What Do You Need To Know Before Renting An Office Space In Delhi?

Your office spaces can have a huge impact on the way your staff works. It should be the right size to save the cost and have the correct work atmosphere to support the efficiency and health of the workers. There has been a huge shift to coworking spaces in Delhi from the traditional ones because the pandemic outbreak has forced many businesses and firms to rethink their office spaces. However, finding the right kind of workspace that addresses all the needs of your business isn’t a cakewalk.

It\’s not just the aesthetics but also the core values, principles and brand philosophy of the business that is reflected in the workspace. While starting or expanding the business, you should look for a workspace that fosters creativity and offers a meaningful work experience to your employees. Hence, every aspect of the right workspace must be taken into consideration.

Renting is the right decision when you can\’t or don\’t want to buy an office space but choosing just any office could be a mistake. Going through several websites, talking to real estate agents and visiting different locations could be a very tedious job. It takes a lot of effort to find the right place within the chalked budget.

6 Things To Consider Before Renting An Office Space In Delhi


The most important thing about a property is where it is located. The place should be easy to commute to for employees and clients. Good availability of public transport and proximity to a metro station would solve connectivity issues.

There should be restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity for a break or casual hangout or ordering lunch. There must be other offices in the area. The provision of a dedicated parking facility can also be a game changer. This is the advantage of working out of a coworking space in Delhi is getting access to good locations at affordable prices and flexible terms.

Office Size

The size of the property should also be given attention. The size of the office should be enough to accommodate your existing employees and anticipated ones. The sufficient be sufficient room for each worker, should be more than one meeting room and an eating area to have lunch. Going for a customizable and thoughtfully designed workspace will be a good decision.

The provision of additional amenities such as a recreation zone, cafeteria, lounge etc inside the office premises helps in relieving the employees of their daily stress. Ample natural lighting, ventilation, green spaces and optimum temperature control should be kept in mind as well for the wellbeing of the workforce.


You can\’t really decide on the office space if it doesn\’t align with your budget. Renting a smaller space will not be very comfortable for the staff and a bigger place wouldn\’t be comfortable for your pocket. But to avoid any trouble at all, make sure you have about 3 months of rent with you even while going for a coworking space because that just makes things easy.

We at Let\’s Connect India coworking understand that different individuals and companies have varied requirements and hence we are flexible on our plans and services. You can choose from hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices as per your work and team requirements.

Also, you need not worry about the lock-in period of the lease, hidden costs or paying fixed rent. You also get the option to go for a virtual office in Delhi where you only pay for using the office address. Work from wherever you want while having a professional work address!


Check what are amenities offered by the office you are going with. Your team and business will benefit from the support facilities provided to them. Serving extra is what gives coworking spaces an upper hand over conventional office. An ideal workspace shouldn\’t just be an open area where you can bring furniture, decor, appliances and other things.

While renting, give preference to a fully furnished office in Delhi that\’s ready to move in. The coworking spaces have meeting rooms, printers, scanners, xerox machines, unlimited tea/coffee, snacks, high-speed internet, support staff, a gaming area, outdoor spaces, social events and much more. The community team takes care of managing the office so you focus only on your core business.

Lease Terms

Entrepreneurs, especially those running a new or small venture should look for a flexible lease that aligns with their growth strategy. Flexible long-term leases give freedom to scale up or down. Traditional offices don\’t offer this comfort or flexibility but coworking spaces do. Longer leases could mean lesser flexibility. You can get locked into a lease that forces you to sign up for space that remains underutilized or fills sooner.

At Let\’s Connect India coworking, we offer exceptional flexibility in enabling companies to scale up or down and expand to new markets easily. Get into a formal contract with a proper lease agreement signed mentioning the duration, the notice period and the costs involved. Leases also include exit clauses that are as important.

Design & Interiors

The design of your office will speak a lot about your brand and should not be overlooked. How your office looks and is maintained conveys to your employees how valued they are and how you want to give them the best. Today, the major workforce is young who like to be provided with a supportive employee-driven work environment that inspires them and where they can have fun and have a social time.

Here, coworking spaces become the best choice because they provide you with a managed space, beautiful interiors and modern aesthetics that attract your employees and make them want to come to work. The breakout areas offer privacy, the gaming area offers stress-bursting and the creative corners give inspiration.

While signing an agreement, both parties should have a deep understanding of each other so there is no room for conflicts. Sticking to the norms and practices would ensure a stress-free tenure for both the lessor and lessee. If your search is still on for the coworking space in Delhi, it can end at Let\’s Connect India coworking! We are known to exhibit exceptional business standards while delivering the best-in-class office space. Call us today and let our executives assist you!