What Are The Best Coworking Events To Build Community At Your Workspace?

One of the main reasons why freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent workers are attracted to coworking spaces in Noida sector 16 is the brilliant work atmosphere. There\’s all the chance to meet, socialise and exchange insightful knowledge with like-minded people on various occasions and at in-house events. The coworking spaces host interesting activities, events and get-togethers that often result in business partnerships and collaborations.

The members come for space but stay for people. The events unveil great opportunities for community building and bringing people together. An atmosphere of collaboration and support plays a huge role in your and your business\’s growth. On the other side, it can sometimes be really challenging to engage community members in networking events. Some are too shy, some are busy or maybe just not interested.

Mainly, there are three types of events that shared office space in Noida and other cities host. Let\’s have a look at them.

  • Events for current members: These events are arranged to retain residents and elevate their experience. Events like happy hours, lunches, team activities, purposeful networking, music breaks, invited speakers etc are organized to give members a break from the daily grind.
  • Events for potential new members: Some events are also carried out with lead generation in mind. These are aimed at attracting new people through free pass days, meetups, conferences, concerts, game nights, cricket screening and tech talks. The prospective footfall often changes into new clients.
  • Mission events: Such events are organized so the members can perform their social mission and bring change. Some examples of such occasions can be sharing ideas for workplace improvement, blood donation drive, charity events etc.

Because people in a coworking usually come from diverse backgrounds, have different work schedules and can have contrasting interests, organizing an event that appeals to everyone might be challenging. However, the community manager/in-charge in office space in Noida Expressway keeps making an effort to bring the community together.

Since there’s no general rule of thumb as to what can be a successful coworking the managers usually try different events to engage the members and make the coworking a fantastic place to work in:

9 Best Coworking Events To Build Community At Your Workspace

Get-together with food

A grand meal is something that can definitely bring everyone together. A huge feast or some good snacks in a collaborative effort can be awesome for community-building and involving everyone. In fact organizing potluck once or twice a month will encourage the members to show off their cooking skills. This way, you will not only enjoy a delicious meal but also have a better sense of community at

Fitness exercises

Those who spend hours at the same workstation understand how essential regular exercise is for their overall wellbeing. By emphasizing on the health benefits of everyday movement and by introducing short and regular exercise routine in the office, you can have people involved in your efforts.

By organizing regular Morning runs, yoga classes, stretching exercises or even a 20 minutes dance routine at your shared office space will be great for boosting the general environment of the workplace and of course, the health of the members.

Guest speakers

Inviting speakers can be a good opportunity for members to learn from subject matter experts. People are more interested in such sessions when the topic is relevant to them. To organize such events, you need to identify your members’ interests, areas of interest and where they lack and accordingly bring in speakers to share their expertise. It could be about the best SEO practices, tax saving strategies, digital marketing or anything. Members should leave feeling prepared to apply this new knowledge in their daily jobs.

Festivals and celebrations

This may sound a bit cliché but celebrating festivals in a shared space can increase the festive spirit. Celebrating with everyone is always a great joy. And not just festivals but even birthday bring a lot of happiness on the floor. Celebrate your and your members\’ milestones to grow positivity of the office space in Noida Expressway. All major and minor accomplishments should be acknowledged either with a personalized cake or a hang out.

Charity events

Participating together in charity events can also bring together individuals. People united by the desire to do something for a good cause bond very well. Whether you team up for blood donation, relief funds, provide meals to people in need or collect toys for less fortunate kids, the spirit of giving back to the society connects everyone.

Topical seminars

Besides entertainment and fun, hosting courses and informative seminars aimed at managing the challenges of entrepreneurial life regardless of profession can really interest the workers. They want to be a part of something where they can gain knowledge they need. The topics can be finance, taxes, social skills, marketing, brand building, talent management or anything useful.

Team-building activities

All the good companies introduce team games for their employees so they bond over some good time. A fun round of treasure hunt can be easily organized in an open space, dumb charades can be played indoors and similarly there can be many such activities involving team participation in a shared office space in Noida.

Brainstorming session

People often look for the feedback of their coworkers or industry experts for their projects or ventures. In a coworking space, you work alongside so many people and interestingly, they are your immediate audience, sample and test market. The honest and sincere feedback you get from them is unadulterated. You\’ll get good suggestions, correct reviews and more ideas to improve further.

DIY workshops

No matter how much we grow, simple things like crafts and DIY still make us happy. Making something with our own hands can be very relaxing and therapeutic. People know that they are here for fun and not for anything serious or any learning. Therefore, people at office space in Noida gather quickly for a good time.

The community professionals at Let\’s Connect India coworking constantly work on hosting a variety of networking events that will enhance the community and promote engagement and team building. Your search for coworking space in Noida sector 16 ends at us. Trust us for our services and events and we won\’t let you down!