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How to utilize Virtual Office Space for your Business?


In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, people have the chance to pause and introspect about certain things on the professional front. Many people lost jobs, small businesses were unable to withstand the sudden turnaround of events and were permanently shut down, while those working on the ground had to take a huge hit as supply chains were disrupted around the world. The change was inevitable. Businesses had to find new ways to function and sustain.

Internet gave hope to majority of such businesses. It provided the business users a perfect marketplace where they can reach potential customers, advertise their products and services, and make sale. Online business enabled work-from-home culture across the globe. Remote working is now widely accepted as the new normal. Top cities with a strong business ecosystem like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, and Delhi have witnessed increase in the demand for virtual offices.

During the pandemic, accessibility to the internet and internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, has revolutionized the way business work. As a result, entrepreneurs and startup ventures switched to online mode of operations on a large scale. The potential benefits that the platform offers seem lucrative to all such as, global access, 24×7 operability, faster delivery of products, improved client service through greater flexibility and cost savings. With better opportunity to manage the business from anywhere in the world, the opportunity seekers have established themselves virtually. Even the small-scale businesses have adopted this virtual work model.

But one might ask what exactly do you mean by virtual office space? Well, virtual office means that you do not have a definite working location. One is free to work from any location of their choice whether be it your house, from your travel destination, or even from a resort. There is no fixed office space where you must report at a particular time every morning and work within a fixed boundary. Virtual office space in Noida allows you to have a formal and more professional business address like the one you might have when working at a physical workplace. A mailing address adds to your business’ credibility as physical presence sends a signal of the existence and truthfulness of your business.


Virtual office space in Noida provides the business with a physical address and office-related services at affordable rent. To understand it in another way, it usually pertains to when a business hires a third party for the benefit of a professional address and communication support. Over time virtual offices have come to encompass additional administrative functions too but the chief purpose is to have a virtual presence at a professional address. Say, for example, organization XYZ is based in Mumbai and needs a mailing address and contact point in Noida without incurring the cost of leasing an office space and hiring an employee, they can rent a virtual office space in Noida.

Virtual offices are extremely useful when you need a professional address in a prime business location and a remote receptionist who receives and/or screens calls and mails for you. The service provider professionally manages such offices. Virtual office space in Noida is exceedingly popular among people who work from home or need a second office in another location. This helps them save on the cost of setting up a new office, hiring full-time staff, getting equipment & supplies, and to create a good impression on their clients.


Virtual office space gives flexibility to the business owners to operate in flexible manner they want. Purely working on the internet also qualifies as working virtually. Businesses solely providing services through the internet and engaging with clients on phones is a prime example of how this mode of operation works.

  1. Capital Requirements

One of the biggest advantages of this form of operating business is to be away from the inconvenience of operating it offline. Making a physical presence requires lot of investment as well as going through the cumbersome process of checks & approvals for your office space. However, virtual office space in Noida is much more affordable especially for those who cannot pour in heavy capital. The service providers charge for their services which are manageable for the companies availing them.

  1. Work From Anywhere You Want

Individuals working through virtual space do not have to worry about the location they work from. The mode provides the fluidity of working from the place one finds comfortable. Working in this manner has increased productivity to a certain extent as the person is working from the environment of his choice. The workplace makes the difference as people tend to choose quiet and soothing places to sit and work which means they are more relaxed while working.

  1. Zero Travelling

While people might love to travel and explore various places with their families or friends, no one wants to travel through congested roads and highly busy areas. They are the worse way to start or end your day as the rush and honking can suck out energy from you. As a result, when you reach the office or home after work, you feel tired and frustrated.

Virtual office spaces in Noida reduce your travel time to such places to zero. No commute is required as the employee has the choice to work from anywhere, they want and anyone who knows the benefit of it would choose to work remotely as much as possible. Travel time is also saved; big cities would mean traffic and more time to reach your workplace and back home while working remotely means that time can be utilized somewhere else.

  1. Business Support

Service providers for virtual office space in Noida play a vital role. Gaining on-site receptionist and phone services helps you to deal with a customer without even having the compulsion of being physically present to attend your customers. In addition to it, you also get services for meeting suits and video conferencing services which provide you with a place where you can meet your prospective clients.

  1. Hiring Employees

Virtual office space in Noida does not require the person to be present in a particular city to formally collaborate with a company. Whereas a company with brick-and-mortar model will only be able to hire a professional who is available in that city or locality. Working virtually gives you an upper hand in hiring talented professionals from around the world and at the same time providing services in different regions of the world.

  1. Run Cost-Effective Business

It is no surprise that businesses have to bear a lot of expenses for daily functioning. Employees’ salary is the biggest and most evident expense of them all and employers cannot avoid it. So, companies must look at lowering the other major expenses. Not renting a big office space for your workers saves tons of rupees. Adding to rent, electricity, maintenance, water bill, internet charges, repair work & other sundry items can be avoided that will help utilize the funds in a better way.

These cost-effective techniques can also aid in utilizing funds in the expansion of business. Assessing and managing the amount to expand becomes difficult when you have physical spaces as their cost adds a burden on the treasury. Analyzing return on the additional deployment of funds thus becomes very crucial.


As the world progress towards new age practices and explores efficient ways of operating, companies will continue to adapt to the market dynamics to stay relevant. Virtual office space in Noida and other commercial locations within Delhi NCR are getting considerable traction. With mass adoption of remote work by business users, cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru are already experiencing this change. Small scale businesses too have been looking for such workplace flexibility to successfully implement their ideas.

Going forward, virtual office space in Noida by Let’s Connect helps companies of all sizes reduce the costs associated with the overheads in leasing and maintaining a physical office space and allow them to utilize these savings towards business marketing, growth, and expansion in the current fast-paced and competitive marketplace. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an innovator, a digital nomad, a startup, or any business (large or small), our virtual office space offering can support your business rise to the next level. If you have planned to setup a team in near future, you can take advantage of our coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and private cabins to suit your requirement.

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12 Benefits of Using Virtual Office to Grow Your Business

What do we understand by Virtual Office?

As the word suggests, ‘virtual’ means which is not physically available but is connected to the online world. Virtual office simply means the work environment with no fixed location. It is an office space service through which you can work literally from anywhere, and stay connected with clients and colleagues through emails, video-conferencing, etc. Moreover, you can work more flexibly at your comfort level instead of working the traditional workhours under pressure. While you work remotely, you can experience many benefits of virtual office in Noida.

In the latest Ericsson IndustryLab study by Dr. Michael Björn (Head of Research Agenda) has mentioned that the interest in communications technology has grown rapidly over the last six months. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the mindset of many companies and entrepreneurs. There is an ever increasing need for digital collaborations with colleagues and clients to be as interactive as the actual, in-person meetings.

The IndustryLab report further explores that the virtual offices may become reality by the year 2030 at the global level as there has been a 60% rise in online meetings and conferences due to the pandemic. People have been encouraged to indulge in remote work or earn while working from their homes, which has positively popularized the concept as a whole.

The growth of India’s information and communication technology (ICT) and its adoption by majority of businesses over the past few years has been tremendous. But there is far more potential to tap on, for instance, in connectivity through 5G, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For those who understand the necessity of simple tools that better support remote interaction, renting virtual office services can be very advantageous. The prime benefit is that it will give your business the brand visibility it requires.

12 Benefits of using Virtual Office to Grow your Business

Virtual offices are the easiest and the most affordable business workspace solutions in comparison to space rentals. Here are some of the virtual office advantages that will help you grow your business.

  1. Only Pay for What You Require 

Workspace solution providers for virtual office in Noida offer cost effective virtual office solutions for your business at flexible month-to-month rates, no lock-in contracts and no heavy security deposits. Packed with all the professional office-related services, these can be further customized to suit every business requirement. You can choose from a bouquet of offerings before finalizing your membership plan. With virtual office you get a business communication address, phone number, call handling, mail forwarding, and access to other office facilities and services such as conference rooms on-demand and co-working space.

Apart from the more established companies and the businesses looking to expand, virtual offices are also frequently used by home workers, freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, and SMEs. With the level of customizations to select from, that is, standard services or premium services, you can ensure that you are only paying for what your business requires.

