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

Data analytics company Tracxn Technologies has reported, post their survey, that New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida are home to approximately 8,772 start-ups, which is the biggest in India right now. These three cities have some of the fastest evolving technology hubs in India. This has led to an increase in the demand of the shared office space for rent in Noida as well. Co-working spaces hold the key in solving the problem of office spaces for rent in Noida as various companies, start-ups, freelancers, and self-employed people can work together in one location without any hassles which come after companies decide to rent or lease a place to set up their respective offices. Due to the increasing demand for office space for rent in Noida, the rent is shooting up really high. Let’s Connect co-working space in Noida is an excellent way for businesses and entrepreneurs to lease out office spaces for rent in Noida at affordable prices. Let’s Connect takes care of all your office needs, which includes meeting rooms, adjustable seats, office rooms, cafes, unlimited internet, phone booths, security, common areas for relaxing, workout spaces, etc. as per your requirements.

Therefore, all the companies, businesses, freelancers, or other professionals who are looking out to curtail their expenditure for setting up personal offices can come visit the Let’s Connect office in Noida and get the best deals on renting a co-working space and give wings to their opportunities of growth and success. The location of the co-working space is well connected with various means of transportation for your comfort.  Let’s Connect invites you to join them and make the best use of their stylish spaces, outstanding facilities, and well-decorated workplace to create, connect, and collaborate.

Is a Coworking Space Worth The Cost If You’re Already Working From Home?

A few months ago the world was discussing how working from home can never be a good option in the long run. Not just it would never add to your productivity but would also make you confined to the same place away from your social life. Articles were written and discussions happened on why a person shall not consider working from their bedroom or living room all the time. It was only after the pandemic hit the world when the concepts of working changed the way the world worked once again. Everyone across the globe was asked to work from home irrespective of their job profiles and industries. The arguments of why a person shall pick a coworking space against their own home came to a standstill. There was no discussion of getting back to the shared office space leaving the home after Covid19 happened to the world hitting the managed office space industry.

Coworking was on its peak until the pandemic. The world saw a boom in the new workspaces. Many new space providers started to enter the market with the hope to capture clients and make a living. The huge corporations were also ditching their traditional workspaces and were happy to shift their teams in shared offices. The governments across the countries announced lock down and social distancing forcing everyone to stay at home and do all the work. The companies, especially those who were paying the rent faced a huge loss. Not only were they paying the landlords the bills on time, they were not even using the space. This was the time when the economies were falling and companies started to withdraw their membership from their respective coworking space to save the rent. 

People who were already working from home did love the idea a big-time because it has been saving them a great amount of commute. The mothers could look after their children while they can carry on with their work. In case of some health issues, a person would manage their work time as per their preference. Yes, it does make you leave incredibly lonely, you don’t get to talk to a lot of people and share thoughts & ideas, you don’t get to dress up on various official occasions and let’s all agree, there is no social life left. But there’s always a list of pros and cons to every option in work and life.

Why did people start to come out of their homes and joined the fully-furnished office spaces as their new workplace?

The distraction of home


Working from home always sounded like a very flexible, comfortable, and amazing idea. The office goers mostly imagined it like doing nothing but it’s more than you can think of. Contrary to the very belief that it’s a casual way of working, it keeps you a lot distracted. You have those basic, small, and yet many household chores to manage. There are noises from members and appliances. The people work very hard even at home but neither do they get their share of respect for their hard work from the society nor the peace required to put the focus on their work. When those people moved to the shared office spaces, they experienced the difference themselves. They had less to worry about and more time to get productive.

Networking opportunities


Working from home surely doesn’t help one in forming connections and making friends. Friends and connections are never a distraction but your source of happiness. When you people present around you to talk to you, suggest, give feedback, help, and joke you feel much better and happy at work. You don’t need to fake a smile at strangers, contrary to the common perception. You’ll find many kinds of people in a coworking space amongst whom you can always find the one your vibe matches with and those connections are very strong.

Flexible work timings


Those who have been always working from home are not used to fixed working hours. Their day starts and ends as per their convenience. The shared office spaces give their members an option to choose their time of starting the day. This doesn’t just give them the ease of working but the assurance that the members are backed by professionals who understand their requirements. You might also find yourself winding up earlier than always for you were much focused and productive.

Fits in the budget


The amazing thing is that “trying another option” doesn’t come like a burden on your finances. If you ever wish to try how a managed office space works and experience the world of working amongst diverse professionals across businesses, it would cost you a very fair amount. There are one-day passes and weekly plans for those who wish to have a taste of it. You can work without any distraction, get inspired by the people around, feel the difference, and might just want to consider the option for long.

The discussed points explained why the shared spaces were considered by the professionals who were already working from their place. After the pandemic, the working pattern of the world has changed. There is a large shift to working from home from the regular and coworking spaces. The experts try to understand and conclude if people would still get back their previous work schedules. Here, we have some arguments for why the managed office spaces will get back their glory as the Covid19 problem settles.

The social life


How the working population is missing their social life, the commuting, chat session with colleagues, breaks, fun, and other things that were a part of their routine, it’s possible that a huge part of the professionals would go out the moment things go back to normal. Yes, working from home is good but not fun. You miss so much by staying inside the same walls, lying at the same place doing the same thing every day. There are higher changes that we’d see people stepping out of their houses and getting “happily” ready for work because that’s where the most productive part of their days have been spent. Back to colleagues, back to the rush and back to the boss’s deadlines but gladly!



We all would agree that life has become very monotonous from the day we all are carrying out our work from our homes. There is no excitement for a new day, a new event, a new meeting or, even office gossip. Jokes apart, being in your pajamas as no longer a comfort. You are just lazier and try to get the work done without the same level of zeal that you had while you were in the office. Let’s accept that we no longer generate as good ideas or bring as brilliant results to the table as we used to. This is not just hitting our productivity but making us rather less creative.

