Benefits of opting fully furnished office Space

Starting a business, you need a proper office space where you can get your team seated with all the facilities required to carry on with their daily tasks smoothly. What all amenities do you need to continue with the regular daily to-do list? To start with, high-speed internet, an air conditioner to maintain a comfortable working temperature, ergonomic furniture so that there are fewer backache problems and everything is near to the hands, coffee machine for your daily dose of caffeine, all-time electricity and water, housekeeping staff for multiple helps, a printer, office supplies and of course, washrooms. There are always a few options to continue with the work.

    1. The first resort for any kind of business is to work from home. If there is a team of multiple people they can all either work from their own homes or one person’s house if there is no inconvenience. 
    2. Renting an office space in one of those buildings near the residence so the commute is easy or maybe a bit far from the home so that rent is easy.

    3. Owning the entire office. Get the workplace in the possession and convert it into your dream office. Choose your layout, interiors and take the literal ownership.
    4. Opting for a coworking space where you will choose from a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or annual plan basis your requirement and just start with the work.

The choice is always different for different people. They choose options that best suit them. Though, there are always two major categories these days. One is of those who rent/own traditional office space and the second one of those who are smarter and go for shared office spaces. There are furnished office spaces in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and basically all the cities of India that provide a professional work environment from a single person to a huge team. Coming back to the categories, now there are advantages of both of them but honestly, there are more demerits of the conventional workspaces. No, it’s not because they don’t match the spirit of the millennial generation but because they just can’t adjust with the changing times. Let’s discuss why coworking spaces are any day better than traditional spaces. 

1. You always pay the current amount of the real estate market which hasn’t seen a drop in the last few years. The prices have always been skyrocketing and there are no major negotiations available when it comes to paying for the regular offices. Whereas, you pay so much less as a membership fee of shared office space. Don’t believe us? Check out various furnished space providers’ websites and you’ll see the difference yourself.

2. You don’t just own the place, you own all the expenses as well. In other words, when you rent or buy a regular space, all the expenses are borne by you. The electricals, the internet, the fittings & fixtures, the housekeeping, machine breakdown, all the installments and all the repairs are your responsibility. Sometimes, it also happens that the one in charge is busier taking care of the petty and irritating chores of the workplace than doing the actual work. Whereas in the coworking space, all you need to do is pay the amount, bring your laptop and get working. Every tiny and huge thing is taken care of by the managed office staff and hence the name “managed workspace”.

3. Only your staff gets to sit in the space which can, at times, be very monotonous, boring and dull because the team might be very focused and get robotic with time. However, in a furnished office, you get to work alongside people from various industries and businesses. You get a chance to interact with so many other professionals, get inspired and might also get to collaborate on various projects. It’s like you all are working independently yet together. You form better human relations and build a professional network in office spaces in Noida and at other places. 

4. Dream networking stays a dream. Because you’re so much on your own, you’d miss all the chances of building a network so strong that it can fetch you business without having to go outside. People working in conventional spaces will never be able to enjoy the benefit of having a coworker turned business partner. In fact,when you share space with a diverse group of people, you have an in-house market to test your product before its launch and have quality feedback and suggestions.

As much as it doesn’t need any discussion about renting a workplace furnished or unfurnished, the universal answer would be “furnished” for it saves you the hassle of all the choosing, shifting, installing, fitting and repairing the furniture and settings. Some people say that it depends majorly on the size of business to decide if one must take a well-furnished space because that directly affects the rental amount but in reality, that is completely the case with conventional spaces. Gone are the days when everything boils down to minimal setting and evaluating feasible solutions because with the introduction of furnished office spaces in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and major business hubs have made having furnished spaces accessible without burning a hole in the pocket.

Another point to notice is that unfurnished offices are often leased out without any complimentary feature at all. Even if it’s a wiring system, setting workstations or maintaining every detail has to be taken care of by the tenant. This greatly impacts your business because your precious time is going in less important chores. The conclusion to lease an unfurnished space should be made once you’ve evaluated the cost of “time spent” or else saving a little cost can have a major negative impact on your plans.

Let’s wrap the discussion with a comprehensive summary: 

While planning to move your business in a proper office space in Noida or anywhere else, one of the biggest challenges can be furniture and fittings that can be complicated and time-consuming to execute. Fortunately, today we have fully-furnished workspaces at our availability to reap benefits of. With a well-built and fit office you don’t have to arrange for desks, chairs and other required furniture. A maintained space has many advantages to exploit. Here we have a few reasons why should we consider furnished offices:

Upscaling or downsizing: Increasing or reducing your team size can be challenging when you have to manage everything on your own. When you’re already a tenant paying for a specific space then you can’t easily expand or utilize space as per your new team size. The same happens in the case of downsizing. Suppose you’re paying for a place for 25 people and now you are just 15 then you’re technically paying extra. With managed office spaces, you pay only for what you use and that’s totally cost-saving.

Moving to a new location: Your business might have a requirement to move to another location either for various reasons and with all those furniture, you have to bear the transportation, handling and re-installation charges and you might not be able to set up space as you had previously. But, with readily furnished spaces, you just have to move yourself and nothing else to get started. Shifting everything along with everyone can be a lot of trouble that can be avoided when the workspace is pre-furnished office space in Noida or any other better place.

Staff safety and convenience: Coworking spaces are mostly located in prime areas with great transportation connectivity, urban facilities in the neighborhood, regional safety and at the comfort of commuting from your place. Keeping in mind that your employees shouldn’t waste a major part of their day in traveling and coming to a safe place to work, shared spaces are secured and equipped places to be.

The complimentary servicesHands down, one of the major benefits of working from a furnished space is having a list of facilities that you can’t get anywhere else in the package of the space you’re renting. Regular electricity and water supply, in-house printer/fax/scanner, continuous supply of tea and coffee, high-speed WiFi, whiteboards, projectors, conference-call setups and support staff to back you whenever you need them. You would be arranging all this yourself in a conventionally rented office.

Save money: While we’re getting on the main point, that’s one thing every entrepreneur wishes for. To buy the furniture, get it transported and installed not just takes a lot of time but money as well every time you shift. The repairs are always an overhead expense that can always be avoided in ready to move-in coworking office space because all of this comes in the package you pay for.

Reduced inconvenience: The above-discussed points make it very obvious that managed office spaces lowers down the hassles you generally face at a typically rented workspace. The complexity of buying and setting furniture and wiring from the scratch gets canceled away. That’s a major relief when you wish to focus on something major and more important that’s mainly your business. You simply move-in and get started. Become more presentable no matter how many days and hours of dedication you put into setting and maintaining your workplace you can’t do it as professional and presentable as the furnished office offers you. With managed office space in Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi etc you can always invite clients for a meeting, get talented people to wish for working in your office and charm your visitors on the first impression. Beautiful walls and fancy furniture can sweep anyone off their feet. 

Last but not the least, you are ready to plan ahead! You don’t want petty things to distract or stop you from achieving something as big as a success. Move to the spaces that suit your team size as and when it changes or even relocate where your business is benefitted the most. You never stop when you are more focused on what you should be doing rather than worrying over the plumbing, wiring and swiveling of the chairs. You can take the saved time and money to the next level and focus only on thriving and accelerating!

Hence, the next time you look for moving with your team into a professional space, consider furnished office spaces.

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