  1. Obtain a Legitimate Business Address

A virtual office enables you to setup an office without paying for the physical space. A commercial business address in a sought-after location helps you establish a physical presence for your company and boost your professional image. Prime advantage of having a prestigious business address is that it adds credibility to your profession and helps build trust with potential clients. It will also keep your residential address private. You may use it on Visiting Cards, Letter heads, Website, Google listing, and emailers.

  1. Effortless Expansion and Relocation

A physical office relocation can be a nightmare for any business as it is an expensive investment. From upgrading spaces, purchasing new furniture, new setup, and relocation (actual movement) cost, can be stressful and also result in the loss of productivity. Virtual office spaces can maximize your business potential. Since the space is not a constraint with this service, you can avoid inflated lease agreements or expenses incurred during each step of the moving process. Virtual office in Noida is ideal if you wish to establish a presence in a new location, or have multiple offices across the city, or test the market before acquiring the additional cost of relocating to that area.

  1. No More Tense Commutes 

Did you know that 25% of workforce consider their commute to be one of the most stressful aspects of the job?

Recent trends demonstrate that most workers prefer to work from home, even if they get paid lower. Remote work or work-from-home model has minimized their commute time, lowered the expense of transportation, and most significantly, provided them with comfort and flexibility. The use of virtual office not only benefits employees, but companies as well. Where working virtually helps professionals enhance work productivity while pursuing their hobbies and interests alongside job, the companies too have experienced advantage of lower overheads and technology costs through use of virtual offices.

  1. Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

With a more flexible schedule facilitated by virtual offices, fitting in things like doctor’s visits or watching your children’s games becomes easier. If you find working from home too distracting — kids barging into your space, home tasks demanding your attention, etc. — you have the advantage of utilizing the occasional shared office space facility as included in the chosen membership. Virtual office in Noida by Let’s Connect offers complimentary access to flexi-seat every month for the linked virtual office membership well equipped with high-speed Internet for the members.

  1. Access a Global Talent Pool

Having a virtual office in Noida offers one other major benefit, that is, of having access to an immense talent pool in the coworking community. If you choose to operate occasionally out of the coworking space with virtual office or network with community of coworkers virtually, you can effectively engage a wider talent pool and benefit from a remote-hiring process, while saving time and costs. It is well known that 74% of workers would be prepared to quit a job to work remotely, thus by providing the opportunity to work from home with the aid of virtual offices, you are increasing the appeal of your firm and the position to prospects.

  1. Guaranteed Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Virtual office solutions are fantastic at increasing employee satisfaction. This is because they are offered the opportunity to work from home, saving money and time on commuting, resulting in greater independence and a better work-life balance. The employees also show an improvement in productivity since they can work in a comfortable setting where they are more focused because of fewer interruptions. Working from home boosts productivity and efficiency because happier people perform better. So, even if they only work a limited number of hours a day, their focus and productivity improve, benefiting both them and their firm in monetary terms.

  1. No Complex Contract, More Flexible Terms

Unlike traditional office spaces, most coworking spaces in Noida offer a highly flexible membership package of virtual office rented on a month-to-month basis for ultimate flexibility and affordability. Let’s Connect Virtual Office in Noida facilitates quick and easy on-boarding with easy to understand rent agreement, no heavy deposits, and no lock-in period. Being tied with long-term contracts or hefty lease agreements become a disadvantage when your company has expansion or attrition plan. Unlike virtual office flexibility, the traditional office spaces expect you to pay the rent or lease amount until the contract is completed, or pay the penalty stipulated in the initial agreement.

  1. No Hassle in Establishing an Office

Coworking space providers often provide several service packages and service combinations from where to select. With such a diverse range of membership options to pick from, you can ensure that you save money by only paying for what your company is looking for at a time. These may be simple to set up and dismantle as necessary. This option comes at no extra cost. Virtual offices in Noida are ideal for start-ups and freelancers since they provide them with independence and flexibility as well as an address for business contact.

  1. Less Materialistic

Virtual office provides affordable and flexible office space solution for businesses and individuals. You only need to have a laptop and internet connectivity to accomplish the task. You just need to establish an online presence rather than the land and furniture. The less you spend on materialism, the more you save.

  1. Family Time

Virtual offices solve the problem of spending time with family and friends. If your office is in another city, you have to shift to the city and be away from your family for hours or months and even for years too. With virtual office in Noida, you get the best opportunity to stay close to your family and work while being in the same location.

  1. Establish a Presence in a New Location

While some types of businesses can still flourish without being connected via the internet or having a website to showcase the products and services. By having a mere physical presence in the area and connections with others were important for the business to succeed. Over the recent years, particularly in the digital age, it has become difficult for business owners to stay connected with industry peers and ever-changing trends without having some type of online presence online.

The virtual office model bridges this gap between maintaining a local presence and establishing remote (virtual) presence in a new location. Virtual office in Noida helps you develop a local presence for your business through a physical address in new location, mail and courier services, and a local phone number, without incurring the running costs of a physical office – the lease, utility payments, repairs, business insurance, etc.

Concluding Statement

Above are some of the major benefits of “virtual offices”. These help us in building our presence both locally and globally while enhancing the brand’s visibility and the growth of our business among the masses. Virtual office is one of the best uses of technology in the present scenario that one can indulge in and take benefit of. If you wish to enhance your way of working and are looking out for coworking space, managed office space or virtual office, Let’s Connect has the best deals for you.

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How does Virtual Office help increase Brand Visibility?

What do we understand by a virtual office?

Creating a presence in a desirable business location without the need to pay rent for a physical office space.

Work Flexibility and Brand Visibility with Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are a cost-efficient solution that enables freelancers, business owners and employees to work remotely. They provide a range of business functions to business professionals that are accessible through the internet. The work flexibility as well as the significant reduction in the commuting costs and time for the employees facilitates increase in work productivity and is great for a healthy work-life balance.

While the modern way of working demands flexible workspace solutions, many organizations are taking advantage of virtual offices. For the multinational corporations (MNCs) who have plans to maintain presence in multiple locations across the country or overseas to provide work flexibility to the respective employees have preference for virtual office setups. Even for the SMEs and business owners, the virtual office in Noida, Delhi, Gurugram enables high brand visibility to their business, while significantly lowering the overheads and technology costs.

Who needs a Virtual Office service?

A virtual office service is incredibly helpful for professionals who need to do business outside of a traditional office setting. It is usually preferred by and best suited to start-ups who are working remotely, freelancers, digital nomads, and the expats. By having a registered office address associated with you or your business, you can create a reliable and professional image to new clients and customers. In short, more business visibility.

Why a Virtual Office?

Flexible Terms

Most workspace solution providers offer different service plans for virtual office, such as the standard plan with a set of basic services on annual charge basis, and the comprehensive plan that includes excellent add-ons to a standard plan. Some virtual office space providers offer a contract period of 6 months, that allows you to adapt as your business need change.

Business Locations

A virtual business address in the prime location within a major city, as well as in multiple business locations, can increase brand visibility for your business operations. Representing a business professionally in a commercial location influences a business’s ability to market itself, the competition it faces from other businesses, the total cost of operation, property taxes, the Govt. regulations to be followed, etc.

Real Business Centers

Most of the virtual office in Noida are also professional business centers that offer access to workspaces and boardroom to meet with clients and hold interviews. With unlimited Business Lounge access, one can physically use the workplace when needed. Certain service providers give complementary access to a community meeting room on hourly basis as well.

Virtual Office in Noida helps serve the following purposes:

  • As a registered office address as required during Company Registration in India (regulated by the Companies Act, 2013)
  • As a local address to meet and collaborate with business associates, clients, and board members
  • As a commercial address for the sole proprietorship business
  • As a legal address for overseas companies for business operation in India, for instance Sales Office

Increase the Visibility of Your Business with Virtual Office

Your business is your brand. The work you do, or the services your company is hired for, the products you sell, everything makes up your brand. Believe us, in a competitive era that we conduct our business, branding is crucial. It is a complex process to build brand visibility. One of the many contributing factors in creation of a reputed brand is the office address in a commercial location. This is extremely important for eCommerce businesses where having a local address adds credibility to the reputation of the business. The potential customers will only bank upon the official address of a business entity where they can locate or reach the people behind it.