Low productivity


As we spoke of creativity and productivity in the last point, it’s a fact that we’re not the same as we used to be. There is a dearth of ideas, enthusiasm and willingness to come back with better results. Everyone is now working for the sake of submitting it on time so that nobody questions being at home. This is where we miss our regular office or coworking space where we were at the top of our performance and healthy discussions. Our work might be delivered well on time but we know that the quality is not what we were delivering in our usual office days and this is why we’ll go back to our professional world the moment things turn fine.

Mental health

Sitting alone doing the same day not just affects your efficiency but also your mental health. When you have people around you to talk, share burdens, give suggestions and help you in any way they could, you know you can work with less worry and more confidence. But when you are on your own towards the given work and the deadlines, it’s only a lot of pressure at work but no pleasure at work. Loneliness can take a toll on your mental health and can affect you in a way that you’re depressed and on your lowest. No matter how hectic a day is in office, it usually ends well with friends and support.

So, the discussed points provide clarity to why the cost of the coworking space would still be worth it if you’re now working from home. While everything has a list of advantages and disadvantages on their side, there are still greater points in favour of working from an actual office where you’re with colleagues than just from home when you have only distraction and loneliness around. Coworking office spaces with their regular events, beautiful interiors, inspiring atmosphere, positive vibe and diverse culture make you enter a very vibrant world that can’t be lived at home. Just like you can’t feel like home for long at work, you can’t be totally professional when at home. Hence, there is no way that bringing office to home can replace the highs of a shared space at all.


How Large Companies are Benefiting from The Coworking Space Noida

It’s been a while that interestingly, even large corporations and multinational units have shown keen interest in working out of a managed office space.

Coworking spaces have been mushrooming all over the world. The members enjoy the vibrant, non-working, collaborative, and equipped environment. The modern and support services such as great Wi-Fi, air-conditioned place, nicely decorated walls, printer/scanner, cafeteria, It staff, housekeepers and everything one might need to carry their business operations smoothly. Even after the list of offering a coworking space brings on the table, the managed office spaces were for a long time (even now) seen as only the place for the startups, freelancers and small businesses. It’s been a while that interestingly, even large corporations and multinational units have shown keen interest in working out of a managed office space. The huge businesses that can easily have their own multi-story building constructed with a staff that can manage right from cleaning to maintain the entire premises but with the shift in how the people want to work, they have also moved to the shared workspaces. Yes. You will find coworking space in Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad and wherever there are a range of companies operating from. The clients taking advantage of the entire coworking ecosystem are not only those who are tight on budget or who have just started new but also those companies that also have expatriates around the globe.

Not all shared office spaces can attract multinational and huge corporations to be their members. There are certain managed office space providers that have branches across the country, have greater bandwidth, have the capacity to accommodate hundreds of clients and thousands of members and can afford a staff for the smooth operations.

It’s a managed space!

 Large companies are always looking to expand. While they’re on their path of growth and development, they need more people and hence, more space to get all those employees seated and work. The managed office spaces, as their name implies, are maintained workspaces where you just have to move in with your staff and focus only on the important work rather than shifting, buying, installing, fitting, repairing and so on. Yes, those companies have a lot of money but do they have time to spare? No!
This becomes an important reason why the coworking space in Noida or any other industrial hub have a unit of MNCs and industry giants sitting with them. One true quality that makes the fully-furnished office spaces stand out from the traditional workspaces is that they just don’t take your money and give you a property to take care of all the hassles look after but rather they do it all for you so you don’t waste your precious time over petty things. Isn’t this so thoughtful and helpful at the same time?


Also, even if those establishments have a fortune with them doesn’t mean they wish to spend all of it. Who doesn’t want to save and make profits after all? The shared office spaces are amazing in saving the businesses a great deal of time and money irrespective of the nature and size of the venture. When everything is already arranged for, when the infrastructure is supportive enough and you can get all the facilities you ask for to help your work continue without any hiccups, you know you want to go for a managed office space. They only ask you for the membership plan you choose or the number of seats you opt for and in return shower you with all the encouraging and helpful amenities one can require at work. Hence, very reasonably priced.

They also provide you with the cafeteria, parking, GST registration and other useful services that would otherwise be very expensive and bothersome.

Employee convenience

Any coworking space in Noida or any other city is generally located in a very prime location that is easy for daily travelers  to commute. The offices are established keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the members. There is an availability of all the urban amenities around the premises, the road and metro connectivity is perfect and the place is generally accessible to all those coming up every day. The good thing is that most large corporations hire multiple coworkings so their employees have an option to choose from the most suitable one for them.

Productivity and motivation

There are two kinds of workplaces; the one where you have to go and the one where you want to go. You don’t have to get yourself to wake up every day to get ready to go to a place you go to just for the sake of salary. The coworking spaces are so cool and swanky, you love being there every day. The beautiful interiors, interesting décor, vibrant & positive vibe and a healthy atmosphere have a direct impact on your mental health. When you love a place where you spend  major time of your day, you want it to be worth it. The managed office spaces are known to increase productivity and increase efficiency.

Market testing

Huge companies have big projects and for each one of the products or services they launch, they do many rounds of market testing. Another incredible benefit for the large corporations to operate from fully-furnished offices is that there is an in-house diverse market to test their product and get the feedback. Sure, the sample size might not be as large as you need but the diversity in the audience and their feedback can be really helpful. The variety of the businesses and the industries working from there would be of surprising help to help you with surveys and suggestions. You can do this in every location your business teams are working from and you’ll end up having quality data in hand.

Talent retention and employee engagement

People working in an interesting office tend to stay there for long. Coworking space in Noida, Nungambakkam, Pune or any other location would have a vibe that cannot be traded for a regular office. The unmatched and energetic aura of a managed office is one reason the employees love being there. Members have agreed that they have stayed for a longer tenure in a coworking space than a traditional one.

Also, the shared spaces frequently arrange various kinds of events for the entertainment and benefits of their members. Education events (taxes, bitcoin, robotics, etc) fun events (games, music, art, baking, etc) birthday events and others are all organized for the engagement of the clients and to do some team building activities that they might generally not be looked after by their own companies. Happy clients stay longer and are more productive.

