How to get Virtual Office Space in Delhi NCR?

If you are looking to learn more about virtual office space in Delhi NCR, this blog is for you. From this post, we will know what is a virtual office, what facilities does it offer and how much would it cost.

What exactly is a Virtual Office?

Imagine working from home doing freelancing or starting your own venture while all your mailing activities and meetings happen in a professional workspace. You don’t have to travel every day to your workplace and keep doing your job at the comfort of your home or even a hotel outstation. This is possible with the virtual office service by the coworking industry. With virtual office service, you don’t have to move your business operations to a physical workspace. You will have access to the business address, usually, the premium location of the city, to use for your documents, registration, website, receiving mails and client meetings. There will always be somebody to take calls for you and take care of your packages.

Virtual office space in Delhi NCR has been in huge demand since the pandemic happened because as much as people love being remote and start their ventures, they want to get those businesses registered as well. For that, there is nothing better than this offering of coworking spaces. Businesses get an impressive address and all the important office related services without any long term overhead expenditure. This is mainly popular with startups, small businesses and freelancers who need to show their clients their workplace and catch up for face to face interactions.

The constant use of video calls, instant messages and voice notes has a huge impact on the demand for virtual offices. People have witnessed better productivity due to lesser administration tasks and office commutes. The locals find it comfortable to reach the location when required and the scope for remote hiring is also endless. Operating a virtual office is very economical due to the non-existence of traditional setups and arrangements.

The concept of the virtual office is gaining huge popularity in all the major cities of India. All the important corporations and multinational units are mainly in the metro cities and the smaller businesses need to have a nice office space for the important meetings with potential clients and investors. Of course, you can’t always call the important people to your residence or café all the time and this is where virtual offices help.

The virtual office space in Delhi NCR is premium service workspace and is worth every penny spent. You never miss out on any update whether it is a call or text for you, all thanks to the dedicated reception facility it comes with. Anything under your company’s name is conveyed right away, and all the couriers and packages are taken care of till you collect them. An impressive and equipped meeting room is booked for you simply over a phone call and your guests will be greeted and assisted by the staff till you are in the office.

How to choose Virtual Office Space?

  • The location must be perfect: Since the main attraction of a virtual office is the address, the location should not be compromised. You must always choose a place where your clients and employees manage to reach and for that, you must have your research on point. You will get a very professional yet fresh environment in most of the workspaces though. Pro tip – always pick allocation that is a business hub so you are always surrounded by opportunities.
  • Check the amenities: When you decide on a virtual office, don’t forget to ensure it comes with all the facilities required. A landline number for all telephonic queries, printer & scanner and high-speed internet connectivity for smooth working should also be seen for the membership to be an all-inclusive package.
  • Availability of a meeting/conference room: Since you will be inviting investors, clients and employees for meetings and work, it is important for the workplace to have a good meeting room to build your best impression and provide a professional environment to the visitors. The more impressed a client, the better chances of cracking the deal. Also, it is always better to have an equipped conference room instead of having a discussion in a café amidst the chatter and noise.
  • Charging reasonable amount: The fee must be confirmed before making the final decision. All the terms of the final deal should be cleared with the space provider so there is no confusion or complaint later. There should always be a few options in hand so you can pick the one that suits you the best. Although you would mainly be charged for hiring the business address, the cost would generally be within your budget.
  • No hidden charges: Of course, you will read the documents well before signing. Make sure to check all the clauses and that there are no hidden charges that could disturb you in future. Clear all the conditions and details with the workspace owner for smooth operations ahead before hiring virtual office space in Delhi NCR. Generally, the agreement papers of a coworking space are very simple, understandable and to the point where you need not read between the lines.


Facilities offered by Virtual Office Space

  • A professional work address: The prime purpose of the service is to provide you with a professional work address that can be used on all your documents, letterheads, websites and promotional content. A work address in a prestigious location, especially if you are a new venture, can prove to be very advantageous for your ‘first’ impression as a business entity.
  • Mail handling and forwarding: In addition to the work address, virtual offices also give you mail handling & forwarding service wherein your physical mails will be received, safety-scanned and sent to you or kept till you collect it. Your business need not be physically in the office to be operational, as someone is always there to take care of the deliveries all the time.
  • Access to the meeting room: Yet another good thing about the virtual office is that the members get to access the conference rooms when they need. If you wish to use a professional meeting room, you can simply book it for the said number of hours within your membership package. This is highly useful for important client meetings and networking events.
  • Reception and Call handling: Just like mail handling, there will be a reception counter assigned to answer and handle calls that come into your business. All the important messages will be forwarded to you right away so you don’t miss out on anything. A dedicated staff to man all the front-desk responsibilities gives your business a better market presence and seamless operations.
  • Business registration: To get your business or company registered in India, you are required to provide the address of Registered Office along with the address proof including the Utility Bill not being older than 2 months, along with NOC from the owner of the place. A business can register itself on what is called a virtual office address. You get a prime business location address for all business correspondence and mails as well as getting GST registration done.
  • Essential office facilities: Basic services to get your operations go smooth, like high-speed internet, printer, scanner, unlimited tea/coffee, housekeeping staff, are also included in the same package to make your stay in the office comfortable. Not to forget the modern décor, attractive layout and interesting furniture are a bonus.
  • Networking and social events: Hosting events and team building activities is a part of coworking spaces. Though it is not something that you look for before hiring a virtual office space in Delhi NCR, it is always great to know that you can be part of all the events happening there because they are very useful for networking and opportunities.

How much does hiring Virtual Office Space cost?

As per the above discussion, virtual office space plan mainly includes a business address, mail receiving and forwarding and access to the meeting room along with other basic services in the same package. For every additional service you include in the package, you add a minimum sum to it, plus taxes. The service is usually very affordable as the major market for it comprises new business setups, startups, remote workers, freelancers and people working from home.
Virtual office packages are here to help add value to your business and let you thrive without heavy overhead costs or employing extra staff. One does not need to own an office premises or equipment hence, saving a lot of money and maintenance efforts.
The cost of the virtual office space in Delhi NCR depends on the competitive nature of the market which it is based in. If the space provider is in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon or Bangalore, it will charge higher than a space provider from Pune, Jaipur or Gujarat. It is understood that bigger cities will be relatively expensive than the others.

Is Virtual Office worth it?

A virtual office allows you to minimize costs and make the best of the services for your business. Experience the best professional environment without bearing the costs of physical office space. It is a great option for independent professionals, small ventures, new startups, digital nomads and especially those working from home. It gives you the flexibility to work and give your business a better credit rank amongst others. Keeping this in mind, we are sure that virtual office is worth every penny spent.
Having a virtual office will make you and your business appear more credible in the eyes of your clients and other stakeholders. This is of supreme importance when you are looking to get an investor on board. The cost of virtual office packages is subject to the prevailing Government taxes or Company rules or both. Know your requirement, outline your demands, choose the best plan or get it tailor made.
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