Co-working Revolution in India: New Space for the Future of Work

In the world that’s too busy and time is running, it’s the “options” that make lives simpler. Everything becomes interesting when there are choices to pick from even at work. From a regular employee to a CEO, everyone would like to have the option to work the way they like and from wherever they like. Things shouldn’t be restricting; not even work. This is the reason that the boring 9 to 5 offices space are becoming a thing of the past. Ever since the coworking space industry has entered the economy, it has been accepted by every scale of business with open arms.

Why is coworking the future of work?

Coworking space management tick all the boxes of convenience, comfort, productivity and affordability. These offices have impressive interiors, modern décor, an enthusiastic vibe and colourful corridors filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. As alluring as it sounds, these are equally or even better to work at. Say goodbye to the old boring offices that add nothing to your energy because coworking is the future.

Let’s discuss how shared offices will change the way people work.

  • There is no dearth of such brilliant spaces. You can move to any other coworking as per your locational shift. Every city would have amazing places to choose from hence, no restriction on that.
  • Given the services like a virtual office, you don’t even need a physical space to work from and instead be at home or even mountains to do the kind of job you want.
  • Your hard earned money is not blocked. Because there is no long-tern space commitment/ lock-in period, the same amount is with you only for putting it to better use.
  • A cowork space in Noida, Bangalore, Pune or anywhere will offer you a range of services that would only boost your business operations.
  • College students, freelancers, early startups and even small businesses need not worry about money and support to get started as not just these places are affordable but also act as mentors to those who need help.

Shared offices offer multiple solutions for flexible working that you can choose from depending on what suits your business best. But how do you know which one is the best for you?

If you search for the coworking space in Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad and anywhere in the country, you will not be disappointed to know how many clients they are serving, satisfying and are getting requests from. Not just the freelancers and small businesses but also the multinationals are shifting their business units from owned buildings to shared spaces for they are “managed spaces” so the management can focus better on expansion with staff rather than managing the office.

The set of coworkers of a shared space, known as the community, is a set of like-minded individuals that hail from diverse backgrounds. People from various industries like pharmaceuticals, entertainment, news, fashion, internet technology, education etc. work together yet independently. This is wonderful because:

  • • new businesses have an in-house test market for their new product/service for feedback.
  • • there is always an exchange of thoughts, ideas, help and opportunities amongst the coworkers that benefit parties.
  • • one can always learn new methods, concepts and technologies and be more educated about things they never knew.
  • • working amongst various bright and successful professionals acts as a booster for personal growth and inspires thriving.

The services a coworking space are appealing enough for any business to choose them as their place of operations and business expansion but what’s the cherry on the top? Customization! A business might need to personalize its workspace for multiple reasons and with coworking, it’s possible.

  • You need a certain number of chairs or specific furniture in your cabin, it can be done.
  • The meeting room requires technical adjustment or installation? Sure.
  • An event might need a dedicated person to help the audience with parking and entry.
  • If you need a biometric machine for staff attendance, laptops on rent, whiteboard for your cabin or any such requirement, it can be fulfilled in no time.
  • Wish to upscale or downsize your business? Just request the support staff to adjust the occupancy and they’ll do the seating arrangement for you.
  • You wish to shift to another location? Continue the comfort on the current subscription (if they have an office in that very city.

Let\’s Connect: The Future of Coworking Space

“Space” is the prime thing when you look for a workplace. Coworking space management works beyond expectations for you to get a lot under the same roof. Reach out to Let’s Connect Coworking, Noida to check their following services:

  1. Meeting room: Those who regularly look for a nearby coffee shop or a restaurant to invite over potential investors, business partners or for other important discussions can now sit back and relax because the meeting rooms at managed office spaces will change the game for them. Move over those noisy cafes when Let’s Connect is offering you professional meeting rooms.
  2. Private cabin: If you are interested in working in a shared space but can’t compromise with privacy and focus then private cabins are the one for you. It’s like your office inside a shared office. A coworking space in Noida and other cities will offer you this service.
  3. Hot/dedicated desk: As the name goes, hot desks are those that one can start with as per the availability and dedicated seats are those that are fixed for the members who chose them. If you are somebody who might not have an everyday requirement but rather walk in to use a desk then a hot desk is for you and if you’re a regular individual, get a seat dedicated to you.
  4. Event space: If your business requires taking classes, organizing sessions & product launches or any event that needs public gathering, you can choose the event space at a coworking space. Not just you get a nice space to host your events at Let’s Connect Coworking but also a helpful staff that would assist you till the end of the day.
  5. Virtual office: This service has been the most talked about service for how unique it is. If you’re somebody who wishes to have an office address but wishes to operate from home or while traveling then the virtual office is for you. With this facility, you can have a professional address for documentation and mail handling while you can be working while camping as well.

Don’t think twice; reach out to Let’s Connect and turn your business dreams into reality!