The amenities

Here, we’ll repeat the point that the coworking spaces offer all the facilities that a business can require. There is a meeting room that you can use for those important client meetings or group discussions. There is a printer and scanner for every time you need them. The cafeteria is always equipped with the material so the supply doesn’t stop. The housekeeping staff is always on their toes. The IT professionals are always there to help. The front desk people not just greet you well but your visitors too. The event space can be arranged for your product launches and important occasions. Needless to say, the Wi-Fi and air-conditioning facilities are always impressive.

Easy expansion or downsizing

Where it can be difficult to expand the utilities as per the expanding team size, it is no trouble when you’re in a coworking space in Noida or anywhere else. It is easy to customize your plan as per the increasing or decreasing number of seats. Looking to downsize? Not a problem! Just reach out to the community management and tell them about your current requirements and you’ll have that arranged for you. Expanding and downsizing while everything is managed for you is no less than a blessing in the busy world. This is one amongst the several advantages of being flexible that a growing or shrinking team is never a thing to worry about.

To sum it up, a coworking environment not just lets the members be more productive and happy but also makes them stay for long. It helps make that first impression on your important clients or the candidates that they really want to join you. The concept of sharing the space never fails to save your time, money and efforts. It’s only fair to say that coworking spaces are already a vital part of the business world. Just like they’re of big help to the freelancers and small businesses, they are as profitable to the large companies because for them, the time and cost- saving margins are always much higher.

Not only the shared workspaces offer a delightful bouquet of amenities, they also provide them members with numerous networking opportunities. The clients can form the best business connections and exchange work opportunities with each other as well. With the kind of technological advancements and modern updates these coworking spaces adopt, it would any day be the top choice for any business to start their business from. Keeping all these points in consideration we can understand how the companies irrespective of their size are taking advantage of the managed office spaces.

Why Let’s Connect India Coworking Space in Noida is The Best Option

Explore why coworking spaces by Let’s Connect India are the best option to choose and how it give office spaces a new dimension.

It’s been some years since the idea of coworking has been introduced in India and interestingly, it didn’t take much time to get so widely accepted. The fact that it changes the way people work and gives office spaces a new dimension, it is a totally different real-estate affair. Today, even the university students are interested to have their venture started in a fully-furnished managed office space that has everything right from the beautiful interiors to the best facilities. Move over those conventional workspaces with dull walls, boring cubicles and upsetting vibes when you can be a part of the most loved office environment in a shared workspace. You just have to choose a suitable space provider, pick a plan that matches your requirements, move in with your laptop and get started. This is the reason these places are also known as “plug and play” offices. Managed office spaces were initially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai but soon there were coworking spaces in Noida, Gurgaon, Pune etc and now they’re also in tier 2 cities helping more entrepreneurs and dreamers achieve their goals.

Shared office spaces have been a savior to those who wanted to execute their ideas or ditch that regular 9 to 5 job for something more fulfilling. The major reason why these office spaces are given a global consideration is the cost factor. Unlike the conventional spaces that give you only  property with no other facility, coworking spaces around the world offer a lot without hurting your pockets. Shared space providers have their multiple centers to cater to a wider audience and help hundreds of clients find the space they always wanted to work at. They charge their members only with a membership fee as per the chosen plan against which they provide a bouquet of services like high-speed internet, unlimited supply of tea/coffee, electricity, housekeeping staff, front-desk professionals, IT support, printer/scanner, event space, meeting rooms, access to community events and others.

Coworking spaces in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities that are a hub to multinationals and other corporates have been enjoying advantages of these places. Another great thing about working in a shared working space is that you get to form connections (networking) and might also benefit collaboration opportunities. Fortunately, when you are in a managed office space, you might never have any dearth of work opportunities your way. The professional from another company may be one of your good connections who might share with you a requirement that can be of use to you. Imagine you’re a graphic designer who works on the same table as a startup who might need a designer. In this case, they can talk it out and be of use to each other which is an advantage to both the parties.

One of the emerging most preferred locations for businesses and hence coworking spaces is Noida. It’s a city that is growing with the growing number of companies, startups and multinational establishments. The Metro connectivity that extends till Greater Noida adds us to another reason. The number of companies in the city offers job vacancies to the people manifolds. The infrastructure of this planned city also allows the coworking spaces in Noida to help the entrepreneurs who wish to make their way through their long hard worked business ideas. The good thing is that there are a lot of good shared space providers in Noida amongst which the emerging one is Let’s Connect India.

Headquartered in sector 59 of Noida, this coworking space has everything that a member or a business as a whole may require to get going in their venture without any hiccups. Only a couple of months old, this managed workspace is a perfect office space for freelancers, startups, SMEs and other established firms. The process is as simple as the other coworking spaces. You just have to enroll by choosing a suitable membership plan and get started. With hundreds of seats and catering to hundreds of members, the space provider aims to help progressive India. Modern infrastructure, latest technology, perfect services and a creative environment would boost your performance and efficiency levels.

Let’s discuss why one should choose Let’s Connect India while looking for the right coworking space in Noida.

Gen-Z management: It would be very fair to say and believe that only the millennial generation understands the millennial generation. What one requires to keep all their focus on work, the kind of interiors, the work atmosphere, the selfie-worthy spaces and opportunities to interact with other talented people across industries to form business connections was never the need of the previous generation. When the management of the space provider hails from the same era of life, the services provided can never be a disappointment because “they understand”.

Customization: Choose to work in an open space (hot desk) or rent private cabins, use the meeting/conference rooms or book event space for those important sessions, go for one seat or multiple, that’s all your choice. Not just you can customize the plans and the number of seats but also the layout of the preferred seating arrangement. All the modifications can be done as per the requirements without any hassles.

Virtual office: You have the option to be omnipresent by choosing the Virtual Office service. Work from anywhere you want; your bedroom or other side of the country while you get yourself registered with a proper work location to mention the formal address on your documents, website, visiting cards and email signatures. It is also great when you have to host your client for an important meeting because then you have a very professional space to bring them to.

Flexibility: Flexibility of time (working hours), plans (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually), number of seats and location add to the ease of working. It is said that strict timings, long commutes and boring offices hamper your productivity whereas when you’re free to choose the best time, place and environment for yourself, you’re happier and work better. Such flexibility is offered by

Let’s Connect India.

