Coworking Space for BPO and its Benefits

Coworking Spaces for BPO in Noida

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2020 has not been good for many businesses including recent startups. Many companies have to operate with only 50% of workforce in office, with the rest of the teams working remotely. Coworking space for BPO in Noida are fast becoming a preferred place for majority of such businesses in order to move their operations to low-cost locations to bring down the operational costs and associated risk.

The pandemic has had a more pronounced negative effect on the business post the lockdown periods. Many business enterprises reduced the employee count which resulted in smaller teams located remotely to handle most of the processes single-handedly. In order to protect their business from the impact of this ongoing pandemic, the SMEs have deployed measures that involve more agility in business process management and smarter resources. This is where the BPO sector has proved to be helpful in effectively managing the more repetitive and specific skilled tasks. With cost-effective and trained resources facilitated by outsourcing, the businesses and entrepreneurs can work more easily with the smaller teams on core tasks.

Coworking Spaces in Noida for BPO offer greater agility for cross-functional teams to solve issues virtually. Driven by rapid digitization, the modern-day businesses need to be equipped with technology that offers smart, worthy and timely solutions to its customers. As a business entrepreneur one should focus on working with the best available resources to ensure success and greater revenue in the future. Coworking spaces for the outsourced teams are the best answer to growing a business without the hassles of a managing conventional office.


BPO Companies in India moving to Coworking Spaces

IT services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are the two main components of India’s IT industry. According to a report by IBEF, India is the leading sourcing destination across the world, accounting for approximately 55% market share of the US$ 200-250 billion global services sourcing business in 2019-20. Indian BPO firms handle 56% of the world entire outsourcing.

If we look at the Business Process Outsourcing statistics, we see that the business owners of every industry prefer to outsource services. With Indian BPO industry now reaching an annual rise at a 50% rate, there will be hiring of approximately 1.1 million Indian resources. It has also been mentioned that nearly 80% of business owners share positive relationships with their BPO partners, and hence their reliance on outsourcing.

The global IT industry\’s timely transition to remote working environments has helped it to keep up its growth amid corona-virus pandemic. In the year 2020-2021 tech companies hired over 138,000 people across India, taking its total workforce to 4.47 million professionals. It can be said that coworking spaces for BPO are in much demand in FY21 as these offer smart workspace solutions for remote working professionals.

Benefits of Coworking Space for BPO

A coworking office in Noida, for instance, offers you a wide range of services and amenities while charging you on a monthly basis. There are absolutely no hidden costs. Also, you do not have to worry about the repairs, maintenance, cleaning, IT services, furniture upgrades, etc because it has already been taken care of by the space provider. If you rent a private office, you do the entire thing of setting up the office and looking after even the pettiest of the jobs that take the entire focus from the main work. When you work from home, you just cannot avoid the bunch of distractions and zero social life. Therefore, when you pay for just the workspace while making the most of the entire bouquet of services and forming connections with amazing co-workers, you know it is worth it!

We are aware how businesses can leverage smart solutions and technologies through business process outsourcing. Now, let us look at the benefits that coworking spaces offer BPO companies.

1. Save Business Money

Coworking spaces for BPO help outsourcing businesses save money for the rented workspace with the friendlier price plans and short-term space agreement. This is extremely helpful for companies who want to reduce overheads, and for the startups that need to operate within a budget. With the business funds remaining, the companies can utilize this in hiring additional employees, in offering more services, or on marketing projects.

2. Gain Office Address in Key Location

Every business thrives when it is in a good location. A prominent office address in a prime business location gives an increased exposure and enhances a company’s professional reputation. Moreover, if the location has convenient transportation or commuting options, it further adds to its features.

Both for the clients and the employees, the location-related factors such as commercial offices in the vicinity, proximity to restaurants and coffee shops, short commute time, convenience to locate the office premises, and parking options are important for a business to be successful.

3. Low Expenses for Fully-equipped Office Space

Majorly all coworking spaces comprise of 50% open space, 20% private cabins and seating, 15% meeting rooms, 10% for events, and the few remaining square meters for miscellaneous requirements. The ready-to-use workspaces are fully furnished with office desks and chairs, meeting room tables, armchairs and communal sofas, cafeteria furniture, overhead lighting, storage cabinets, lockers, etc.

BPO companies need not worry about purchasing office furniture and equipment before moving into a coworking space. The availability of the modern office equipment, such as fax machines, printers, scanner, copier, and telephones, saves an immense amount of money and time. The robust infrastructural setup comprising of high precision office air-conditioning system, 24 hours uninterrupted power supply with the redundant levels of backup, and high speed Internet service compliments the nature of their work.

4. Access to Support Staff

Coworking space for BPO in Noida, as Let’s Connect, provides consistent support of trained staff to manage the premises. Hiring skilled staff for business support activities not only requires a substantial amount of money but time as well. With coworking offices, companies can have full access to a dedicated receptionist, administrative support, telecom services, IT support, maintenance, and cleaning.

5. Professional Work Environment

The work environment of BPO companies is highly informal (friendly), energetic and vibrant, so that the employees working in different work-shift timings do not feel suffocated. Most of the BPOs in Noida prefer coworking spaces that are creative, innovative and encourage collaboration. Fortunately, at Let’s Connect the workspaces facilitate a professional work environment that matches the creativity requirements of a BPO. The creative zones or the play areas here are perfect hangout for relaxation and de-stressing.

Night Office Coworking Space for BPO in Noida

Let’s Connect offers affordable 24 hours Coworking Space in Noida for the outsourcing enterprises (BPOs, KPOs, LPOs) that cater to both international and national clients. With the overseas clients, the business teams need to work on a tight schedule, and make full use of the serenity of the night as the world sleeps. For business owners running a BPO or call centre, this is the perfect workspace – no cubicles or unsightly walls, ideal illumination in the night shift, modern ambience and interesting setup. To manage the every night hustle in a BPO office, the following features and amenities provide an excellent work environment.

  • Dedicated seating from 6pm to 2am
  • Meeting room usage hours
  • Fail-safe Power backup
  • High speed business-grade Internet
  • Local telephone number
  • Provision for Free Scan/Copy/Print
  • Courier and Mail management
  • Complimentary refreshment – Tea/Coffee

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