Benefits of Choosing a Managed Office Space

As much as having a life turning idea excites the emerging entrepreneurs, there are a number of challenges faced by them while looking for a proper workspace that can put their venture on hold for some time. Finding an affordable office space that can accommodate the entire team can be a task when you are thinking to go for traditional properties. The best solution to this is choosing a managed office space.

A managed office is built as per the requirement of the tenant while allowing them complete control over the layout, décor, interiors and environment of the workplace. These customized spaces have everything a professional imagines the office to be. The most lucrative part of going for managed space is that you not just get it created as per your requirement but also that it is completely managed by the space provider till your lease.

These workspaces have a holistic package of services including furniture, internet, electricity, water, cafeteria, printer, scanner and other things a business would require on everyday basis. Another good part is that these are ready to move-in offices. Think of a fully-furnished space that you can start with as your office without having to worry about every small arrangement that you otherwise would have to take care of first in a traditional space.


Choosing a Managed Office Space comes with a lot of advantages. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Cost-effective workspace

The prime concern of any venture is how much money will be spent because initially, everyone has limited funds. With all the amenities the managed offices offer just on monthly rent basis, it’s a deal! You get everything right under the same roof and don’t worry about buying anything. This saves a lot of money and time that would be better used elsewhere. You can focus more into the growth of the business that wouldn’t be possible in a conventional office. Also, you can easily scale your business and team size while saving on administration and maintenance. All your bills are covered in the same package that would otherwise be paid by you in a rented real estate.

  1. All things customized

A lot of people want their office to represent the culture, and the values to reflect in the settings of the workplace. You can go an extra mile with beautifully designed interiors and modern décor. The clients have confessed that they feel very positive and productive in such environment while everything is being managed by the space provider. Many business owners have no time to look after the changes, the upkeep and style of the office. But after choosing a managed office space, you can feel free and satisfied all at the same time.  Tailor-made offices are best for those who want to brand everything in their office and make the ‘brand’ impression on anyone who steps inside.

  1. Prime location for the business

Managed office spaces have an outstanding feature — they are not just “anywhere”. Since these are tailor-made spaces, these are usually located in the best of the corners of the city. These workspaces are strategically built in the commercial areas of the town where there is presence of other big companies, good markets, well transport connectivity and c competitive edge. Managed office spaces are not like any other office space that doesn’t get the traction they deserve. And while the space supplier is working so hard to create the office how you imagined, it should be located in the best place possible.

  1. Privacy and confidentiality

Choosing a managed office space means having the entire space for you. It means that there will just be your team in the premises and hence, complete privacy. There will be no disturbance or chatter from random people. You can have your meetings and daily activities in the kind of environment you want without having to adjust with anyone. This is best for those businesses that require high confidentiality and just can’t afford to let any information go out.

  1. All-time professional support

Another perk of renting a fully-equipped workspace is that it gives your business a professional image. A well-managed startup impresses and attracts a lot of investors and candidates. Since it is designed as per your requirement, you feel like your own office and not just a rented space. Besides, there will always be IT support, housekeeping staff and other professional support to help you in maintenance without any additional overhead expenses. All the facilities and assistance comes under the same package.

  1. Better productivity

Good office spaces are known to create the right mindset for productivity. You ought to give the best output when you are working at a place that has a positive and energetic vibe. Dull walls and boring furniture would always lower down the level of excitement and energy in the employees. A vibrant space that smells like fresh coffee would instantly cheer up the mind and you work to give your best. The work environment is believed to be one of the important factors that motivate people to be their best at work.

  1. Other facilities involved

We discussed above that managed spaces come with a lot of facilities in the package so let us now detail a bit about them. People need to keep their mind fresh, sharp and perform their best. Snacks and refreshments are good, but a little extra never hurts. Gaming area, sleeping pods, bean bags, occasional events, product sampling, parking space, etc are some of the perks of choosing a managed office space. Meeting rooms, IT support, administration and maintenance service will be there at all the times as well. You can also ask for biometric machines, lockers, projectors and other things if you need them.

Is managed office space service for my business too?

If your business needs a cost effective solution, privacy, more flexibility at work and additional advantages of not having to manage anything except of the real work, then this service is for your business. In short, any kind of venture can go for managed office space to reduce costs and enjoy the benefits that comes with it. Choosing a managed office space means starting with your team right away by simply signing a simple agreement.

Managed office solutions have become an economical tactic for all types of companies these days. All of the cost saved from leasing a managed office can be put to the growth and expansion of the business. Many international corporations and established brands have been enjoying the benefits of managed spaces because they want to put their full focus on work than administration of the workplace. These flexible and tech-enabled services have contributed to higher work productivity and employee engagement of the clients.


The premium managed offices are slowly changing the way businesses work. The face of the commercial office sector has been given a modern transformation. Businesses have become more competent since they are concentrating on their core work than basic office things. There are no rigid leases and no huge capital expenditures, and one can work on their business development instead of worrying about the office space. These pre-built offices with advanced infrastructure and right technological installations are fast becoming the choice of many upcoming and existing ventures as well.

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