Bouquet of services: Meeting/conference rooms, open desk (fixed and flexible), event space, housekeeping staff, cafeteria, IT support, front-desk assistance, printer/scanner, private cabins, parking space, high-speed internet, inspiring walls, positive atmosphere and unlimited opportunities to connect and thrive together is what this coworking space in Noida has to offer to you.

Latest technology: Superior quality printers, scanner, drawers, lockers, biometric, CCTV, LAN connection, accessible plug-boards and all the other technologically advanced requirements that you might require at work are easily providers to make your stay comfortable and worth it.

Helps to attract or retain talent: Today, as much as you screen the candidate to check their suitability in your company, they screen your work environment to match their vibe. No matter how successful a company you are, you are always on an edge to lose some of the best candidates because your office is dull enough to be the place they wished to work at not just the modern spaces of a shared office attract new client but the fun events and the positive vibe acts a great deal to make them stay for long even more than the appraisal you offer.

Easy on the pocket: While you get the best of the services and support, customization facilities and everything under the same roof, you might worry about the price the space provider might charge but to you surprise, all the membership plans are affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. You don’t have to exhaust your savings or spend a fortune to get what the best of the workplaces have.

When you’re starting afresh and want to build connections and get yourself introduced to businesses to get work or be referred to, there is no better place than a coworking office for it’s the only place where you can meet talented professionals across industries and businesses that might have you on-board for the services you provide. A freelancer too gets to enjoy the same advantages of getting hired by an agency or startup in the same space. If you manage to make friends, they might also refer to their connections for you nature of businesses and how a collaborative work environment forms. Noida being one of the best business hubs have shared spaces like Let’s Connect India that not only help you with the office plan of your choice but also arranges for events where you can learn, have fun and build formal connections.

Though, there is a list of fully furnished coworking spaces in Noida to choose from that are beautiful, swanky, hi-tech, renowned and have branches all over the country but what separates Let’s Connect coworiking from them is the cosy workplace that feels like your own and fits in the budget. Every coworking has almost the same bunch of offerings but it’s the vibe that makes one shared space better than the other. Have a doubt? Book a tour of the office and our experts shall assist you and answer all your queries over a cup of coffee. Give us a chance to give you the tour of our property and let you know why you should choose us :


How Coworking space in Noida is the way forward?

Here are the five essential reasons Coworking space in Noida is attracting more investments and becoming a thriving place for businesses.

Coworking has emerged as one of the industries to fuel the next market revolution. Several sectors have come together in this concept with the real estate sector, remote working, startups, and now even corporates are building their new branches from these shareable workspaces. Noida, adjoining city to Delhi capital of India, has become a business hub for multinational corporations (MNC), industries, and commercial activities. Capital attracts more investors, audience, scope, and growth for businesses. Starting new offices or building a brand in such a high level of competition can be tough. But with these coworking spaces makes it simple for individual and businesses to start on their ideas without affecting financial or any undue pressure for long term investment. 

Here are the five essential reasons Coworking space in Noida is attracting more investments and becoming a thriving place for businesses. 

Easy to begin

The first thing the professionals and market need today is an easy way to use the services rather than delaying things to do later on. And Coworking offices are ready to serve the modern generation the platform to help them build their brand. These shareable workspaces are built with all the office complementaries to help freelancers, small and medium businesses, and large corporates to explore new areas with ease. Anyone interested in personnel can walk through and start working on their dreams unrestricted. Thus giving more freedom to entrepreneurs and owners to leverage their instant planning for laying the path to success.

With high competition, professionals need to prioritize their time and resources in their work to enhance more business opportunities. And this coworking is ready to serve from the first day, thus keeping all their issues separate with the main focus for giving professionals ample time, space, and possibilities to work on their dreams. 

Avoid hassles

With Coworking spaces, you can avoid the everyday issues of maintenance with cleaning, refreshments, or any unnecessary delay that affects particularly small and medium businesses. They need to focus more on their business activities rather than entangle them with these hurdles. You can start working from the coworking spaces right away and get productive with the first day onward. All the office complementaries are there. Dedicated seating arrangements, meeting room, discussion rooms, team room, conference rooms, and even private cabins to keep things confidential.

In this competitive age, businesses are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to stay at the top. Organizations are pushing themselves to sustain market pressure and get more reach for their brand. These coworking spaces are helping newer companies to explore unidentified markets and expand businesses in the right direction with minimum investment. 

Rising Real Estate Costs

In this 21st century, the real estate sector is one of the most emerging sectors with almost all industries need an office or commercial space to start their work. And costs are all-time high with global development. Top MNCs are always looking for a prime location to start their new ventures. And these coworking spaces fit inside their proposals successfully. Similarly, for the newer startups too leveraging this flexible office space to market their ideas and see the transformation through their eyes.

In the past, businesses used to invest heavily in office space, furniture, and interiors to keep the starting costs generally very high. Whereas with these shared workspaces, entrepreneurs can start with small and grow as the business grows. 

Market Demand

One thing that that has helped coworking to grow is the demand and scope in the market. In the beginning, it started with an idea only to use the same space for two businesses. But now it has engulfed into global changes. Large organizations looking to expand into newer areas are now using these shareable space to build small remote teams in these areas to add more experts and start exploring regional markets for more growth. Build with exquisite style and luxuries corporates, these places are a perfect match for the younger generation who enjoy working in a more lively and thriving environment.

We are now seeing a significant investment shift for these coworking spaces. Especially, the large corporate sector has invested in these offices to be the future of tomorrow. They are combining ventures with organizations to expand in newer areas and create more opportunities for younger entrepreneurs. 

Modern features and technologies

Coworking offices are gaining attraction from every corner of the market due to the latest features and technologies presenting more opportunities for the youngsters. These values have redefined the market perspective toward these offices. Industries are now looking positively to leverage these offices to venture into new cities and further expand the market value with more audiences. Especially the younger generation is more accustomed to the use of technology in their daily operations. Professionals leverage features to bring more productivity in their activities and enjoy networking with experts in these offices to share their success stories in learning from others. 

