Find Your Perfect Customized Workspace

What Managed Offices really are?

In a world that’s so dynamic and where businesses need to adapt themselves to the changing environment, entrepreneurs aim to focus on the main work instead of looking after the workspace construction, repair and maintenance. The managed office is an outsource solution for workspaces wherein the office is completely managed by a third party and used by the client. Long gone are the days where business owners needed to worry about long leases and heavy deposits. With managed office space, you have to pay only to the space provider leaving the entire burden of managing the office on them while carrying out your ‘real’ tasks.

Also, referred to as bespoke workspaces, these offices can be tailored to a business’s/company’s design and branding requirements. It is a 360 office outsource solution that includes finding the location, building the space and taking care of every little thing. You can specify how you want your office to be, to have a personal touch to it. Managed spaces are a great alternative to coworking spaces similar in the way of periodic fees and flexible terms. What differentiates one from the other is that in tailor-made spaces, you pay for the entire space occupied than paying per desk. With this workplace solution, the client takes up the charge for the design, aesthetics, branding, front door, fit and operations of the place.

The amount of time saved by outsourcing the management of the entire space to a third party can be well-utilized for infrastructural development, core agendas and employee wellness. The benefits of this setup are so evident that the bigger brands have started tapping it. Established corporations are increasingly shifting from conventional to managed spaces to make the most of it. There are managed office spaces in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and even in tier-2 cities where there are commercial hubs.

Is Managed Office right for your business?

For a business to stay in the market and go a long way, it needs to have a solid future mapping and strategy at hand. But to execute those plans and strategies it is important to have an office space with the right infrastructure for the support. Today, businesses can reach global markets and a managed office space provider would keep the international trends in mind. The aesthetics of the place, the functionalities and the upkeep of the workplace when taken care of by the right person can do wonders in attracting clients.

Easy customization, complimentary branding, budget-friendly scalability solutions and adhering to world class standards without having to worry about regular maintenance gives the business owner the confidence that a traditional office, though owned, cannot. If we talk about the investment involved, a lot of capital expenditure goes in the office property along with the risks but with managed spaces, the future is secured as you pay on monthly basis and can stop the membership if there is a change.

Also, the same style of office setup can’t suit every kind of business. While one needs a serious tone, the other might just want to keep the low tone. The start-ups today might prefer to have a workplace that shows them as dynamic, modern and young. On the other hand, an established firm would want proper branding right from the entrance to each corner. A client might want cubicles while the other won’t like it at all. With bespoke workspaces, the clients can have the kind of office they wanted without having to invest their time and efforts into it.

The pandemic times have been hard on the businesses when there are restrictions to work from of an assigned office space but entrepreneurs who chose managed office service could have the ease and advantages of the hybrid work model where employees could alternatively work from home and office thereby maintaining the professional touch. With uninterrupted internet, power supply, meeting rooms, cafeteria service, housekeeping and other amenities, the employees have been continuing with the same spirit without going through the monotony of working from home.

Managed workspace is the answer to the prayers of all the business owners who never wanted to compromise with their office standards while focusing on the core tasks. Providing great arrangement, added brand value and helping in that ‘first impression’, these office spaces are just what you need for your business and its growth. Is managed space right for your business? Yes! Can any nature of business go for a managed space? Of course! An entrepreneur with bigger team size and expansion plans in Noida, for say, must go for a managed office space in Noida than a traditional property.

What are the benefits of Managed Office?

As much as they are fancy, modern and creative, these office spaces have a lot to offer to the clients.


  • Flexibility: One of the biggest luxuries in business today is flexibility. If your business is active and vibrant then such a setup would be great as you can get it changed as and when you like. Change a spot or the entire room and enjoy the freedom of being dynamic. Since managed spaces are usually leased for a short period, they are preferred by companies with expansion in plans. 
  • Work efficiency and greater productivity: You can put more efforts into tasks that need your concentration than losing your time in regular maintenance and petty repairs. Since the office is managed by a third party, you are free from the burden that most entrepreneurs are loaded with when they buy/own an office. This only adds to the productivity of the place since employees are efficiently working on better tasks. 
  • Easy relocation: Conventional offices take a lot of time to set up how you want and this can be very daunting and as opposed to them, managed office spaces can make your life easier as they would need a few weeks for you to move in. You can move to a workspace in a prime location by just contacting a space provider who can get everything done for you and start your operations. 
  • Cost effective solution: The outsourced office solution is affordable in comparison to the conventional offices. You pay one fixed amount every month till your membership that includes the utility bills and housekeeping services plus everything is taken care of by the space provider themselves. 
  • More chances of networking: Every business and business owner needs at least some basic level of networking to keep going. There can be chances that you get neighbouring business owners entering your premises for a small talk. Having a proper and organized work area gives you confidence when you have people over. It gives a healthy impression of you and your business on the one walking in. 
  • Scalability: The option to scale as per the requirement of your business is not offered by traditional offices. You can always change the size of your business according to the current situation because the provisions can always be made for the requirements. Having the ability to scale your business in a commercial area like Noida can be made easy by signing up for managed office space in Noida.

    What type of businesses are Managed Office Solutions best suited to?

    Managed office service has become a cost saving tactic where the companies can establish themselves physically without actually managing the workspace. The cost saved with this service is used for more important matters in the company thereby adding to the overall productivity. Not just small and medium but huge brands are opting for managed offices. However, the solution is best for the following industries:

    IT companies: The highest demand for managed offices come from tech-based companies because of the fast-paced environment and the hustle-bustle inside.

    Unicorn companies: Because these companies go out of their way to provide the best environment and facilities to their employees, they need perfectly managed large dimensional spaces. BOPs and KPOs are such examples.

    Entertainment sector: Companies in this segment look out for creativity inspiring offices that cannot be offered by the traditional properties.

    Customer service sector: Since they work majorly on calls, they need a setup that doesn’t disturb the calls with the background noise of other calls and the clients feel heard too. This distraction-free arrangement can only be done by a managed office space.

    How do I find a Managed Office?

    The process of hiring a managed space is very convenient and the result can be just wonderful if you hire the right service provider.

    1. You search for and pick up a service provider who then interviews you and asks about your company requirements and try designing the perfect model for it.

2. Once the model is ready, the hunt for the right property starts considering your (client’s) needs.

3. After the property is finalized, negotiations are done with the landlord for leasing the space.

4. Now when we have the property and lease agreement with us, the designing part begins. The aesthetics, décor, interiors, furniture, fittings and other things are then out to action.

5. The process doesn’t end here. When the client moves inside, the other important requirements of housekeeping, hospitality, security etc are then taken care of by them.


Considering a managed office space can be greatly beneficial for your business in the long run especially in terms of money. Managing an office is a hassle that a business can do well without and can put the saved cost and efforts in a better place.