Whether you are the small business owners, freelancing professionals or startups, virtual office in Noida offers all the advantages of renting office space without incurring the administrative costs. Most virtual offices offer similar services, that may include dedicated phone number with voicemail services and (often) a receptionist, professional mailing address with mail receipt and forwarding service, and plug-n-play office space for onsite work and client meetings.

Let us help you figure out the best-fit virtual office for your business based on the service coverage.

  1. Virtual Office — For the Beginners

Virtual office in Noida is great for new business owners setting up their first office. Individuals can enjoy the standard services of a ready-to-move-in office at an attainable price. The basic services package in a virtual office is simple and straightforward. It includes postal address for business communication and the mail receipt and forwarding during the business hours.

For a startup business, that does everything remotely, a virtual office is a great starting point. Most of the service providers offer virtual office standard package on yearly basis, the average cost of operation comes down to INR 2000 per month, or as high as INR 3000 per month.

If you are looking for your first virtual office in Noida, there is one factor that you need to keep in mind. The virtual office services are truly virtual and there is no physical workspace access provided. For those who wish to conduct business remotely and only needs a local address as proof of existence of their business setup, this option is potentially the best one.

  1. Virtual Office — If You Need Virtual Reception

Though every virtual office in Noida comes with a dedicated front desk to serve its clients, it is a possible scenario that some service providers can offer a comprehensive receptionist plan included in the virtual office offerings. Here a dedicated live receptionist will schedule all appointments, live answering of calls, voicemail management and more. Allocation of a dedicated local phone number for your business will be charged extra in such a plan.

If having an in-person services is not a top priority for you, then the base package of virtual office with virtual reception service is also available. It will cost you way less as compared to plan including a dedicated receptionist.

  1. Virtual Office — With Flexible Packages

Some of the virtual office service companies, as Let’s Connect, also offer actual office space in the membership package that allows for pre-defined access to co-working space on a per month basis. All you have to do is gain a Day Pass from the premises and start working from office. In addition to virtual office services, you can have access to conference rooms (charged per hour) upon your visit, which you may use for interviews, training sessions, board meetings and other business purposes.

Flexible packages for virtual office in Noida are great for scaling a business. Provision of both, the physical and virtual workspaces, is a plus for small businesses and startups that need daily in-person interaction. The dynamic pricing and the ability to pay one month at a time is extremely beneficial for the companies with temporary needs or who are not ready for a yearly contract yet.

So, is Virtual Office best for your business?

You may have a great business plan, but it can be hard to make headway with if people do not know who you are or what services you offer. As experts mention, building a company that is publicly visible and recognizable is essential to growing a business and gaining new clients. Choosing a virtual office in Noida is an excellent decision that will enable high brand visibility for your business and sustainable growth. Choosing a virtual office is not always an easy decision. What is best for one company might not work for your business. Let us summarize the unique needs of a business below and see if it helps you in decision making.

  • ⍟ Physical address with mail handling and forwarding
  • ⍟ Unlimited-day office access options
  • ⍟ Business meeting room access
  • ⍟ Local phone number with dedicated receptionist/ call answering services
  • ⍟ Month-to-month membership or Annual membership

Let’s Connect virtual office package focuses on the basics: a professional business address and mail handling services. If you are looking for add-ons to the standard service offering, contact us for the best pricing. Our comprehensive package for virtual office in Noida includes access to co-working spaces and meeting rooms, GST and Business Registration along with the standard virtual services.

coworking space for financial advisors

Coworking Space for Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors and Coworking Spaces

Financial advisors‘ duty is to provide competent financial advice, manage customers’ finances, and project success in the external world. They must work in an atmosphere that provides them with such power in order to attract the best clientele.

Due to an increase in the number of workers who do not want to continue working in typical office settings, shared workspaces have become quite popular. Not only can coworking spaces provide basic workspace, but they also do so at a relatively low rate.

Coworking spaces can also boost productivity, albeit they may not be suitable for all businesses. Consultants, on the other hand, have migrated in droves to coworking spaces throughout the years. Because of the flexibility, cost-saving potential, and availability of resources at a reasonable cost, coworking space for financial advisors is great.

8 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Should Embrace the Virtual Practice Model Today

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for long-term office leases has entirely collapsed, as has the requirement for in-person meetings, at least for the time being.

Once we begin to recover, demand for coworking spaces will grow, but offices will never be the same. Financial advisors will likely have to wait a long time to meet with their customers one-on-one again, at least in person, since consumers are more than ever comfortable with virtual meetings and will certainly prefer them to the old belly-to-belly methods of the past.

If in-person meetings are held, they are most likely to take place in coworking spaces that have all of the required hygiene and safety safeguards in place. So, what does the “new normal” for financial advisors look like?

The sooner financial advisors adopt the virtual practice model, it appears, the better. In my honest view and experience, becoming a Virtual Financial Advisor is the only way to keep working and grow your business like never before. Let’s look at 8 reasons why.

1. Exponentially Make More Money While Managing Risk

Consider how much money you’ll save if you move your practice online. Your overhead will drop dramatically, and the money you save will be immediately translated into profit, which you may put back into your business or use to improve your current quality of life.

You will also be able to efficiently manage risk. You won’t put your clients in any dangerous situations, and you won’t waste money on a meeting with a potential client just to have them refuse your services.

2. Increased Productivity

This is particularly true for small company owners who operate from home. It is easy to become sidetracked while we are at home. Children require attention, the house must be cleaned or maintained, and special projects can arise at any time. You can establish a “work mode” that will help you be more productive by moving to a different location. Many coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you never have to worry about getting work done.

3. Flexibility

Coworking is about being flexible. Choose the day and time of your work and get there, it’s that simple! Renting office space from an agile workplace offers you the chance to take charge of your own day without the hassle of owning an office. It’s basically, one less key to worry about!

4. Reduce Operational Costs

For small business owners, having a dedicated private office space might seem costly but working within a coworking space, the benefit of using shared amenities outweighs the cost. Business owners can work within these spaces without having to worry about the overheads such as the internet, electricity, maintaining office equipment, replenishing cups, tea, and coffee to name a few.

5. Place To Learn

The working environment in a coworking office space allow for interactions with people with a different mindset, skills, and knowledge. This can improve a person’s outlook and provides a learning opportunity to either upskill themselves or improve their own productivity.

6. Mental Wellbeing

Working in a shared office space is a way to meet new people and increase your own network. This helps in avoiding loneliness, improving interpersonal skills, and many coworking spaces also offer various self-improving workshops which can help in boosting your productivity.

7. Virtual Mailing Address

Aside from having a common workspace, co-working members also share a virtual space. Each member gets their own official virtual email address. As a startup or small business, first impressions are that much more critical when building clientele. A corporate email provides a distinct way to validate the business’ credibility as a report and trust is built. 

8. Leveraging Time and Money in Modern World

People want things fast, and they are willing to pay a premium for instant gratification. If you can deliver your services online and progressively at the convenience of your clients, you can leverage time to make more money. It’s as simple as that.

Physically having to meet with people, either at your office or in their homes, was a slow and tedious approach, and quite frankly dated. If you are to leverage time and money in the modern world, you are going to need to provide a forward-thinking, cutting-edge service.

Coworking Space vs. Traditional Office Space: Which is Right for You?

When you are choosing a physical location for your business, you can either go with a coworking spaces or a traditional office. Each has its pros and cons, but the right choice depends on the type of business you have, the goal for production and how you want your business to be perceived by clients.

If you are trying to decide between a coworking space and a traditional office space for your business, here is what you need to know.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces often have an open-concept layout and are shared with anyone who is a member of the space. In order to maintain an environment of collaboration and communication, the spaces are typically filled with comfortable furniture, shared technology like printers and Wi-Fi, and even free coffee.

Pros of Coworking Spaces:

Varied workspace: Coworking spaces allow individuals to move around within the area.

Collaboration and networking opportunities: There are many opportunities to meet individuals who you may not have met otherwise.

No miscellaneous expenses: Costs like utilities, renovations and furniture are all included in your fee. There are no high up-front costs or long-term commitments. You can pay month-to-month, or choose a different plan depending on the space you choose.

