How Coworking Spaces help Remote Companies & Workers

The global pandemic has taught the world something that it was not ready for – work from home. A lot of companies were never in favors of remote working and wanted their employees to be in the office only for everyday work. Ever since COVID-19 happened, each company and each employee has been working from home regardless of their job profile. This has instilled confidence in the companies and an option for the workers to be anywhere to complete their job. Remote working comes with a lot of advantages like flexible working hours, saving travel time, saving money (in terms of utility bills and commute) and maintaining work-life balance to list a few. To keep remote work happening, we find that coworking spaces help remote companies and workers a lot in their operations.

It has been a couple of years since remote working is gaining a lot of popularity across countries and industries. Factually, startups are sprouting every now and then. Most of them, naturally, would start from the home setups, but we should also agree that for a business to go a long way, it has to step out of the home. The remote companies that started from a house would need the corporate touch to present themselves as ‘professional’. Now, this does not mean that businesses have to actually be operated from an office setup. The virtual office solution has got your back. You can sign up for the business address to be used for the documentation and client meetings while you can work from anywhere. This is how coworking spaces help remote companies and freelance professionals.

Yes, shared office spaces were known to be the preferred choice of startups, small ventures and freelancers but not anymore. Many multinationals and large enterprises have been joining hands with coworking spaces for the kind of benefits they have been bringing to the table. Everyone wishes to enjoy the advantages of a managed office space and have their employees work in a place that would make them get out of their bed and want to come to work. The isolation and loneliness one feels from being at home the entire time can affect a person’s mental health. Having a workplace that welcomes everyone and let them get started right away has played a very important role in numerous lives in the pandemic period. Telecommuting works, but not for all, nor forever. You need to step out and have a face-to-face interaction to get things going in the long run and there is no better place than shared offices for that.

A coworking space offers entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies an amazing solution to enjoy flexibility and peace of mind while working. The safe and well-managed spaces are equipped with technology that a client might need for their everyday working like a projector, fax machine, CCTV cameras or even a biometric machine. Even if you are renting the conference room for an hour, you will notice how the technical equipment, furniture and service is in place making you feel proud of your decision of choosing a shared space over a café.

Who is a Remote Worker?

A remote worker is a professional who works from different location, usually away from the office. One can work in a coffee shop, home or another country. Having to keep hopping and still work can make a person feel isolated and distracted. An office setup would always make a person more focused. Coworking spaces help remote companies and workers to have a professional work environment while having the kind of privacy they expect. Coworking spaces offer the required amenities, technical assistance and an independent state of mind. They can walk inside a shared space, book a seat and get started while having a chance to interact with other professionals and enjoy networking. Not just they get more productive in a coworking office, the remote workers often do collaborations and explore opportunities with the other members.

We, humans, are social creatures at heart and our happiness is gained with working and being with and around people. Apart from helping people move out of isolation, there are many other benefits of working from a coworking space.

You’ll Meet Other Inspiring Professionals at Coworking Spaces

“Inspire and get inspired” is one of the mottos of shared workspaces. When you enter a coworking space, you will find yourself working alongside many professionals and brilliant individuals who are doing amazing in their areas of work. On a day when you are feeling dispirited, watching others doing well, celebrating their wins and achieving in life lifts your attitude. There are often instances when you need somebody to help you, give suggestions/feedback or discuss your thoughts with, there will always be coworkers around you for that. They are your nearest and most reliable test market. Also, the idea of sharing work opportunities with one another is one of the most amazing things that can happen at a shared workplace. It is like everyone is winning and thriving!

Some Coworking Spaces are Open 24/7

For ease, convenience and flexibility for the members, many coworking space providers are open 24/7 to be accessible as and when required. Yes, not all shared spaces will be on duty all days and hours of the week, but quite a few are. You can choose to work on weekends, late at night or early in the morning in case of a deadline or creative block. The members do not need to worry about the closing or opening time, or wait for weekends to get over. Such workspaces are present in all the major cities to serve locals and tourists. Coworking spaces help remote companies that work late at night by being open all the time.


Coworking Spaces Usually Host Activities and Networking Events

One very interesting thing about coworking spaces is that they host various events and team building activities on various occasions. You will find them celebrating and having parties before the festive off, having a pop-up organized for a new brand, musical evenings, subject-knowledge programs, product sampling and random gaming sessions for team building and a quick escape from the everyday hustle. This brings the community together and the members bond well. The space managers keep track of what is important for their members, what are the shared interests and what will bring them together and accordingly plan the periodic events. Members generally look forward to enjoying these activities while having a great time working there.

Coworking Spaces have made it possible to Work Remotely and Travel

Coworking spaces help remote companies and workers to carry out their regular work without having to compromise on their schedules and timelines. The presence of shared spaces in not just Tier 1 but now in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has made it very easy for anyone to have access to a very professional work environment with all the amenities in one place. With coworking spaces, you can be doing your job, meeting people, having fun and travelling all at once. A good and equipped coworking space is any day better than a hotel lobby or a coffee shop. Moreover, it is always good to catch up with familiar faces in a familiar space in case you go back again.

A Heaven For All

These serviced offices are at the service of each and every one. From an individual freelancer to a multinational unit, anyone and everyone can be a part of the coworking ecosystem. Big brands, multinationals and huge businesses are now interested in getting their setup done at a shared office space, rather than a rented or owned space, for the facilities it provides. A freelancer can work in all the peace they need while interacting with varied professionals, startups work alongside each other, and businesses can have their teams work from an enthusiastic space for more productivity. A shared office space is not just a workspace but a dream office for the Millennials and Gen-Z people who need an inspiring vibe.

The Management Staff and Overall Experience

As much as the IT person, the receptionist and the housekeeping staff is known to make life at work smooth. The community managers appointed at the office centres play a big role in the everyday operations and clients’ satisfaction. They are present to ensure that the members’ experience is nothing but great. A community manager is usually responsible to send newsletters, office news and updates, information about upcoming events and opportunities, and take feedback from the clients. They are usually the first ones to know about the grievances and act as a bridge between the top management and the members for requests and complaints. There can be one or multiple community managers present depending on the size of the coworking to stay friendly and approachable to all.

No Anxiety or Feeling of Being Socially Isolated

People working from home or travelling for work know that working alone is not easy and they can easily get depressed being alone at work all the time. As much as burnout and mental exhaustion, isolation is a real concern. The feeling of solitude can develop if one happens to work alone without anyone around, and this is just not right for the mental health of the person. This is where coworking offices come into action as they help solve this issue by offering a constantly friendly and social environment where people from various industries, experiences and backgrounds can work together yet independently. Forming connections and building a professional network is by far the most useful benefit of shared spaces for remote workers. This is how coworking spaces help remote companies and workers across the globe.

Are Coworking Spaces Worth It?

According to what we discussed above, coworking spaces are social, motivational and flexible workplaces that welcome everyone who wishes to step out of home, wants to start a business or plan to expand their horizons. The rise of coworking spaces is a godsend for many ventures and professionals for the kind of amenities they offer in the most justified membership fee.
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