Modern businesses work on more agility and cohesiveness to deliver at an optimum level. These shareable spaces give that extra freedom and empower them to match with the global workforce. These high standards make it possible for remote working and opportunities to sustain against the high-pressure environment of International markets. 

And with COVID 19 pandemic around these offices follow all the strict rules of social distancing and get industrial cleaned every week to bring forth the right solutions for the upcoming future. Coworking solutions have now become an industry in itself. Businesses are now looking to transform their empty spaces into commercial spaces for the younger generation. And with remote work becoming the new norm, young age professionals are now ready to take this next step by starting from these coworking workspaces.

Coworking spaces present the future office of tomorrow to bring more independent professionals and experts together under the same roof. Scope and opportunities are continuously rising in building these coworking spaces thus bringing more investment from several sectors. 


Will Coworking Space in Noida Be The Same Post COVID 19 Lockdown?

Thinking about how will coworking space in Noida after COVID 19 unlock? Read this post about how will Coworking Space in Noida be post COVID 19 lockdown.

After weeks of staying inside and protecting ourselves from anything and anyone outside and avoiding social life; meeting people, touching things, shaking hands and even a small hiccup is going to scare us. Looking at the blue & clear sky after ages, learning about the improvement in the air quality and how the birds are on the top of their lungs, we can think how some things are not going to be the same after the quarantine is over. One such thing would be the coworking spaces in Noida.

Businesses across the globe are soon going to suffer from operational paralysis because all their employees would be working from home for weeks now and in fact would have gotten used to it. Some companies have actually calculated their benefits in keeping staff at their homes and getting work done. Can you imagine what all could happen if this continues to happen?

Present-ism is going to die a painful death: Now when we all know that irrespective of any work profile, anything can be done from home and video calls can connect us from anywhere, it would be difficult for the managers to equate productivity basis the presence of their team.

Meetings outside the office would see a fall: When everyone is managing with phone calls and video calls, how many are really going to bother themselves to go out and meet someone they can handle just by dialing a number? This would make it hard to crack the clients who don’t give attention to calls or emails to fix us deals involving huge amounts and thoughtful decision making.

Lesser group chats: The effect of corona fear won’t fade away soon. Everyone is going to avoid forming groups, being standing closer or even giving a hi5. Merit? More focus on work! But the biggest disadvantage is lack of effective brainstorming sessions and amazing ideas.

Hygiene will be all around: Since everyone would be so much in a habit of cleaning their hands and everything around, there would be hardly anyone who would be unhygienic or casual with sanitation. This is indeed a positive side of the coronavirus that has made living difficult yet clean.

While many people are excited to go back to the normal days and office lives, some are worried if they’d still have a job after the dust settles. This pandemic brought with it so much unwanted and would take with it so much needed. The shared office spaces who rely on freelancers, SMEs, MNC units, startups and even one-day clients from various industries and walks of businesses are now struggling to know the future occupancy of the centres. The coworking spaces in Noida and Gurugram are mostly hurt because people are not allowed to commute outside their regional boundaries and Delhi NCR has always seen a fast and constant travel of population for work and personal purposes. With an impose of strict guidelines on roads and shutting down of Delhi metro, a huge part of the working class is suffering for they have no other means to commute.

To understand what is going to be the scenario with furnished office spaces in Noida once the lockdown ends, let’s once recall how it was before Covid19 happened.

More demand- It was just a couple of months back when the rise in demand of the shared office spaces was witnessed by all. Almost every day a new prospect was looking out for an office that could meet their budget and requirements. New coworkers were enrolling in the furnished spaces and many more were on their way to their dream workspace.

New entrepreneur-ships- The shared workspaces were letting people with dreams have a place to execute their business plans and be their own bosses. Freelancers and startups didn’t have to work at home but rather in a professional environment where they could enjoy all the benefits that a venture could need.

Events and Engagement- Events and sessions are a part of coworking spaces arranged by the staff for the interest of the coworkers. Generally, the community managers make sure the common likes of the clients and set up events that could be enjoyed and advantaged by all.

Community and connections- The members collectively make a community and it’s only the community that differentiates a plug & play office from the other. All the coworking spaces in Noida have like-minded people that are interested in the same subjects and topics. When such people share space and talk, they tend to form better connections and professional relations and stay in touch even after leaving the place.

More jobs With an increase in startups and entrepreneurship, there are more job opportunities. With more ventures, more people would have employment opportunities and a chance to start or improve their career. A lot of professionals have been thankful to the coworking spaces.

Furnished office spaces in Noida, Gurguram, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and other places have been celebrated because they’ve been supporting business and business owners for years now. The traditional offices are known to extract a lot of money from your pocket without giving you anything other than the “space”. All the fittings, utility bills, pantry, office staff, internet and other expenses are borne by you. The real estate charges are already shooting towards the sky and when the expenses add to it, you’re not productive but just burdened.

Speaking of productivity, you can only be more efficient and focused when you know that you’d be just working and not be concerned over the non-performing internet, wire breakdown, coffee machine problem, fused bulb or other petty arrangements. To achieve results and do major problem solving, you need to give the little troubles to somebody who could manage your office and what better than a managed office space that gives you all the amenities and hospitality at a way lesser price you would pay for renting a conventional space. In addition, you get modern interiors, state of the art infrastructure, high speed internet, loaded cafeteria, all-time electricity, great air-conditioning, meeting rooms, inspiring walls and collaborating opportunities.

Now, after almost three months of lockdown, would the coworking space in Noida and at other places and the situations for these spaces be the same post Covid19? We say “Maybe BETTER” for we have got quite a few reasons to stay optimistic!

The budget and the expenses: what has always made people opt for shared office spaces would still make them go for it and this time, more. Nobody is making the same money (at least most of the industries and businesses). Everyone everywhere is talking about lack of funds and cash flows and all the companies know that they can’t keep working from home for long. The real estate rates have no scope to come down anytime soon and hence renting a traditional space would not be feasible for the majority ventures. What are they left with? Flexible offices that only ask for a membership fee to get started!