Built-in management: You don’t need to worry about office management.

Traditional Office Spaces

Built for productivity and focus, traditional office spaces are a private headquarters for your company. The layout may be open like a coworking space, but you also have the option to divide it up into cubicles or offices for individuals. There are designated conference rooms for group meetings, and you have complete control over your technology and other resources.

Pros of Traditional Offices:

Privacy: Office spaces and meeting rooms offer quiet, professional environments with fewer distractions and scheduling conflicts.

Individual production: Rather than the collaboration and networking that happens in coworking spaces, traditional offices encourage individual work.

Professional client-facing environment: Confidentiality and privacy are maintained for clients.

Personal branding: The entire office space encapsulates your brand.


There are several advantages for Financial Planners, Consultants and Financial Advisors who are opting Coworking Spaces more frequently these days. Many high profile freelance consultants may still retain a personal workspace, but the tide is swiftly changing.

Interested in renting out an office space in Delhi NCR?

We offer workspace solutions at affordable monthly rental, from private offices to open networking spaces. For our membership plans, check out coworking spaces at Let’s Connect India.

virtual office for remote workers

Key Points of Virtual Office for Remote Workers

Do you wish to start your business without having to invest a fortune? Do you wish to test waters in different markets without having a physical setup in the location? Do your employees love working from home? Have you considered the virtual office service? It is an offering of the coworking industry that allows you to work remotely while having a physical presence in a particular location. The virtual office service offers you features like mail handling, telephone answering, office location and meeting room so that you have a proper work address for various paperwork and client meetings. You can have a virtual office in Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai or even in cities like Surat, Pune and Jaipur so you can test markets without any heavy investment. 

In recent years, the demand for virtual office service has been very high due to the rise in remote working professionals. People don’t want their travel to hamper the quality of their work and hence they take their job wherever they go.

Is Virtual Office worth it?

You can make the most of the features of a virtual office if you are just starting up or you’re a startup. Let’s check what it has to offer:

Lower overhead costs: Since you’ll only be using the office address and not exactly the office space, the membership cost would be lower than you thought. You would definitely get to use the meeting room as required along with other services as part of the package. Anybody can send you couriers at the given address and you can also use this office address for business registration, GST registration, website and all paper works. This is exactly opposite to a traditional office where even the tiniest of expense is borne by you. Since coworking spaces are managed offices, everything is managed by the service provider.

Simple agreement: Since this is a service of flexible spaces, you can customize the services as per your requirements. Increase it or decrease it, it’s up to you. You’ll be charged on a monthly basis and there will be no heavy security amounts like in the case of traditional spaces. Virtual offices are here to support and encourage healthy work culture and not a binding one. 

No daily travel: Suppose you work in an office in Noida, you have to travel every day. The distance could be anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours. Traveling is said to take the biggest time of a person’s day. With a virtual office, you don’t have to travel to the managed office space in Noida thereby saving a lot of time and energy. The saved time is used to create and maintain a better work-life balance. 

Increased productivity: As discussed, virtual office leads to a significant reduction in commute time, those hours could be used in working too. The amount of energy you drain in changing metro tracks and in traffic will be directed to the actual job. A fresh mind and energetic body work better and hence, more productivity. 

Better work-life balance: People working from home can spend more time with their family than they ever did. Catching up with friends becomes easy and frequent when you are not out from home for 12-13 hours per day. The virtual office is loved by people who always wanted but couldn’t give time to their near ones. This makes employees happier and happy staff works better.

Test waters in different markets: Since the virtual office service doesn’t mean a physical workspace, you can explore regions by registering them in one. You can expand your business across cities by just registering for a virtual office in that area. For example, you work in Delhi but wish to test Noida and Gurgaon market, then you simply register for a virtual office in Noida and Gurgaon and use that address for hiring, meetings and mails. You will always have an office to go to when you are traveling. 

Access to global talent: You can have a person in any corner of the world where your clients/markets are by hiring a person for and from that location. Looking to serve clients in Dubai? Hire a virtual office and an employee from Dubai for them. Things have become simpler, expansion has become easier and access to human resources is easier.

How does Virtual Office for Remote Workers permit work effectively?

Virtual office service is known to give your business a more professional, credible and legitimate touch that can never happen when you are working from home, especially for certain businesses that require frequent client dealings and documentations. Having a prestigious address ensures that your business is looked at as other sincere businesses out there. A business owner always needs a visiting card, a website and an email ID for clients, customers and business related procedures. Also, you cannot give your residential address and landline number for official papers as this only affects professionalism and your business image.  To make your business seem more approachable and “real”, the virtual office is there to help.

Choosing an office location that backs your reputation is very useful. There will always be a difference between choosing a virtual office in Faridabad and virtual office in Noida. The biggest benefit of a virtual office is that you can work from anywhere while maintaining a professional image by having an address of a prime location. If you’re looking to save money by not investing in a physical space, virtual is the best option. Not just small ventures but even big corporations are enjoying its advantages.

How will Virtual Office work best for you?

  • Every employee must have access to a computer. It can either be their personal laptops or the company provided systems. Remote working requires a computer as much as high-speed internet. To make virtual office work effectively, make sure the employees are equipped. 
  • Since everyone will be working from different locations, it can cause problems will people don’t have their respective set of data/information. Make sure that the right person has the right information. Since everyone would be working remotely, everyone must be equipped with their share of information for smooth operations.
  • Yes, your team is connected with each other all the time but there must be somebody who would take the outside calls for you. The business enquiries, client messages or call forwarding to a specific person is better done by a person operating the landline. Hence, use the service that comes with a virtual office. 
  • Although the virtual office is there to support remote working but catching up with team also becomes important. For certain projects, the team-mates could meet and discuss things face to face. There can be important discussions that can’t happen over the phone calls. Also, catching up once in a while instils the feeling of belongingness in employees. 


The managed office spaces in Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other areas free the entrepreneurs of that location from a lot of worries that come with renting and maintaining an office space. The virtual office is an amazing concept for small and medium companies who must be focusing on their projects rather than the furniture and fittings and for remote workers who wish to set their business up but can’t afford to show up at the same place every day.

Where To Rent a Desk for the Day (7)

Benefits of Virtual Offices

Benefits of Virtual Offices: Emerging Trend in Remote Work

For the professionals and business owners who are working from home but wish to give their business a professional image and address, virtual office space has become highly popular. Basically, the virtual office is a service provided by the coworking industry wherein the members can have all the benefits of a regular office (landline number, communication address, admin services and access to meeting rooms) without actually having to be in a physical space for their business operations. This has become highly popular amongst freelancers and entrepreneurs who usually work remotely but want a professional presence of their business without the expense of a commercial property.

A virtual office can deliver many perks for your business that can add credibility and make it easier to attract clients. From providing you with a professional image to enabling you to work from anywhere while having a fixed communication address, this workspace solution does it all. The employees can coordinate using internet applications like video conferencing and teleconferencing via the internet and a smartphone or laptop. Whether it is a new venture or an established one, the benefits of virtual office are open to all.

Key Benefits of Virtual Office Address

Virtual offices come with a bunch of advantages for those who wish to sign up for this arrangement. Let us discuss them one by one:

  • Credibility and Professional Image for Business

The utmost catch about the virtual office is that it adds to the professionalism and credibility of the business. You can’t give your residential address in all the official documents and for mailing purpose, for it seems very casual and shows your business as just another home-based venture. A physical business address of a prestigious location and a fixed landline number ensures that your company is trustworthy, reliable and real.

A business address in a prime location is a good way to strengthen your impression on clients and end-customers. Having a workplace in a top location highlights your business and further ensures the chances of getting better clients and projects. Having company headquarters in big cities of the country help your venture appear larger and reputed than ever.

  • Spend Wise, Save Big

Regardless of the size and nature of the business, cost saving is always looked forward to and when you are choosing virtual office service, you are saving money in different ways. There is an exceptional cost saving when you have a reputable office within a decent membership fee. Every bit is value for money when your office is in a brilliant location surrounded by various businesses without having to invest a fortune.

