Coworking Spaces Can Be Ideal For CA

As much as starting your business and picking up a workspace is an exciting experience, it can be very overwhelming and discouraging on multiple levels. You might get the kind of office you always wanted but would it fit in the budget you are expecting? Maybe not. This is the reason why most startups start from homes.

While it’s a cheap and convenient option, it can be very isolating in the long run as you don’t step out, meet people, have client meetings and face to face team discussions. This is where shared office spaces come to the rescue. These have been a very effective workspace solution across industries and individual professionals. People from various businesses, professions and companies work together yet independently.

Coworking office for CA, copywriter, designer, startups and an MNC unit can be the same space where everyone works under the same roof. Yes, not just an accounting or finance related startup but even a charted accountant can work from a shared office space with all the comfort. While you’ve seen separate offices for the CAs, you’ll be surprised to know how many CAs actually operate from a plug & play office.

Coworking Space As An Option For Professionals Like CA

Charted accountants are known to work in a place where they can’t be disturbed by any noise or chatter. Since their work requires complete concentration, reference material, studying data, a lot of computer work and of course, numbers, they must not be distracted. According to the infamous myth, coworking places are vibrant, chatty, undisciplined and have amateurs working there. So how can a CA manage to work in such an environment?

As opposed to the contrary belief, shared office spaces are very organized, meticulously managed and run by professionals who put all their efforts to uphold the professionalism of the place. The open table might distract you due to multiple people working from different fields but there will always be areas designed for profiles that need no interruption. Here is why a coworking office for CA is a good option: ∙

  • Shared office spaces are budget friendly choice when you wish to enjoy the amenities of a proper workplace without having to shell a lot of amount.
  • Every business needs a professional who could do the tax work for them. A CA working from a coworking space will always find new clients around them. ∙
  • You can be a single person working to expand the team. Upscaling is very easy in a shared office place.

6 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Perfect For CAs

Cost effective

Shared office spaces don’t ask for a fixed amount for the client to stay with them for long or to lock them into a extended tenure. The cost involved is variable. You are charged on a per seat basis which means you pay for the number of seats you take and for the months you like.

Your brand impression

A CA deals with new and existing clients every day. It becomes very important for them to work at a place that is well kept and modern for the sake of their impression of their brand. If a workspace has modern furniture, great interiors and all necessary facilities, people are likely to think highly of the professionals.

Storage space

A charted accountant’s work requires them to store a lot of files, books and records for reference and daily work. The ergonomic furniture in a coworking space helps them have their material near to the hand. You can also have a private locker for things you don’t want to leave open on your desk. The option to customize can also let you have additional storage space if needed.

Privacy and security

As discussed, you can have separate locker space for confidential documents. You can also have the entire cabin by yourself as your membership plan if you’re a team of people working. The CCTV cameras in the premises also capture what’s happening inside and prevent anyone from interfering with others’ personal space like the desk, laptop or other material.

The support staff

This is another advantage for the coworking office for CA profile. You always have the housekeeping, IT and front desk staff present to assist you in their respective areas. The office is regularly maintained and kept organized. The front desk is there for your queries and the IT people ensure your network connections are smooth.

Social circle

We all agree that the workload and isolation from the world don’t let the CAs have a social life for they have no time to go out, meet new people and have a fun time. By working in a coworking space, they don’t just get to meet and interact with people, but also get to attend fun & team building events. The coworkers you bond with can turn out to be your next clients too.

Coworking space or own office – which is better for CA

The above points pretty much convince on why the charted accountants must go for a coworking space to work from but again it’s a very personal choice. Since there will be salaries to pay to the employees, the loan EMIs to settle (if any), the maintenance expense etc in the private office, shared offices have an upper hand on various levels. To sum it up, here are some supporting points that compare the two options:

The networking and interacting opportunities can never happen in a private space where all you do is work. You stay limited to the colleagues and the clients but none of them brings freshness or social life to the place.

The constant backing by the support staff for every little and bigger help can be there in a private space but only by paying for it. In a coworking office, all the facilities and are included in the membership plan.

Taking about the cost, the coworking spaces include variable charges compared to a private space that requires a big fixed amount and a long lock-in period. Who better than CAs would know the best way to allocate funds?

The impressive and modern office design can be very difficult in a private office since that’s a very traditional space with not even furniture let alone interiors. A coworking office for CA will be entirely different from how their typical office is.

The perfectly designed conference room for your customers and associates meetings or conferences are also present in the shared office spaces that add an extra oomph to the workplace and professionalism in meetings/discussions.

Let’s Connect coworking – an Ideal Workplace for Chartered Accountants

Coworking spaces are great even for CAs just like any other professional. If you’re a charted accountant looking for an ideal office space that has all the necessary amenities, a supportive staff, flexible membership plans, beautiful interiors, a young vibe, community events and all the chances to grow your network and add clients to your list then Let’s Connect Coworking is for you.

Having served hundreds of clients across industries, we have a fair experience of hospitality and service providing. Technical and non-technical clients both are our forte and we promise to bring the best to the table. Our easy agreement terms and no hidden charges make the contract simple and transparent.

You’ll have an ideal coworking office for CA profile including high speed internet connection, unlimited beverages, meeting rooms, relaxing zones, maintenance services, printer/scanner and everything a business might need every day. Wish to have a tour of our property? Call us, leave us a query or walk straight inside and we’ll have all your questions answered!