8 Tips to Socialize with Your Coworkers

8 Tips to Socialize with Your Coworkers

Positive Co-worker Relationships are important for Professional Growth

A coworking space is way more efficient way of modern day working when compared to traditional offices. It is a healthy ecosystem that includes project teams, independent consultants, company employees, start-up entrepreneurs, and freelance professionals in an open space. Every coworker is bound to have a different first-time experience than another. If you are operating out of a team in a coworking space, then you are more confident about expressing your viewpoint and exchange ideas. For freelancers who work all by themselves, or for the persons who are shy by nature to make conversations with strangers in an office space, coworking can be a bit intimidating in the beginning.8 Tips to Socialize


One of the greatest benefits that coworking offers is the instant networking gratification. The real-time collaboration among the like-minded professionals, the conversations over a cup of coffee and participation in community events at coworking spaces, all help the business relationships to form organically. Though it is a slow process to begin with, but a very rewarding experience in the long run. Striking up a conversation with the co-working neighbours can be difficult, but not impossible. Think of it like a must-have to build visibility for your business among the coworking members, that will eventually benefit your career in more than one way. Conversations and connections enhance your communication skills, and also build trust among similar individuals about you and your business.

How to Socialize with your Coworkers?

Here are 8 tips on how to maximize your chances of winning over the coworkers and presenting yourself to be a friendly co-working neighbour.

1) Make an effort

Socializing with coworkers is essential in a coworking space. Here you will meet people from varying domains, and if you can successfully build a healthy coworking relationship, their experience and expertise can work wonders for your business growth. Of course, it is not mandatory to interact with everyone in a co-working space but making an effort to talk to one person at a time is always better than sitting by yourself quietly.

2) Greet your coworkers and smile often

The socializing process begins with a simple ‘Hello’ and a cheerful smile. When you see someone at workspace, or you happen to have an eye-contact with them, you can be the first one to initiate a smile. Whenever someone wants to speak to you, make yourself available. This would show the others that you too give importance to their time and effort to interact with you. If there is a community activity such as a networking event or a mentoring workshop, or if you are invited along for an outing, your participation makes all the difference. You are then one step closer to socializing with your co-working neighbours.

3) Recall names

Remembering names of your fellow coworkers in the hustle-and-bustle of modern life can become pretty neglected. But if you want to come across as a friendly person and make a personalized connection with them, try to remember the names of people you meet on a daily basis, and greet them by their names to leave a positive impression.

4) Make your presence known

First impression is the last impression. It is true, but you should focus more on making a mark first. Good or bad impressions are not entirely under your control, but every attempt to make your presence felt is. Remember to get noticed. For instance, do give your viewpoint to your co-working neighbours cordially, but only when asked for a suggestion or an opinion. You must refrain from advising them, as people may feel overwhelmed by your strong opinions over time.

5) Avoid talking about your business, success and achievements

When socializing in a shared office space, you must avoid self-flattery. Your conversation topics should not include your business and individual achievements only. Even when it is true that you have been doing a great deal of work for the tremendous growth of your business, dominating the conversations about your own poses as an aggressive networking. People will remember you not for who you have been, but for how genuinely you are interested in knowing about them. Ask them questions about their work and try to understand what they are doing. This will make them feel important.

6) Refrain from workplace gossip

For age, gossiping in offices may have been considered as a great way to bond with people in coffee breaks or over the lunch. Socializing in coworking spaces by indulging into gossiping about your coworkers to other coworkers is a definite \’No-No\’. You must refrain from talking about the inconveniences you are facing either with others or your surroundings in the shared office spaces. Consistent complaining or spreading rumors about others too attracts negative and unprofessional image. You must keep your opinions to yourself if you want to come across as a calm and kind person.

7) Do not overdo it

Most of the coworking spaces are more social than the traditional office spaces. There are occasional social events scheduled by the closing week, or some post-work recreational activity happening every other night for the sole objective of maintaining healthy work-life balance of all coworking members. However, you have to decide which ones to attend and which ones to skip for the time being. If you are going to attend each of these events, it will demand too much of your personal and/or professional time. The advice here is not to overdo it (to fit in social circle) in a manner that it causes you overlapping of your working relationships.

8) Do not forget to listen

Listening is just as important as starting a conversation. It is commonly observed that many of us have too little patience in listening to others. We listen to respond, and rarely to understand. This will only hinder your socializing efforts, as you will come across as a disinterested person towards the other person or his/her topic. You must practice being a good listener. When having a conversation with fellow coworkers, show your genuine interest in their projects and appreciate the ideas they share.

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