Creative Coworking Space Design Tips for a Productive Office

“Wow!” is usually the first reaction of anyone who enters coworking space after being to only the traditional office spaces. The layout, décor, design, walls, positive vibe and the aroma of coffee can excite everyone who hasn’t experienced a “cool” workplace ever. The members who lost their zeal in the conventional office spaces find their motivation to show up every day in coworking space for the dynamic and energetic environment. Shared office space has people not necessarily working for the same company but together. Since everyone is different, they all have different needs and expectations of a workplace to which a coworking space tries to align. A coworking space in Delhi, for say, will offer flexibility, hospitality and privacy to their members for a long and comfortable tenure.

Office layouts are no longer restricted to strict cabins, boring walls and company infographics. People want sleeping pods, gaming zones, relaxing corners and eye-catching interiors as well. Shared office spaces are known to add colour, natural light, greenery and freshness to regular workplaces. Such an environment helps unlock the creativity and efficiency of the people working there. Since these offices are flexible in nature, they offer office solutions to millennials as well as old school professionals.

Coworking Space Design Tips

Workspace aesthetics are very important to attract and retain people. Here are few tips to designing a coworking space that can help you create an energizing yet comfortable workplace people will love to return to.

  • 1. First, make a budget: Since nothing can be started without money, consider what you have and how much are you willing to spend and save. Chalk out the layout you wish for your office and then go over what will come within the price you expect. There are thrift shops for décor items, interior designers, furniture markets and labour that you have to find to source items and resources to get the job done.
  • 2. A nice entrance: We agree that first impressions do make a difference and you can build yours by having a grandeur entry door or a beautiful lobby area to welcome the members and the visitors. It’s important that anyone who walks in should feel good about entering the place. A polished front desk, live plans, clean floors, artistic backdrops etc. are a few vital boxes to be checked. Elegance should reflect when somebody reaches your premises so they wish to go further inside and have a glance of the office. Be innovative, go designer or quirky and select the most graceful items.
  • 3. Separate breakout space: As much as a dedicated working section is important, a standalone space for a quick getaway is also very important. By creating a breakout space you let your members have an area/corner to go to where they can have light talks, casual discussions and no disturbance during private chats. You can choose the area of the office that is separate from the open desks and constant chatters. Such places allow people to have quality time with their team or even a good “me” time when required.
  • 4. Light it up: Adequate lighting is an essential aspect of any office. You must ensure that people who work have enough lighting and the workplace isn’t dark. A bright and vibrant place excites and inspires. The flow of natural light is very important for human health and productivity but installing glass walls, skylights and LED bulbs would illuminate the place. Consider guarantee, warranty, replacement and price while purchasing.
  • 5. Freestanding cubicles: Strict and walls cubicles restrict outer people from entering and inside people from having an outer view thereby, isolating you. A workspace should be such that it allows people to connect and collaborate and not distant them. Glass cubicles not just help in social distancing but also makes you feel like you’re around people.
  • 6. Option for personal storage: There are items that a person can’t carry to and from the office every day. Things such as laptops, files and gadgets can be kept nicely inside a locker whose key is with the respective person. This encourages both safety and security of things instead of leaving them at the desks. Instead of going for regular cabinets and lockable drawers, lockers are great and can be rented as and when lent with an extra fee.
  • 7. Beverage supply: a workspace can’t run without hot drinks. Everyone needs tea or coffee to fuel up their energy. A nice coffee machine with multiple options would be a treat if somebody wishes to give them at any time of the day. Having this facility on the premises keep people happy, charged and interactive. All the coworking spaces in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities and even countries would have an unlimited beverage supply for all their members.
  • 8. Space for collaboration: Coworking spaces are known for their collaborative environment. While some people like their workplace to be quiet, others want it interactive. Since shared offices respect privacy and keep the environment disturbance-free, the space providers also offer a platform where people can interact. Arranging for in-house events and sessions where people can build business networks and creating a space where co-workers can sit and discuss work opportunities would be good to consider.
  • 9. Storage of supplies: Just like you store the ration and inventory at home, there are things you buy in bulk for the office as well. The items that are used frequently are often bought once and stored for continual usage. Things like printer paper, toilet paper, stationery supplies, pantry stock etc are stored in hand and pulled off as and when needed.
  • 10. Hand sanitization: Today, the importance of sanitization goes without saying. The pandemic has its deep impacts on everyone. Having disposable masks to offer and sanitizers or everyone who enters to keep up with safety measures is a must now. Placing hands rubs and sanitizers in strategic corners can let everyone have it in their reach for regular cleaning and maintaining the safety of the place. If funds allow, you can give logo printed masks to your staff members as well.
  • 11. The sitting arrangements: Since it’s a coworking space, sitting options should be flexible. There must be open areas, private cabins, normal chairs, luxury couches, bean bags, ergonomic furniture etc. this way you’re offering a variety to clients that they can use the seat as per their comfort. Clients like writers, designers and other creative people usually like such setups.
  • 12. A particular theme: If you wish, you can have a theme for the workplace as well. Some coworking spaces in Delhi, for example, have a green theme with indoor plants and natural light coming in. If not a common pattern, you can also give different themes to a different section to add creativity to the office environment. Different color zones is a simple example to follow.
  • 13. Be tech-smart: While the location, interiors and fancy décor have a big role to play, technological advancements shouldn’t be ignored. Installing security cameras, placing biometric machines, access cards, HDMI cables, projectors, IoT enabled electricity control, digital payment system, inventory control and the like will not just optimize your staff experience but strengthen the members trust in the place. Technical advances add to the efficiency of the workspace.

The discussed factors prove to be very useful in designing an equipped and efficient shared workspace. Looking to get inspired by coworking spaces in Delhi and Noida?

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