The benefits of virtual office are huge in terms of saving money on physical premises especially if you are not sure if you would be in the same location or even business for long. Also, savings on the infrastructure, regular maintenance, technology and administration of commercial space is there as it is handled by the space provider. With all those expenses lifted from your shoulders, you can take advantage of the improved margins and reinvest the money wherever you want.

  • Flexible Expansion Opportunities

Having a virtual office allows you to expand your business even across cities. Team expansion is never a hassle as you do not have to geographically move to a larger space to get accommodated. This is very reasonably priced approach and a far better alternative to the traditional expansion model that requires a lot of shifting, higher rents and relocation stress.

With a virtual office, you can test waters in new markets simply by registering for a virtual address there. This implies lower investment, lower risk and better reach without moving to another city. As space is not a limitation, you can expand to as many locations and as big a team size and be the smarter one in the block.

benefits of virtual office
  • Supportive in Remote Working

The working model has been changing over the years and remote working is the new normal. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic situation has contributed a lot to the increase in percentage of remote workers. Due to the increasing popularity of this concept, there has been a demand for virtual offices. One of the benefits of virtual office is that you just need a laptop and internet connection to work from wherever you want.

The virtual office plans offer you the freedom to use the membership from various location (of the same service provider) and work without having to pay heavy rents for those workspaces. This is mainly useful when you particularly need a meeting room for team discussions and client meetings while everything else can be carried out remotely.

Virtual offices pose as a very flexible option for employees who can work from the office but are more comfortable working from home. Various job profiles can enjoy this ideal solution and not just they would benefit from the service, but the employers can also effectively cut down major costs on transportation charges. The employees, in turn, have job satisfaction and increased morale.

  • Work Efficiency

Since everyone would be working mainly from home, there would be no daily traveling to the office that would save a couple of everyday hours. When you are not commuting, you are saving a lot of time and energy that you can better use at work and hence, higher work efficiency.

  • Work Satisfaction and Improved Productivity

Because virtual office gives people the freedom to save time from the daily commute, work from home, save money and enjoy flexibility, they can better balance their work and life. When people are able to balance both work and play, they are more satisfied and less stressed, and a happy employee lasts longer with the company. There is always higher employee retention in a relaxed environment. Happy employees, job satisfaction and stress-free work environment increases productivity.

  • Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Virtual offices are a very practical and economical way to expand in a new location and have access to the localized talent. Already having an office in a particular location means you can start hiring as it is convenient to find talent in that location. Presence of a virtual office for your company will give the prospective candidates a defined workplace to come for interviews or discussions ensuring your legitimacy. One shall not be restricted to the talent of the local area and one of the benefits of virtual office is that you have boundaries to explore and get the best on board.

  • Increased Flexibility of Work

Working from home means no fixed time to punch in the biometric machine and have specific login hours. You can start and wrap at your convenience. A virtual office gives employees the flexibility at work that a regular job can never provide. People can either work from home, or even travel to get inspired and do their job. This is great for startups and small ventures.

  • Business Support Services

Business support must never be overlooked as it has various advantages. The virtual office includes features like call answering and forwarding, mail handling and forwarding, dedicated receptionist, meeting rooms and general administration tasks. You can book a meeting room in advance for the said number of hours and can use the address to get your business and GST registration done. In case you wish to use the physical space for some days, there will always be a furnished office space at your service.

  • No Long-Term Commitments

While you enjoy the perks of the virtual office, you can also be relaxed about the fact that you do not have to get in long contracts unlike traditional office spaces. The minimum contract period incorporated in virtual office plans can be minimum 6 months to 12 months, and it varies for different service providers. The auto-renew feature can also be availed upon your notification and willingness to continue with the virtual membership. Some virtual space plans also enable you to book even on a monthly basis, thereby reducing financial risks.

Finding the Right Virtual Office Provider for Your Business

As we discussed above how the virtual office service can be a beneficial decision for your new business, finding the right Virtual Office Space becomes vital especially when you wish to keep working remotely. If you are looking to reap the benefits of virtual office, Let’s Connect can help you with amazing plans and quick sign-ups.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about the other types of office space we offer:

virtual office space in Delhi NCR

How to get Virtual Office Space in Delhi NCR?

If you are looking to learn more about virtual office space in Delhi NCR, this blog is for you. From this post, we will know what is a virtual office, what facilities does it offer and how much would it cost.

What exactly is a Virtual Office?

Imagine working from home doing freelancing or starting your own venture while all your mailing activities and meetings happen in a professional workspace. You don’t have to travel every day to your workplace and keep doing your job at the comfort of your home or even a hotel outstation. This is possible with the virtual office service by the coworking industry. With virtual office service, you don’t have to move your business operations to a physical workspace. You will have access to the business address, usually, the premium location of the city, to use for your documents, registration, website, receiving mails and client meetings. There will always be somebody to take calls for you and take care of your packages.

Virtual office space in Delhi NCR has been in huge demand since the pandemic happened because as much as people love being remote and start their ventures, they want to get those businesses registered as well. For that, there is nothing better than this offering of coworking spaces. Businesses get an impressive address and all the important office related services without any long term overhead expenditure. This is mainly popular with startups, small businesses and freelancers who need to show their clients their workplace and catch up for face to face interactions.

The constant use of video calls, instant messages and voice notes has a huge impact on the demand for virtual offices. People have witnessed better productivity due to lesser administration tasks and office commutes. The locals find it comfortable to reach the location when required and the scope for remote hiring is also endless. Operating a virtual office is very economical due to the non-existence of traditional setups and arrangements.

The concept of the virtual office is gaining huge popularity in all the major cities of India. All the important corporations and multinational units are mainly in the metro cities and the smaller businesses need to have a nice office space for the important meetings with potential clients and investors. Of course, you can’t always call the important people to your residence or café all the time and this is where virtual offices help. 

The virtual office space in Delhi NCR is premium service workspace and is worth every penny spent. You never miss out on any update whether it is a call or text for you, all thanks to the dedicated reception facility it comes with. Anything under your company’s name is conveyed right away, and all the couriers and packages are taken care of till you collect them. An impressive and equipped meeting room is booked for you simply over a phone call and your guests will be greeted and assisted by the staff till you are in the office.

How to choose Virtual Office Space?

  • The location must be perfect: Since the main attraction of a virtual office is the address, the location should not be compromised. You must always choose a place where your clients and employees manage to reach and for that, you must have your research on point. You will get a very professional yet fresh environment in most of the workspaces though. Pro tip – always pick allocation that is a business hub so you are always surrounded by opportunities.
  • Check the amenities: When you decide on a virtual office, don’t forget to ensure it comes with all the facilities required. A landline number for all telephonic queries, printer & scanner and high-speed internet connectivity for smooth working should also be seen for the membership to be an all-inclusive package.
  • Availability of a meeting/conference room: Since you will be inviting investors, clients and employees for meetings and work, it is important for the workplace to have a good meeting room to build your best impression and provide a professional environment to the visitors. The more impressed a client, the better chances of cracking the deal. Also, it is always better to have an equipped conference room instead of having a discussion in a café amidst the chatter and noise.
  • Charging reasonable amount: The fee must be confirmed before making the final decision. All the terms of the final deal should be cleared with the space provider so there is no confusion or complaint later. There should always be a few options in hand so you can pick the one that suits you the best. Although you would mainly be charged for hiring the business address, the cost would generally be within your budget.
  • No hidden charges: Of course, you will read the documents well before signing. Make sure to check all the clauses and that there are no hidden charges that could disturb you in future. Clear all the conditions and details with the workspace owner for smooth operations ahead before hiring virtual office space in Delhi NCR. Generally, the agreement papers of a coworking space are very simple, understandable and to the point where you need not read between the lines.

