What Are The Critical Safety Measures Coworking Spaces Should Implement?

The very unfortunate time of Coronavirus has taught the world a very important lesson of hygiene that was somewhere not taken care of by the majority of the population every day during traveling, at work or at home. In a workspace like coworking, people from varied cultures, interests, backgrounds, industries and experiences come and work together on their independent projects.

When there is such diversity in the people, the question of health and hygiene becomes a bit more highlighted because everyone is so different. Coworkers share workspace, furniture, meeting rooms, equipment, mugs and mostly every tangible thing present in a shared office space. Public places are the prime areas that could boost or harm the health of the community and when we talk about coworking, “community” is synonymous.

While working from a shared space people can have a lot of safety and security concerns and it’s very natural. A coworking space can add to the utmost safety at work for their clients in various ways. Safety is not confined only to health and hygiene but also other factors like:

6 Critical Safety Measures Coworking Spaces Should Implement

Internet and data safety

Because the internet is shared amongst the members in the flexible workspace, there are chances that viruses and malware can enter into systems and attack the data and sources outside premises. Only unique passwords and credentials can save data from getting stolen or misused.

Member safety

A coworking space in Noida, for say, would have the CCTV cameras installed at all possible corners of the place to keep everything scrutinized. Anyone can display misconduct that cannot be tolerated and keeping an eye on the activity of the members encourages and ensures better safety of the members.

Physical safety

It’s not like somebody would attack you but how safe you are in the premises in terms of lighting in the place, fire alarms and security guards gates and entry on identity. Little steps add to the security of the place where the members come to work every day trusting the space provider.

Material safety

When you come to work, you bring things and equipment to keep them at your workstation. Now, this can be a showpiece, a mug, a photograph or even some technical equipment. Nothing bad like stealth or damage happens to your stuff is the responsibility of the space provider and the best coworking space will always make sure of it.

Event safety

Every coworking space has an event space they offer as a service wherein the members can have the space for the product launch, campaigns, seminars or any public gathering. Everything goes smooth and nobody gets harm are a few concerns during the event alongside everything asked for by the client is provided to them.

Visitor related safety

Not anyone can be allowed inside the workspace due to various reasons. A proper visitor management system (automatic or manual) is maintained to keep a record of who entered and who left. A badge is assigned for the authentication and the members should explain who they have called and why.

While we are discussing how coworking spaces are into solving so many problems, are shared workspaces and remote working even going to stay?

For the simple reason that working remotely can add to productivity, the concept of working from anywhere is not going to fade anytime soon. The idea of flexible offices have helped a lot of freelancers and small startups to join a shared space and start working the moment they feel like.

The professional meeting rooms in a coworking space in Noida or anywhere are better than any cafeteria around the block that adds only noise and bills to just an hourly meeting with no other benefit. It is so convenient and good that even a regular freelancer can enjoy working from a professional space alongside brilliant minds having the advantages or helpful staff, amazing Wi-Fi, unlimited beverages and great location at an affordable price.

An offering of the shared office spaces called “virtual office” has also helped many entrepreneurs in the journey. This service adds another dimension to the concept of remote working because with this you can actually work from anywhere you want while having a professional address for your website, registered documents and client meetings.

A coworking is the best coworking space if it allows its members with the freedom of working with all the flexibility and services that can contribute to their growth.

With so many options in hand, is it safe to work in Let’s Connect Coworking Space in Noida?

What Safety Measures Are Let\’s Connect Having For Their Members?

If this coworking is on your list, don’t give it another thought because everything we discussed above is taken care by them particularly and meticulously. Starting from Covid-19 measures, every possible step has been taken in this regard to ensure utmost safety for the members. The desks are regularly sanitized, the cleaning staff is always with gloves, hand-rubs are placed at all corners and temperature is checked before entering. Everything is properly washed in the cafeteria while low contact and social distancing is encouraged.

There are safety cameras that record all the activities to avoid and record every event. The lockers are totally safe, every member is given unique credentials to login and visitor details are always noted for safety reasons. Besides these measures, it is one of the best coworking spaces in Noida for the fact that there are customized plans, all the services under the same roof, transparency in the agreement and no hidden charges other than the discussed.

Serving clients in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida Expressway and now in Delhi, this coworking has been supporting new entrepreneurs by guiding them as mentors on their financial steps and chalking out a better business plan to execute. They also help them as incubator for the seed funding and other necessary coaching.

Their support staff is always there to assist you as required. The 24×7 availability helps you round the clock with a professional environment thereby not restricting you with the work time. The parking and cafeteria facility is another plus along with on request medical and stationery items. To conclude, Let’s Connect Coworking Space, Noida is one of the space providers who have their clients’ trust and proven satisfaction. Book a centre tour today to get started!