Grasp How Startups Benefit from Flexible Office Spaces for Rent

The working population is now much interested in beautiful and flexible office spaces for rent, unlike the regular offices. Contact Lets Connect! 

We are often told that for a successful startup you need a brilliant idea and sufficient funds. The availability of both of the factors would give your business a kick that would take it ahead. Seldom will you find anything telling you about the importance of another major aspect without which no startup or even a good business might survive. The third extremely vital factor for the growth and accomplishment of any venture is the place from where it operates. One needs to have a proper place to carry out all their professional activities. Your workplace is not only a place where you put 9-10 hours a day but the one that inspires you and excites you to wake up every morning. You don’t necessarily need to own that workplace when you get a nice office space on rent. The idea of coworking spaces has transformed the business environment. Move over those traditional spaces with high and fixed fees with no extra services when in a shared space you get everything to support your daily activities.

Renting has been seen as one of the best decisions when you don’t want to block your funds into something you are not sure would be required for long term. But people still don’t understand that renting too can lead to what you avoid. The difference is between renting a traditional space and renting a shared space. In a conventional property as well your funds get blocked because you may not use the office for all the days or the entire day but you pay fully. Once you sign those papers you have to pay a huge deposit as well. Plus, all the utility bills, furniture, fittings, repairs, installations etc are yours to see. Whereas, when you go for a coworking space membership, all you pay for is what you want and in return you get a bouquet of services including support staff, housekeeping team, tea/coffee, electricity, high-speed internet, centralized air-conditioning, printer/scanner, furniture, interiors and everything that would have been responsible for otherwise.

With the changing times, the requirements are changing and so are the ways of doing this. The working population is now much interested in beautiful and flexible spaces unlike the regular offices with dull walls and cubicles. People want to be at a fully-furnished place that pushes their creativity, polishes their ideas, gives them a chance to interact with like-minded people and yet is affordable. Thanks to the concept of managed office spaces that allows you to enroll, select a plan, pay for it and get started without having to worry about other things. Coworking office space on rent is trending amongst the millennial generation. When affording something amazing becomes possible, its demand only levels up and so is the case with shared workspaces. This is one advantageous and evolving option against other complicated and tricky ones. It has opened possibilities for businesses of all sizes to have a professional place to work, invite guests, work in teams and enjoy the specially organized events.

If the startup bug has bitten you or you’re looking to expand your team size then you can count on these swanky coworking offices that’s just the right decision in the real-estate industry. Not just they save you from burning a hole in your pocket, these places are super inspiring and people have accepted to become more productive and efficient after joining a coworking space. Many providers today offer the share spaces that are widely enjoyed by all types and sizes of businesses. Hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually are the options that once could choose their best fit from.

Services of Flexible Office:

Flexible desk: The flexible desk service in the shared Flexible Office comes as a hot desk and dedicated desk. In the hot desk plan, a seat is reserved for you till the time of your membership and that is rotationally given to all the members. The dedicated desk, as the name says, is fixed for you for your entire tenure. It is great for freelancers and smaller teams.

Meeting room: Also known as a conference room, it is an ideal option for those who wish to invite clients for those important business meetings that were till now carried on in a coffee shop. Not just it’s a more professional place but great to make first impressions. Not just you can have an office on rent but a meeting room on rent as well.

Private cabin: Interestingly, it’s your office within a shared office. You can sit with your team in a very private space with all the required furniture and staff assistance by your side. The noise and chatter from the open table would not bother you and neither would your team conversations go out.

Virtual office: Not many people understand this beautiful concept of going for a virtual office where you can work from anywhere while everyone would have your “professional word address” that’s usually of a very premier location to adorn your visiting cards, website details and other documents. Be omnipresent with this service.

Event space: Give training, take sessions, do a product launch, invite guests or have a professional event in the equipped event space. The support staff will help you attend your guests better, you’ll have the mic and speakers as required, the toilet facility would be a great help and everything in such an affordable price is a deal.

One-day pass: If you wish to try the services and experience the word of shared working then you can also choose a one-day pass where you will be given flexible days with all the classic facilities as other coworkers. Every coworking has the option of offering a day pass. This is suitable for remote workers and those who are mostly traveling.

With the flexibility in plans, offerings, services and time, the flexi-spaces are like a blessing in this expensive world where dreams are often suppressed for their high price. Apart from the services, there are many reasons why the fully-furnished Flexible Office are in such huge demand in the market.

Lesser cost, higher productivity: How often do you get to experience mind-blowing hospitality within your means? You don’t have to pay as much as you do in a self-owned and managed space, enjoy a bunch of amenities, stay assisted by the professional staff, focus on your important tasks and eventually become more efficient at what you do. You’re always able to be more constructive when all you have to do is give you attention to the important to-do list rather than the fixtures, fittings, repairs, arrangements and other random tasks.

The energy you feel in a coworking space is unmatched. The enthusiasm in the air and the inspiration the coworkers and vibrancy in the interiors make waking up daily for the office easier and make working more fun and positive.

Networking and opportunities: The people inside the coworking together make a community that’s usually like-minded with similar interests. Sometimes, people even choose a particular coworking basis the community only. When people who share the same interests and professional concerns work together, they form connections, alliances and also business partnerships. They’re always a bunch of occasions when you can actually source work from within the same roof because members share with each other their requirements and services.

The regular events that are arranged for the coworkers for entertainment, education, birthdays etc are organized keeping in mind the situations and activities that can build connections and increase interactions.

Boost team-spirit: Working from home or in a regular office with your team might never be able to bond the members as much as working in a coworking office on rent. You work in an inspiring place, in a positive and enthusiastic environment and enjoy various events and this makes the employees happy at work. Yes, companies who work in private offices also go out for team parties, lunches, movies and attend events but never get a chance to talk to someone outside their company. When you get the freedom of making connections outside the same colleagues, you are happier and enjoy being where you work. You love your own team members more because you have lesser differences of opinion and a lot of breathing space without each other.

Professional environment, professional services: In a managed office space, you don’t just get to work in a professional environment where everything is maintained, checked and done to keep you satisfied but also have all the services that your business might need to cover that extra mile. Nobody would disagree that when you have everything done, assisted professionally and you have to pay attention to only your day’s task, you become more efficient. Everything is in place, the furniture is ergonomic, the electricity never goes, the internet is superfast, the housekeeping staff comes on your call, the front desk executive connects to you, the air conditioner works well and you have an option to have bespoke services as well.

There are always multiple options when you are trying to work or establish your business. Working from homes, owning an office, renting an office on rent (conventional or coworking), coffee houses and others but what all is a coworking space worth spending money, nothing else is.