How To Increase The Workspace Safety

Of many things you believe that your employees need, workspace safety ranks amongst the top. How you take care of your employees convey a lot about their importance to you and of course, your company culture. A business needs to focus on the health and safety of its people in all the ways it can. Preventing potential hazards, workplace injuries and regularly surveying the office is of extreme importance.

The global pandemic has shone a great light on the importance of health and safety at workspaces. Even those who never cared about it much now have to comply with various rules and precautions. Ensuring the safety and security of your employees is one of the basic duties you have towards them. A proactive safety culture brings benefits to the staff as well as the employer in many ways.

Why Is Workspace Safety Important?

  • Brand image: Safeguarding your staff adds value to your brand and its reputation in the market.
  • Social responsibility: Complying with safety measures demonstrates to the public how socially responsible you are. ∙
  • Raised morale: Employees who know that their health and safety matter to the employer trust their company and are more dedicated towards their job.
  • Healthier workforce: When taken care of well, there are fewer injuries, accidents and sickness.
  • Increased productivity: Happy and healthy employees always work better and thus, improved productivity.
  • More profits: The result of more efficiency and productivity is obviously more revenue.
  • Satisfied customers: Fewer leaves taken results in on-time completion of the tasks thereby meeting deadlines and client expectations.

The idea and significance of workplace safety are also respected and adapted by the coworking industry as well. The coworking spaces in Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi and other cities adhere to office safety measures and Covid-related precautions to ensure the safety of their members.

No since we know the importance of staff safety and security, here are a few productive steps a company can take to increase and maintain workspace safety

8 Ways To Increase The Workspace Safety

Proper training of the staff

The first and the basic thing you can do is train them for certain situations. Essential first aid and cyber safety is something not to be schooled but a simple understanding could be good. Also, the type of training depends upon the nature of the work. A desk worker’s training would be different from a construction worker’s so they could actually benefit from it.

Machine training should be given to those working with heavy devices and appliances to prevent any injuries. The finance/ banking professionals must be versed of the threat of cyber security. Everyone in the office must know about the emergency exits in case of fire. The better the training, the lesser the injuries and accidents.

Include break time

We must never ignore the significance of moving from one place after a stretched hour. A person who has been continuously sitting or standing needs to move to relax their muscles. Long and repetitive tasks can have ill effects on the health of an individual. Little breaks between the tasks can help them gather energy for the work day ahead. Stretched breaks are often helpful in improving workplace ergonomic and employee health.

Keep it clean

Accidents can happen when places are not clean and the workplace is cluttered. For instance, accidents can be avoided if boxes are properly stacked away from the walking area and anything, if spilled, is wiped right away. All the areas should be regularly inspected to check for potential dangers.

A loose wire, tangles cables, disorganized tools and other carelessness can lead to big blunders. The pandemic too has taught people to keep their surroundings clean for better health. The coworking spaces in Greater Noida and all the other places are known for how organized and clean they are.

Safety scoreboard

Today, numerous responsible companies that like to keep a scoreboard to record the data. Documenting the number of days the place has gone without any hazards can be a great way to track safety. This can be used for public display and present how much you care for your staff. It also relieves the people working in the office that their employer is taking every possible measure to keep them safe.

Make it easy to report

If it’s difficult for the employees to report potential or actual threats at work, people just won’t. Creating a proper reporting system can help get information from the staff about hazards that could harm somebody. Make one person in charge of collecting information and being the go-to person in case somebody wants to report something. This way the vulnerabilities can be addressed on time.

Quick actions

Once you know that something is wrong on the premises, it becomes very essential to take quick and suitable steps at that moment than waiting for the hazard to get worse. Knowing about a problem won’t help if nothing is being done to curb it or stop it from getting worse. The respected department must take charge of handling the situation the moment they know something wrong has happened or could happen.

Post safety signs

Labels and signs are not just inexpensive but a very effective way of communicating important information. It keeps people off from dangerous things and places if any. Any layman can understand simple pictures for they have the potential to explain the hazard correctly. These work even for the most experienced workforce.

Pictures, diagrams, signs and simple signs can warn people of things they shouldn’t be touching or placing them shouldn’t be going. All the coworking spaces in Greater Noida would have signs and labels at various points to avoid any mishaps at work.

Create workspace emergency procedures

Safety at the workplace starts from day one and is something that must never be overlooked. People hired must be responsible to pay attention to details and implementing changes where necessary. Plans must be made in advance for the worst case scenarios and shared with the employees.

  • Evacuate the building in case of fire
  • Presence and knowledge of using first aid kit and calling on the given emergency number.
  • Informing the management about suspicious activity or person.
  • Getting area cleaned on time in case of leakage or spill.

These are a few examples of the situations to be thought, planned and shared with everyone.

The safety of the workplace and the health of the staff is as important as the décor and aesthetics of an office. It shows how responsible is the management towards those who are on the premises. It’s an employers’ duty and responsibility to make sure that everyone in their office is safe from all the avoidable hazards.

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