How Does Coworking Affect Productivity Of Individuals?

The growth of shared workspaces has considerably changed the traditional working culture and has gained a lot of popularity amongst the people. In a study, it was found that members of a coworking space thrive at a higher rate compared to those in a conventional office environment. The reason why more individuals and businesses are getting more inclined towards the coworking model is that it allows them to connect, interact, share opportunities and grow together. Unlike the traditional spaces with regular cubicles, boring walls and a strict work environment, coworking spaces allow their members to have more freedom at work that results in higher efficiency.

Shared office spaces are a perfect blend of futuristic and community driven culture where people can have a perfect work-life balance, job satisfaction and hence better productivity. In the past few years, coworking spaces have become the favourite destination of the working class people for various reasons. Those who work from a shared space would agree that they find their work more meaningful now. Coworking’s effect on productivity can be seen in the coworkers by how easily they can bring their whole selves to the work and wrap at the end of the day with a light head. People generally stress less when they have office friends and a positive environment at work.

Unlike the conventional office spaces, shared offices have members hailing from diverse companies, backgrounds and experiences working for their respective ventures and projects. Because everyone is on their own, there is very little politics that would stress anyone. Having a project different from the co-worker makes one feel interesting and important. There are no thoughts of “fitting in” when one has their own strong identity making them stand out.

Coming from different work cultures and industries, coworkers seem to help each other on various occasions, sharing ideas, giving feedback, offering work opportunities and skills to one another and be the first test market for the others. Such a collaborative and cooperative environment plays a very important role in the efficiency of the ones working in that office.

8 Ways Coworking Can Affect Productivity Of Individuals

Unique and creative workspaces

With the emergence of shared workspaces, people now have an option to move into the workplace they always imagined. No more boring walls and harsh cubicles. One can always have the layout and their preferred style of office without having to pay a fortune or revamping the entire premise on their own.

Customization and a positive work environment offered by the coworking spaces ensures improved efficiency. An exciting and vibrant place motivates the employees to come to work and stay motivated the entire day. Away from the traditional offices and monotony of home, coworking spaces cheer you up.

Inspiring workplace

Working in a place that has people from interesting and diverse work backgrounds and cultures, a young vibe, fresh energy and enthusiasm is more likely to stimulate you to be better at what you do. Watching people discussing new ideas, being busy with their work, achieving goals and consulting one another inspire you to be more productive.

Smooth flow of ideas

Working alongside brilliant, experienced and like-minded professionals can be a huge help especially when you are stuck. You can always count on their skills, talent and intelligence to help you with situations you could use an expert opinion on. In a coworking space, you would have enough people for advice, consultation, brainstorming and inspiration who can help you in no time.

You are able to complete the projects, present the plans and test your ideas by leveraging the skills of other members. When multiple professionals work on the same thing, it takes less time to fix errors, improve the matter and finish things faster.

The flexibility of work and time

Also known as flexible workspaces, these workplaces offer you to work at your will. Flexibility is at the core of coworking spaces and so the members can choose flexible work hours and even days for their work. One can enjoy their personal space as there is no forced interaction with others even when you are amongst different kinds of people. An extrovert can have a good time while an introvert will have their privacy respected. Coworking spaces provide everyone with the opportunity to thrive.

Part of the community

People of a coworking space feel belonged by being a part of a flourishing community of like-minded people who have a special professional bond, social interaction and similar ideology. Shared spaces have always been the best to collaborate with and learn from others. There is a sense of oneness in people working from a coworking space that makes them leave the bed for work every day. This, in turn, results in productivity at work without fail. The community inspires people to be more organized, disciplined and focused. The community managers are always there to make sure you’re always equipped with everything that can help you work with full potential.

For the employees’ ease

Working from cubicles can result in a lack of team building and ignorance on the part of managers about their team issues while working in open space brings people closer and there is better communication between the superior and the subordinate. The gap between the two is reduced and there is better understanding helping both parties to be empathetic, helpful and thriving. There are reduced chances of misunderstandings because your boss will always be there to clear things out, guide you or help you. This is very unlikely in traditional offices. A team working in harmony ensures professional touch and productive working hours.

Work-life balance

Anyone who works from home will understand how difficult can it be to have a healthy work-life balance. You get too lost in work that you hardly get time for yourself let alone for socializing. This impacts the mental health of individuals and hampers work efficiency. Juggling between professional duties and home chores, you can’t think of fresh ideas due to the dullness and boredom of being in the same place alone. Coworking’s effect on productivity is seen when people move to shared spaces from home where they can work, communicate and feel better.

Happy people work better

Coworking is the only working model that lets people work on different projects yet together. The entire office vibe is very energetic and there is no stress of starting and ending the day at a particular time. The kind of flexibility you enjoy in a shared working space can never be found in a conventional workspace. When you are surrounded by people who are experts in their fields and growing, you get inspired and try to do better.

Working alongside brilliant minds adds to your knowledge and expertise and you further inspire and empower others. A coworking space includes freelancers, startups, small businesses and even units of established firms. People of all levels and work areas meet and connect every day and the entire setup is very lifting. Coworking industry has changed the way people work and connect and every bit of it makes a person more productive.

Coworking’s effect on productivity can be seen in the growth rate of the companies working there. The behaviour of people, satisfaction of employees, mental peace of the members, the working experience, friendly culture and flexibility are all part of the process that eventually increases the efficiency and productivity of the people at work. With collaboration, cooperation and coordination, people in a coworking are seen completing projects sooner than people working in conventional spaces.

Deadlines are met with ease when you have people around you to help, cheer and motivate you. Although the impact of coworking on individuals is not scientifically proven but the moment you enter a shared workspace, you would definitely experience the difference. Ask somebody about their experience working in a flexible and friendly workspace and they’ll tell how their work life has changed.

Finally, we know that the culture of community, collaboration and flexibility makes working very comfortable. It gives people the right balance of freedom and professionalism that further helps them manage their work and life. The kind of opportunities it offers to the employees and organization, all improves the output and effectiveness of efforts.

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