Man is a social animal: no matter how hard you try, you can’t just stay inside the same walls for long. One day there would be an urge to step outside, go in the real world, meet people, see new things, attend events, invite clients, have real-time discussions and work like you always have. Freelancers too go out of their homes to get business and interact with people. To get recognition, increase efficiency, work better and achieve greater results, the companies would start their usual work and the staff will come out of their homes. The rented workspaces may or may not be there but coworking won’t let you down. 

Poor coordination: Yes, all companies pushed their limits well enough to carry out work from home while coordinating over calls and emails but do you think it can go on like this for long? No. There are technical and financial roles that need real-time discussions, coordination and teamwork. You just can’t do these jobs by sitting far from the team because it’s like that only. Accounts team has multiple people together for a reason. There is a lot of tallying and paperwork that is done like this. Also, connecting over calls isn’t easy. We all have experienced call drops, network problems and poor connections while trying to connect via the internet for video or regular calls.

Distractions and personal development: First thing first, one can NOT work from home without getting distracted. Appliances, home chores, babies, loud televisions, music and laziness are all there to divert your attention and keep you off being productive. Believe it or not, your personal growth stops when you are at the same place all the time for everything. Just like you need to go to school to study, you need to go to a dedicated workplace to do the real job. Members in the coworking space in Noida and other places have been a proof of gaining professional insights and improving their work-personality that can’t happen by being in your bed.

Service to the nation: When more people work and earn, they are contributing to the nation’s growth in that way. An earning hand adds to the GDP of the country. The economy is dependent on everyone who is making a living and without coworking, it is going to be difficult because again, the conventional properties are not affordable and accessible to all. To prevent newly started businesses from stopping and ending the hopes of new entrepreneurs, shared office spaces can play a huge role. Giving hopes and space to more ventures and dreamers, flexible offices would contribute way more than what you can expect.

Though it would be debatable if furnished office spaces have any future ahead or not, the practical side highlights how important they are and that they can’t go out of business even when today the clients are not showing up. Definitely after a few more months if there is anything that would have a huge impact in stabilizing the national and individual growth then that would be coworking spaces only.



Before we discuss why there is a popping of new and better coworking spaces in Noida in the last couple of years, let’s understand what a coworking space is. ‘ A workspace that has people coming to work together yet on their independent projects is a coworking space. It’s not an office where the staff of just one company is seen on the floor but a mix of startups, freelancers, MNCs and other small & medium enterprises.  Such spaces are also called plug & play offices, shared spaces and flexible workspaces. Around the globe there are innumerable offices that allow diverse groups of people to share the workspace.  This concept might be new to India but has shown a fast acceleration. The sharing workspace culture is a highly adopted change as the demand of remote working is increasing with increase in entrepreneurship and startups. Gone are the days when people would just work out of a regular office with desktops and colleagues around. People today work from homes, coffee houses and even while traveling. This is why their flexible offices are the need of the hour.  

The interesting part is that these offices are not just another workspace with cubicles but modern offices with state of the art infrastructure. Every coworking space looks better and more beautiful than the other. Rather than leasing or constructing expensive spaces, one can simply take membership of an awe-spiring workspace and get started. What are the reasons that these spaces are becoming increasingly popular? Here are a few:

Easy to get started- When you have a place to work that is ready with all the required connections, amenities and support and that too on a very reasonable amount, you can start with your dream startup in no time. Bring your laptop and get started hassle-free! Your location, your choice- Unlike regular offices where you have to commute every day to a location that may be far enough to take hours of your day, you can choose your work location nearest to where you put up so there is less time wastage in traveling.

Work culture– Coworking spaces are not defined by the brands but the people in there. When the community is made of diverse people, it only gets vibrant and rich in culture. The cooperation takes over competition and everyone adds their personal element to the place. Customization and personalization- Talking of personalization, you have your own office that you can mention in registration, documents, visiting cards and websites. Put your company merchandise and feel like owning the space. Also, you can always customize the membership as per your requirement. Attracts and retains talent- With time flexibility, beautiful & fancy interiors, strong infrastructure, locational advantage, right facilities, inspiring coworking and positive environment, new talent wishes to join the space and the existing ones wish to stay for long.

The shared spaces were common in big cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai but with the rise in demand and need of the better places to work, there are now coworking spaces in Noida, Pune, Rajkot, Udaipur, Kota, Surat etc. Do you know what all services can you get under one coworking roof?

Flexible/Dedicated desk: A flexible desk implies that a seat will be reserved for you to work till your membership. A dedicated desk is one ‘fixed’ desk that nobody else would use till your membership.

Meeting/Conference room: Just so you don’t bother or get bothered by other coworkers, you get a disturbance free meeting room for discussions, planning, interviews and calls. Not just tables and chairs, get white-board, markets, water, projector and other fitting at place.

Private cabins: A cabin totally dedicated to you and your team with necessary furniture and seats. It’s like your office in a shared office where the members can concentrate without any disturbance from the other coworkers and any risk of data theft.

Event space: Take training sessions, do new product launches, hold events or anything that requires an outside audience in the event space perfectly designed for such purposes. You can count on the space provider for the right arrangements. Cafeteria: A café with table, chairs, staff, air conditioner and an unlimited supply of beverages that could charge you a fortune outside the office is always there for you. Have lunch there or just a calming break amidst the coffee aroma.

Full-time support staff: A front-desk executive, IT assistance and housekeeping people for you the entire time so your work doesn’t suffer any hiccups get coworking spaces the brownie points! Now, if you wonder why the ‘cafeteria’ is highlighted amongst the most important services above, we have an answer. All work-meetings can’t happen at coffee shops but every meeting gets better with coffee. And not just coffee, it could be tea, iced beverage or even water. We talk about coffee because it sounds as interesting as startups 🙂

While we’re on this topic, Is there any good cafe or coworking space in Noida?