Facilities offered by Virtual Office Space

  • A professional work address: The prime purpose of the service is to provide you with a professional work address that can be used on all your documents, letterheads, websites and promotional content. A work address in a prestigious location, especially if you are a new venture, can prove to be very advantageous for your ‘first’ impression as a business entity.
  • Mail handling and forwarding: In addition to the work address, virtual offices also give you mail handling & forwarding service wherein your physical mails will be received, safety-scanned and sent to you or kept till you collect it. Your business need not be physically in the office to be operational, as someone is always there to take care of the deliveries all the time.
  • Access to the meeting room: Yet another good thing about the virtual office is that the members get to access the conference rooms when they need. If you wish to use a professional meeting room, you can simply book it for the said number of hours within your membership package. This is highly useful for important client meetings and networking events.
  • Reception and Call handling: Just like mail handling, there will be a reception counter assigned to answer and handle calls that come into your business. All the important messages will be forwarded to you right away so you don’t miss out on anything. A dedicated staff to man all the front-desk responsibilities gives your business a better market presence and seamless operations.
  • Business registration: To get your business or company registered in India, you are required to provide the address of Registered Office along with the address proof including the Utility Bill not being older than 2 months, along with NOC from the owner of the place. A business can register itself on what is called a virtual office address. You get a prime business location address for all business correspondence and mails as well as getting GST registration done.
  • Essential office facilities: Basic services to get your operations go smooth, like high-speed internet, printer, scanner, unlimited tea/coffee, housekeeping staff, are also included in the same package to make your stay in the office comfortable. Not to forget the modern décor, attractive layout and interesting furniture are a bonus.
  • Networking and social events: Hosting events and team building activities is a part of coworking spaces. Though it is not something that you look for before hiring a virtual office space in Delhi NCR, it is always great to know that you can be part of all the events happening there because they are very useful for networking and opportunities.

How much does hiring Virtual Office Space cost?

As per the above discussion, virtual office space plan mainly includes a business address, mail receiving and forwarding and access to the meeting room along with other basic services in the same package. For every additional service you include in the package, you add a minimum sum to it, plus taxes. The service is usually very affordable as the major market for it comprises new business setups, startups, remote workers, freelancers and people working from home.

Virtual office packages are here to help add value to your business and let you thrive without heavy overhead costs or employing extra staff. One does not need to own an office premises or equipment hence, saving a lot of money and maintenance efforts.

The cost of the virtual office space in Delhi NCR depends on the competitive nature of the market which it is based in. If the space provider is in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon or Bangalore, it will charge higher than a space provider from Pune, Jaipur or Gujarat. It is understood that bigger cities will be relatively expensive than the others.

Is Virtual Office worth it?

A virtual office allows you to minimize costs and make the best of the services for your business. Experience the best professional environment without bearing the costs of physical office space. It is a great option for independent professionals, small ventures, new startups, digital nomads and especially those working from home. It gives you the flexibility to work and give your business a better credit rank amongst others. Keeping this in mind, we are sure that virtual office is worth every penny spent.

Having a virtual office will make you and your business appear more credible in the eyes of your clients and other stakeholders. This is of supreme importance when you are looking to get an investor on board. The cost of virtual office packages is subject to the prevailing Government taxes or Company rules or both. Know your requirement, outline your demands, choose the best plan or get it tailor made.

Interested in getting Virtual Office for your business? Get in touch with us today and get the best package designed for your business without heavy security deposits.

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Cowoking space

What would be the Reason to Move your Private Office to Coworking Office Space?

What is a Coworking Office Space?

A coworking office space is a modern office arrangement for people coming from various backgrounds, experiences and goals willing to work collaboratively. Contemporary designs, interesting décor, ergonomic furniture, support staff, enthusiastic vibe and aroma of freshly brewed coffee are the first few things you would notice when you enter a shared workspace. Professionals from varied industries make a community in a coworking office that makes one coworking different from the other. The sharing of common resources help in cost savings and building formal connections while experiencing a fresh way of getting the work done.

Honestly, people are just tired of working in boring offices, around dull walls and formal vibe. They want something that could cheer them as they head to work every day. Places that are “inviting” will always be preferred more over the regular monotonous ones. The professionals who have been working from home in isolation or work remotely full-time due to excess travelling, view this as a great opportunity to work and be around people with completely different skill set than theirs. These managed office spaces, as they are known, often organize events, foster their community and create the best possible environment for their clients to work in. These spaces serve a dynamic work environment to the members enabling them to be as interactive as productive at work.

Coworking Office Space

Who uses Coworking Space?

An organizational unit, a small team or an individual freelancer with a project and need for professional space to work can use a coworking office. You will find a lot of people working from shared office spaces, each of them looking for a good place to keep their stuff, have a good internet connection and least disturbance at work. A startup sees it as a low-cost option for their new venture, an established business takes it as a managed space for their business unit and a freelancer is happy working here to come out of the loneliness and monotony while working from home. Anybody from a single person to an entire team can choose a managed office as their workspace.

Are Shared Offices worth it?

A coworking office in Noida, for instance, offers you a wide range of services and amenities while charging you on a monthly basis. There are absolutely no hidden costs. Also, you do not have to worry about the repairs, maintenance, cleaning, IT services, furniture upgrades, etc because it has already been taken care of by the space provider. If you rent a private office, you do the entire thing of setting up the office and looking after even the pettiest of the jobs that take the entire focus from the main work. When you work from home, you just cannot avoid the bunch of distractions and zero social life. Therefore, when you pay for just the workspace while making the most of the entire bouquet of services and forming connections with amazing co-workers, you know it is worth it!

As we mentioned above, workplaces that look inviting have better chances of people turning up and staying longer. Design and décor is very essential for the new generation to feel comfortable and happy at work. Cubicles, monotones and boring layouts are a big no-no when it comes to the Millennial, especially those who have their own ventures. In fact, a large share of fresh talent joins a place for how it looks. How “cool” is the office? Is the office insta-worthy? Is the vibe of the office happening? These are a few questions that beginners have on their checklist of joining a workspace. Take for example, there is a coworking office in Noida, the candidate will not only see the distance he/she will travel a day, but how deserving is the “destination” for that long journey. For entrepreneurs, shared office spaces can boost productivity in many ways.

Managed space: Since everything is managed by the space provider, you don’t have to do anything else but focus on the ‘real’ work. Forget the furniture, utility bills, internet connection, pipelines, repairs, cleaning and other work that can take all those productive hours.

Beautiful décor: All the managed office spaces are not just well maintained but well designed as well. They impress you with the décor the moment you step inside. Colourful walls, state of the art infrastructure, amazing cafeteria and impressive furniture makes you want to go to work.

Social life: Working in a coworking office enables you to maintain a work-life balance because of the time flexibility that they offer. There is no strict 9-5 rule and you can come and leave as you like thereby allowing you to balance your social life with your work life.

The networking: While you work alongside people from different fields and companies, you get to be along so many people that you can interact with and get inspired. You don’t have to stay confined to only your company colleagues or the loneliness of home but can have a nice professional circle. They help you when you’re stuck and would be your first test market.

Occasional events: Not to forget, the coworking spaces, besides already offering a lot, take care of their members by arranging events and little fun sessions for their members to have a break from the daily routine and relax for a while. This would include information, music, food, games and a good time.

What all are the benefits of choosing a Coworking Office?

Working in a shared office space has many advantages amongst which some are:

Premium Location and Address: Most coworking offices are located in the best of the hubs and centres of the city making them most attractive for those who wish to work alongside other ventures. A prestigious location would always increase your professional reputation and would become that required “first impression” on the important clients, employees and investors, and this would straight contribute to your business growth.

Backend Support: If you enter a coworking space you would notice the presence of management staff placed by the space provider at the centre to help their members with the everyday operations, assist the walk-ins and keep a check on housekeeping, cafeteria and other maintenance. The presence of these professional services allows you to concentrate better on your business.

Simple Rental Agreements: Agreements that are signed by both parties are in a very simple language that is easily understood and transparent. There would be no reading between the lines (no hidden charges or conditions). These user-friendly contracts do not have those unnecessary terms and clauses that a regular commercial lease agreement would have.

Short Lock-in Period & More Flexibility: Since no business can predict the number of years they would stay in the market and keeping this uncertainty in mind, the shared workspaces allow flexible leases. There are different plans to choose from. A one-day plan, monthly, quarterly or annual would be available. The lock-in period of coworking spaces is usually 1-3 months, which is way shorter than that of conventional offices (that is 3 years). Also, you can always inform the management about your wish to reduce or increase the number of seats in future. A coworking office in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all other places would help you with the flexibility of the number of seats. Therefore, it is easy to operate in the same place than needing to change the office.

