What would be the Reason to Move your Private Office to Coworking Office Space?

What is a Coworking Office Space?

A coworking office space is a modern office arrangement for people coming from various backgrounds, experiences and goals willing to work collaboratively. Contemporary designs, interesting décor, ergonomic furniture, support staff, enthusiastic vibe and aroma of freshly brewed coffee are the first few things you would notice when you enter a shared workspace. Professionals from varied industries make a community in a coworking office that makes one coworking different from the other. The sharing of common resources help in cost savings and building formal connections while experiencing a fresh way of getting the work done.

Honestly, people are just tired of working in boring offices, around dull walls and formal vibe. They want something that could cheer them as they head to work every day. Places that are “inviting” will always be preferred more over the regular monotonous ones. The professionals who have been working from home in isolation or work remotely full-time due to excess travelling, view this as a great opportunity to work and be around people with completely different skill set than theirs. These managed office spaces, as they are known, often organize events, foster their community and create the best possible environment for their clients to work in. These spaces serve a dynamic work environment to the members enabling them to be as interactive as productive at work.


Who uses Coworking Space?

An organizational unit, a small team or an individual freelancer with a project and need for professional space to work can use a coworking office. You will find a lot of people working from shared office spaces, each of them looking for a good place to keep their stuff, have a good internet connection and least disturbance at work. A startup sees it as a low-cost option for their new venture, an established business takes it as a managed space for their business unit and a freelancer is happy working here to come out of the loneliness and monotony while working from home. Anybody from a single person to an entire team can choose a managed office as their workspace.

Are Shared Offices worth it?

A coworking office in Noida, for instance, offers you a wide range of services and amenities while charging you on a monthly basis. There are absolutely no hidden costs. Also, you do not have to worry about the repairs, maintenance, cleaning, IT services, furniture upgrades, etc because it has already been taken care of by the space provider. If you rent a private office, you do the entire thing of setting up the office and looking after even the pettiest of the jobs that take the entire focus from the main work. When you work from home, you just cannot avoid the bunch of distractions and zero social life. Therefore, when you pay for just the workspace while making the most of the entire bouquet of services and forming connections with amazing co-workers, you know it is worth it!

How can working from Coworking Office increase productivity?

As we mentioned above, workplaces that look inviting have better chances of people turning up and staying longer. Design and décor is very essential for the new generation to feel comfortable and happy at work. Cubicles, monotones and boring layouts are a big no-no when it comes to the Millennial, especially those who have their own ventures. In fact, a large share of fresh talent joins a place for how it looks. How “cool” is the office? Is the office insta-worthy? Is the vibe of the office happening? These are a few questions that beginners have on their checklist of joining a workspace. Take for example, there is a coworking office in Noida, the candidate will not only see the distance he/she will travel a day, but how deserving is the “destination” for that long journey. For entrepreneurs, shared office spaces can boost productivity in many ways.

Managed space: Since everything is managed by the space provider, you don’t have to do anything else but focus on the ‘real’ work. Forget the furniture, utility bills, internet connection, pipelines, repairs, cleaning and other work that can take all those productive hours.

Beautiful décor: All the managed office spaces are not just well maintained but well designed as well. They impress you with the décor the moment you step inside. Colourful walls, state of the art infrastructure, amazing cafeteria and impressive furniture makes you want to go to work.

Social life: Working in a coworking office enables you to maintain a work-life balance because of the time flexibility that they offer. There is no strict 9-5 rule and you can come and leave as you like thereby allowing you to balance your social life with your work life.

The networking: While you work alongside people from different fields and companies, you get to be along so many people that you can interact with and get inspired. You don’t have to stay confined to only your company colleagues or the loneliness of home but can have a nice professional circle. They help you when you’re stuck and would be your first test market.

Occasional events: Not to forget, the coworking spaces, besides already offering a lot, take care of their members by arranging events and little fun sessions for their members to have a break from the daily routine and relax for a while. This would include information, music, food, games and a good time.

What all are the benefits of choosing a Coworking Office?

Working in a shared office space has many advantages amongst which some are:

Premium Location and Address: Most coworking offices are located in the best of the hubs and centres of the city making them most attractive for those who wish to work alongside other ventures. A prestigious location would always increase your professional reputation and would become that required “first impression” on the important clients, employees and investors, and this would straight contribute to your business growth.