We’ll all agree that there is no dearth of cafes or tea houses around us. We step out to find one and find a new one opened next to it. So, the question remains of good coworking spaces in Noida. Good news is there are some amazing spaces you must know about. 91Springboard: One of the oldest and relied upon coworking space by hundreds of businesses, this workspace would have everything that the entrepreneur in you might need. You get all the office solutions that can help you boost your business. 

Let’s Connect: Book you membership with a modern, well-furnished and fully-equipped shared office space that has got subscription plans to suit your needs and budget. Choose amongst the open desk, meeting room, cabins, event space and virtual office without any hassle.

Unboxed coworking: With all the amenities required by the coworkers, this shared space in Noida has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Get all the facilities in a flexible and affordable alternative that your business would need to thrive. InstaOffice: A well-equipped office with all the plug & play facilities for their clients, this one can also be a great choice if you’re planning to go for a coworking. Freelancers, startups or SMEs, here’s something for everyone.

Workshala Spaces: Catering to their clients with best in class services and the correct infrastructure, the space provider has been making coworkers happy. Their pleasing managed office space would be a sight at work.  Amigo Coworking: A place where early-stage freelancers, self-employed, designers, artists and even students can be a part of and form a community that can benefit each one of them in their respective areas by working with, for and long each other. 

However, the list doesn’t end here. There are many other office space providers that have amazing membership plans, perfect services, round-the-clock support and fit in your budget once you know you don’t want to work from a cafe. This brings us to the question- Will you prefer a coworking space in Noida or a coffee shop in Noida for work?

As much as the idea of a coffee shop seems interesting and filmy, it’s the total opposite of what it is in your mind. Maybe in your thoughts you see working in a cafe like sitting alone on a table with a few people on the other chairs, a single cup of coffee on your side and a light music playing, nobody disturbs you and you are done with the day’s work. Stop there and let us take you to the reality of working from a cafe.

You don’t get to occupy that seat at a coffee shop for longer hours at the cost of just a hot cup. As more people keep coming, the waiters will look at you with a pressure to either place your next order or vacant the chair for somebody willing to pay. Believe it or not, most coworking spaces cost less for a day than a one-time bill at a high-end cafe.

Of course some music while working doesn’t hurt but don’t you forget about the speakers and the sound systems the coffee shops have installed to make their place peppy, fancy and uber-cool so as to attract the vibrant crowd and not somebody who doesn’t know where to work and where to chill.

In case you’re forgetting that you can’t control the number of people and the type of people that are visiting the same cafe as you, here’s a gentle reminder that there are all kinds of chatty and noisy people who couldn’t help but talk on the top of their lungs because of the previous point (loud music). Who works in such noise?

Considering the above three points, do you even think of setting up a client meeting in such a mess? You can’t talk properly, you have to keep ordering, you’d be disturbed by the music and chatter and above all, there would be no privacy. And if that’s an investor, you don’t want to risk your first impression.  

While the coffee shops will serve you with the constant roar of espresso machines and deafening chats, a coworking space in Noida and basically everywhere else is a great place to start and thrive professionally by supporting you with full-time housekeeping staff, IT and front-desk assistance, meeting rooms, event space and of course, cafeteria with no additional expense.

Opting for a managed office is always a good idea. You get to work alongside so many talented people. This creates an inspiring atmosphere because even unknowingly, you are inspiring your coworkers to push their limits and get better. You have an in-house and immediate market to test your product and get the feedback, you can help each other in various projects and might even exchange work opportunities and not to forget, the chances of networking and making professional connections can neither be there at home nor in any coffee shop.

The next time you’re looking for a great place to work from, don’t search the internet for “great cafes around me” but rather “coworking around me” and you might have some options having better ratings than most of the tea/coffee houses.


How Coworking Office Space in Noida is becoming an Investor paradise

Coworking an approach that allows professionals from multiple fields to work under one umbrella has gained significant prominence in the last few years to emerge as one of the leading contenders for investing in the future. Now real estate developers are prioritizing these flexible spaces inside the buildings to get more attraction from the market. Many global organizations have started investing in Indian ventures to be part of the coworking revolution. Even several local organizations have gone on to open multiple offices across India to further add into this coworking network. 

The increase in the coworking environment can be attributed to the innovations happening in these offices such as play zones, game rooms, green zones, discussion hubs, effervescent themes, indoor auditoriums, and more creatives. So rather than working in regular offices or cubicles, modern coworking spaces are more vibrant, energetic and offer more real-time learning experience particularly for the youngster of today’s generation. 

Top cities around India with Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and Bengaluru have the highest percentage of share for these coworking offices with 70% of the startups based in these cities as well. Now newer cities such as Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and many others have shown remarkable rise to attract global investments. Especially Noida, being near to the national capital Delhi has become a hub for national and international organizations to build their offices. Shared office spaces with ready to start features are perfectly suited to the fast-paced work requirements.  

In the latest investment spree another Noida-based real estate firm Clinic Infratech Pvt. Ltd and Kocreate have combined to invest around $1.31 million around Rs 10 crore for building new coworking spaces in the new ventures. Investors need expertise in managing offices and coworking organizations provide that them with measures, management, and approach. And this joint venture between real estate organizations and coworking establishments provides a win-win situation for both sides. With a modern state of the art features, convenience, flexibility, and effective costs have made this coworking concept perfect for newer startups, enterprises, and as well as freelancers. 

Undoubtedly coworking is on the rise with real estate sectors looking to commercialize their assets and get a return for years with these modern approaches for professionals. Similarly many other real estate organizations are combining their workforce with coworking to put investment in this concept. Smartworks collaborated with Singapore based Keppel o bag 177 crore funds for enhancing their joint venture. And in August 2019, the world’s biggest assets management firm funded Rs 375 crore in a Gurgaon based shared working firm GoWork. A CBRE report has suggested that the leasing portion for Coworking spaces is about to increase from 7.1 million sq.ft. in 2018 to around 10 million sq.ft. by the year 2020

India an emerging nation has the highest office requirements among the global statistics. And with numbers of rising startups and freelancers, it will continue to create a potential for future growth. In the early phase, it was Small and Medium enterprises who captured these offices to help them grow in the market. But now corporates and large firms are also looking to build on these offices to expand their ventures into new markets. And real estate sectors are collaborating with these firms to bring more solutions for these shared workspaces

Coworking Office Space

Shifting towards large companies

Another factor that led to a significant rise in the coworking investment from all sectors was their shift from targeting freelancers, small and medium enterprises towards large companies or corporates. Once they get connected with these large companies they become a partner in offering them spaces at multiple locations. Thus benefiting both companies in scaling and exploiting the market niches with effective planning.

