Professional Co-working Space For Architects

Every business needs a workspace and every office, in turn, needs an architect. It’s only the architect who designs the draft, makes the space functionally viable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. There will always be the knowledge and hard work of a professional designer behind the office you step in that impresses you the moment you’re inside it.

An architect has a lot to do. Selecting the site, studying the outside environment, abiding by the laws and preparing a design that enables everyone to work smoothly. While these professionals put a lot of mind and effort into executing what we imagine, they too need a workspace where they can channel their talents.

While coworking spaces can’t help them prepare any blueprints, they can definitely help them with a space where they can do the same. Coworking space for architects is a great solution and is highly recommended by industry people.

Facilities All That Is Required For Architects

A coworking space in Noida, for instance, will have all the required elements/facilities that will be daily essential for their members. The cafeteria, housekeeping and unlimited beverages are a few of them. But the AEC (architecture, engineering & construction) community would be different. They would need things that might not already be there on the premises.

Big printers

Since their sheets are huge, the printers will be different from the regular ones present. Also known as a plotter, the machine is specifically used by the architects for blueprints, designs and mapping.

The “library”

Architects have a lot of data, especially tangible. Their files, books, samples and other material take a lot of space and is required to be stored for reference and other purposes for existing and upcoming projects.

CAD design stations

To create, modify and optimize the designs, these professionals would need suitable work desks. The specially designed workstations can be handled by only one person at a time. The floor plans, elevation and related sections are designed at a workstation that is very different from other profiles.

Other important elements

Laser cutter, drafting board, desk lamp, drafting chair are some of the other things that an architect would use in their everyday life. These requirements are very different from many other profiles.

Modern interior

Inspiring walls, vibrant colors, impressive setup and design of an office is very important for the AEC people. Creative profiles work better when they are in an inspiring environment that boosts their artistic nerves. After all, those who design offices every day deserve to have an amazing workplace as well.

Industry related events

Occasional events that encourage networking will be great. Experts are called for both education and entertainment purposes. You tend to build and expand your business connections. The bigger the network, the better.

Customized spaces to meet short-term to long-term requirements

Architects offer designs, plug & play offers liberty! Coworking is all about flexibility and customization. Alteration and modification is the way to client satisfaction. Shared office space would not just arrange for the necessary facilities for the clients on the premises but can also change the way the workplace looks. A coworking space for architects will offer them a setup that would just be right for their job.

Buying or renting a property would not just burn a hole in your pocket but would leave you with the burden of creating, handling and maintaining the place. A shared workplace, on the other hand, would not just help you move into the best workplace possible but also will take care of the everyday maintenance and hence the name, managed office spaces. All of it is for just a fixed monthly fee.


When we talk about the customization feature of the shared workspaces, we make it clear that the space providers would leave no stone unturned to provide you with the kind of office you always wanted. You can either have the entire premise tailor-made for you or can have a separate section in the same office.

All that you sign up for is the basic terms and membership amount that is usually paid every month. Work in an open space or create cubicles. Have the background colourful or subtle. You choose how your office looks like.

All things flexible

Also known as flexible office spaces, membership plan will be flexible, work time and even the workdays. You take the ownership you can never have anywhere only in a coworking space. As we said, there will be flexibility in the membership, you can have the space for a short term and can renew your agreement as required.

There will never be any hidden words in the agreement that binds you to a long contract and huge deposits. Similarly, if you need the workplace for a longer duration, there will never be a problem. You can also add or reduce the number of seats at your discretion.

What All Facilities Do Let\’s Connect Coworking Spaces Provide To The Architects?

As discussed above, architects are very different from other professionals and so are their requirements. There will be some occupation specific tools and work objects that they would bring by themselves but office customization is our job. If you pick Let’s Connect coworking space in Noida, we will make sure that you get the office as you imagined and find your comfort in it.

Customized space

Be stress free if you have any customizations in mind because we are here to execute your plans. We can create and curate the kind of office you always wanted to work in. The right light, air conditioning and vibe on your demand! Enjoy your private space within a coworking space with us.

Managed office

We don’t just provide and customize the workspace to you, we take charge of its maintenance too. From the daily housekeeping tasks to minor repairs, it will entirely be our responsibility. The cleaning, the front desk, IT and management professionals will be there at your service when you need them ensuring smooth operations.

Monthly membership

Don’t pay a heavy amount for longer term when you can pay a monthly fee. We understand the flow of funds and how the outflow of a big amount can affect a business. An easy amount per month doesn’t put any burden on the clients and you can always extend the tenure as per your choice.

Right environment

No matter how beautiful the office is or how long the list of amenities if offered, the workplace will not work for you is the environment is not right. By the environment, we mean the vibe, the disciple, the management, noise control and everything that makes a place ideal to work at.

Let’s Connect co-working space in Noida is perfect for creative thinking

For the kind of amenities, tailor-made services and hospitality we offer, you can count on us to be the workplace that let your creative juices flow. The many years, many clients and many industries we have served are proof that Let’s Connect Coworking is just the right place to be at. We deliver what we promise and our offices are the ideal vibe for your business.

Our “putting client first” policy is to make you feel important and treasured. Arranging furniture, tools, technology and events as per our members’ requirements is our forte. Our team is always on their toes to support and serve you. We believe that happy clients are the most satisfied and hence, more productive.

Give us a chance. Contact us or visit our office to discuss your requirements and we shall offer you the best solution!