Backend Support: If you enter a coworking space you would notice the presence of management staff placed by the space provider at the centre to help their members with the everyday operations, assist the walk-ins and keep a check on housekeeping, cafeteria and other maintenance. The presence of these professional services allows you to concentrate better on your business.

Simple Rental Agreements: Agreements that are signed by both parties are in a very simple language that is easily understood and transparent. There would be no reading between the lines (no hidden charges or conditions). These user-friendly contracts do not have those unnecessary terms and clauses that a regular commercial lease agreement would have.

Short Lock-in Period & More Flexibility: Since no business can predict the number of years they would stay in the market and keeping this uncertainty in mind, the shared workspaces allow flexible leases. There are different plans to choose from. A one-day plan, monthly, quarterly or annual would be available. The lock-in period of coworking spaces is usually 1-3 months, which is way shorter than that of conventional offices (that is 3 years). Also, you can always inform the management about your wish to reduce or increase the number of seats in future. A coworking office in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and all other places would help you with the flexibility of the number of seats. Therefore, it is easy to operate in the same place than needing to change the office.

Bouquet of Services: These services offices welcome you with a ready to use infrastructure where you just need to pay the membership fee, log in at your desk and get started. There are services like meeting room, event space, open desk, private cabin and virtual office to choose from as per the most suitable for your business. Moreover, facilities like housekeeping, internet and cafeteria is all included in the membership.

Networking Opportunities: There is diversity in the coworking community. You would be working beside professionals with new mindset and vivid experiences. Everyone, being an expert in what they do, would bring in certain motivation for the other members to achieve their goals. Members frequently interact with each other and even collaborate. They are your first market, feedback and critics; this collective community facilitates good business communication and connections.

Better Work Environment: The idea of coworking is to provide a healthy work environment to the members as much possible. This is the reason why these offices have so many useful amenities onsite for the comfort of the coworkers. Breakout zones, gaming area, sleeping pods, and food options are some of the examples of the comfort the coworking offices offer.

Are there any disadvantages of joining a Coworking?

While the list of benefits of being in a shared workspace is long, some people can bring to your notice a couple of demerits of joining a shared workspace.

No personal style or branding: Well, since it is an office shared by a number of businesses, you cannot extend your personal branding or company style to the place. The office is as much yours as its others’. For a company that would want the interiors and décor style as per the company code, it can be a problem. Though you can hire a private cabin and make it your little space, but not the entire office space.

Lesser visibility of your business: The kind of visibility you can expect at a traditional office through signboards or a particular exterior of the building or the floor, it is not be possible with a coworking office. There will be a lot of companies in the same office so people passing by won’t be noticing your company’s billboard as they would if the office was only yours. On the other hand, you can put your name plate in amongst the other companies in the directory or board, if any.

Space not available on the spot: Unfortunately, there can be chances that you need a meeting room for an urgent meeting or event space for an unplanned event as they required reserving beforehand. This is where some discomfort at work may happen when you need such services on the spot. For example, you are in a coworking office in Noida, your client wants to have a discussion and you urgently require a meeting room but find out that you cannot for it was supposed to be pre-booked.

Not the privacy you expected: A coworking office will be shared by many companies and a number of people will always be around you. There would be a constant chatter, people being on calls and members moving around the floor. You have to keep your confidential documents safe by yourself if you don’t want your business to be compromised.

What do we conclude?

Going by the list of the upside and downside of going for a shared space, the positive aspects are any day greater. Coworking offices are designed to be shared by multiple companies and you cannot expect some things like business promotion and privacy there, but this is obvious and no shocker. A serviced office would give your business the right place to operate from, would keep your employees high spirited, and give you all the possible chances of forming connections and grow. Yes, there would be some inevitable discomforts but they can easily be sorted with a little adjustment.

Today, when everything is so expensive and uncertain, you cannot just shut your business and worry about what to do. Shifting to a conventional space and doing everything on your own can be a big task and exhausting you finances will never be a good idea. You simply book a managed office space where you can do what you always wanted to, without worrying about many other things that would take up so much of your productive time.

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