Best Coworking Space in Delhi

Which is the Best Coworking Space in Delhi?

A coworking is a workspace that has multiple companies and freelancers working from the same place but independently. Professionals from different spheres of work come together and share a space while nobody disturbs the other in a coworking space in Delhi and all across the globe. Such an environment encourages business networking, interaction, inspiration and love for your job. Also called shared workspace, it’s an arrangement where people share not just the office space but also save a lot on expenses. The idea of sharing a space of work has disrupted the real estate market and is strongly backing the entrepreneurial community. These spaces are designed to provide a cooperative and productive work environment

Fully-furnished office vs Co-working space

A common mistake that people make is mistaking a fully-furnished office for a coworking space. While a coworking space is a fully-furnished office space, a furnished office may not be a coworking office. Though both the spaces are managed by the space provider, there are still a few points that separate the two.

  • The furnished spaces don’t give you the flexibility to upscale if required whereas you can get the number of seats increased in a coworking space
  • A fully-furnished office in Delhi will give you more privacy than a coworking space in Delhi because the entire space is dedicated to you.
  • The kind of networking that a coworking allows you, furnished offices don’t. When you share space with other companies, you make personal and better connections.
  • Furnished offices are known for their serious image while coworking spaces offer you a relaxed and dynamic environment.

Since a furnished office is dedicated to just one company, the client can do the branding in flex boards, merchandise, colour theme and other ways while a coworking is shared by multiple companies so no branding activity can happen.

Benefits of having your office in a Coworking Space in Delhi

Firstly and most importantly, Delhi is the capital of India. The infrastructure and development of the city are top-notch and the shared workspaces in Delhi enjoy all the benefits of being in the nation’s heart. Delhi has a market for all kinds of businesses and the residential and commercial developments have been very significant other the past years.

  • Corporate hub: The city has many established home brands and multinational units and a tremendous corporate vibe.
  • Affordability: Since the coworking spaces are very affordable compared to the traditional spaces, they are in very high demand from new and existing entrepreneurs.
  • Ease of commuting: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is the largest network connecting Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. People across Delhi NCR can easily commute from home to the office via roads and metro.
  • Social life: The presence of restaurants, cafes and nightlife make the city a great choice, especially among the youth. Shop, hang out, enjoy street food and do luxury dining whenever you like.
  • Airport and railway: Connecting to the airport and the railway, makes fast
  • -paced travel possible. Catch a flight or train in almost an hour!

Amenities in our coworking space in Delhi

Let’s Connect coworking has all the facilities that make working easier and better.

  • Virtual office: Apart from the open desk, private cabin and meeting room, we also offer a virtual office service that allows you to work from anywhere while having a corporate address. Having a virtual office in Delhi means that you can be at the comfort of your home or even in the mountains while your mailing address is still corporate. You can also book the meeting room if you have an important guest coming over.
  • Flexibility: Since coworking is also known as flexible working, you have the flexibility of membership, work time, seat type and basically work as you like.
  • Cost effectiveness: The coworking spaces are very budget friendly in comparison to hiring a conventional office. You get a well-furnished office with no fixed deposits, no hidden costs and no extra bills. Pay a monthly fee only till you use the space.
  • Networking opportunities: Working with professionals from different companies, you get a chance to interact, grow your professional circle and build industry contacts whereas if you work as a single company in the premises, you will only be limited to your colleagues.
  • Additional facilities: Not just a desk and chair, you also get support staff, IT expert, housekeeping service, gaming room, printer/scanner, parking space, security and an unlimited supply of tea/coffee.
  • Collaborative environment: A shared office offers a collaborative environment where the members interact, help each other and share work opportunities as well. People working beside each other are your source of true feedback, suggestions and test market.
  • Location: The fully-furnished offices in Delhi are in prime locations of the city so everyone working from there can use the premium address for their business needs. A professional and premium work address can add to the reputation of your company and people see you differently.

Why are the best coworking spaces in Delhi?

While there are several big and renowned shared workspaces in Delhi offering all the services you might need to back your business every day, it depends on the client which option they like the best. You can either go for an expensive coworking office or the one that helps you with your budget. Choose a fully-furnished office in Delhi that ticks the checklist of all the above-discussed points. A space provider that also offers the virtual office service would be the best choice.

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Let’s Connect India is a coworking space is one of the best office space providers in Delhi NCR that serves the members with what they are looking for (flexible work hours, prime location, a collaborative environment, cost effectiveness, a bouquet of services and a virtual office in Delhi). Book a visit to our coworking space in Delhi by calling us at +9198111 97809 or writing to us at [email protected]. Our staff will assist you with your queries and a quick tour of the property.