How does Virtual Office help increase Brand Visibility?

What do we understand by a virtual office?

Creating a presence in a desirable business location without the need to pay rent for a physical office space.

Work Flexibility and Brand Visibility with Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are a cost-efficient solution that enables freelancers, business owners and employees to work remotely. They provide a range of business functions to business professionals that are accessible through the internet. The work flexibility as well as the significant reduction in the commuting costs and time for the employees facilitates increase in work productivity and is great for a healthy work-life balance.

While the modern way of working demands flexible workspace solutions, many organizations are taking advantage of virtual offices. For the multinational corporations (MNCs) who have plans to maintain presence in multiple locations across the country or overseas to provide work flexibility to the respective employees have preference for virtual office setups. Even for the SMEs and business owners, the virtual offices in Noida, Delhi, Gurugram enables high brand visibility to their business, while significantly lowering the overheads and technology costs.

Who needs a Virtual Office service?

A virtual office service is incredibly helpful for professionals who need to do business outside of a traditional office setting. It is usually preferred by and best suited to start-ups who are working remotely, freelancers, digital nomads, and the expats. By having a registered office address associated with you or your business, you can create a reliable and professional image to new clients and customers. In short, more business visibility.

Why a Virtual Office?

Flexible Terms

Most workspace solution providers offer different service plans for virtual office, such as the standard plan with a set of basic services on annual charge basis, and the comprehensive plan that includes excellent add-ons to a standard plan. Some virtual office space providers offer a contract period of 6 months, that allows you to adapt as your business need change.

Business Locations

A virtual business address in the prime location within a major city, as well as in multiple business locations, can increase brand visibility for your business operations. Representing a business professionally in a commercial location influences a business’s ability to market itself, the competition it faces from other businesses, the total cost of operation, property taxes, the Govt. regulations to be followed, etc.

Real Business Centers

Most of the virtual offices in Noida are also professional business centers that offer access to workspaces and boardroom to meet with clients and hold interviews. With unlimited Business Lounge access, one can physically use the workplace when needed. Certain service providers give complementary access to a community meeting room on hourly basis as well.

Virtual Office in Noida helps serve the following purposes:

  • As a registered office address as required during Company Registration in India (regulated by the Companies Act, 2013)
  • As a local address to meet and collaborate with business associates, clients, and board members
  • As a commercial address for the sole proprietorship business
  • As a legal address for overseas companies for business operation in India, for instance Sales Office

Increase the Visibility of Your Business with Virtual Office

Your business is your brand. The work you do, or the services your company is hired for, the products you sell, everything makes up your brand. Believe us, in a competitive era that we conduct our business, branding is crucial. It is a complex process to build brand visibility. One of the many contributing factors in creation of a reputed brand is the office address in a commercial location. This is extremely important for eCommerce businesses where having a local address adds credibility to the reputation of the business. The potential customers will only bank upon the official address of a business entity where they can locate or reach the people behind it.

Whether you are the small business owners, freelancing professionals or startups, virtual office in Noida offers all the advantages of renting office space without incurring the administrative costs. Most virtual offices offer similar services, that may include dedicated phone number with voicemail services and (often) a receptionist, professional mailing address with mail receipt and forwarding service, and plug-n-play office space for onsite work and client meetings.

Let us help you figure out the best-fit virtual office for your business based on the service coverage.

  1. Virtual Offices — For the Beginners

Virtual office in Noida is great for new business owners setting up their first office. Individuals can enjoy the standard services of a ready-to-move-in office at an attainable price. The basic services package in a virtual office is simple and straightforward. It includes postal address for business communication and the mail receipt and forwarding during the business hours.

For a startup business, that does everything remotely, a virtual office is a great starting point. Most of the service providers offer virtual office standard package on yearly basis, the average cost of operation comes down to INR 2000/month, or as high as INR 3000/month.

If you are looking for your first virtual office in Noida, there is one factor that you need to keep in mind. The virtual office services are truly virtual and there is no physical workspace access provided. For those who wish to conduct business remotely and only needs a local address as proof of existence of their business setup, this option is potentially the best one.

  1. Virtual Offices — If You Need Virtual Reception

Though every virtual office in Noida comes with a dedicated front desk to serve its clients, it is a possible scenario that some service providers can offer a comprehensive receptionist plan included in the virtual office offerings. Here a dedicated live receptionist will schedule all appointments, live answering of calls, voicemail management and more. Allocation of a dedicated local phone number for your business will be charged extra in such a plan.

If having an in-person services is not a top priority for you, then the base package of virtual office with virtual reception service is also available. It will cost you way less as compared to plan including a dedicated receptionist.

  1. Virtual Office — With Flexible Packages

Some of the virtual office space companies, as Let’s Connect, also offer actual office space in the membership package that allows for pre-defined access to co-working space on a per month basis. All you have to do is gain a Day Pass from the premises and start working from office. In addition to virtual office services, you can have access to conference rooms (charged per hour) upon your visit, which you may use for interviews, training sessions, board meetings and other business purposes.

Flexible packages for virtual office in Noida are great for scaling a business. Provision of both, the physical and virtual workspaces, is a plus for small businesses and startups that need daily in-person interaction. The dynamic pricing and the ability to pay one month at a time is extremely beneficial for the companies with temporary needs or who are not ready for a yearly contract yet.

So, is Virtual Office best for your business?

You may have a great business plan, but it can be hard to make headway with if people do not know who you are or what services you offer. As experts mention, building a company that is publicly visible and recognizable is essential to growing a business and gaining new clients. Choosing a virtual office space in Noida is an excellent decision that will enable high brand visibility for your business and sustainable growth. Choosing a virtual office is not always an easy decision. What is best for one company might not work for your business. Let us summarize the unique needs of a business below and see if it helps you in decision making.

  • ⍟ Physical address with mail handling and forwarding
  • ⍟ Unlimited-day office access options
  • ⍟ Business meeting room access
  • ⍟ Local phone number with dedicated receptionist/ call answering services
  • ⍟ Month-to-month membership or Annual membership

Let’s Connect virtual office package focuses on the basics: a professional business address and mail handling services. If you are looking for add-ons to the standard service offering, contact us for the best pricing. Our comprehensive package for virtual office in Noida includes access to co-working spaces and meeting rooms, GST and Business Registration along with the standard virtual services.