How Is Coworking, Virtual Office & Shared Office Space Helpful To Your Business

When one wishes to establish their own venture or start working as a freelancer moving away from the regular job, the first place of work is usually the “home”. Many businesses have started in the houses of people and many freelancing projects have been completed on that study table. While operating from home is the most comfortable way to work, is it really a good option? Maybe not.

Working From Home Vs Coworking

Humans love to go out, meet people, interact, form connections, explore places and have a social life. Working from home usually takes up the entire day in the pyjamas, having the same daily routine, no social life, same walls and same job. The monotony of home life can really work a person up and you might as well find your job boring. Also, there are several distractions at home; you need to look after repairs, handle noise, check who’s at the door, do household chores etc.

On the other hand, a person working from a managed office space gets to step out of the house, meet various people, form professional relations, enjoy the interaction and does not feel any monotony. Another great thing is that you focus only on your work without having to worry about the external distractions because there aren’t any. There is minimal disturbance and you can completely focus on what you’re doing.

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces?

While there is a long list of how shared spaces are helpful for your business, let’s discuss a few of them:

  • An affordable coworking space can solve your budget problems of moving into your own workspace with all facilities present that a business would need for operating smoothly.
  • You get to work alongside smart, diverse and inspiring people who will motivate you to become better than what you are because when you know their achievements, you wish to reach that level of accomplishment.
  • A person can always form connections in a coworking office space that goes a long way. They share ideas, help each other with work opportunities, references and honest feedback to improve.
  • The work environment is enthusiastic, cheerful and interactive which, in turn, makes the members happy and hence they love going to work and doing what they do.
  • The regular community events and programs organized by the space providers keep the monotony off and the coworkers get to be a part of various learning and entertainment events that help in knowledge building and positive attitude.

How Do Virtual Offices Work?

A virtual office space is yet another amazing service of a shared space wherein you get a professional work address for your business that you can use in various documents, company listing, website, business and GST registration. It is best for those who work remotely as it enables people to work from the place of their choice while having a particular address for their mails &meetings and a landline number that will be answered by the receptionist for the queries.

Is A Shared Office Space The Workplace Of The Future?

Definitely yes! With the prices of real estate going up in the air and more businesses coming into existence, it won’t be possible for all to afford to rent/own a traditional office that will only give you “space” and nothing else. Shared office industry is a blessing to small businesses, startups and freelancers who wish to work from a professional space but don’t have enough to shell out.

A business hiring a coworking space gets an unlimited internet connection, cafeteria facility, IT support, housekeeping staff, front desk professionals, printer/scanner/fax machines all in their membership plan. You can choose from a meeting room, private cabin, event space, hot/dedicated desk and virtual office as per your work requirement.

Another impressive aspect of a coworking space is that you can create your own plan. Customization is another offering of a managed office space where you can make your own membership plan and even the seating arrangement. Getting all of this in your budget is the reason affordable coworking spaces are the thing of the future.

Why More Millennials Are Flocking To Shared Office Spaces?

The millennial generation is very different from Gen-Y in their thoughts, modes of operations, ideas and plans. They don’t prefer the old way of working in a fixed job of 9 to 5 in a boring office and mundane work life. While a permanent job and yearly appraisals are still appreciated, a huge portion of the millennial generation is looking forward to executing their own dreams and business plans.

It’s 2021 and the global pandemic has encouraged working from home as the new style of working. Remote working, be it from the comfort of your home, a hotel or vacation is the new normal not. People no longer wish to keep going to the same place to work when they can be anywhere and still do their share of the job. The virtual office service of coworking spaces has made this possible.

Today, freelancers need not only to operate from their homes but can come to a professional environment alongside brilliant minds and feel like having their own office while forming business connections. The entire work ecosystem and business model have changed with the generation change.

With passing years, the style of working will keep changing and getting better and the shared office space industry will always be supportive of a dynamic professional world.