Unlock The Opportunity To Work From Any Place

It’s not very long ago when traditional offices were ruling the way people work. The shooting prices of the properties had people empty their savings, take loans or just quit their dreams till they couldn’t arrange for the funds that could buy or help them rent a workplace. When the concept of coworking space was introduced, it dramatically changed the entire process and standard of working.

Entrepreneurs, who once had to put their dreams on pause, could now start their project without shelling their hard-earned savings. The idea of shared work space has been in everyone’s favour be it a single freelancer or a multinational unit.

Anyone can enjoy working in a professional work environment without having to pay a huge amount and blocking their funds for so long. The access can be on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Apart from metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc, there will be a coworking space in Noida, Gurugram, Kochi, Pune and other cities as well helping people with goals achieve them.

The conventional spaces are not just over the top pricey but also don’t give you more than a place to work. Whereas, a coworking space frees you from any kind of stress and manages everything on their own while you just pay the membership fee and start working.

Utility bills, furniture, repairs/fittings, support staff, high-speed internet, cafeteria, parking services and much more only in the membership amount. The flexible workspaces completely changed the work culture and has opened so many ways for future-preneurs to shine.

Everybody gets to work alongside people from varied industries, experience, culture, backgrounds and thought processes that makes it interesting to be a part of such a diverse community where one has got so much to learn from the other and share opportunities.

The best cowork space in Noida, Chennai, Delhi, Gujrat and everywhere have a common list of services the client can choose from as per their requirement. Every service is special and designed in a way that nobody is left disappointed and not catered to.

What Can Suit Whom The Best

Hot/dedicated desk

The open seats are categorised into the hot and the dedicated section. As the name says, the hot seats are the ones that are presently available and the dedicated ones are assigned to their respective members and only they are allowed access.

When you want an instant desk in a shared workspace, you would normally get a hot seat whichever available. This is the best for a single freelancer or somebody who’s looking for a nice workspace for some time. If you’re a team who can manage alongside others, go for it!

Meeting room

There are people who look for the cafes around the town for a client meeting or a team discussion (early startups). While the coffee houses only charge you with a handsome amount in exchange of coffee and a table, you get no privacy or silence while talking. Hiring a meeting room in best shared office space in Noida or basically anywhere will give you the right environment, silence, equipment and space to carry on your important discussion.

Private cabin

If you’re a team of people who need complete privacy and separate space for their work, you can hire a private cabin with ergonomic furniture that will only be accessed by your team and you can be sure that no information is going out or distraction is coming in.

Event space

Some companies or individuals who look for a nice space to set up their seminars, product launches, pop-up shops, sessions, weekend classes and other public gatherings. If you approach a cowork space in Noida, for say, you’ll not only get a space to carry out your event but also the staff support and assistance till it gets over.

Virtual office

Mostly, new businesses start from home and it’s the best option if you’re a small setup with a few people who can work from home. Since not all businesses need a physical space due to selling/purchasing by telecom, they still need a business address because not everywhere you can put the home address.

With the virtual office service, you can buy the office address of the location and shared workspace of your choice, use it for the documents and website and also to get your GST and business registration done.

The above mentioned are the services that freelancers, startups and even big businesses look for their teams to get started and there’s always something for everyone in the best cowork space from Noida to Nungumbakkam.

Managed workspaces are great for the allow you to get started in no time. There are simple agreements and no hidden charges. The best thing about them is the customization. That’s right. The shared offices can also offer you customized packages where you can combine two or more services as well. Some even give you an option to revamp the entire space as per your requirement.

If you wish to get some rearrangements on the interiors or sitting type or want some addition to the place, it is all taken care of. Take for example, if you want a certain type of furniture placed in the cabin, an audio/visual system for the meeting room, some sort of medical equipment or any other special requirement, this could be arranged on a simple request.

A company might want to add a few more members to their subscription so for that, seats could be increased. Somebody might want to work with fewer employees now so seats can be decreased. Every sort of customization is possible when you are in a flexible work space. Scaling up and downsizing was never so easy and convenient. Imagine doing it all by yourself in a conventional workspace. Managed offices are always hassle free and give you all the freedom to work the way you love!

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