Bouquet of Services: These services offices welcome you with a ready to use infrastructure where you just need to pay the membership fee, log in at your desk and get started. There are services like meeting room, event space, open desk, private cabin and virtual office to choose from as per the most suitable for your business. Moreover, facilities like housekeeping, internet and cafeteria is all included in the membership.

Networking Opportunities: There is diversity in the coworking community. You would be working beside professionals with new mindset and vivid experiences. Everyone, being an expert in what they do, would bring in certain motivation for the other members to achieve their goals. Members frequently interact with each other and even collaborate. They are your first market, feedback and critics; this collective community facilitates good business communication and connections.

Better Work Environment: The idea of coworking is to provide a healthy work environment to the members as much possible. This is the reason why these offices have so many useful amenities onsite for the comfort of the coworkers. Breakout zones, gaming area, sleeping pods, and food options are some of the examples of the comfort the coworking offices offer.

Are there any disadvantages of joining a Coworking?

While the list of benefits of being in a shared workspace is long, some people can bring to your notice a couple of demerits of joining a shared workspace.

No personal style or branding: Well, since it is an office shared by a number of businesses, you cannot extend your personal branding or company style to the place. The office is as much yours as its others’. For a company that would want the interiors and décor style as per the company code, it can be a problem. Though you can hire a private cabin and make it your little space, but not the entire office space.

Lesser visibility of your business: The kind of visibility you can expect at a traditional office through signboards or a particular exterior of the building or the floor, it is not be possible with a coworking office. There will be a lot of companies in the same office so people passing by won’t be noticing your company’s billboard as they would if the office was only yours. On the other hand, you can put your name plate in amongst the other companies in the directory or board, if any.

Space not available on the spot: Unfortunately, there can be chances that you need a meeting room for an urgent meeting or event space for an unplanned event as they required reserving beforehand. This is where some discomfort at work may happen when you need such services on the spot. For example, you are in a coworking office in Noida, your client wants to have a discussion and you urgently require a meeting room but find out that you cannot for it was supposed to be pre-booked.

Not the privacy you expected: A coworking office will be shared by many companies and a number of people will always be around you. There would be a constant chatter, people being on calls and members moving around the floor. You have to keep your confidential documents safe by yourself if you don’t want your business to be compromised.

What do we conclude?

Going by the list of the upside and downside of going for a shared space, the positive aspects are any day greater. Coworking offices are designed to be shared by multiple companies and you cannot expect some things like business promotion and privacy there, but this is obvious and no shocker. A serviced office would give your business the right place to operate from, would keep your employees high spirited, and give you all the possible chances of forming connections and grow. Yes, there would be some inevitable discomforts but they can easily be sorted with a little adjustment.

Today, when everything is so expensive and uncertain, you cannot just shut your business and worry about what to do. Shifting to a conventional space and doing everything on your own can be a big task and exhausting you finances will never be a good idea. You simply book a managed office space where you can do what you always wanted to, without worrying about many other things that would take up so much of your productive time.

Searching for a nice coworking office in Noida, Greater Noida or Delhi? Contact Let’s Connect Coworking for the one stop workspace solutions for all your business requirements. Experienced in catering to a number of clients across industries, we would help you with the right corporate environment and services. Book a tour with us right away!

virtual office

Why Startups should have Virtual Office Space?

The coworking industry has been helping entrepreneurs and enthusiasts around the globe and has become the new way to work in the past few years. The kind of services shared workplaces offer can help any business thrive for they can concentrate better on the main job rather than maintaining the office and utilities. Amongst many reasons, one service that is giving a new dimension to setting up a business and gives it a more corporate feel is the service called “virtual office”.

What is a virtual office space?

A virtual office is a business that does not have a fixed place of work or to provide goods or services to its customers and relies majorly on the internet for its operations. Phone calls, documentation, video conferencing and team coordination is all done online and the employees work remotely. This service facilitates remote working while offering a prestigious business address and a professional meeting room whenever required for important face to face discussions.

This pandemic has made many new businesses (startups and small ventures) opt for virtual office services. Every business normally runs from a physical space but the situation today is encouraging people to stay remote and work from home. Individuals can work from the comfort of their places from their laptops or smartphones while ideating and executing their tasks from wherever they are. While the employees work from their desired location, the business would have its own registered address, a receptionist and a meeting room whenever needed.

Virtual office

How does virtual office work?

The Virtual Office is a very simple and interesting concept. As explained above, you work not from a fixed office location but remotely while the space provider will take care of the requirements like taking calls for you, handling your mails, helping you arrange meetings, keep the meeting room reserved and overall uplifting your brand image. If you are a startup or a venture that does not really require an office to operate from and still you need to show your prospects how professional you are, taking up virtual office space can do wonders in showcasing your business.

It is understandable that not all businesses need to be offline and need only occasional meet-ups and team discussions. Such businesses can use this service to create a great impression on their customers and investors without having to invest in a physical space.

What all are the benefits of virtual office services for startups?

This service sure is beneficial for startups, small businesses and freelancers in a lot of ways. Let’s check how both the employees can and employers can benefit from it:

  • Premium office address: The most attractive part of the virtual office service is that you can have a premium office address without having to pay for a hefty amount of a fixed space. You can use this address on the paperwork, visiting cards, website and to you call over a very important client for a face to face meeting. For example, you are operating from home in Noida but can still have office address of a prime location with having a virtual office in Noida.
  • Business and GST registration: Virtual office space is a very cost effective solution for getting a corporate address that can be used with all necessary documents for various registrations like No Objection Certificate, electricity bill, rent agreement, GST registration for that particular location. For example, you can have a virtual office in Noida and get the GST registration done with that address.
  • Low cost and affordability: If there is no physical space, no utility bills, janitor services, furniture and no repairs & maintenance costs, then you save a lot. All this directly impacts your profit margins in the long run. This model is very attractive for startups and small businesses that can’t afford to shell out a lot. Traditional offices are very expensive and this is not the right time for such burnout and hence, switching to virtual office space is great because it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.
  • Avoid travel and save time: An average person spends around 2 to 3 hours every day getting ready and travelling to work. That is a lot of time and could be avoided by opting for the service. An employee can easily increase/improve their productivity if they don’t have to go through the hassle of all that commute and focus on only the job assigned. You can work from wherever you like as long as you have internet access and when you have an important face to face meeting to attend, there is always a meeting room that you can use.
  • Better brand image: A company with a proper business address is always attractive and seems more credible than one that has no corporate location to show. Clients and customers like to know that they are dealing with a business that has a website, a logo and a professional address they operate from. Also, when you call over your prospects in an equipped work environment instead of some coffee shop, it tells a lot about your brand has leaves a good impression.
  • Happier and more active team: When people don’t feel chained to a desk and chair, they feel free to work. Also, being under constant surveillance of your manager and being micro managed becomes very suffocating and knowing that your work required none of it makes one love their job.
  • Better work life balance: Having the flexibility of working from where you want to work saves you hours and energy that you can use in other chores like household stuff or catching up with your friends. There is no stress of getting ready and being punctual when you woke up late for some reason. This way, there is lesser absenteeism and leaves.
  • Access to global talent: Another amazing side of virtual office space is that you can now have an access to global talent. You can have a virtual office in Delhi and hire the locals while being in, say, Chennai. The employees can show up a couple of times in the office once a week and this helps both the parties. You can have a virtual office wherever you want to expand your business without actually having to set up a fixed space.
  • Save money on assets/technology: As much as working remotely is the new normal, bringing your own technology to work is as well. The employees can prefer the gadgets they have and only they will be responsible to upgrade the technology in hand. The employer doesn’t have to spend for buying or renting the technology and employees can work on what they are most comfortable with.
  • Reception service and courier management: Along with the corporate location, you also get the receptionist service to take your calls, messages and attend customer/client queries. There will always be somebody on the landline that is still a very professional way of presenting yourself. Also, having a mailing address means your couriers will be received and handled well for you while you are working remotely and the sender is also satisfied to send parcels at a professional location.
  • Minimal commitment: You can start on a month to month basis which means the least commitment and no blockage of funds. This way, you can always withdraw if things are no working as per you plan with a negligible loss and keep upgrading your membership and if everything goes well.
  • Efficiency and productivity: As an employer, you don’t have to check every little thing like the punch-in and out time of employees, the desktops/laptops functioning and office maintenance, you can focus on bigger plans and goals while the employees are working on their tasks. There would be least distraction that generally is in an office of gossips and other drama. The employee turnover rate is also less because they are happy not being under constant supervision and work in the comfort of their place. All this adds better efficiency and more productivity.

