How Coworking Office Space In Noida Are Taking Over Conventional Office

It was only after the introduction of the coworking spaces that the way of working has changed and office culture was given a new dimension. There were days when working in an office meant having to sit in a cubicle surrounded by dull painted walls and strict work timings. Didn’t the movies and TV shows always showed offices this way too? It was only when the internet introduced us to the amazing workplaces like Google, Facebook and others that were beautiful, modern, well-equipped and supported casual dressing.

This brought a change in the interiors of the workplaces for the employees who were in an awe of the aesthetics they’ve been seeing on the internet and wished a lot for it. Soon the candidates also started to join startups because the workplaces were “cool” and gave a very young vibe compared to the regular offices but one thing that was still lacking was the office culture.

It doesn’t matter if the workplace is the swankiest, if it’s boring in the rules and conduct, it’s still unattractive. It was the coworking office space in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities that served their clients what they really longed for.

  • The flexibility at work was never offered till the shared office spaces happened. The idea of multiple businesses working together yet independently in the same space was disruptive and never thought of by anyone. This foreign concept was welcomed with open arms because of the many advantages it offers.
  • Sharing the premises simply means sharing the rent. The more people share the space, the more the cost gets divided and there’s less burden on every member.
  • All the membership plans come with a list of complimentary services that are amazing enough to support your business requirements and help in the smooth operations.
  • The coworking spaces are generally in the prime locations that are surrounded by availability of urban amenities, metro/road connectivity and safe places for anyone to commute every day.
  • You get to meet and connect with various industry experts that can be your business connections. These connections help you give and get you work through their references.
  • The inspiring walls, beautiful interiors and state of the art infrastructure is planned in a way that everything adds to your productivity. It’s only when you love to come to your workplace that you start becoming more efficient.

Initially introduced and operated in only the major cities, it was time to spread in other places as well where there could be as many people waiting to make the most out of the managed office spaces. Being another important business hub, the coworking providers started moving towards Noida to cater the clients there.

To no surprise, there was already a huge demand and members started to move in with the opening of the shared offices. Coworking office space in Noida, just like any other city, became a place for the dreamers and the doers, providing them with the best of the services at an affordable price.

These fully-furnished spaces offer the corporates, freelancers and startups with offices in premium locations, with tech-friendly infrastructure, IT support, meeting rooms, and high-speed internet along with a supporting environment to network and grow while forming connections with talented professionals across businesses and industries.

The conventional office spaces were known to have that boring vibe where the employees would come and go on a fixed time and be around the same set of people. This is a major reason why most employees were just going to the office for the sake of earning but they never enjoyed being in the workspace. With the emergence of coworking office space in Noida and other cities, people have witnessed the shift from “having to go” to “wanting to go”.

As we all know that Noida as a business hub is a home to many ventures big and small, freelancers and multinational corporates. The planned city has everything that an entrepreneur might need in order to establish their businesses in the location. The right infrastructure, metro connectivity, government support, business opportunities around and ease of travel for the employees.

Till a few years ago, the traditional offices dominated the workplace ecosystem like in any other city of the world. People were coming to work in a place that could never give them the energy to get better on their daily tasks. While the offices were never shabby or anything bad, there was something missing about them.

Some Disadvantages Associated With The Shared Office Spaces

  • It feels like the real estate industry is sworn to never let their prices come down. If it’s for a rich person who can afford to buy the office space, the common man would simply be either exhausting all their savings or would take up loans to get their business set up. This is why most people simply drop the idea of starting a venture of their own or just take up freelance work from home.
  • As much as arranging for a workspace would be difficult, it’s an even tedious task to have everything managed on your own From buying the furniture and office equipment to getting them all placed and fixed, it’s not easy. The instalment charges are another burden on the pocket and the time that goes in all the work could have been used elsewhere better.
  • Now you’ve taken a space considering a team of 20 people but if there is a chance in future that you might need to hire more people, all the settings are required to be done once again and you never know if the same comfort or space is still maintained between seats.
  • There are hardly any team building sessions or fun events in a regular office. Generally, no employer would arrange for all this; not very frequent at least. It’s like a regular day for weeks except when there’s some birthday cake cutting or once a while team lunch. This only adds up to the monotony and lifelessness of the place where you spend half your productive day.

Shared spaces in the cities came like a rescue to all those who suffered professionally. Coworking office space in Noida, for instance, were out there with a list of their services to help the budding entrepreneurs and small ventures with not just an office space but all the other support services. This changed the way the business ecosystem operated.

The challenges that were earlier faced by the business owners and new players had totally been taken care of. This is one of the reasons why there is a huge demand for the coworking spaces. As opposed to the traditional workspaces, some of the many plus points here are a few that would win any argument.

4 Key Reasons Why Coworking Office Spaces Are Taking Over Conventional Office Spaces

  • There is simply no need to shell your life savings to get yourself a workplace of your dreams. You just have to choose a membership plan, pay the fees, do the required documentation and get started with work. As simple as it sounds, it is also affordable and in line with a common man’s budget. Even a freelancer.
  • There is no need to buy the entire furniture, décor material and equipment. When you don’t have to buy the entire set of things, there is no installation hassle and in case you switch properties, you don’t even have to load and transport and hence, no transit cost too.
  • It’s for the flexibility of the managed office spaces that allows you to customize your plan as per the requirements of seats. Whether you want to expand or downsize, there is always an option. The staff of the coworking space provider can always have you customize the seats in your membership. This is so much sorted compared to any conventional space.
  • A great thing about the shared office spaces is the community and the events. Community is the members of the space who are much like-minded and share common interests. The staff of each coworking unit arranges events for the community of various kinds. Knowledge events, fun/entertainment events, birthday events, lunch/treats or special days; everything is celebrated to give the coworkers a break from the usual hustle and to bring them closer for team building and forming connections.

Things were never as easy as they are now thanks to the mushrooming of coworking office spaces in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore and basically all over India. It’s only because of the many advantages they offer against a very affordable fee that they are becoming the choice of more and more businesses including large corporations who can easily afford an office of their own.

For they support the new and old businesses with their services and a happy work environment, they’re going to be the top choice amongst the millennials and are here to stay. Their positive culture, state of the art infrastructure and around the clock services come at a price a normal business or even a freelancer can afford, there is no denying that the coworking spaces are good enough to take over the conventional spaces.

Wanting to pick a coworking space? Search for the ones in your preferred location, book a tour, choose an office, select a plan and get started!