Where can I find the Ultimate Commercial Office Space in Noida?

With a brief, let’s discuss the benefits of investing in commercial office space in Noida and why investing in these commercial office spaces.

It was just a few years ago when all of us had only one idea of workspaces; the one with plain walls and cubicles so the employees can be together yet at a healthy distance to just mind their own job. There was no fun but pure work and a regular employee would just focus on completing their nine hours until the idea of coworking spaces came into being. This disruptive concept changed the way the businesses work and in fact, even individuals. With the introduction of shared spaces everyone could now have access to a professional workspace. Earlier, the concept of sharing a workplace was confined or mentally limited to just startups but then freelancers hopped in as well to get the feel of a professional environment with being able to enjoy all the services that can help them grow their business in a much better way with multiple timeless costs. Yes, coworking has been like a blessing to everyone who is tight on budgets but wishes to work in a regular office and mention the work address on their cards and websites. Earlier, it was only in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc but now the commercial office space in Noida, Gurugran, Pune, Surat etc have transformed the way people look at their career.

The office search usually begins with a location. Almost everyone we know either goes to an office or wishes to have an office of their own but the real estate prices would never come down to suit the pockets of a common man. Many dreams have been crashed in the process of collecting funds or exhausting the savings and so many great minds could never leave their boring and meaningless jobs even when they had amazing ideas with them just because of lack of money. When we say “commercial office space”, we don’t just share the space. We share the services, the amount, the thoughts, the cooperation and opportunities with each other like ideal coworkers. Actually, this is the best part of working in a furnished office space. You get to work alongside real talent. There are people from different walks of businesses and industries with diverse experience and brilliant stories. There are freelancers, startups, small businesses and even units of multinational corporations all working together yet independently. There are days when a startup launches a new product and they have to test the markets. In that case, they’ll never step outside; they don’t have to. There is always an in-house market that helps you collect feedback from various people and accordingly take further action.

As much as people were astounded by the presence of individual freelancers in a managed office, they get as amazed to see people from MNCs in such an economic place. The freelancers were always seen as people who would work from home and stay in their pajamas and comfort clothes all day. The multinationals are assumed to be companies that have ,so much money, they can buy the entire building of their own.both assumptions and situations are practical and correct but with changing times, the choices have changed. Freelancers have started to go out in a real-time office where they don’t have to be distracted from the little chores at home and can have a place to call their clients for meetings. The MNCs can, instead of putting huge sums on the entire office, can make their staff work from an already managed office because even big corporations love to save time and money. It’s only because of the rise in commercial space in Noida, Gurugram, Koramangala, Nungambakkam, Andheri and other places where jobs are in a large number, the opportunities are not ending and hopes are not dying.

Here’s an interesting topic to watch for. Just as traditional offices, some people own and some people rent the furnished spaces. There are benefits on both sides of the people. Let’s take them one by one.

Benefits of renting a coworking space (from the client’s side):

First things first, money. Saving money is great especially when most people don’t have it enough. When dreams shouldn\’t be blocked by the lack of funds, there exist shared spaces. They cost you only the membership fee that depends on the number of seats you take or for the number of hours to occupy their meeting room/event space. Pay for what you use. Simple!

Then comes the list of services one gets by paying the membership amount. Fully air- conditioned space, loaded cafeteria, washrooms, all-time electricity and water, housekeeping staff, support staff, printer, access to meeting rooms and even a chance to be a part of all the events.

Speaking of events, they are regularly conducted in shared office spaces designed to meet the interests and advantages of the coworkers so they can learn something new or get entertained by what they like.

We shall not miss the most important thing which is the opportunity to collaborate. The entire community of the place eventually becomes a family of like-minded people that prefer collaboration over competition. They share ideas, help each other, inspire & get inspired and even form business partners.

With a brief of how much of an advantage is a managed office to their members, now let’s discuss the benefits of investing in commercial office space in Noida.

Developed city: Those who don’t know, Noida is counted amongst the hub of jobs and companies just like Gurugram. Many big and small companies are eyeing the amazing sector of Noida that are a home to other big and small companies and the presence of all these companies make Noida nothing but a great place to invest.

Metro connectivity: Everyone in Delhi/NCR knows that DMRC connects to not just Noida but to Greater Noida as well. This means that you can be sure that there are always higher chances that your investment would have a return on it. The problem happens when people can’t commute. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Noida.

The demand: With the rise in entrepreneurial spirit and millennial generation’s aspiration of achieving big, the rise in commercial office space in Noida won’t be surprising. People are actually ditching the traditional/conventional office spaces to save themselves the hassle of huge rents and managing the entire office on their own.

The population: With the increase in residential spaces and population of Noida, it’s great to invest in a shared office in the area. Everyone wants to work near their home and when Home is in the middle of a commercial hub, why not own a workspace there?

To sum it up, because of so many companies, numerous startups and countless freelancers in the region, the demand is expected to be higher and increasing and hence owning a coworking space in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is a good option from an investment point of view.

Now when we have discussed why investing in a commercial office space in Noida can be your path to riches, we also need to discuss how we can go ahead with this. Since this is the matter of property, you need to plan it all and wait for the right time to go with the strategy. The thing with property is that you must buy it when its value is depreciating and just sell it when the value appreciates. Since you’re thinking of constructing and possessing a place that would earn you money, you need to keep your investment level “smart”. Not high because there is no point and not low because quality has to be achieved. You can take loans or borrow money if you don’t have enough money but once you’re clear on which property would be great, just don’t let go of it.

There are a lot of options in Noida and Greater Noida where you can choose a property that connects well with roads and metro and are located in the suburban areas of the region. Don’t pick any property that is in the middle of nowhere. Oftentimes, the owners only don’t go to that place let alone the coworkers.

Always check about the developer’s background. Verify their track record and their last projects to be sure of giving your money in safe hands. If they have a record of successful project deliveries and good quality construction then go for it. Beware of the frauds and if possible, rely only on the referred ones from your best and trusted sources.

Check the locality and the vicinity. It’s good if the urban facilities are around the office space. This attracts the clients the most. Having other businesses in the same area lures more ventures in the same region because they like to connect and exchange opportunities.

It’s good news if the area is environment friendly. A lot of greenery and fresh air in the region is enjoyed by everyone and lures many members. Nobody minds working in a fresh environment when there is pollution everywhere.

Be sure of the basic requirements. Make sure that the housekeeping staff is available for the area, there is no problem in water and electricity supply, it has clearance from all government officials, the electricians and plumbers can be called and cabs/taxis are not a problem.

Avoid investing in soft and pre-launches. Most builders just take your money and never show up or declare bankruptcy. Invest only in properties that have been used by other people without any problem. Investing in completed projects always reduces the risk.

Also, don’t forget to be sure of the drainage because that could be a huge problem in rains and other times as well. Some areas just go flooded and unhygienic when it pours a little too much.

It’s just a bit of extra carefulness performed while investing that can save you big time and yield you the profits of your dreams. The commercial office space in Noida is possible only if you keep in mind the above points. Good luck!