Smart India Would Trigger Growth For Coworking Spaces

It was nearly a decade ago when entrepreneurs were very dependent on the traditional work spaces to buy or rent the property. Those who could afford it could bear the cost and others who had limited funds with them had to put their dreams and passion either on hold and carry on with their usual job. Only after the entry of the coworking industry and the coworking spaces in Delhi and other metro cities the entrepreneurs could see their dreams becoming reality.

The real estate services became affordable, the personalized set up was on next level and the “managed office” service was nothing less than a blessing. The businessmen now only had to pay only a membership fee, come with their stuff and staff and get started without having to worry about the infrastructure, the repairs/fittings, the utility bills, Wi-Fi connection and other services that were earlier an overhead cost much above the sky rocketing property rates.

Not just the entrepreneurs but the freelancers also saw this as an opportunity to work in their own space away from the monotony of home. The coworking spaces in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and other places got in more demand and as a result, they are now in tier 2 and 3 cities as well serving thousands of people and supporting their passion.

The millennial generation is smarter. They find new ways to work and keep searching for affordable and sustainable solutions while aiming for success. The shared office space providers are as dear to the gen-Z as the latest technology. When you get everything in one place, why would you want to invest in other places that could burn all your savings in one go?

Most of us have grown up reading about the entrepreneurs of the other countries and their innovations and of course how early they became so successful but today we have a new innovator every now and then in our own country. The brilliant minds and fervent ideas have made full use of the available resources.

The Digital India movement and the encouragement of the entrepreneurial sector by the state and regional bodies have pushed and helped many dreams become reality. Today, our children are coming up with new techniques and products that could save not just time and money but also the environment. Such visionaries and reformers must have professional work where they can thrive. Being in a fully furnished office in Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad or any other state would help them in their expert development.

There are many advantages of the new-age entrepreneurs being in a shared space:

  • They get to work alongside other amazing people with varied experience yet independently.
  • They would have an immediate sample audience as their test market for the new product/service launch.
  • Feedbacks and assistance from other coworkers is usually available.
  • The members share work opportunities with the fellow members from time to time hence helping each other grow.
  • The clients play a lot less and in return get a lot more (services and support)

There’s more! The shared space providers can also be your mentor and incubator at your need. They will help you with chalking out, revising or drafting a business plan and train you on financial and basic legal knowledge. Not just this, they can also aid you with the initial seed funding and coaching on how to go ahead.

One such coworking space in Delhi and Noida is Let’s Connect Coworking that is known to help you through their services, mentorship and incubator programs. You can connect to them and enquire about the latest plans, offers and how to move ahead with the membership.

It’s the “smart India” that would co-exist with the smart coworking industry and the latter will help the former in thriving and vice versa.