How To Find Coworking Space

Of all the inventions and concepts that have helped humans and businesses thrive, the idea of coworking spaces has been much talked about lately. In the era when the millennial generation is on the verge of changing things for the better, the idea of sharing a workspace is changing their lives for the better.

When the real estate sector was taking a toll on the ambitions of the future-preneurs with their sky-rocketing rates, no extra service and not always being at the right location. Not everyone could afford a traditional office to buy or rent. A normal person can either use his/her savings or take up a small loan but is it always possible? No. hence, a number of people dropped their idea of starting up their venture to be independent and stuck to the job they were already at.

Coworking spaces became a big hit as soon as they entered the Indian market a few years back. Today, the concept of sharing a workspace is not just known but appreciated and accepted by the masses. Not just the small businesses and freelancers but large corporations are also getting attracted to these office spaces.

Today, there are numerous shared workspace providers across the globe, let alone the country that one doesn’t have to bury their business plans. One can now look for an “office” of their choice to carry on their work from in just a few simple clicks. You can find a coworking space in Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Kochi and in mostly all the cities in the country.

For those who don’t know how to find coworking office space for their business, the process is very simple!

  • Make a list of all the locations you find best for your office/workplace to be at.
  • Search for the shared spaces in those locations. Very sure you’ll get a bunch of options.
  • Visit their websites to look for the services they provide, the plans they have and the kind of clients sitting there.
  • Book an office tour to know more about the service provider, the interiors and the real time inspection of the place.
  • Choose or customize your membership plan. Yes, you have that option!
  • Get started right away with simple agreement and documentations!


Don’t worry about the long lock-in periods or blocked funds. The minimum lock-in period can be as short as a month and hence, no blocked money (that is generally a huge sum in the case of a traditional office). This is one of the biggest advantages of shifting to a plug & play office apart from a list of other benefits. Funds being the most important resource is used and charged very wisely in the coworking industry. Here, people spend less and earn better.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Shared Office Space Rather Than An Outdated Space

Value for money

There is no doubt that the coworking spaces will charge you only the right amount with no hidden charges. Whatever service you ask for, you’re charged only for the same. Every penny is worth paying when you get so much more than just an office desk/cabin. Unlike traditional spaces that ask for a million bucks for a blank and unsupportive space, these business places let you start with just a few thousands.

Customized plans

Another interesting thing about these offices is that you can customize your plans as well. You can make a combination of services, increase/decrease the number of seats as per your business and choose from various timelines (daily, weekly, monthly or annual). You can also as for separating your cabin with specific requirements and the like.

Bouquet of services

A Noida coworking space or at any other place would offer you a range of facilities besides a workspace. Open/dedicated desks, meeting room, private cabin, virtual office, event space, full-fledged cafeteria, IT expert, high-speed internet, community events, gaming area, parking facility and much more as and when you require.

Managed office spaces

Apart from plug & play offices, managed office spaces are yet another name for coworking spaces. The names is on point for the fact that it’s a working space that’s managed by the provider themselves and not the members. You need not worry about the repairs, maintenance, breakdowns, fax/copy machines or anything else but only work!

No blocked funds

As we discussed, the minimum lock-in period could be as little as a month hence, your money won’t be blocked in the name of “security”. You can extend the period even on the last day of your subscription and use your money wherever best it may be. This one feature has helped a lot of people with limited funds to have an amazing office without having to shell off a lot.

These benefits are good enough to encourage people to follow their dreams rather than burying them under the “unaffordable” rock. It is very simple to look for a coworking office provider around you. Assume you are looking for a coworking space in Greater Noida. All you have to do is search for the area/sector where you wish to have your place of work. The internet will provide you with a list of options you can pick the best from. Once you know the spaces, you can also directly go there, have a look at the property, discuss the facilities, plans and prices and make a decision. It’s as quick!

Whether it is a share office space in Noida or Noida coworking space, each of it aims to serve its members with the best of its capabilities. Every space offers the same services but what differs one from the other is the community. The community is the life of a shared workspace and is a reason people join or leave it.

Ease and simplicity are two perfect words for coworking spaces. They are easy to look for, simple to pick one and quickest to get started. If you’re a freelancer or a small business, give this ground breaking concept a shot and see the difference in your work life!