9 Spaces You Must Look For Working Efficiently In The New Ways

Though everyone needs an office space for working, not everyone needs the same type of office to work. Just like every profession, the perfect work setup varies. A sales person who needs to attend calls all the time cannot be working in a quiet place of thinkers and writers. A graphic designer would not have the same creativity in boring cubicles. The need is not just to create an office for all but a workspace that has the perfect space for all. The employees in an office set up are unique in their job roles, working style and work desk preferences.

It’s important to create varies spaces within the same office so everyone can have their preferred areas for the sake of work satisfaction and efficiency. Now this doesn’t indicate an out of budget task because there are several affordable coworking spaces that offer this comfort. This workstyle is also known as activity-based working where various spaces are crafted to suit the different needs of the employees and they can choose from where and how to do their daily tasks. With the freedom to move around, have the perfect setup and comfortable surroundings, people have reported it easier to do their jobs.

The millennials have moved far ahead from the idea of boring cubicles and strict walls. Today, if spaces don’t work for the current needs of the employees, it just adds to more problems. People refuse to give their best in an arrangement that’s not according to them and might end up switching to an office they find more suitable and flexible.

9 Types Of Spaces That You Must Look For Working Efficiently In The New Ways

A café-style atmosphere with hot desks

Topping the list is the kind of setup that feels like a modern café with regular desk sitting. This work environment has like a regular coffee house atmosphere with people working inside and is great for face to face interactions. Group chats, team discussions and casual meetings can best happen here over a semi-formal sitting and a hot cup.

The natural light, indoor plants, simple décor and coffee tables enable informal presentations and talks happen without too much of professionalism at place. Of course, you can expect a café like setup to give the “pro” feel. You will find such corners in different coworking spaces in Greater Noida where people would be working in this casual work setup. Also, when such spaces are within the office, people can gather, socialize or recharge without having to take time for going out.

Activity based spaces/recreational space

People have a list of things to complete on an average day and a little break feels like blessing. Recreational spaces have the efficiency to lift one’s mood and boost them for the rest of the day. A few indoor games, cosy bean bags and a couple of others having a light conversation can give a very holistic result. Such spaces prove to be very comfortable for those who try to take a little gap between the unlimited calls, mails and meetings. Such space can be spotted in any affordable coworking space.

Formal conference rooms

Professional meeting/conference rooms are very important in a workspace because all important discussions and group chats can’t be done in open areas. Brainstorming sessions, sales meetings, strategic discussions and other vital meetings need such a formal setting. From the ceiling to the floor, the aesthetic of the area are designed to encourage those important discussions. A coworking office space in Noida or New York, wherever you are, you’ll find a professionally designed meeting room with perfect interiors, furniture, whiteboard, projectors and required silence.

Informal conference rooms

Some meetings are important but not serious enough to be taken from a formal conference area. The internal team discussions, ideas for the next campaign, social media strategies, HR discussions, intern interviews etc are a few moments when you need meeting rooms but even the casual ones will do. The non-disturbance and semi-professional areas are perfect for small meetings that could be a chaos in the open area. Such conference rooms don’t need board, projectors, markers other technical assistance. If you love taking fun yet professional conversations away from the table, informal meeting rooms are the best.

Multi use spaces

We need a separate area for the overall well-being of the employees where they can heavy healthy discussions, snacks and a light time. Businesses today understand the importance of employee physical and mental wellbeing and hence focus on having space where they can have a lounge seating, state of the art infrastructure and maybe some snack options.

On-site fitness centres, locker rooms, sleeping pods, nursing rooms for mothers etc are some other uses of a multi-use spaces inside an office. The new coworking spaces in Greater Noida and other places have been structuring and designed keeping all this in mind.

Mobile area spaces

There are fixed spaces and then there are mobile spaces that support the employees on the go. Sometimes, a person doesn’t have time go to their desk, plug in and continue working. Unassigned spaces with charging points and data connectivity are those little corners that enable anyone to plug in wherever they are and get started. Even if somebody wishes to switch their work location for a bit without having to compromise with their work focus, they can do it in the mobile areas.

Outdoor terrace

No matter how beautiful, well-lit and aesthetically pleasing your office is, the charm of going out in a pleasant environment to work has its own spark. Natural light, fresh air, greenery and an open environment can immediately brighten up the mood and contribute to good health with a little ‘change’. This can also be an ideal setup for team catch-up, lunch breaks and regular work altogether. People also experience a fresh flow of ideas when there is a fresh way of working. Breaking of the monotony can do wonders in respect of efficiency.

Virtual spaces

If being at the same place is not your think then virtual office is for you. Your work people can be on the other side of the globe. This is where staying connected makes sense. With internet and coworking services, it’s possible to create virtual communities and grow your businesses without having to be there physically. The world has become a global village where anyone can share their ideas, presentations and brainstorm together. The way of working is constantly evolving and ’virtual’ has a long way to go. Enrol the virtual office service from a coworking office space in Noida or anywhere and experience a new way of expansion.

Soft seating spaces

Sitting areas with sofas, cushions, television and basically a setup that lets you decompress from the regular hustle can be very important. It’s like taking a break from your challenging project and relaxing in the living room. Soft sitting is great for visitors who have come to meet somebody but are waiting. While hard seating is the regular desk and chairs, soft seating includes cosy and comfortable setups that can have a huge impact on productivity and workspace morale in the long run.

At Let’s Connect Coworking, we believe in curating and offering various work areas to suit the needs of the individuals working there as per their moods and requirements. Visit our office today to enter a new way of working like never before.