Global organizations such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft etc with their campaign services use these pre-built offices to get their work done in the remote areas. Some big companies are now preferring these small teams working out from coworking offices as they are closer to their customers as well as startups and other SME. Similarly, corporate banks or telecoms want to trial their products or services away from their traditional bases and closer to startups. And these remote teams at coworking act as a perfect alternative to assist them to build future masterpieces.


Coworking a sharing office concept has gradually converted into a modern industry itself. Many partnerships between traditional real estate sectors and coworking establishments show that the trend is likely to continue in the future. 

Coworking now has become the center of attractions for all small, medium and large business enterprises as well as freelancers. Modern flexibility, features, and convenience make these Coworking offices the one for the coming future. And this combined with real estate sectors brings a modern evolution of this concept into an industry itself.  

Let’s Connect is one of the established Coworking office space in Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi. We are looking to expand to new horizons with the latest technology, features and connected several organizations to be at the forefront with the shared workspace concept. 


Why large and Corporate firms are preferring Coworking Spaces in Noida for 2020?

Coworking a concept that has gradually become a global trend in the last few years as multiple professional works under the same roof. This shared office ideas have made huge progress in India in the last few years. New investments have come from various sections as Coworking is looking to further make inroads into the markets. In the early stage of their evolution, coworking has mainly associated with new start-ups, Millenials, along with small and medium enterprises. But studies are now showing a huge shift as the large and corporate firms are looking to proficiently use Coworking spaces all around the globe.  

India a developing country is among the top nations with a lot of opportunities and growth. Companies around the world are looking to exploit this gap to launch their product and services in this large market. Startups and freelancers were seen as the earlier target for the boom of coworking in India. But with time we are now seeing a major shift as large and corporate organizations have turned trends in their favor. 

Especially large and corporate firms understand the value of time. They often look for quick resolution rather than delaying the whole process. And Coworking spaces with their exclusive features make them the most suitable match as they look to settle in a comfortable environment. 

Coworking space

Coworking Space in Noida

Services, Affordability, and Continuity 

Coworking offices today have dedicated desk, cubicles, team rooms, conference rooms, and even offer customized layouts for all individual as well as business needs. Events, exhibitions, and special programs are even organized in these spaces. Most of these offices are open 24×7 and packed with the latest technologies such as print, scan, secure drawers, and other complementaries to help in daily activities. Many new-age entrepreneurs also choose to utilize them as a virtual office and transform their ideas into this real world. 

Modern Coworking offices are ready to use from the first day onwards. So you just need to agree with their establishment and procure the space for high performance from the team itself. This live environment works right in favor of corporates who wants things to start working as soon as possible. 

From an investment point of view, rather than buying the place and settling offices in a foreign environment, this can be a huge burden on finances. Whereas with the flexibility of coworking spaces they can take the space whenever and wherever the demand existed. Though in the early phase most of the coworking spaces targeted startups and freelancers to sustain their business. Now this corporate shift is helping them to reap huge benefits. They hire offices for months or years so helping builders to recover their investment. 

Dedicated Spaces

Most of the corporate organization simply don’t believe in remote work or freelancing way of doing things. They will often provide dedicated spaces in offices for their contracted employees to work in a private space and give them the right environment to perform with.

A common trend is to take the space for a limited time and as things move along, prolong this agreement to stay connected with space for the right use. So large businesses will often work with multiple remote professionals and dedicate them spaces at a coworking environment for a specified duration. And with large businesses, this trend continues to be the forefront for large corporates to shelve their investment in newer ventures. 

Coworking spaces are also packed with creative recreational spaces to allow professionals to refresh and re-energize them with their hectic work scheduling. Live cafeterias can help them boost their energy levels along with crunch their hunger. Many even introduced Game rooms to let users get enthusiasm back and motivated to work at more optimized levels. Also, the freedom of working at your own time and speed makes these coworking hubs the right choice for the younger generation. 

Change in the Market shift

We are also seeing a major shift in the realty sector. Building developers are developing spaces directly for coworking needs. So they can efficiently use the space for this shareable office concept. Even some hospitality investors such as Roseate Hotels and Resorts have transformed their new venture into the Roseate House located in the Delhi Aero City.

Oyo another major hospitality corporate took a big step by taking over Innov8 for around Rs220 crore in 2019. And the future looks more bright for coworking spaces as globalization is helping businesses to stay connected. 

This change has allowed transforming even the empty spaces in the commercial areas into luxury offices. And with corporate involvement, builders can fetch a huge amount of profits from the organizations. And with the Indian economy still flourishing there will be more investment in the future horizon too.

Personalized Treatment

Another aspect that we often overlook is the personalized treatment these coworking offices provide. As a professional enjoying that personal space or the corner desk that enhances your creativity or makes you more productive becomes sort of a habit. Even the office staff knows your discipline, timing, and never disturbs you with unnecessary chitchats. All professionals are highly focussed and looking to perform at their optimum. And you can further see and observe experts from several fields know their methodologies to become future entrepreneurs especially for an individual with ambitions.


Well! We can surely say one thing that coworking has brought a plethora of changes in the global working environment. Offering corporates to exploit newer markets with ease of mixing in a completely new culture. 

These coworking offices come bundled with all office features and ready to start from the first day. Thus saving a lot of time with no maintenance or any permanent investment. Being flexible these shareable places are becoming hubs for global conglomerates to combine with local professionals or businesses toward a better future. 

Lets Connect is one of the foremost leading coworking organization which provides the coworking space in Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi with looking to expand their horizons in the next few years. Our offices are built with modern architecture and connected with multiple businesses to offer them flexible spaces to match their requirements.