What is the future of virtual offices?

The global pandemic and lockdowns have shown both the employers and the employees the benefits of remote working and it would be fair to predict that this is not going to fade away any sooner. There has been a significant increase in the clients signing up for the virtual office, especially those who wish to work from their choice of place but still want to be seen as an efficient company with a fixed office infrastructure. Also, not everyone is comfortable publishing their home address on the website and hence, a virtual office comes into action.

Signing up for a virtual office in Delhi, a virtual office in Noida or where your business requires would not just save you costs but has many other perks. This offering of coworking industry has helped numerous new and emerging startups and is definitely here to stay.

Virtual office space is ideal for those you wish to expand without having to spend every time they enter a new location and don’t wish to miss out on talent from diverse locations just because they are not present there. It’s a great option for emerging businesses or a freelancer who are doing fine while operating from home but still need a professional business address to show.

You get all the privacy at work, you can have a nice meeting room when you need, there is no need to travel every day, one can be with one’s family and have better work-life balance, there is a super low financial risk due to minimal lock-in period and it’s always good to start with investing less.

Giving your business a corporate push and testing new geographies was never so easy. If you are interested to start with a virtual office, contact us for more details and a quick setup!

office space rising in Noida

How Demand of Office Spaces is rising in Noida Expressway?

Office Space is Rising in Tier I and Tier II Cities of India

Earlier, there were metro cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru) that attracted the investors and entrepreneurs for the infrastructure, business hubs and connectivity of the areas. Multinationals would always prefer these cities to set up their new unit, or an established company would always look for a metro city for expansion due to the emerging market and the resources. Soon there were Gurgaon and Noida as the most looked out places for the new and expanding ventures; and now the Noida Expressway joins the list.

With the rise in entrepreneurship and new businesses, India has witnessed a rise in commercial real estate over the last few years that have, in turn, raised the rentals across the nation as well. Due to the demand for commercial office space in Noida Expressway, many developers have launched their new projects on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. The main benefit of living and working along this infrastructural corridor is the rapid access to Noida and Delhi on one side and Greater Noida on the other.

The shared working spaces are desired by the millennial and even formal corporate and hence, the demand of office space rising in Noida is also justified. With the rise in demand, the supply has also been really encouraging of the serviced office spaces. The need for office space in Delhi NCR area has been very evident. Previously, the most favoured area was Gurgaon. However, in recent months, there has been a shift towards the modern offices on the Noida Expressway side.

Keeping the rising preference in mind, the Noida Authority has planned several infrastructural developments in this section. As per the plan, the metro has linked Noida with Greater Noida and further with Yamuna Expressway. Developers and realtors all are excited about the prospects in this location. The requirement for office space in Noida is noteworthy and hence, major players have not just completed but delivered their projects, boosting the investment profile of the region.

The soaring demand Noida Expressway has seen, there is a long way to go to satisfy it and in fact, there will be a huge increase in it in the coming years. The wide stretch, commercial hub and easy connectivity along with a long metro line are some of the factors attracting major businesses and small ventures to set up in the region.

The Industries that prefer Coworking Spaces

Although the concept of shared work spaces has been launched to help every industry, but as per the trend analyzers technology driven companies top the charts. Next up is the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) sector followed by the e-Commerce ventures that are looking for fully equipped managed office spaces.

Other industries having a noticeable place in the demand list are research firms, consulting units, call centres, agriculture based companies and engineering units. In simpler words, any company of any size of any industry is welcome in a coworking space. It just fits all!

office space rising in Noida

Let's Connect Coworking Space in Noida – The Modern Way of Working

Starting from a small setup to owning offices in Noida and Greater Noida, we have worked all these years trying to be a comfortable and efficient workplace for many businesses across industries assisting professionals to have a work-life balance. Not just do we provide the flexibility, but also latest technologies and an equipped environment to improve your performance in every manner.

India is sure one of the emerging nations in the world and global investors are showing interest in Indian ventures. With the demand for office space rising in Noida, Let’s Connect India has come up with spaces with high-speed internet connectivity and professional facilities.

Why is it good to take up Coworking Office on rent?

There are numerous small and young startups looking for a good place to begin their business operations. Of course, the first office of any new business is home, but not for the long run. Opting for a coworking office on rent provides a venture with the best of the services, plans and a professional environment that makes working easy, simple and efficient while being affordable. Shared office spaces are no longer confined to big and established firms, but can be accessed by even individual freelancers as their ideal workplace. Out of the many reasons why managed office spaces are in huge demand, some are:

Lower operational overheads: Compared to conventional spaces, renting out a coworking space is very affordable and cost effective. A shared office may not be an entire floor just for your team, but it has everything that the members might need to carry on their operations smoothly and allowing them full concentration on the work. An equipped and fully furnished space is any day a better option than an office where even the basic amenities of water and electricity have to be taken care of.

Dynamic environment and flexible: A lively and flexible workspace is the choice of all companies whether new or old in the business. Traditional office spaces will always be charging a handsome amount for literally providing nothing else than space. On the other hand, a serviced office will never be financially burdening as it offers various flexible plans the members can choose from as per their suitability. Also, there would be no long lock-in period, which means easy entry and exit from the agreement.

Networking opportunities: The demand for office space is rising in Noida and professionals are happily shifting towards the managed spaces for they provide a chance to not just communicate but also collaborate with people across industries. An exchange of opportunities is very common when you work in a shared environment.

Impressive work environment: Move aside those dull and basic offices when you have chic walls and modern décor. The interiors of a coworking office are not just impressive but attractive enough to make people want to come to work thereby increasing productivity. The in-house gym, sleeping pods, cafes and gaming area add to the facilities.

In-house events: The management team of the workspace provider arranges for occasional events in the office to induce some fun and entertainment amongst the daily hustle. This acts like a break where there is an informative & interactive session, some games, interesting snacks and of course team building exercises.

Did you know that Noida has, in a way, taken over Gurugram in terms of demand for Shared Office Spaces?

Two of the Delhi NCR markets, that is Noida Expressway and Golf Course Gurugram, have been featured amongst the top 10 emerging regions as the choice for tech startups. Ever since the pandemic happened, there has been a huge lift in the demand for flexible office space in Noida Expressway. As we all must have noticed, Noida is coming out of its previous reputation of a copy of Gurgaon and is now attracting corporate firms and setting up of new ventures like never before. There are two main reasons.

  1. Noida has clearly overtaken Gurgaon in terms of metro connectivity as the Gurgaon Metro does not cover all the sectors. You need to take a cab after a certain stop. On the other side, Noida has an elaborate metro network (Blue Line as well as Aqua Line) that keeps all the routes and stretches well-connected, thereby connecting more clients to office spaces in Noida Expressway.
  2. Haryana Government has announced in Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Bill, 2020, as per which the private companies must reserve 75% of all the jobs within INR 50,000 of monthly salary for the local candidates only. This can affect the hiring of new candidates and fearing this, companies are shifting to Noida where there is no such Bill or Rule.

It would be just accurate to say that today Noida has become a more popular coworking choice as compared to Gurgaon due to the metro connectivity, upcoming international airport, logistics hub and presence of A-grade office spaces.

Trying to find the right Coworking Space in Noida?

As much as professionals are interested to move to managed office spaces, the demand for coworking spaces is rising in an exponential manner. But is every space provider the right one for your business?

Come, join Let’s Connect coworking space in Noida and you would be happy to experience working in an equipped workspace with front office staff, a range of facilities and an energetic vibe. We have security personnel, housekeeping staff, IT experts, and everything that your business needs to back its operations. As the demand for coworking space is rising in Noida, so are our clients. We are working with a range of satisfied people who would trust us more than a traditionally rented space. If you wish to rent a premium workspace for your office, book a tour with us. We always strive to make your membership worth it.