How Shared Office Spaces are Changing the Future of Work?

With Shared Office spaces, the corporate culture is witnessing a different working style in the modern-day setup. It offers flexibility, provides basic facilities like a workspace, power, and internet access, and all a person needs to do is pay a fair amount for their area. Things will not be the same, especially for small businesses or freelancers post the pandemic. Therefore, to make those changes bearable, co-working spaces offer affordability and safe networking.

History of Coworking spaces?

Coworking appears to be a normal part of life for today\’s freelancers, remote workers, and startups. However, this normal just began in 2005, and the idea has changed considerably since then.

Software programmer Brad Neuberg\’s San Francisco communal workplace is credited with kickstarting the coworking movement. It all started when Neuberg was having financial difficulties in 2005, he had the idea for a coworking facility. He was working at a startup but was torn between wanting to combine the feeling of independence and freedom that comes from working alone with the community feel and structure that comes from working with people.

Neuberg worked with a life coach to develop a three-part strategy, which included building a new place that provided both the structure and the sense of community he desired, and that\’s how coworking spaces were invented.


The Growth of Shared office spaces

Coworking, in general, is defined as when individuals gather in a neutral area to work on different projects individually or in groups on the same project. Because the workers in a coworking environment aren\’t all employed by the same firm, it differs from a traditional office setting.

As you don\’t have to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space, flexibility is a primary distinction. Every coworking space will provide the essentials, such as WiFi, printers, and, in most cases, a conference room, tea, coffee, and snacks will be offered in many cases like Let\’s connect India co-working spaces offers in Noida.

Coworking is a global movement

Not just in India, co-working spaces are becoming popular day by day. From small to big organizations, solo entrepreneurs to freelancers, everyone is choosing the co-working space in the first place. Let\’s now discuss the few reasons why Coworking is globally popular?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Big businesses are flocking to coworking spaces: Flexibility and agility are two key characteristics of contemporary workplaces that major businesses seek. As a result, more businesses are opting for coworking space. This trend is anticipated to accelerate over the next five years, as businesses seek to decrease their exposure to long-term leases and employees demand more alternatives.
  2. Start-ups continue to flock to coworking spaces: Coworking facilities provide advantages in terms of cost for startups, talent, and flexibility to start-ups. For start-ups, coworking is still the most natural and obvious option.
  3. The coworking industry is increasing thanks to specialist spaces: Workplaces with a specialized appeal are likewise quickly expanding. Especially spaces such as collaborative biolabs, industry-specific, female-oriented spaces, and shared commercial kitchens are filling a void and growing in popularity.
  4. The number of self-employed people is increasing across the world: While accurate figures of the total number of self-employed people from around the world are difficult to come by, experts agree that the number is substantial and rising. The value and benefits of contemporary coworking spaces are appreciated by independent workers, who continue to drive demand.

Why coworking spaces are popular?

Co-working spaces or shared office spaces are now becoming the first choice for many business organizations or solo entrepreneurs or freelancers. And the reason behind its popularity isn\’t just one. Let\’s see what are the reasons behind its popularity.

  • They provide a professional setting for your business, as well as a really pleasant area for you to meet your clients.
  • Let\’s connect India co-working spaces are located in the popular areas of the city. From where it will be good for both your clients or visitors and also for your teammates.
  • With their modern, positive ambiance and fantastic decor, coworking spaces provide a creative and exciting culture that is very encouraging for both small enterprises and individual employees.
  • They assist you in networking with people in your profession who are similar to you. You\’ll meet folks who share your interests as well as professionals from the same industry or background.
  • Businesses that require physical storage or server storage to store their products would benefit from shared office spaces.
  • Working in a reputable coworking space will help your company receive the exposure it needs and convert visitors to consumers.
  • Many of these business spaces host events, seminars, talk shows, and workshops to help their members improve their abilities. These exercises assist you in acquiring new talents and coming up with terrific company ideas.